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  1. # What is your backstory? Please use extensive details as this will be used as your bio and explains who you are.
  2. #### The freezing wind gusted across the pond and Xanthia drew her cloak tighter about herself to keep out the bite. The harsh wintertime of Asgard was approaching and if she did not make it to the closest settlement in time, she could perish out here, sick and all alone, far from home. She was the sole survivor from her village, the only person that was not taken by the plague that spread through only a few months before. The plague that took her daughters from her. The plague that took her world. Before her husband’s disappearance, however, he told her of a nearby encampment of trespassing Vanir; he knew they did not usually take to kindly to outsiders, and especially to Aesir, but he also knew his wife was resilient enough and had adequate wit about her to be able to receive their respect and possibly whatever resemblance of generosity they had in their hearts.
  4. Xanthia stood, staring across the pond, to the icy and hollow households of her old home, where her children played no longer, where no Skald’s sang ballads around the fires, where no women prepared warm meals in their longhouses. She then turned and looked up the phone ath in front of her and she sent up a silent prayer to her god Ymir. She then took her first steps into the wilderness, to an unknown fate…
  6. She awoke in a desert, as many of the exiles she met in her journeys had. She had been through so much since her times in her homelands. So much loss, so much tragedy, and it always ended the same. She had wandered the lands until she found Koth, she believed he was her husband from her lands, but deep down she knew he wasn’t. He helped her recover and taught her to fend for herself, she fell in love with this man. She introduced herself as his wife, for the guilt of loving another man was too much for her to handle, so she believed herself when she said this. Koth played along and took her in, but eventually the pair were inseparable.
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