Uber Jason - Regeneration 2

Jul 5th, 2020
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  1. She had listened to fifty or so logs of both Black Star 13 and The Revival over and over, since the ships had plummeted into Planet #666 two weeks ago. There were many recorded messages from Black Star 13 that Stanislave had managed to send to the station before he and the remains of his boarding crew evacuated the derelict ship.
  3. Jason X: Planet of the Beast - Page 97
  5. He dropped to the ground, dust springing up all aroound him, and hauled himself to a standing position, waving frantically, looking up at Bardox, whose head was not turned down in his direction at all, but positioned so he was staring straight ahead. Emery could not see Bardox's eyes through the visor, he could not even see his face, but he followed where Bardox's haze must have been aimed.
  7. Out of the gloom stepped an imposing figure, flesh darkened by Planet #666's black soil contrasting with metal that glinted only mildly in the shuttle's dim lighting.
  9. A small sound came from Emery's mouth, not a cry exactly, more of a tortured exhalation. Suddenly he heard a sound above him; Bardox had started to shut the door.
  11. "No," Emery cried, leaping up on the ground as the shuttle door rose upward. He grabbed onto the rising door at the side and had just enough room to get one arm through. He clutched at anything inside, anything that would keep him anchored to the shuttle until he could get his balance as he dangled in mid-air again. His hand connected to something and he held onto it for deal life.
  13. Bardox could not believe what he had seen: Jason X, alive and walking. The man was indestructible.
  15. Jason X: Planet of the Beast - Pages 165-166
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