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  1. Hoo boy...here we go.
  3. I have this utterly massive Touhou fanfic in my mind right now. It's called Even A Chance Meeting. It's a fighting fic, with a lot of everything in it really. It's unlike nearly every other Touhou fic out there--perhaps too different for the Touhou fandom's tastes. But it is massive. And it introduces a ton of things I created for it. And that leaves me to the concept...here is the backstory to it.
  5. And yes, the YHA is supposed to resemble Nazis.
  7. We all know the land of Gensokyo. A small secluded Japanese land of fantasy, where Youkai roam free along with humans. There is much more to this story, however.
  9. Gensokyo has a loose connection with Japan through its border. We all know that much. But it also has a connection with a much bigger land as well. This is called the Rodo No Genso, and it is where this story shall take place mostly.
  11. The Rodo No Genso is very similar to Gensokyo in it's species--Youkai and Humans--but it differs in so many other ways. First of all, it is huge--somewhere aroung 8-9 times the size of the earth. Gensokyo is nothing but a small dot on it's huge area. The Rodo's tech level is much above Gensokyo's as well, with tech rivaling our modern day society pretty much everywhere, and secluded states can have tech that it light-years beyond what we have.
  13. But why do the habitants of Gensokyo not know about the Rodo No Genso? And why in such a massive place, Japanese culture tends to be everywhere?
  15. It can be traced back to a very dark age. One of war, destruction, murder, and genocide.
  17. Once, Gensokyo wasn't barred off from the Rodo No Genso, being able to communicate with each other. Soon, however, a supremacist group of Youkai and humans got together, calling themselves the Youkai-Human Alliance, or YHA. Believing that Japanese society, language, culture, and species were above the various species of the Rodo No Genso (Gensokyo had higher technology than most of the surrounding states, and they took this to mean that they were racially/specially better), they gathered an army and quickly gained the alliance of the surrounding states. Afterwards, they personally led them to attack other states. With such a large landmass and low tech for communication, no one could get there in time.
  19. After bloody after bloody war, the YHA eventually took over every single square mile of the Rodo no Genso after years of superior tactics, and development of tech very quickly. They then enacted some very harsh rules:
  21. First of all, Japanese was the only language that could be spoken. Speaking anything else meant jail time.
  23. Second, Japanese culture and rituals were also the only kind of culture permitted. Practicing anything else meant jail time or possibly even execution.
  25. Third, Shinto and Buddhism were the state religion by law. Practicing another religion meant execution.
  27. Fourth, all states were to be called "Gensokyos".
  29. Pleased with themselves, the YHA watched as the masses were forced to change their long-standing traditions. Anyone who didn't follow would be killed. They were only a random peasant or farmer anyway. However, they were annoyed at how the non-human and non-youkai species of the Rodo No Genso were slow in changing their ways. This meant only one possible solution.
  31. The Final one.
  33. It was very simple:
  35. If you were a human, youkai, nekomata, kitsune, oni, vampire, satori, hell raven, tengu, jiang-shi, fairy, ghost, shinigami, yama, kami, kappa, or basically any species that has appeared in Touhou, you were "blessed", and you lived without fear.
  37. If you not one of the above, you were sentenced to death with no chance of an appeal.
  39. The YHA quickly enacted this plan, to preserve the purity of their Japanese species. Over the next 300 years, over 7 billion innocent beings were murdered by the government, in a completely insane campaign to destroy that which is not Japanese. People were torn from their homes, shot in the streets, their dead bodies rotting in the sun. Others were intentionally overworked in factories and labor camps for the purpose of eventually killing them through sheer work. Others were not so lucky, they were simply bombed or their cities overrun by the military and quickly slaughtered. The body count kept rising, and the YHA was getting more and more happy every day.
  41. This is why the Rodo No Genso is very similar to Gensokyo in species.
  43. But eventually, people start thinking that their species is better than everyone else's. Even with the Japanization fully finished, the members of the YHA could not stop but kept infighting. One of them has suggested that they call themselves "Aryans" after the Sanskrit word for "Noble" [AN:this is true] , because they were pure--they did not just have a lineage of the Japanese species, each had a lineage existing solely of one species. They were specially pure. The term caught on slowly, but it eventually did.
  45. However, all their infighting meant that their oppressed and angry citizens had gotten restless. The YHA had set up a flat-out dictatorship emphasizing working toward being the absolute master species. There aren't many account of what happened next. Some say the YHA folded. Others say a massive war happened, the YHA eventually losing after years and years of conflict. No one can really know.
  47. They know what happened afterwards, however. The YHA was exiled into Gensokyo, a barrier placed around it to prevent them from causing this horrible time again. Cursing their defeat, they lived in Gensokyo as the Rodo No Genso finally could live in peaces after over 700 years of genocide and oppression.
  49. Years later.....
  51. Through constant inter-species breeding, almost no true Aryans exist today. In fact, less than 150 recorded ones are alive, which is extremely tiny compared the 13 billion plus population of the Rodo No Genso. To be one, you must have your entire lineage for hundreds of generations be one sole species (half-humans are fine, however). So it's obvious why they are rare.
  53. This is the exact list of the recorded Aryans living in the Rodo No Genso--the direct descendants of the YHA's insane sumpremacists.
  55. They about to get one big surprise when an outsider brute forces his way in through the barrier. Someone has challenged them. A woman, who watched her parents mudered by the YHA, and she wants revenge, whether she gets it on them or their descendants....but perhaps they can rise above their shameful pasts, but given that they didn't even know about it at all...
  57. ----------------
  59. Yeah.....
  61. This is excising a huge amount of stuff. I could fill at least 20 more pages with all the peculiarities of this fic, from the OC's, the OC-Canon shipping, more crap about the Rodo No Genso...but I can't write anymore now. I need to work on this concept a little more (it's way more fleshed out in my brain).
  63. And yeah, the YHA are Nazi's By Any Other Name. I know. That was the point.
  65. This probably sucks, right?
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