WU,AH: Game 3 (DM: HT) Session 1

Nov 20th, 2012
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  1. «HTBK» *For too many nights now have you fallen asleep to the clatter of steel, the twanging of bowstrings, and the screams of the brave and fearful. All round the city the battle rages: the constables and the inquisition fighting to hold back the plague, and all those miserable who might consider it blessed. Nightly, now, King Buchanon's rumbling voice booms throughout the city, and the posters are a veritable constant. "HEADLESS BEFORE HANDLESS" is as ingrained in the minds of the children as a nursery rhyme--times are dark, even for the undercity. Your dream, that night was equally grim: of long, bony fingers running down your spine, while the giggling abominations trod ever closer. For too many mornings, you have woken to the mourning of those who had been lost the previous night--so for a moment, the change is almost pleasant. It takes several long seconds before you realize that today you have woken to a foreign sound: namely, the dripping of water in caves, and the thunder of many distant steps...*
  2. «Globebutt» (ogodwords)
  3. «Mr.Jared» (may be begin taking actions?)
  4. «Mr.Jared» we*
  5. «HTBK» *Wake up at your leisure. Or sleep on, if you dare...*
  6. «Puck» (shivers)
  7. «Mr.Jared» *wakeup... examine immediate situation*
  8. «Writefag4» No I wake. I don't appreciate the grizlyness but it presents a good oppritunity to get questionable goods on the cheap.
  9. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke sits up slowly, groggily rubbing one of his eyes as he looks about,* "where the hell...?"
  10. «Globebutt» I... it's kind of calm, the dripping of water. And I'm tired. I'm sleeping in.
  11. «Egg_Discord» I sleep on, twitching in sleep from nightmares I am unable to awake from
  12. «Globebutt» Or, keeping my eyes shut and pretending I can sleep.
  13. «HTBK» *The postman stares into your eyes as he caresses your--wait, sorry, wrong dream.*
  14. «O-O-T-N» Well, that isnt normal. *Tala opens her eyes, turning her head to get a look at her surroundings.*
  15. «Egg_Discord» (oh, fuck you)
  16. «Mr.Jared» (lol)
  17. «HTBK» (Aw yeah.)
  18. «Writefag4» Wait what? Where am I?
  19. «Globebutt» (I'm not sure if I laughed or cackled there.)
  20. «Mr.Jared» -What the hell is going on brain-
  21. «TwiAnon» I thrash about awkwardly in my sleep, but do not wake up immediately.
  22. «Sleight of Hand» (I'm still painting :D)
  23. «Mr.Jared» -How bad did we fuck up last night? Who is pissed at us?-
  24. «Mr.Jared» -Is there anyone else here?-
  25. «HTBK» *When you wake up, it is immediately clear that something is amiss. You may have slept in beds, on pillows, in a lover's arms, or in dumpsters--but today, you wake up in a large, dimly-lit cavern wholly unfamiliar to you.*
  26. «Puck» I open my eyes slowly, blinking, rub them, and look around
  27. «Ewo» left the chat.
  28. «Mr.Jared» "Umm Hello?"
  29. «Writefag4» (All in the same cavern?)
  30. «Mr.Jared» "Anyone there?"
  31. «Puck» (How big of a cavern?)
  32. «Globebutt» I do wish they'd all quit yelling. A woman needs her sleep.
  33. «O-O-T-N» Yeah, that is definitely not normal. *She sits up, jumping slightly at the sound of someone elses voice.* "Hello? Who else is here?"
  34. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke is quickly up on his feet, looking about until he spotted (JARED)* Dude, where the hell are we?"
  35. «Globebutt» I groan and roll over.
  36. «HTBK» *The sole source of illumination is the iridescent green pool in the center of the room--the roof is as a sea of shadows while the water undulates. You swiftly realize your are not alone: scattered around the place are other people, and--at this point you would be forgiven for screaming all day long--several of *them*. The damned, deformed, twisted plague-bearers that stalk the streets.*
  37. «Mr.Jared» "..."(what score is hand again HTBK?)
  38. «Sleight of Hand» (2, I believe)
  39. «Egg_Discord» I wake suddenly from my nightmare, glancing around to get my-
  40. «Writefag4» I reach for my knife before realizing its not there.
  41. «HTBK» (If you would all wait for a second.)
  42. «Egg_Discord» Oh no. Not them!
  43. «Mr.Jared» (alright HTBK)
  44. «TwiAnon» I shudder quietly, wrapping my arms around myself as I wake up during the fiasco.
  45. «Egg_Discord» I back up against the nearest wall, desperate to get away from these infected people.
  46. «Writefag4» My eyes dart around for exits.
  47. «HTBK» *Puck, when you rub your eyes, you are immediately thrown off. The comfortable articulation of your fingers is gone, as if someone had wrapped them while you slept: but a quick look at the eerie--I SAID WAIT A SECOND*
  48. «Mr.Jared» Wait a minute, these people...
  49. «TwiAnon» (Sorry.)
  50. «Mr.Jared» "..."
  51. «Globebutt» (Was that spoken, Egg, the "oh no?")
  52. «Mr.Jared» (waiting)
  53. «Egg_Discord» (no)
  54. «Egg_Discord» (waiting)
  55. «HTBK» *Puck, the peculiar gray sheen the light throws on you quickly confirms what may be a Londoner's greatest fear: you've been infected, and it has rapidly spread.*
  56. «HTBK» *The cavern is some forty feet across, and any exits are carefully concealed by the darkness.*
  57. «HTBK» *Egg, it takes you just a moment--just a single moment--to realize that the cave is freakishly large, and your vantage point is...lower.*
  58. «Puck» I try to stifle my gasp and scramble back away from the glowing pool, towards what I hope is a cave wall.
  59. «HTBK» *Much, much lower.*
  60. «Mr.Jared» Oh god they are all infected!
  61. «Mr.Jared» Stay calm, stay calm...
  62. «Globebutt» (That /was/ spoken. Yes?)
  63. «Mr.Jared» ok Peter, 1st things 1st
  64. «Mr.Jared» ("" is spoken)
  65. «HTBK» *SEE NO EVIL. This was the maxim of the royal advisory. Close your eyes, hands in your pockets, don't let the beasts cast their spell.*
  66. «HTBK» *Egg, if it isn't clear, time in.*
  67. «Egg_Discord»
  68. «Globebutt» I believe I'm still sleeping.
  69. «Egg_Discord» I'M infected?
  70. «Mr.Jared» -Ok, like ma always told you, check for signs of infection on yourself-
  71. «HTBK» *A quick look down reveals that your hands passed in the night.*
  72. «Sleight of Hand» "Oh fuck me..." Luke backed slowly past, Peter, moving away from the main mass of the manic plague victims, his head mostly hidden by his hood as he looked down at himself for the same reason Jared is.
  73. «HTBK» *You're infected. And it's progressed quickly.*
  74. «Mr.Jared» -hands, thats good... no tail. no cravings...-
  75. «Mr.Jared» -hmm, i think im good unless i missed something...-
  76. «Egg_Discord» That's impossible! I stayed away from all the quarantined districts! I made sure to bathe whenever I could. How can this hap- MY hand!
  77. «HTBK» *Luke, it may be a trick of the light, but you cannot deny that your skin is possessed of a strange royal-blue hue, while your pants feel oddly cramped.*
  78. «HTBK» *This is a bad sign.*
  79. «O-O-T-N» *She freezes as she sees her surroundings* You know what, this is just typical. Of course I would wake up in a giant cave full of infected people. Why not? My life just loves throwing my curves.
  80. «Egg_Discord» BOTH OF THEM! Gone! How can this be! No! Is there a mirror or something? A pool of water? ANYTHING?! I have to see how bad it is!
  81. «Writefag4» I back away from the noisy hysterical one (Egg.)
  82. «Mr.Jared» -shoot... what do i do, im surrounded by infected-
  83. «Egg_Discord» (I'm not noisy yet)
  84. «HTBK» *The pool seems clean enough, Egg.*
  85. «Egg_Discord» (It's my inner monologue)
  86. «Sleight of Hand» -Oh fuck, fuck me, -"Fuck me, fuck, fuck, why does this shit happen to me!?" He barks out to no one in particular as he stares down at his hands.
  87. «Writefag4» (Sorry.)
  88. «Globebutt» (Only noisy in his head. And compared to what's been in Jitterglobe's...)
  89. «Egg_Discord» I then scramble towards the pool looking in. What I see before me utterly horrifies me.
  90. «Mr.Jared» *search pocket for pocket watch*
  91. «O-O-T-N» "Funny, I was just thinking the same thing."
