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  1. Your Tasks:
  3. Help with optimal planning and implementation of product deliveries from the supplier/warehouse to the customer
  4. Support the entire supply chain, from delivery to return management
  5. Complete data analysis using Excel
  6. Evaluation of logistical processes
  7. Process optimization and adjustment
  8. Lead your own projects
  9. Your Profile:
  11. Completed (or in progress) degree in business, industrial engineering, logistics, or related field
  12. Ideally previous work experiences through internship(s) or freelance work
  13. High numerical affinity and distinctive analytical and conceptual skills
  14. Teamwork and communicative nature
  15. Good knowledge of MS-Office, especially in Excel
  16. Proactive, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial spirit
  17. Fluent in German and English
  18. What You Can Expect From Us:
  20. A chance to re-define e-commerce fashion with a data-driven approach
  21. Extreme growth potential and array of entrepreneurial insights within a thriving startup
  22. The freedom to innovate: have an idea how to improve something? Go for it & own it
  23. A world-class team: We don’t just work together, we truly care about each other and seek to bring out the best in each other every day
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