Anthem personal notes

Sep 28th, 2017
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  1. * Unify all specific bonuses for components, guns and gear into the generic one. This will help mostly players who have yet to complete the generic mastery challenges that require mastery of all weapons or gear items, as players will switch their loadout often to complete these challenges. And it makes no sense to keep something with a bonus for weapons I don't like.
  3. * Components with a fixed 5% bonus to damage should have +5% per rarity on top. 5% is almost nothing and gives no incentive to use those components, especially the ones that also offer next to no HP bonus - those might as well be set to zero and it would make no difference at all. I mean, it doesn't make sense that a Shield Reinforcement component gives me more Shotgun damage than a Shotgun Ammo component, more Assault Launcher damage than an Assault Augment, AND more Ultimate damage than an Ultimate Inscription, in the same individual item.
  5. * MW and Lege components should have the same inscription pool that Epic ones have. Epic components have such good bonuses and having to part way with them just to be able to even play GM1+ difficulties feels like punishment for doing nothing but upgrading. I mean, I CAN just play on Hard difficulty and not give a damn, but that defeats the point of having MW and Lege items in the first place. Also, I want support luck on my Javelin-Exclusive MW components, is that too much to ask?!
  7. * Salvaging anything that isn't a universal component should return chimeric resources, given the fact that literally everything is made of them. It's just common sense.
  9. * Weapon parts should be meltable into Chimeric resources. I have well over 2,000 and will never use even a quarter of this amount.
  11. * Inscription bonus amount (+% whatever property) should have a minimum threshold of powerrating/2 rounded up. A 1% bonus is effectively obsolete, soooooo much more so for Masterwork items with 61 power rating.
  13. * When an item at the end of a row is selected (i.e. in the component selection screen), pressing the right arrow (or console controller equivalent) should select the first item in the next row, and vice versa for left arrow.
  15. * Storm's Burning Orb focus seal feels sluggish when charging up. Ranger's Pulse Blast also feels cumbersome and slow. I'd like it to be reduced by at least a third. Also, if it requires charging before it fires, why not make it a tap to both charge and fire? why do i have to hold the button the whole time? and why can't it auto-charge and tap to just fire?
  17. * Please give all gear items the ability to prime or detonate combos. You say this game is about choice, but the fact that only few specific gear combinations can work while half the gear items don't synergize into combos is surprisingly, and severely, limiting. Two examples would be Ranger's Spark Beam as combo primer and Blast Missile as detonator. The MW Spark Beam can also serve as a detonator.
  19. * Option to discard items, or auto-discard with custom parameters (i.e. item rarity), during expeditions.
  21. * I'd love to have more emote slots. Having only 3 of them available at any one session feels really limiting when there are more of them and more are surely in the works. Warframe once had only 8 slots (if my memory serves me well), now it's practically unlimited.
  23. * Please find another use for embers, as beyond a certain point the Uncommon (green) and Rare (blue) ones are only useful for consumable sigils, but they require so few units of each and I don't use them often enough to justify it. I'd love to, for example, be able to turn them in to Faction representatives for loyalty points, or give them to Sayrna or Prospero in exchange for either resources or coins.
  25. * Concerning dash maneuvers: I'd love to have a visible indicator of dash readiness, similar to Titanfall dash mechanics. Interceptor should have its triple-dash made charge-based. All dash cooldown times should remain the same.
  27. * FIX RANGER: Find another use for the gears and components that give bonus to melee damage; I'd rather have them give a bonus to combo damage. Fix the way blast and impact work. And for the love of Grabbits, fix the description of Grenadier Inscription - you fixed the bonus but ruined the text.
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