  92. «HTBK» *The GM is tempted to narrate Jitter lines anyway.*
  93. «HTBK» *Luke, your fingers remain. There may be time left.*
  94. «TwiAnon» She looks around at the spectacle before her, eyes wide with fear.
  95. «HTBK» *Jared, whoever dragged you here stole your watch.*
  96. «Globebutt» I blink and start to get up. "What... what's going on?"
  97. «HTBK» *Egg...oh, Egg.*
  98. «Mr.Jared» "Damt it!"
  99. «Puck» I back away from the pool, pushing myself over the ground, try to keep quiet, and survey the rest of the scene.
  100. «Egg_Discord» (don't tell me I got the milkmare)
  101. «Mr.Jared» -should not of shouted that out loud-
  102. «Globebutt» (He doesn't have to; you already guessed it~)
  103. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke grumbles to himself and shoves his hands in his pockets, doing what he does best and ignroing the problem. Then saying to *Globebutt* "Seems we've been infected, all of us!"
  104. «HTBK» *Whatever humanity you may have laid claim to is long since passed from you, now. Your skin is blanketed in slate-gray fur, while an unkempt white mane hangs from your head: your eyes, now, are eerie blue and fitted with pupils more at home on a snake than a human being.*
  105. «Writefag4» I try to keep my distance from the Egg. Fearful. I check my own status.
  106. «Mr.Jared» (before we get real into it, who wants to havesome sort of reprehension with my char? you know liek freind or whatever)
  107. «Puck» (nice, I was waiting for someone to get the night guard.)
  108. «Sleight of Hand» (I will if yeh like, Luke's meant to be a people person)
  109. «Egg_Discord» "OH GOD!" I scream in fright. This is worse than any scenario I've ever seen I didn't think the infections could be this bad
  110. «Globebutt» "What?" I stand up with a jolt. This isn't good. This isn't good at all! I'm the wife of a respected merchant! I... where am I?
  111. «Writefag4» (I planned for my character to be one who buys stolen goods and then sells them to more reputable shops.)
  112. «Mr.Jared» (alright i got luke, anyone else?)
  113. «Writefag4» (Not sure if you'd have any interaction.)
  114. «HTBK» *Write, you've lost a good deal--but not everything. Your skin is--that's not what reprehension means--blanketed in a bizarre cream color, while your spine is twisted in a strange and uncomfortable way.*
  115. «Globebutt» (A fence, eh.)
  116. «Puck» (Edgar isn't that peopley, sorry)
  117. «Sleight of Hand» "We're in a cave lady, other than that who fucking knows?" (Funny, Writefag, Luke's a thief xD)
  118. «Writefag4» (Is the light good enough I can tell the diffrence my my normal skin cover?)
  119. «Writefag4» (Color)
  120. «HTBK» *One of the completely infected ones shrieks from beside the pool.*
  121. «Mr.Jared» "Shit... shit shit shit..."
  122. «HTBK» *The first rule of preventing infection, of course, is to get very, very far away from any victims you may spy.*
  123. «Globebutt» I back the fuck up in the most ladylike fashion that up can be back fucked.
  124. «Mr.Jared» "Alright, Everyone calm the hell down"
  125. «Sleight of Hand» (Jared, what's your char's name)
  126. «O-O-T-N» *Tala begins scooting away from the heavilly infected, towards the cavern wall.*
  127. «Egg_Discord» "This can't be happening! It can't end like this! This isn't how my life ends!"
  128. «O-O-T-N» (Should have switched with Write!)
  129. «Mr.Jared» (Peter, Peter [insert last name])
  130. «HTBK» *Oh, this is how it ends.*
  131. «Mr.Jared» HEY!
  132. «Egg_Discord» (I'm Eric)
  133. «Mr.Jared» ""
  134. «HTBK» *You're infected. Your mind...should be leaving. Soonish.*
  135. «Puck» I press my hands to my mouth to keep quiet, realize those are hooves, and shove them away from me with a panicked "aaah!"
  136. «HTBK» *It doesn't take long, generally. Or at least, the announcements tell you so.*
  137. «TwiAnon» Meanwhile, Solana covers her ears an stares at the ground, unwilling or perhaps unable to move.
  138. «Writefag4» 'This is bad.' I pick at the skin on the back of my hand. (Is it skin? I'm not quite sure.) At least nobody seems to be like those creepy ones I've seen around town.
  139. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke watches Globe with faint amusement as he continues to back away from the pool and the screaming infectee, hearing Peter's voice his head spins about.* "Peter? Isat you man?"
  140. «Mr.Jared» "Luke!?"
  141. «HTBK» *It's skin, Write. Fuzzy skin with way too much body hair, but skin all the same.*
  142. «HTBK» *And yes, you can tell the difference.*
  143. «Mr.Jared» "hold on Luke"
  144. «Globebutt» I take inventory of myself. How do I look? I'm sure my hair is a mess, but...
  145. «Puck» >okay, okay, stay calm, don't panic, what were you supposed to do if you think you're infected again? Think dammit....<
  146. «Writefag4» 'Shit, well maybe they botched the magic or whatever and I'm still mostly human.'
  148. «Puck» >GULP<
  149. «Mr.Jared» *blows a high note*
  151. «Sleight of Hand» "Oh thank fucking god, it's good to see you man." *Luke smiles a bit as he pulls down his hood. Revealing his skin to be covered in a dark blue fuzz.
  152. «Puck» *shocked from thoughts, looks to <jared>*
  153. «Mr.Jared» "HEY EVERYONE!"
  154. «Writefag4» (Do we know about the typical progession or for all we know its usually straight to full pony?)
  155. «Egg_Discord» I turn towards the one yelling in fear. "Y-y-yes?"
  156. «O-O-T-N» *She wraps her arms around her knees, trying not to panic as the reality of the situation descends on her.*
  157. «Mr.Jared» *sees Luke*
  158. «HTBK» *As far as anyone knows, you usually have a matter of minutes left after the fur grows in.*
  159. «Writefag4» I look to the person shouting and quickly pull my sleeves down.
  160. «Mr.Jared» -Oh god-
  161. «Mr.Jared» *oh god look on face*
  162. «Mr.Jared» *shakes head*
  163. «SpitFire» (back)
  164. «Mr.Jared» "EVERYONE IN FRONT OF ME!"
  165. «O-O-T-N» Yeah, that's going to happen. I'm staying right here thanks.
  166. «Puck» I just stare at the infected before me.
  167. «Globebutt» (Did I manage to look at myself? Assume normally female, dark curly hair, pale skin.)
  168. «HTBK» *You seem to be normal, Globe.*
  169. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke sighs and looks down, one hand, covered in the same fuzz darting from his pockets to pull his hood back up. "That bad, huh?" He says as he does as Peter says, moving in his usual long legged gait to stand essentially beside him.
  170. «Egg_Discord» I, shaking from my ghastly discovery, walk in front of the shouting one.
  171. «Globebutt» I'm staying far away from these infected... creatures.
  172. «TwiAnon» Tilts her head at the strange man's demand, before looking down to take inventory of herself, to search for signs of infection.
  173. «Mr.Jared» *turns to Luke*
  174. «Writefag4» "Why should we listen to you?!" I shot from my position.
  175. «» Cyberspy left the chat.
  176. «Globebutt» "Don't come any closer!"
  177. «HTBK» *It seems to be some manner of serpent-horse, Puck. It may have very well crawled out of Hell itself.*
  178. «Mr.Jared» "Wha- who- what the hell"
  179. «Egg_Discord» "W-who are you?" I call, wanting answers
  180. «Mr.Jared» "Is it really you Luke?"
  181. «Mr.Jared» *turns to group*
  182. «HTBK» *Twi, you have not fared well in your slumber.*
  183. «Egg_Discord» How are my... unmentionables faring?
  184. «Mr.Jared» "I may not know who you all are, but I am Peter Penson"
  185. «Sleight of Hand» "Yes its me fuckhead! How do you think I'd know it was you if I weren't, I'm fucking infected man! Shiiit" *he slowly sank onto his haunches, just holding his head.
  186. «HTBK» *Not well at all. Fur, a tail, a shaggy mane of hair, and...your voice seems a mite deeper than usual.*
  187. «HTBK» *Egg?*
  188. «Sleight of Hand» "An' I'm Luke Chaplain!"
  189. «Egg_Discord» *Be I male or female?*
  190. «HTBK» *turns out, there was one awesome thing nobody told you about the plague.*
  191. «Globebutt» I look to the walls on either side of me, and up to the ceiling as well. Is it clear how we got in, or out?
