Gregory Mondesir - Response to Allegations

Jan 27th, 2016
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  1. Response to personal allegations against Gregory Mondesir
  4. This release is intended to address personal allegations made against myself, MVG and its relationship to EMP. At this time I would like to firmly state that all allegations against myself regarding tax evasion and multiple bankruptcies are completely false. I, Gregory Mondesir, James Woods, Sebastian Rothwyn, Diamond Overstreet and affiliated organizations including (Lofton Global Management, WynMoore Group and Rothwyn Media) manage MVG. Neither the organizations nor the individuals have any affiliation with Triforce or EMP.
  6. As a management team, we choose not to give credence to baseless rumors and erroneous accusations. We do however take exception to the vicious rumors that are currently being peddled as facts within the online gaming community.
  8. At this time we can confirm that after EMP Remix’s untimely passing, Triforce who was affiliated with EMP was rendered homeless. He left belongings such as fighting sticks and headsets at our place of business (755 Ocean Avenue, Suite 1B, Brooklyn NY 11226) and must have given his registered agent this address for Empire Arcadia LLC, as it was the best place to reach him. To be clear, our organization has zero involvement with Triforce or EMP at present.
  10. Our management team was hired to help many gamers in EMP, several years ago (2013 into 2014), with structure and public relations (Several gamers asked us to help them with their online presence and sought sponsorships. Some of those players were members of EMP and used MVG Talent management). All professional relationships with EMP were terminated back in 2014.
  12. Please note that MVG has actually sponsored several players including Mew2King and Armada in the past because we saw great potential in them and the Smash community. This community continues to attract our attention and there are several players within the Smash community we have considered, and some we cannot yet work with. Eventually we would like to have good relations with all of them.
  14. It is my hope that this statement will clear up any misinformation, doubts or questions that may reside in the minds of our current and potential partners and gamers. If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at or follow us on Twitter @MVGLeague
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