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WarpedRealm release 1.25

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Sep 22nd, 2022
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  1. Release 1.25 Changes:
  2. - Fixed job level-up broadcast player placeholder not parsing properly
  3. - Fixed boss arena regions not working properly
  4. - A Banner has been added to potential social media pages and minecraft server list voting page
  5. - Removed a few legacy vanilla crafting recipes
  6. - Jobs commands have been changed, you can use specific /jobs subcommands again
  7. - Refactored jobs command handling
  8. - Fixed packet leak
  9. - Improved ability-casting of a few custom mobs
  10. - Added 8 more quests in format "Deal x damage (to x entities, with x item)"
  11. - Increased RTP radius again
  12. - Slighty tweaked spawn rate of skeletal archers
  13. - Increased ability cooldown of skeletal archers
  14. - Slightlty tweaked eternal leaf dropchance
  15. - Added new ban templates for alt account users and verbal abuse in chat
  16. - Bans now show duration of bans more visibly
  17. - Fixed a few capitalization mistakes in the ban screen
  18. - Colors in ban screen have been changed around to be more readable
  19. - Prepared new price and level calculations for future jobs refactoring
  20. - Fixed a few broken css classes in the store
  21. - Fixed issue where you could only give items in a specific order to NPCs in quests
  22. - Disabled auction house items being cancellable with a simple left-click
  23. - Fixed 0.1 cent AH fee
  24. - Fixed a few clarification mistakes in the wiki
  25. - Fixed an issue where you could unlink and relink your discord account for infinite keys, also rolled back abusive accounts exploited this
  26. - Fixed a rare issue where claims would use up less claim blocks than actually claimed
  27. - Improved RTP safe location search
  28. - Ice and Snow biomes have been removed from the RTP selector, you cannot spawn in those anymore.
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