  192. «Globebutt» "I'm leaving!"
  193. «Writefag4» 'Fuck there are all these people halway changed I have to know.' I go over to the pool.
  194. «HTBK» *Or rather, several awesome things.*
  195. «HTBK» *Those awesome things are inches.*
  196. «Mr.Jared» "Sub owner of [insert business name]"
  197. «Egg_Discord» inches of what?
  198. «Sleight of Hand» "Have fun with that lady, cos I ain't seeing anyway out."
  199. «Globebutt» (horsedick, i assume)
  200. «HTBK» *inches of willy.*
  201. «TwiAnon» (I can't tell if HT was talking to me or not.)
  202. «Egg_Discord» "This doesn't make any sense.?
  203. «HTBK» *The pool is a strange shimmering green, that glows for some reason--surely, a product of magic.*
  204. «Mr.Jared» "We are going to start this off witha role call, like it or not, we are all here together and we need to know each other to survive"
  205. «Writefag4» While I'm at the pool I check both my reflection and if it would be deep enough to drown myself in."
  206. «Writefag4» "Write." I mutter, preoccupied.
  207. «SpitFire» *I poke my head in*, "umm... hello?"
  208. «HTBK» *The walls are cloaked in shadow, Globe: a mere flick of the eyes is not enough to properly unearth their mysteries.*
  209. «Mr.Jared» -Shit what am i doing, talking to the infected...-
  210. «Egg_Discord» I start off. The one barking out orders seems to know what he's doing.
  211. «Globebutt» "No, no, no!" Headless before handless!
  212. «HTBK» *Good boy, Egg.*
  213. «Mr.Jared» -Is this even a good idea?-
  214. «Puck» "I'm Edgar Stanton, I work on machinery mostly." I call from my distance
  215. «Globebutt» I start sweeping the walls, staying as far away from those noisy ones as I can. There's got to be something.
  216. «Mr.Jared» (damn it names are my weakness i remember)
  217. «HTBK» *Write, there is no denying that you have several distinctly feminine facial features that you lacked the day before. Additionally, your eears have grown by several inches.*
  218. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke is still basically just hunched down on the ground beside Peter, holding his head in his hands wishing he was back home* "Fuck this man, just fuck this!"
  219. «» TurtleCopter left the chat.
  220. «HTBK» *But you can easily drown in the water.*
  221. «Mr.Jared» "Anyone else?"
  222. «Writefag4» That's a grim comfort.
  223. «Egg_Discord» "M-my name is Eric. I-I'm just a poor boy. I th-think I'm in need of some s-sympathy..." I call out, shivering
  224. «SpitFire» *I look around trying to figure out what is going on*
  225. «Writefag4» I wish I had some sort of hood.
  226. «TwiAnon» Taking one look at her features, she curls up into a ball and begins shaking uncontrollably.
  227. «Globebutt» "Not talking! Leaving!"
  228. «Puck» (I'm writing these names down)
  229. «HTBK» *The GM glares at Egg.*
  230. «Sleight of Hand» "Eric, if you're gonna talk like that. I'll kick you in the balls. I don't like pussies."
  231. «Egg_Discord» (what? It's a good song)
  232. «HTBK» *Twi, as you curl up, you quickly realize that "her" may be an inaccurate pronoun.*
  233. «HTBK» *Globe, after the better part of two minutes, you come to a gap in the stone: a distinctly large one, at that.*
  234. «O-O-T-N» *Begins checking herself for signs of infection, pulling up the sleeves of the nightgown she went to sleep in and checking her ears.*
  235. «Globebutt» "Ah hah!"
  236. «TwiAnon» Which serves only to amplify her... his catatonic state.
  237. «Globebutt» I probe the gap.
  238. «Writefag4» (Maybe when they're all said they could be put in an image and stuck at the bottom for refrence.
  239. «Writefag4» )
  240. «Mr.Jared» "Ok... ok"
  241. «Globebutt» (Puck is Edgar, Jared's Peter, Slight is Luke, and Egg's Eric. Yes?)
  242. «SpitFire» "You sure you should be doing that to the gap?"
  243. «HTBK» *Your hair seems maybe an inch or two longer, Oot. Beyond that, though, it's anyone's guess.*
  244. «Puck» (good plan write, good indeed)
  245. «Puck» (Ill make it)
  246. «Mr.Jared» "So i assume most of you are infected..."
  247. «Egg_Discord» (Yes)
  248. «HTBK» *The gap is deep. Very, very, deep. It's a meter-and-some-change wide, too.*
  249. «Globebutt» "No; leaving! I'm leaving!"
  250. «Writefag4» (I'll just go by Write. Selling dodgy goods leaves you not wanting to reveal your actual name.)
  251. «Mr.Jared» "to my knowledge i am not..."
  252. «Globebutt» I enter the gap. I /am/ leaving.
  253. «Mr.Jared» "This makes things difficult"
  254. «SpitFire» *I look at Jared* "Infected... I think I'm in the wrong place then.." *As I start to back away*
  255. «TwiAnon» Slowly, he starts in at a low mutter, inaudible even to the ears of infected. It gets louder as he crawls toward the pool on all fours. "Headless before handless, Headless before handless," The timbre of his voice escalating his agitated state as he moves forward, speaking slowly louder and louder.
  256. «Sleight of Hand» "I think the, "We're all fucking plague beasts." is the difficult part."
  257. «HTBK» *King Buchanon would weep to see such valiant defenders of the city.*
  258. «O-O-T-N» Well, at least I seem to be faring better than most. I think. I could check my reflection in my pool, but I'm not going anywhere near that thing. *She stands up and walks hesitantly towards the group, wincing as the rock floor of the cave bites into her feet.*
  259. «Mr.Jared» "The next question is how do we escape?"
  260. «Egg_Discord» "It appears so... How did this happen? I heeded the warnings."
  261. «Mr.Jared» "Better question, it was eric, right? "
  262. «Globebutt» (Oot, what's your character's name again? And what happens once I enter the gap?)
  263. «Egg_Discord» "That's right. I say"
  264. «Writefag4» "Well apparently we should have slept with one eye open too. I don't think this was covered on the posters."
  265. «O-O-T-N» (Tala)
  266. «HTBK» *Globe, it's blacker than a dead baby joke in here. Steady going and feeling around, though, carries you onward...*
  267. «Mr.Jared» "oh god..."
  268. «HTBK» *The GM goes to see loo. Take it slow.*
  269. «Puck» "I think I am, but... I'm not much for the headless option now that it comes to it, if truth be told..."
  270. «Mr.Jared» -calm down, you can fix this...-
  271. «Mr.Jared» "Alright"
  272. «Writefag4» "We. Should maybe seperate ourselves. Not everyone needs to risk it."
  273. «Mr.Jared» "before we split"
  274. «Mr.Jared» "if we do anyways..."
  275. «Mr.Jared» "What are your guys+"
  276. «Mr.Jared» (fucking cats)
  277. «Mr.Jared» "What are the last things you can remember?"
  278. «Puck» (heheh)
  279. «SpitFire» "umm... Hi.. I'm Sam and I want to bother you guys, but how do I get out of here?!"
  280. «Globebutt» (I'm a tiger! Rawr!)
  281. «SpitFire» Don't*
  282. «Globebutt» (Spitfire, that Samuel or Samantha?)
  283. «SpitFire» (Samuel)
  284. «Sleight of Hand» "I was drinking at your place, Peter..."
  285. «Mr.Jared» "Yes, i do recall that..."
  286. «Writefag4» "A bed, trying to fall asleep in it."
  287. «Mr.Jared» "How about you people?"
  288. «Egg_Discord» "I remember falling asleep in an abandoned building somewhere in the safe zones."
  289. «HTBK» *The GM returns.*
  290. «O-O-T-N» (Dangit HK, I keep getting ideas and now I'm starting to think being a stallion might be kinda fun. Not nearly as adorable, but fun.)
  291. «Globebutt» (>implying men can't be adorable)
  292. «Egg_Discord» "I know there weren't any infected. I made sure to check first."
  293. «Puck» "I think I was in the loft above the workshop where I work..."
  294. «HTBK» (You'd be surprised, Oot.)
  295. «HTBK» (It has its perks...)
  296. «SpitFire» "What is that thing..." *pointing to the gap*
  297. «Egg_Discord» (Oh my)
  298. «Mr.Jared» "Hmm, alright...- what what?"
  299. «Globebutt» I continue spelunking.
  300. «Sleight of Hand» "That would be a hole."\
  301. «Mr.Jared» "looks like*leans in closer* a-"
  302. «Writefag4» (You find a Damsel.)
