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  3. That's right- our own CBWnewsfCBW has been acquired by a parent company! We'll be able to fill our plates much easier thanks to the incredibly kind folks at SHADEOFNIGHT Network! They've bought out our newspaper, but worry not- we'll still be making your dreams come true like we always have. The investigation, however, will be temporarily slowed- it's so BORING getting the same news story every day. So we're going to mix it up a little! Who needs Bandit when we have dreams to come true? Submit your dreams to your local journalist account and SHADEOFNIGHT Network will pick one to print each day.
  5. SHADEOFNIGHT Network. Thank you for dreaming.
  8. SHADEOFNIGHT Network is the parent company of CBWHfCBW and all associated businesses: CBWHfCBW, CBWnewsfCBW, Ask Us Anything, Bandit, the DMCA Robotics Division, Tatsumaki...
  9. Website under construction.
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