Belly Rubs

May 23rd, 2013
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  1. So there I was at the club, right? Same as any other week. I always show up on Friday nights. The best DJs always play at my club on Fridays. Saturday's always good, and Sunday's never bad, but the real gems are always on Friday.
  2. But last week, something different happened.
  3. I met a girl.
  5. Beautiful, of course, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't just the wine. Tall, narrow, curved in all the right places. Like something out of a dream. And of all the men and women in the club, she decided to pick on me. Young, sure. Fit, not far off. Handsome? Not her league. And it wasn't like she got to know me.
  6. I was at the bar, taking a break from dancing between songs. She sat down next to me. "Hey, there," she asked. "What's your name?" Of course I told her. She invited me to dance. Of course, I said yes. So we danced. She was good, though I was better, if I say so myself.
  8. I thought I'd done something right when she grabbed me and gave me a kiss, then I wondered how I fucked up when she headed toward the door. Then she beckoned me. And of course, I followed. She led me out to her car. It was a nice car; a fancy SUV with dark, tinted windows. She opened up the back doors, and we both crawled inside. She locked the door—I wasn't surprised— and I started undressing. I thought I was gonna score. She smiled at me. "You don't have to do that," she said. My smile faded. And she pulled out some syringe and stabbed me. I blacked out, then. The last thing I remember was some sort of...fur rippling out from the spot. And it was yellow.
  12. I was bare naked when I came to, laying on my back on her stomach, and from everything I could see, I wasn't me. Where my hands and feet should have been, there were these rounded, marshmallowy... hooves, for want of a better word. My legs... my rear legs, I suppose, were all misshapen and wrong! I was *covered* in yellow hair, and when I spoke...
  13. "What's going on?"
  14. I put a hand—hoof!—to my throat; I sounded like a girl! That's when I noticed my Johnson went missing, too. I started flailing and shouting; wiggling all about; all over this lady's lap; I didn't even know her name and it seemed like the end of the world and what was she going to do to me, I had to wonder but then but then but THEN—then she just turned me sideways, put her lips on my belly and blew! Blew a big old raspberry! I was shocked! It tickled like the dickens! I didn't know what to do! I just... lay there. Stunned. Then I started giggling. And then she did it again.
  16. That's when she got out her fingers.
  17. Started just running them all over, real fast: just willy-nilly, higglty-pigglety; anyway you wish! It tickled! I kept laughing! Still, I had to fight back; I mean, it felt good, but it was a weird sort of good, and I just started kicking my feet, trying to get her to stop. Then, though. That's when it started in earnest: a full on massage.
  19. She started combing the hair on my belly with her long, soft fingers. With the fur, I might note—not against it. It was like nothing you could even imagine. Just slow, gentle, solid... and then she started digging in, with her finely manicured nails. She started digging in and around, and massaging the skin. It was so sensitive, it's... It was like...
  20. ...I don't want to say, but I didn't mind missing out on the sex; I can say that much.
  22. It was still embarrassing to wake up later that night naked, next to my clothes in the parking lot. By all rights, I should be furious. But, I... I'm all right now.
  23. And I really did enjoy that belly rubbing.
  24. If I ever find her again, I... I don't...
  25. [spoiler]I might ask her to do it again.[/spoiler]
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