  303. «Puck» (can we see that from here? I thought it was dark.)
  304. «Globebutt» Need to get as far away from those plague beasts as possible, and seal off the cave at once.
  305. «Globebutt» (It was dark. I had to search for two minutes to find it.)
  306. «Mr.Jared» Hmm... seems like this is our escape
  307. «Globebutt» (And I started off far away from you all.)
  308. «Sleight of Hand» "... I bet I could jump it."
  309. «Puck» (I dont think its visible from the pool, or at all really)
  310. «Writefag4» Can I see the bottom of the pool?
  311. «HTBK» *After a few meters, Globe, the cave begins a steady incline. After some three minutes, you come to a face that is all but vertical: fortunately, you can most likely make good of the ragged, uneven stonework.*
  312. «Globebutt» Then I'm going to have to try.
  313. «HTBK» *You can't quite see the bottom, Write. You know it's at least fifteen feet deep, though.*
  314. «Puck» I crawl slowly forward, keeping my distance from any of them, just in case.
  315. «Mr.Jared» "everyone, lets look for a exit"
  316. «O-O-T-N» "Hear hear."
  317. «Puck» (how wide is it? is it circular? >inspect water)
  318. «Egg_Discord» "I'm not arguing that point." Can I even fly with these... things?
  319. «Mr.Jared» "after we get out of here, we go separate ways, no hard feelings"
  320. «TwiAnon» After slowly crawling to the edge of the pool, she peers inside, before slowly dragging himself into the water.
  321. «TwiAnon» (And fucks up pronouns while doing it.)
  322. «SpitFire» *sreaches around for a way out*
  323. «Mr.Jared» "Except for you luke"
  324. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke stands up, putting his horrid blue hands back in his pockets. As he nods to Peter.* "Fuck separate ways, you still owe me 14 bucks for that pizza."
  325. «Mr.Jared» "*Sigh* dont i know it"
  326. «HTBK» *Some 15 feet wide, Puck. And now, it's occupied by one of your fellows.*
  327. «Writefag4» "Look just don't get too close to me."
  328. «Egg_Discord» (Did Pizza exist in the 1800's?)
  329. «Globebutt» (In Italy.)
  330. «Egg_Discord» (oh)
  331. «Writefag4» (I think we're late 1800s)
  332. «SpitFire» (Stone cooked)
  333. «TwiAnon» ('bucks' did not.)
  334. «Globebutt» (It wasn't nearly as popular elsewhere.)
  335. «Sleight of Hand» (Bah.)
  336. «Globebutt» (I imagine, at least.)
  337. «TwiAnon» (Either way you're a faggot :3 )
  338. «O-O-T-N» *Her eyes widen as she see's the infected enter the water* "Hey! What are you doing?!"
  339. «Mr.Jared» *begin search*
  340. «Sleight of Hand» (you to buddy, you to)
  341. «Globebutt» (Faggots! Faggots existed. Faggots in gravy. Delicious.)
  342. «Sleight of Hand» *Follows along beside Jared as he searches with him)
  343. «TwiAnon» (too*)
  344. «Globebutt» (What do I roll to climb the wall?)
  345. «Mr.Jared» *seach pockets and area for portable light source*
  346. «HTBK» *Twi, the water is...lukewarm.*
  347. «Writefag4» (Fun fact. Pizza was invented by Underworlders and was stolen by a chef from above ground.)
  348. «Puck» stare at fellow in water for a moment >What are they....?<
  349. «Egg_Discord» I start attempting to flap my wings. Sure if I have these, they work.
  350. «HTBK» *And deep. And welcoming...*
  351. «O-O-T-N» *Runs over to Twi and grabs him by the tail, pulling as hard as she can*
  352. «HTBK» *Look at you, Egg. How long till you spread the plague, with that attitude?*
  353. «Writefag4» (How unusual is it for water to glow down here?)
  354. «SpitFire» *I walk over to Jared* "what are they doing down there?"
  355. «TwiAnon» GOOD! Because he has decided drowning is far less miserable than the rape of having his species and sex ripped from him. He plunges headfirst under the surface.
  356. «HTBK» *The strain is unfamiliar, and disconcerting. But it seems like it can be done...*
  357. «Egg_Discord» You're right. Better not accelerate the changes
  358. «HTBK» *Quite unusual, Write.*
  359. «Globebutt» (OOTN, you're an awful citizen, saving plague bearers. And strangers, at that!)
  360. «TwiAnon» At the sharp yank, he lets out a loud wail, an grabs his throat to strangle the sound out.
  361. «Egg_Discord» I search on foot, scratching at walls to find a way out.
  362. «HTBK» *You know, it's weird. According to the posters, you should be a giggling ball of stupid disease right about now.*
  363. «HTBK» *Globe, roll a D10 just because.*
  364. «SpitFire» (lol)
  365. «Globebutt» (6)
  366. «Egg_Discord» You've got a point there. Is there something the guards missed?
  367. «Mr.Jared» "hmm"
  368. «Globebutt» (fucking hate climb checks)
  369. «Mr.Jared» *turns to spit*
  370. «Mr.Jared» "You are"
  371. «Mr.Jared» (does my char know you?)
  372. «O-O-T-N» "Get.. Out.. Of.. There.. You.. Idiot!" *she grunts, hauling the little creature from the glowing water.*
  373. «HTBK» *At the yelp, Twi, the water rushes into your throat, carrying with it the subtle taste of decay.*
  374. «Writefag4» The water is entrancing. I can't really look away.
  375. «HTBK» *Oot, it should be noted that Twi is human sized.*
  376. «SpitFire» (lets go with no)
  377. «Globebutt» (flashbacks to a tunnel out of the underdark... so many assists, and ropes, and still...)
  378. «HTBK» *Good luck with that.*
  379. «Mr.Jared» (alright)
  380. «O-O-T-N» (Oh, whoops.)
  381. «O-O-T-N» (Thought she was full pony)
  382. «HTBK» (Fuck the underdark.)
  383. «Mr.Jared» (can i get current pone scores?)
  384. «SpitFire» "umm Hi, I'm Sam, I've been hiding over there, and am completely lost"
  385. «TwiAnon» (I still have hands, even.)
  386. «Egg_Discord» (6.0)
  387. «Globebutt» (Amen. Fuck the drow, too. Dextrous motherfuckers.)
  388. «SpitFire» (1)
  389. «Writefag4» "Hello Sam. How are you? Infected?"
  390. «SpitFire» (egg how did you get 6 so fast this time...)
  391. «TwiAnon» And hands are exactly what he uses, in retaliation, silently lunging out for Tala's throat in an effort to drag her underwater with him.
  392. «Mr.Jared» "Hi... You seem perfecly normal,"
  393. «Egg_Discord» (luck of the roll, I guess)
  394. «Globebutt» (Good man, Twianon!)
  395. «Sleight of Hand» (3)
  396. «SpitFire» "I don't know, I'm at a complete lost"
  397. «Mr.Jared» "Good to have some normal people around me"
  398. «HTBK» *Globe, you nick your fingers on the rocks once or twice, and your feet sting with that "just cut" feeling: the rocks are moist, and distinctly slippery. However the climb is brief, and in a few seconds' time you manage to drag yourself up onto flat land.*
  399. «Sleight of Hand» "Hey!" *That's to Peter*
  400. «Writefag4» I flip Jared the bird. (Had they invented the bird back then?)
  401. «HTBK» *Twi, you are the best of citizens. Of course, you all are proving that we should've gone with a stat system.*
  402. «Puck» I rush to Tala's aid, trying to keep the situation from getting worse
  403. «O-O-T-N» *Shrieks in fright and lets go of Twi's tail, backing away and tripping*
  404. «Globebutt» (I believe so.) Where do I come out? Is it a marketplace? Something like that?
  405. «SpitFire» "what's happening to them?!"
  406. «Mr.Jared» "Sorry, let my thoughts slip..."
  407. «Egg_Discord» "What's going on?" I rush towards the sound of splashing.
  408. «Mr.Jared» "I dont know..."
  409. «Puck» (Opposed rolls always work, with GM mods for situational bonuses)
  410. «Mr.Jared» "il be back"
  411. «TwiAnon» (Freeform RP was the dumbest idea, and I will show you the truth. THE TRUTH CALLED DESPAIR!)
  412. «Mr.Jared» *rushes to pool*
  413. «Sleight of Hand» "yeah, I'm gonna keep my hood up." *He jogs with Peter to the pool*
  414. «Mr.Jared» "What the hell is going on here?"
