White Victims of Black Crime - 1107 - The Briley Brothers

Aug 28th, 2018
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  1. 1107
  2. ----------------
  4. March 12, 1979 & September 14, 1979
  6. Location: Richmond,VA
  8. Victim(s): William Bucher (survived),Virginia Bucher (survived),John “Johnny G” Gallaher 52
  10. Attacker(s): Linwood Earl Briley,James Dyral Briley,Anthony Ray Briley,Duncan Meekins 16
  12. Description: The brothers and their accomplice Meekins, are responsible for multiple rapes,robberies, and murders.
  14. Linwood Briley knocked on the door of William and Virginia Bucher’s home and asked to use the phone, claiming he had car trouble. After he was let in, he pointed a gun at the couple, before waving his younger brother Anthony inside. They tied them up, before looting the house. They poured gasoline in every room of the house, before tossing a match and fleeing with a television, CB radio, and jewelry. William managed to free himself and his wife from their restraints and fled the home before it became fully engulfed.
  16. John stepped out for a break in between sets with his band, when he was jumped by the brothers, who threw him into the trunk of his own Lincoln Continental, then drove him to an abandoned paper mill. They opened the trunk and shot John point-blank in the head, before dumping his body in a river, where it was found two days later.
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  20. Lindwood’s murderpedia entry.
  21. James’ murderpedia entry.
  23. John’s find a grave memorial.
  24. ----------------
  26. I’ve only listed the victims above that I’ve confirmed as white. The information below is what I know about their other victims. As more information comes to light, I will make adjustments to the case and infographic.
  28. Find a grave list of all the Briley brothers’ murder victims.
  30. Linwood was put to death in Virginia's electric chair on October 12, 1984.
  31. James was put to death in Virginia's electric chair on April 18,1985.
  32. Anthony was sentenced to life w/parole.
  33. Meekins agreed to a plea death and was given life w/parole.
  35. Both Anthony Briley and Duncan Meekins are eligible for parole, though it has so far been denied to both of them.
  37. Lindwood first killed at 16, when he shot his elderly (race unknown) neighbor Orline Christian in the back. He served a year in reform school.
  39. Michael McDuffie (race unknown) was in his suburban home March 21,1979, when the brothers broke in and assaulted him, before shooting him dead and burglarizing his home.
  41. Michael’s find a grave memorial.
  43. Mary Gowen 76 (race unknown), was followed by the brothers April 9,1979 as she traveled across town from her babysitting job to her home. They raped and killed her, before burglarizing her home.
  45. Mary’s 1st find a grave memorial.
  46. Mary’s 2nd find a grave memorial.
  48. Weems surname info
  49. Weems surname info house of names.
  50. Weems surname info surname database.
  52. Christopher Philips 17 (race unknown), was attacked by the brothers on July 4,1979 because he was looking at their car and they thought he was planning to steal it. They dragged him into a backyard and held him down, before Linwood used a cinderblock to crush his skull.
  54. Christopher’s find a grave memorial.
  56. Reenactments portray Mary as white.
  58. Mary Margarette Snyder Wilfong 62, was followed back to her apartment on September 30,1979, then surrounded as she reached her front door. She was beaten to death with baseball bats, before her apartment was burglarized.
  60. Mary’s find a grave memorial.
  62. Snyder surname info
  63. Snyder surname info house of names.
  64. Snyder surname info surname database.
  66. Wilfong surname info
  67. Wilfong surname info house of names.
  69. Reenactments portray Blanche and Charles as white.
  71. Blanche Page, 79, and Charles W. Garner, 59, were killed by the brothers before they burglarized the home. They beat Blanche to death, while Charles was beaten with a baseball, stabbed with five different knives, a pair of scissors, and a fork. The brothers left the scissors and the fork embedded in Charles’ body.
  73. Blanche’s find a grave memorial.
  74. Charles’ find a grave memorial.
  76. Page surname info
  77. Page surname info house of names.
  78. Page surname info surname database
  80. Garner surname info
  81. Garner surname info house of names.
  82. Garner surname info surname database.
  84. Reenactments portray Harvey and his family as black.
  86. Harvey W. Wilkerson 27, Judy Diane Barton 23 (5 months pregnant), Harvey Wayne Barton 5, were at home when the brothers noticed that Harvey locked his door after noticing the brothers. They overpowered Harvey and Judy and bound and gagged them with duct tape. They then took turns raping Judy, before covering all three victims with sheets. Lindwood burglarized the home, while Meekins shot Harvey in the head, while James Briley shot Judy and Harvey.
  88. Harvey’s find a grave memorial.
  89. Judy’s find a grave memorial.
  90. Harvey’s find a grave memorial.
  92. Story on the crimes.
  93. A story on the crimes with a listing of the victims.
  95. Lindwood is executed.
  97. The brothers’ childhood home was for sale.
  99. Bucher surname info
  100. Bucher surname info house of names.
  101. Bucher surname info surname database.
  103. Gallaher surname info
  104. Gallaher surname info house of names.
  105. Gallaher surname info surname database.
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