Blowing wieners (Juni, shitpost, BJ, comedy???)

Sep 16th, 2017
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  1. >be young adult Anon in horsepeopleland
  2. >You've been dating that chick for a week or so
  3. >She's kinda young, but, eh, who cares, older than the clock, old enough for the cock amirite
  4. >It's not like she's that young anyway, she's like 16
  5. >Right?
  6. >You need to be 16 to work in a theater, right?
  7. >Whatever
  8. >She gives a mean blowjob, that's all that counts
  9. >Speaking of which...
  10. >You give a groan as she starts gagging on your length
  11. "Shit, you're getting even better at this,"
  12. >She smirks at you from below the counter, your cock still lodged in between her lips
  13. >The sound of a door opening catches your attention
  14. "Oh shit, someone's coming!"
  15. >She lets go of your tip with a pop
  16. >"And? Just serve them,"
  17. "You can't be serious--ngh!"
  18. >She is
  19. >Fuck, you never should've taught her how to play with your balls
  20. >"Hi, I'd like a hot dog and a soda please!"
  21. >It's a group of little girls
  22. >You freeze for a second, your brain needing a moment to process the fact that you're getting your dick sucked by an underage as another group of very, very underages are standing not five feet away from you
  23. "Huh..."
  24. >You instinctively look down, searching for direction
  25. >And Juni instantly catches up, nudging her head and pointing her eyes to your right as she kisses the underside of your crown
  26. >You stifle the groan, and slowly lift your head to see the hot dog compartiment
  27. "O-okay, sure, yeah, I just.. gotta put them in the microwave..?"
  28. >Your eyes go down fast enough to see your gf's eyes roll up in disbelief
  29. >But gives you a nod nonetheless
  30. >Okay, can't be this hard right
  31. >You grab one and fumble with the package for a second, before it finally pops open
  32. >And you groan, your body seizing up and nearly dropping the meat as she swallows you whole
  33. >And gags
  34. >FUCK
  35. >"What was that?"
  37. "Ahem!"
  38. >You cough, the best you could
  39. >Shakespeare would be proud
  40. >No wait, shakespeare doesn't do theatre you dumbass
  41. >Or does he?
  42. "Uh, sorry, bad cold,"
  44. >The little girl at the front raises an eyebrow, analyzing your expression for a bit
  45. >Before shrugging and turning back to her three friends, going back to their little discussion
  46. >You take the sausage out and place it in the microwave, and stop right before setting up the timer
  47. >Wait, how long does it take?
  48. >Fuck, why did you throw the wrap away already!
  49. >Seeing as your clients are still busy, you chance another look down
  50. "How long?"
  51. >You whisper-shout
  52. >She doesn't let go of your cock tho, deciding to use her hands instead
  53. >And shows you one finger on her left, and three on the right
  54. "What? Four minutes?!"
  55. >Another eye roll
  56. >And a shake of her head
  57. "Forty seconds?"
  58. >You nearly yelp as you feel her teeth on your crown
  59. >"One thirty you dumdum!"
  60. >Oh, that makes sense
  61. >"Did y'all hear that?"
  62. >Your eyes come up to see the three looking at you
  63. >Shit
  64. "It's, huh, my phone, sorry, kinda new and forgot to silence it,"
  65. >Another shrug, and they turn away once more
  66. >Phew, good thing kids are stupid
  67. >You set the timer, and Juni goes back to worshipping your cock
  68. >Fuckkkk
  69. >Wait, hot dog, right, how does it work again
  70. >You start looking around, soon finding the buns, then the ketchup and mustard
  71. >Okay, good, that's everything you need for a hotdog, right?
  72. >Wait, she wanted a soda too
  73. >Alright, soda, easy
  74. >Or not, you find out that the dispenser is barely out of range
  75. >You try to take a step forward but Juni obviously doesn't give a fuck
  76. >So you've got to resort to the next best thing
  77. >You lean forward like a dumbass, using a hand to support you against the counter as you grab a cup and start filling it
  78. >One of the girl, the white one, raises her eyebrows again as she sees you from over her friend's shoulder
  79. >"Are you okay?"
  80. >SHIT
  81. >Of course, her inquiry brings the attention of her friends back on you
  82. "Yes! Of course, I, huh, I'm just stretching out! See?!"
  83. >You start doing exaggerated motions with your arms and arch your back to emphasize your point
  85. >And you groan again as your girlfriend hits a good spot
  86. "A-ah! Damn, doesn't that feel good to stretch like that! Amirite girls?!"