  415. «HTBK» *No, It's nothing more than another cave. This one, however, has a light at the end of the tunnel: some twenty feet off down a long, low corridor, the familiar orange light of Dark London waits for you.*
  416. «SpitFire» "wait..wha...?!"
  417. «Writefag4» I move to block Jared. "Back!"
  418. «O-O-T-N» *Falls on her ass, hissing in pain before staring at her hands in horror* Oh god why did I do that? Now I'm probably infected too! Oh god no.
  419. «Globebutt» Any rocks around I can use to trap the plaguebearers (who happen to unfortunately be the rest of the party, as well)?
  420. «Mr.Jared» "Who the hell do you think i am?"
  421. «HTBK» *Silly Oot.*
  422. «Sleight of Hand» (Write would probably know Luke from buying stuff from him)
  423. «TwiAnon» When Tala lets go and falls back. He begins laughing hysterically, collapsing backwards into the water and letting himself sink like a stone.
  424. «HTBK» *Not unless you grab a stick of dynamite, Globe.*
  425. «Globebutt» In my nightgown? I should think not.
  426. «Mr.Jared» "..."
  427. «Globebutt» I run toward the exit.
  428. «Egg_Discord» (Wow, Twi. You're killing yourself off rather early)
  429. «Mr.Jared» "Nevermind"
  430. «HTBK» *The will to live is a powerful one, Twi. Roll D10.*
  431. «Globebutt» (Good citizen!)
  432. «TwiAnon» (Uh... my character was quite happy being a girl? And Human?)
  433. «Mr.Jared» "Come one Luke... lets go"
  434. «O-O-T-N» "Fine! Drown then you stupid.. Leper!" *She shouts, wiping her hands on her gown in a futile gesture*
  435. «Mr.Jared» "You got a light?"
  436. «Puck» (its good rp!)
  437. «Writefag4» I'm conflited. I don't really want to let her die but its her choice.
  438. «TwiAnon» (Sorry if I am being realistic instead of making pop culture references.)
  439. «Sleight of Hand» ..."Sounds like a plan, fuck these crazies." *He searches his hoody pockets for a lighter*
  440. «Puck» I back away from them all a few paces again
  441. «HTBK» *Roooooll, Twi.*
  442. «Egg_Discord» I race towards the exit the others head towards. Has the whole town been infected too? Are we all doomed?
  443. «TwiAnon» (5)
  444. «Sleight of Hand» (People generally aren't so week that they immediately jump to killing themselves)
  445. «Writefag4» I toss off my shirt and dive after Twi.
  446. «Writefag4» (Its a fate worse than death we're facing here.)
  447. «Globebutt» (Are you forgetting the propaganda?)
  448. «Puck» (not necessarily weak, just indoctrinated)
  449. «Sleight of Hand» (Fuck propoganda)
  450. «Mr.Jared» "What are we going to do about you Luke..."
  451. «TwiAnon» (People kill themselves over far less than shit like this.)
  452. «Globebutt» (Big Brother is watching you, Sleight.)
  453. «HTBK» *As the water rushes to fill you, Twi, your hands twitch. Something inside you--that damnable thing you know you are about to become--isn't letting you go down so easy. It flaps your arms, pushing you towards the surface--and Write.*
  454. «Puck» I see write diving in and run to the pools edge
  455. «Mr.Jared» ""...
  456. «Sleight of Hand» "I don't fuckin' know mate. Buy me a bandana and keep my hood up at all hours?"
  457. «Globebutt» What awaits me at the outer cavern's mouth?
  458. «Mr.Jared» -... should i?-
  459. «O-O-T-N» *Grumbles and stands up, tearing her eyes away from the horrific sight of someone trying to drown themselves. She attempts to put it out of her mind for now as she wanders hands outstretched in the darkness*
  460. «Writefag4» I move to drag her off and shout at whoever's coming towards me.
  461. «Mr.Jared» "Hey, err, Sam!"
  462. «Writefag4» "Back! You don't want to get infected too!"
  463. «SpitFire» "yes?"
  464. «Egg_Discord» "Wait for me! Please!
  465. «HTBK» *After your quick sprint, Globe, you reach daylight: to either side stretches the familiar gray stone of a lower city wasteland: and above you, the roof-streets of the higher districts.*
  466. «TwiAnon» When they break the surface, he starts sobbing openly, becoming totally limp.
  467. «Mr.Jared» "WE are going to leave here, you coming?"
  468. «HTBK» *someone took you all the way to the bottom of London.*
  469. «Egg_Discord» I call out, headed for the light
  470. «Puck» I pace at the waters edge, but back a step or two
  471. «Mr.Jared» "seeing as you look uninfected is all"
  472. «SpitFire» *I walk up to the group* "YES!"
  473. «HTBK» *Write, didn't anyone ever tell you to reach or throw, don't go?*
  474. «Mr.Jared» "anyone else look uninfected?"
  475. «O-O-T-N» "I'm not infected!"
  476. «Puck» (oh god twi, limp is heavy)
  477. «Globebutt» "Help! Someone, help!" I look around for anyone who might be around?
  478. «Writefag4» (Nothing to reach or throw with. I actually took a lifeguard course.)
  479. «Egg_Discord» "Oh god. This is one of the quarantined districts, isn't it?"
  480. «Writefag4» (Row is the 3rd step but we didn't have a boat.)
  481. «HTBK» (Oh. That's badass.)
  482. «Writefag4» I start shaking Twi. "Hey. Hey!"
  483. «HTBK» *Egg, the GM is very disapproving. Roll that D10, you cheat.*
  484. «Mr.Jared» "Well if you are not coming now, then stay..."
  485. «Egg_Discord» (4)
  486. «Mr.Jared» "Im sure as hell not coming back"
  487. «Globebutt» (Egg, when did you get up here? You followed so fast!)
  488. «Mr.Jared» "You two ready?"
  489. «SpitFire» "I'm coming now" *as I follow them in*
  490. «SpitFire» "Lets go!"
  491. «Writefag4» "That. Might be for the best."
  492. «HTBK» *It is only after you reach sunlight that you realize, to your horror, that you used your wings on the way up.*(
  493. «Puck» I look to jared and back to the pool
  494. «HTBK» *Spitfire, wut r u doin?*
  495. «Writefag4» (That was directed at Jared.)
  496. «Egg_Discord» "Wait, how did I-
  497. «Sleight of Hand» 'Yeah, yeah, let's start climbing."
  498. «Egg_Discord» I notice my wings are outstretched.
  499. «HTBK» *Globe, to either side, only the wasteland greets you.*
  500. «Egg_Discord» "NO!" I yell as I fall flat on my face.
  501. «HTBK» *No sign of life.*
  502. «SpitFire» (I thought I was going with Jared, if I missed step I'll stop)
  503. «Mr.Jared» "Il help you guys up"
  504. «Mr.Jared» "im a good climber"
  505. «Mr.Jared» *possitions self to assist climbing*
  506. «Globebutt» I run... any which way. Left, at about 10:15.
  507. «HTBK» *But this far down, it seems like you're more likely to attract more infected with your shouting.*
  508. «Writefag4» Isn't Jared through the dark tunnel?
  509. «SpitFire» (oops!)
  510. «Sleight of Hand» "Peter, I'm 6 foot 3, I think I'll be fine." *He begins to climb up, D10?
  511. «HTBK» *Egg, the ground is hard.*
  512. «Globebutt» Oh, God. I'm in this deep, aren't I.
  513. «HTBK» *D10, homeboy.*
  514. «Writefag4» (Nevermind.)
  515. «Egg_Discord» "You guys... If I start to act... Dumb, put an end to me, please?"
  516. «SpitFire» *shuts up and starts climbing*
  517. «HTBK» *Oh yeah, you're in this deep.*
  518. «SpitFire» (6)
  519. «Egg_Discord» (4 again)
  520. «Writefag4» I turn back to Twi. "Hey! Okay. We're not losing it yet. Maybe we'll get better okay?"
  521. «HTBK» *Not you, Egg.*
  522. «TwiAnon» "Why wont you let me die?" He says in that disgusting deep voice, his appearance and voice horribly awkward in his otherwise feminine garb.
  523. «Egg_Discord» (oh)
  524. «SpitFire» (sorry egg)
  525. «Globebutt» Run faster. Run farther. I need to leave!
  526. «Mr.Jared» (2)
  528. «Sleight of Hand» (3)
  529. «O-O-T-N» *After wandering in the darkness for a while, Tala realizes it's probably best if she doesnt go off alone, and heads back to the glowing pool*
  530. «HTBK» *Thank you.*
  531. «Mr.Jared» "sory Luke, just with the fur and all..."
  532. «O-O-T-N» (oh, whoops.)
  533. «SpitFire» (yes boss)
  534. «Mr.Jared» (?)
  535. «HTBK» *The lowest levels of Dark London are barely more than a husk at the best of times. Here, long ago, the city thrived--but as they moved onwards, so did life. The only people you'll find down here are the inhumanly destitute, the mutated, and the fugitives. Globe, as you round the corner, you find something to fear: a long, wide avenue, lined with upturned carts and the rubble of collapsed building. Picking their way between it, dozey-eyed and clueless as always, are six or seven infected. This may be the first time you've ever seen them upfront, but they seem every bit as primitive as you've been told...*
  536. «HTBK» *Oot, what the heck. Everyone's already movin.*
  537. «Globebutt» Ohgod. Ohno. Turn the other way. Runrunrun!
  538. «O-O-T-N» (I cant keep track of what the hell is going on!)
  539. «Globebutt» Stay quiet and maybe they won't notice you.
  540. «Mr.Jared» (what of my ragtag gang?)
  541. «Globebutt» Find somewhere else. Find some way out.
  542. «Writefag4» (Perhaps everyone should list their location.)
  543. «SpitFire» (oh crap!! HT you evil mad)
  544. «Puck» (write are you out of the pool?)
  545. «Egg_Discord» Run! These are the ones I encountered a couple days ago! They're beyond help!
  546. «HTBK» *With Jared's assistance and a less panicked gait, you manage to make your way up the wall without any damage to yourself.*
  547. «Mr.Jared» (in the tunnel with Spit and hand)
  548. «Writefag4» I think me and Twi are there in the shallows of it.
  549. «Globebutt» (What? Egg, I don't think you're with me. I'm running away from you, too. You're a fucking horse.)
  550. «TwiAnon» (We are.)
  551. «Egg_Discord» (Where am I?)
  552. «Puck» (next to pool, feeling bad about not helping, but wanting to get no more infected)
  553. «HTBK» *As you flee, Globe, one of them lets out a forlorn cry that is more of a whimper.*
  554. «Globebutt» (At the entrance to the tunnel, unless you're chasing me.)
  555. «HTBK» "Friend? Is that you?"
  556. «O-O-T-N» (Near the pool with Twi and Write and Puck?)
  557. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke, Peter and Spitfire are now walking towards the exit to the tunnel, I believe*
  558. «HTBK» *Please read that in the voice of the first suitor from Amnesia: Justine.*
  559. «Globebutt» Don't turn! No horse is a friend of mine!
  560. «Egg_Discord» (Oh god! They're fluffy ponies, aren't they! RUN THE FUCK FOR YOUR LIVES!)
  561. «HTBK»
  562. «HTBK» *The first one here.*
  563. «Mr.Jared» "you people alright?"
  564. «Writefag4» "Look. We're not them yet. Maybe if we just calm down we'll just go back. If not then I promise I'll let go."
  565. «Globebutt» (Anyway, I'm at an indeterminite point in the bowels of London. I'm running away from the infected NPCs and the rest of the party.)
  566. «Writefag4» "Does it look like we're all right?"
  567. «SpitFire» *follows the group* "can't we help them?"
  568. «Mr.Jared» (im talking to spit and hand)
  569. «Egg_Discord» I'm cowered by the entrance. God have mercy on me
  570. «Mr.Jared» "Sam, Do you know any of those people?"
  571. «Writefag4» (whoops.)
  572. «Mr.Jared» (kits k)
  573. «TwiAnon» He collapses into Write's chest. "'I'm' already dead, this already isn't me. Please just kill me... Can't you at least help me that much?"
  574. «HTBK» *Globe, running the other way carries you past that panicky bat-thing. Perhaps he is some new strain of the virus? You have to warn the guard, and get to a handler...*
  575. «SpitFire» "I don't think so...
  576. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke turns to Spit and pulls down his hood, revealing his face to be covered in dark blue fur.* "We can't even help ourselves at this point. I'm just waiting on you two to ditch me."
  577. «SpitFire» "
  578. «O-O-T-N» "Well, I'm alright. Mostly."
  579. «Globebutt» Yes, yes I do. Find a barber. Take a bath. I'm not infected yet!
  580. «Mr.Jared» "Luke, You know i can never do that right?"
  581. «SpitFire» *I stare blankly at Hand* "what the..?"
  582. «Egg_Discord» "Someone help me! I don't want to end up like... THEM!" I call, referring to the speaking horses before me.
  583. «O-O-T-N» "No thanks to YOU." *She glares at Twil*
  584. «HTBK» *Ha ha ha.*
  585. «TwiAnon» He completely ignores Tala, lost in his own issues of the moment.
  586. «Mr.Jared» "Did you hear that? sound like someone up ahead"
  587. «Puck» "Then keep your distance," I say, holding up my hooves
  588. «Globebutt» I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that voice inside my head.
  589. «HTBK» *Globe, it may be time to pick up the pace. At Egg's outburst, one of them--a small blue thing, with such piercing purple eyes--snaps his head towards him.*
  590. «Writefag4» I swallow and prepare to lie. "We're not gone yet. But if you do I promise I'll do whats neccisary."
  591. «HTBK» "Us?"
  592. «Globebutt» I am running the fuck away.
  593. «Sleight of Hand» "You know you will mate, you know what the constables do to infected." He just lets out a quiet dissaproving grunt to Sam and pulls his hood up, "Yeah I heard it, let's go." He sets off at a jog.
  594. «O-O-T-N» "Oh I will. I'm just sticking around because everyone else is gone and I dont want to be lost alone in here.."
  595. «Mr.Jared» "Luke, you know that im with the higher ups, correct?"
  596. «Mr.Jared» *jogs after*
  597. «TwiAnon» "I AM!" He shoves himself away from Write. "Listen to me! Are you fucking deaf too?!"
  598. «Sleight of Hand» (Brb)
  599. «Egg_Discord» This utterly terrifies me. Fuck this shit, I'm out of here! Where can I go?
  600. «Puck» "Hey, you too, c'mon, get out of that water, it can't be good for us."
  601. «Puck» *you two
  602. «Mr.Jared» "..."
  603. «SpitFire» *I snap myself out of it and chase after them* "wait if your change but you know who your are and aren't a monster..."
  604. «HTBK» *Egg? I suggest going anywhere but here. For now, a miniature herd of them--a good seven or so--are slowly appearing from the rubble.*
  605. «HTBK» "Friend? Crying?"
  606. «Writefag4» "You want to die. Thats a good sign in my book."
  607. «Mr.Jared» "Hmm?" *stops in front of sam*
  608. «Mr.Jared» "What are you getting at?"
  609. «Egg_Discord» "No! GET AWAY FROM ME!" I scream, running for Peter and Sam "You two! Wait for me!"
  610. «O-O-T-N» *She backs away from the pool and Twi, but keeps a safe distance from Puck.*
  611. «Puck» >grumble< I inspect myself
  612. «HTBK» *Globe, within a block, the orderly streets of London fall away entirely, into a rocky gray wasteland: this is the absolute rock-bottom, now.*
  613. «HTBK» *You can't keep going out. you need to get up.*
  614. «SpitFire» "I'm saying if they are still them and not some... zombie trying to kill us, can't we do anything for them?"
  615. «Globebutt» Oh, bloody Hell. Where's up? Where's up!?
  616. «Mr.Jared» "Hmm!" *turns around to see a full fledged pegasus charging*
  617. «HTBK» *Jared, you notice that plague-beast from earlier leading a herd of others towards you.*
  618. «HTBK» "Come back! Come back!"
  619. «Mr.Jared» "What tha-"
  620. «SpitFire» "nevermind!, RUN!"
  621. «Mr.Jared» "Sam, keep with me!"
  622. «Mr.Jared» *dash off!*
  623. «SpitFire» *bolts*
  624. «Puck» (fly you fools! Well not literally, that would be heresy.)
  625. «SpitFire» (we are not getting away from that are we..)
  626. «Writefag4» "Look. I'm not saying you're wrong. I could be slipping and I'm just too stupid to realize it."
  627. «Mr.Jared» -god damn infected peices of shit!-
  628. «HTBK» *Globe, several blocks down, you spy one of the bright red columns that marks a guard checkpoint: that's your ticket to the next level.*
  629. «Sleight of Hand» (Back) *Starts sprinting with the other two, easily outpacing them.
  630. «TwiAnon» The voices of the fallen reverberate off the walls, and fill him with terror, he immediately turns toward Write "It's too late now, I have to get out of here! You have to get me out of here!