  87. >You see the orange one twirl an index next to her head towards the other two, certainly thinking that you're missing something up there
  88. >Yeah, she's not buying that
  89. >Whatever, just gotta give her a fucking soda and a hotdog and
  90. >BEEP BEEP
  91. >Shit
  92. >You jolt as the oven signals that the wiener's done
  93. >Oh yeah, your wiener's nearly done, you can feel it
  94. >You grab the cup, now full and place it on the counter, and the girl instantly catches it to bring it to her lips
  95. >"Woowhee! Ah' was mighty thirsty!"
  96. >Ew, hillbillies are the worst
  97. >You grab a bun and open the MW, and slightly burn your fingers like a retard
  98. >Shit
  99. >Oh
  100. >The fingers that were up her snatch not ten minutes ago
  101. >Oh well
  102. >Can't be that bad right?
  103. >Just a slight smell, and she certainly won't be able to taste it through the sauce
  104. >Right?
  105. >You feel yourself throb at the thought of making an underage taste your girlfriend's clam
  106. >Shit, you're really getting close
  107. >And she feels it too, you know it thanks to the way she's kneading your balls right now, making sure they give her every last drop
  108. >She's so good at this, fuckkk
  109. >You gotta get rid of the kids before you blow tho, because this is gonna be a big one
  110. "Huh,"
  111. >You try to get her attention but it comes out as a grunt
  112. "Ahem, you huh, ketchup? Mustard?"
  113. >"Both!"
  114. >Ugh, fucking kids!
  115. >You start with the ketchup, grabbing the bottle and sauce it up
  116. >Then the mustard
  117. >Okay, easy enough
  118. >Now MOVE
  119. "Uh, here, one hot dog and, Huh, one soda, it that all?"
  120. >The hick turn to her friends
  121. >And the white one interjects
  122. >"Oh, one of those banana ice creams! Always wanted to try one!"
  123. >I don't give a fuck about that little one!
  124. >You turn and slam the door of the fridge open, and grab one
  126. >You throw a hand down and place it against the head of your girl to try and slow her bobbing
  128. >But she instantly takes hold of your wrist as she dives all the way down once again
  129. >And you grunt, all your muscles seizing as you do your best holding it in
  130. >FUCKING
  132. >You slam the thing on the counter right next to the hotdog
  133. >It came out wrong, as their really, really scared expressions tell you
  134. >FUCK
  135. "YOu, Huhh, shoULd givE that MoVVIe A TRyyy!"
  136. >Your hand flies forward to point at some random poster on the wall behind them
  137. >And the distraction thankfully works
  138. >And they all turn away to look at whatever it is you were pointing, as you do your best to contain the guttural cry coming up as you feel yourself releasing
  139. >FUCK
  140. >Juni lets out a quick, muffled surprised sound as the first blast hits her tongue, but she instantly dives forward to swallow you whole
  141. >And that proves way too much for you, and you slam your hands on the counter as your entire being quakes and you grit your teeth to stop any sounds from coming out
  142. >The little ones, of course, turn back when they hear the loud bang, and watches you with wide eyes as you unload spurts after spurts down your girl's gullet
  143. >You should tell them to fuck off or something
  144. "F-FUCK!"
  145. >Not like that you dumbfuck!
  146. >"U-uhm, t-thank you m-mister!"
  147. >The hick grabs her wiener and the doll her chocobanana and they instantly starts walking away but keeping their eyes on you, slowly at first, then faster
  148. >And they finally turn around and run away
  149. >Huh, that worked
  151. >But a slow, eager lap against the underside of your cock bursts your bubble
  152. "F-fucks sake, Juni, t-that was--"
  153. >She spits your cock out
  154. >"That was so fucking hot holy shit~,"
  155. >And you groan again as she starts peppering your wilting shaft with kisses and quick licks, making sure it's clean
  156. "Yeah, that was-fuck, you're way too good at this,"
  157. >"I know~,"
  158. >You give a sigh of relief as she comes back up and finally leaves your over sensitive shaft alone
  159. >You can't believe you didn't get caught
  160. >"Your turn,"
  161. "What?"
  162. >You don't have the time to react that she grabs a handful of your hair and forces you down on your knees
  163. "W-what the fuck Juni?!"
  164. >And you hear the doors opening again as she pulls your face under her skirt
  165. >Oh shit, where did you throw her panties again?
  166. >"Hi~! What can I do for you?"
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