  631. «Egg_Discord» "I DON'T WANT TO JOIN YOUR CREEPY HERD THING! AAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!" I'm crying at this point.
  632. «HTBK» "Come back! Come back!"
  633. «Mr.Jared» -wait, is it, talking?-
  634. «Globebutt» Yes! Yes! Almost there! Alllllmost there!
  635. «HTBK» *Something inside you is pulling at you, Egg.*
  636. «Egg_Discord» Exit! Exit! Where is the exit! Show me the exit please!
  637. «Mr.Jared» -do i dare...?-
  638. «HTBK» *A teeny-tiny part of you wants you to go back, and just be accepted...*
  639. «Writefag4» Changed his tune quickly.
  640. «Puck» "Hey, calm down!"
  641. «Egg_Discord» NO! I can't! If I go back to them, it's all over!
  642. «Mr.Jared» *turn head back to egg, while sprinting*
  643. «Mr.Jared» "Freind!?"
  644. «HTBK» *Globe, as you come within two blocks, something heavy and...furry...slams into your side, knocking you to the ground.*
  645. «Writefag4» "But. Go where?"
  646. «Puck» "And -keep- it down, who knows whats out there!" I motion to the darkness
  647. «Mr.Jared» *slows down a little*
  648. «Egg_Discord» "ALLY! NOT THEIR KIND OF FRIEND!"
  649. «SpitFire» *watches Jared, and then turns and follows him*
  650. «Globebutt» Oh! Mercy! Gods! No! I have to get up! Run!
  651. «Egg_Discord» "Save me from them! Please!"
  652. «Mr.Jared» -Its sentient! -
  653. «Sleight of Hand» "Peter, should... Should we stop for it?" *He slows down as well, his gait slowly allowing the pegasus to catch up.
  654. «Writefag4» I stand up dripping wet.
  655. «Mr.Jared» -... not mindless-
  656. «HTBK» *To your side is a pile of rocks, and your back is met by a destroyed storefront--one of the small purple abominations is clinging to your leg, its idiot grin already tickling your brain.*
  657. «HTBK» "Friend!"
  658. «HTBK» *That was aimed at Globe, by the way.*
  659. «Mr.Jared» *stops then grabs the Pegasus*
  660. «Puck» I back away from write as he drips.
  661. «Mr.Jared» "Lets go!"
  662. «Globebutt» I close my eyes and slam my leg against the rock or the pile of rocks, whichever seems more likely to bash the monster's head in.
  663. «Puck» (is it just the hooves? fur?)
  664. «O-O-T-N» "Let's just get out of here."
  665. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke blinks at his friends agressiveness, but is ready to follow*
  666. «Mr.Jared» <to egg> Bite me and you will die
  667. «Writefag4» "Right lets at least find the exit." I glance back at the pool. (I really want to explore it.)
  668. «TwiAnon» "If they get me, then it's all over... I'll become one of them, and I wont be able to finish myself off anymore, I don't give a fuck where we go, but we need to get away from them!" He shouts hysterically, really not helping
  669. «HTBK» *Jared, you fool. what have you done, you're touching the thing! Of course, the herd is yet racing towards you! Time to move!*
  670. «Mr.Jared» <understood?>
  671. «Egg_Discord» I squeak in surprise, then look at the man carrying me. "...Thank you. I owe you my life!" I call to him.
  672. «Mr.Jared» *high tail it*
  673. «SpitFire» *Jumps the the pegasus as well* "I hope this is part of the plan..."
  674. «Writefag4» "Them?"
  675. «Egg_Discord» "Understood. I'll keep my teeth to myself!"
  676. «Sleight of Hand» "Dude." He takes the pegasus from Peter. "I'm already infected, why are you carrying it? Idiot."
  677. «Puck» I shush Twi, "panic quietly!"
  678. «Mr.Jared» *thinking*
  679. «HTBK» *Globe, the thing squeaks weakly, and for a moment its grip is relaxed. It rolls onto its back, where its eyes literally roll around in place.*
  680. «SpitFire» *helps out with Jared* "Are there more we should look for?"
  681. «Egg_Discord» "It doesn't matter who carries me! If they catch us, we're ALL doomed!"
  682. «Mr.Jared» "Find a ladder!"
  683. «Globebutt» I run.
  684. «Mr.Jared» "the infectde cant climb"
  685. «Mr.Jared» *search for rooftop ladder*
  686. «SpitFire» "That's asuming we aren't already right?" (egg)
  687. «HTBK» *Sleight, Jared: as you round the corner, you find yourself faced with a pile of rubble that blocks off the street--over it, however, lies the distinctive red pillar of a guard elevator.*
  688. «Globebutt» (Swim! The infected can't /swim/! Zambies can damn well climb!)
  689. «Sleight of Hand» "Hold on tight." *Luke puts her on his back.... "Well... Uh... Think we can take it up?"
  690. «Egg_Discord» "Hopefully we can find a handler in time!"
  691. «O-O-T-N» "Alright, so I heard some people over in this direction earlier.." *Tala starts wandering over to where she last heard people, arms outstretched.*
  692. «Mr.Jared» "Il take reponsibility for it"
  693. «Mr.Jared» "just leave it to me Luke"
  694. «Mr.Jared» "lets go"
  695. «SpitFire» "what's a handler...nevermind I'll ask later..."
  696. «Writefag4» "Nevermind. Maybe we should get out of here."
  697. «Mr.Jared» "Sam! hurry!"
  698. «Mr.Jared» "to the tower"
  699. «Puck» I take a few steps after ootn, "I agree with miss.. what was it again?"
  700. «HTBK» *Globe, within seconds you have reached the checkpoint. It is shaped like a large column, as they always are: thirty feet across, made of steel and stone, and painted a bright red to ensure that they are never forgotten. The door is a large steel double-door, with only a knocker and a peephole to get you inside.*
  701. «Sleight of Hand» "Gotcha, just hope they don't notice me..." *He follows Peter, the pony still clinging to his back. "And I got no clue Sam." He sprints with Peter to the tower.
  702. «SpitFire» *gets to them* "lets go!"
  703. «Mr.Jared» *book it to the tower*
  704. «HTBK» *Sleight, Jared, D10.*
  705. «Globebutt» I knock. "Hello?"
  706. «Writefag4» "The rest of them went that way. If we're lucky its a way out. If we aren't we'll probably fall into some chasm. Win/win right?"
  707. «SpitFire» *follows them as best I can* "wow he's fast"
  708. «Mr.Jared» (1)
  709. «Puck» (how far along are you twi?)
  710. «Mr.Jared» (liek a boss)
  711. «Writefag4» I help up Twi and head towards where I think the rest went.
  712. «SpitFire» (Lucky you too)
  713. «HTBK» *You hear the muffled sound of something grunting, Globe. Behind you, however, the little purple abortion has risen to its hooves--and two of its friends are staring at you questioningly from behind other piles of stone.*
  714. «HTBK» "Friend? Friend!"
  715. «Sleight of Hand» (4)
  716. «HTBK» *Dear Write.*
  717. «Globebutt» "Help. Let me in. Quickly!"
  718. «HTBK» *Don't go that way.*
  719. «Puck» I follow after ootn, not getting to close, and trying to stay balanced in the dark
  720. «HTBK» "What in the..."
  721. «SpitFire» (Jared are we climbing just running now?)
  722. «Globebutt» I look around, panickedly. I might need to escape. What happens if they don't let me in?
  723. «HTBK» *Someone peers through the hole, Globe--this is followed by a muffled exclamation and the squeal of protesting steel.*
  724. «TwiAnon» (I switched rooms and have no idea what the fuck is happening anymore, this is seriously giving me a headache.)
  725. «Puck» "Miss, miss! where are you headed?"
  726. «Mr.Jared» (where are me hand and spit at?)
  727. «Globebutt» Ohgoodpleasehurryquicklyohgod.
  728. «Egg_Discord» (Don't forget me, Jared)
  729. «O-O-T-N» "The exit! I hope!"
  730. «Sleight of Hand» (I prefer Sleight :P)
  731. «Mr.Jared» (oh yea, egg as well)
  732. «HTBK» *Sleight, Jared, your past as men of ill-gotten gain serves you well: you scramble up and down again, and book it for the tower. As you get there, you see a homely sort in a nightgown banging on the door.*
  733. «Mr.Jared» (ur so cute)
  734. «Writefag4» "Lets give them a head start. No reason to infect them too."
  735. «Egg_Discord» (Shut it or I bite)
  736. «Writefag4» (This is directed at Twi)
  737. «Sleight of Hand» (I know I am~) ".... Well that's not something you see everyday."
  738. «TwiAnon» "Whatever you say,"
  739. «Mr.Jared» "ok lets do this"
  740. «SpitFire» (HT do I see that too I'm with Jared and Hand)
  741. «Mr.Jared» *kock knock knock*
  742. «Puck» (also, HT, I have hooves for hands, what else?) > inspect self in darkness
  743. «Egg_Discord» "Hurry before they come closer!"
  744. «HTBK» *With a groan and a squeal, the door slowly begins sliding ap--*
  745. «HTBK» "OH SHIT!"
  747. «TwiAnon» "I don't see why they should get away so easily if 'I' have to be this way," He adds bitterly.
  748. «Writefag4» "Look. I think I saw something down in the pool before. I'm going to check it out. Maybe its the source."
  749. «Egg_Discord» "NO! NONONO! I'm not one of those back there! Just save me!"
  750. «Mr.Jared» "Ignore it, let us in"
  751. «Globebutt» I scream. "Ack! Get it off!"
  752. «SpitFire» *catches with with Jared and Hand* "you guys are fast, or I'm just really out of shape"
  753. «Writefag4» "You're just a little bundle of selfishness aren't you?"
  754. «HTBK» *The guard manning the door shouts this. Spitfire, not only do you see the scene before you, you also see several more of the furry blighters creeping down the street towards you.*
  755. «Writefag4» I dive down into the pool.
  757. «TwiAnon» "You have fun with that. I'm gonna go see about a girl," His expression changes to a sinister grin.
  758. «Globebutt» I flail about, trying to rid myself of the hitchhiker.
  759. «Mr.Jared» "Pushes Luke and spit in"
  760. «TwiAnon» He begins casually jogging in the direction of Tala.
  761. «Mr.Jared» "there is no time!"
  762. «SpitFire» "guys... there coming..!"
  763. «Sleight of Hand» "I do a lot of running." he says to Sam before turning to the guard. "It stays." He lets Peter push him in, making sure Sam got in to."
  764. «Mr.Jared» *to guard* il explain later
  765. «Globebutt» If need be, I'll ram my back into a wall to squash it. Won't work as well as with my leg, but...
  766. «Sleight of Hand» *Ignore that last "
  767. «SpitFire» "Open the damn door!"
  768. «HTBK» *Globe, it's after a moment of flailing that you realize that he is referring to one of the infected who just showed up. You remember them from the cave--and one of them is wearing a horse on his back.*
  769. «HTBK» *The door is shut, Jared.*
  770. «Mr.Jared» (fak)
  771. «Writefag4» (Could I get everyone's name and current PON status? Such as fur/mane/level? I'll put it in a spreadsheat.)
  772. «Egg_Discord» "Hurry! We can't wait for those infected folks get to us!"
  773. «Globebutt» "Oh no. I thought I lost you!"
  774. «O-O-T-N» (Holy hell this is getting really out of hand. Are there just going to be two groups for this entire game?)
  775. «HTBK» *Get that one off you!*
  776. «Mr.Jared» "Open this door right now Guardsman!"
  777. «TwiAnon» Twi = Pon 5, I have no idea what my fur/mane colour is, but apparently I have a tail
  778. «Sleight of Hand» (well then) He turns to the guard, "Open the damn door. Or all those fuckers back there will kill us all! One is better than a goddamn SWARM!"
  779. «Puck» (Puck: Edgar Stanton. OOTN: Tala. Egg: Peter Penson. Slight: Luke. Egg: Eric. Spitfire: Sam)
  780. «HTBK» *Inside the tower, the scrambling of boots and the clatter of blades heralds signals the arrival of backup.*
  781. «Egg_Discord» "I beg of you! Don't let me stay down here, guard! I'm begging you!"
  782. «Globebutt» (My name has currently not been announced. I'm female, dark and curly haired, light skinned, and "homely".)
  783. «HTBK» "Hang on--backs to the door!"
  784. «Writefag4» (Could you give it for the sake of not having to make the spreadsheet twice?)
  785. «Globebutt» I put my back to the door.
  786. «Sleight of Hand» Does as commanded, the pony being gently pressed against it.
  787. «Mr.Jared» "Do you even know who you are speaking to?!"
  788. «Mr.Jared» *follows suit*
  789. «SpitFire» *I move in as close as I can* "they are getting closer"
  790. «Globebutt» (I was going to say I punched the horse off the man's back.)
  791. «HTBK» *With another pained squeal, the door begins sliding open: and down the street, what once was three is now becoming five, seven, nine, and eleven!*
  792. «Globebutt» (Beatrice.)
  793. «TwiAnon» (Yeah forget this, my head is seriously splitting from the effort of trying to keep everything in context.)
  794. «Mr.Jared» "GET IN!"
  795. «TwiAnon» (Sorry for being a nuisance, I guess.)
  796. «O-O-T-N» (alright, see you Twi.)
  797. «HTBK» (It's a pain in my ass, too.)
  798. «SpitFire» *busts in the door* "move!"
  799. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke rushes in, pulling Sam and the pony in with him&
  800. «HTBK» (Damn you, Globe.)
  801. «Egg_Discord» (So long, Twi)
  802. «Globebutt» (I've got a sticky note!)
  803. «Writefag4» (Should we assume she dissapears or successfully drowns herself?)
  804. «Globebutt» I try to kick the pony out of the elevator.
  805. «Mr.Jared» "Is everyone in?!"
  806. «Egg_Discord» (yep)
  807. «Mr.Jared» *prevent globe from doing so*
  808. «SpitFire» (aww.. twi )
  809. «Globebutt» (How?)
  810. «Egg_Discord» "NO! What are you doing?! Don't let them at me!"
  811. «Sleight of Hand» *Calmly shoves Beatrice against the wall. Hard. For attacking what he saw as him since the ponies on his back.
  812. «Mr.Jared» "hands off the infected one"
  813. «Globebutt» "Get that beast out of here!"
  814. «HTBK» *As you slip yourself inside, the guards slam the door shut--and a moment later, all that remains of the horde is the scratching of hooves against steel.*
  815. «HTBK» *There are exactly five guards waiting in the elevator, and each is armed with a truncheon.*
  816. «Egg_Discord» "..." I am visibly shaking from this.
  817. «SpitFire» *stand and block them from egg* "I just ment these guys, but I'm not let you hurt them"
  818. «Mr.Jared» "It is my property and should be treated as such"
  819. «HTBK» *While one shuts the door, the rest set about beating the life out of the vermin in their midst. Think fast.*
  820. «Mr.Jared» "Property of Peter Penson"
  821. «Egg_Discord» "No! Spare me, guards! I'm not like those ponies out there!"
  822. «HTBK» "..."
  823. «Globebutt» (God save the Queen!)
  824. «HTBK» *They promptly lower their truncheons.*
  825. «HTBK» "...It talked."
  826. «O-O-T-N» (Okay, can we just assume that me, Write, and Puck follow to the cave to the exit?)
  827. «Puck» (fast thinking egg)
  828. «Writefag4» (How is my dive going?)
  829. «Sleight of Hand» "Yes, they can talk, why do you think we brought it?"
  830. «Globebutt» "They all spoke! It was awful!"
  831. «Mr.Jared» "no shit it did"
  832. «SpitFire» *jumps them to knock them away from egg* "get away you basters*
  833. «HTBK» )Yes, Oot.)
  834. «Egg_Discord» "Those ones can't talk in full sentences!
  835. «Globebutt» (Spit, when did you get in the elevator?)
  836. «Puck» (write is in the pool, exploring it, and twi was stalking you ootn)
  837. «Mr.Jared» "Sirs, you see, something is a amis here"
  838. «Sleight of Hand» (Spit was with us the whole time globe)
  839. «HTBK» *Spitfire, for your efforts, you get cracked over the side of the head with a club. You fall to the ground, seeing stars.*
  840. «Mr.Jared» "This infected is sentiant "
  841. «SpitFire» (I'm with Jared hand and egg)
  842. «Globebutt» (I guess I didn't notice.)
  844. «TwiAnon» left the chat.
  845. «Mr.Jared» (makay boss)
  846. «HTBK» *The GM hates you all for splitting the party. Sudowoodo for all of you.*
  847. «O-O-T-N» (yeah this is sort of absurd)
  848. «Globebutt» (We really DO need a spraybottle.)
  849. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke crouches and catches Sam, glaring daggers at the guard who hit her. Hoping none of them have noticed the fur on his own body quite yet.*
  850. «SpitFire» *I try to stand up and and stagger but still try to put myself in their*
  851. «Puck» (maybe if everyone tried to condense their posts together more it might help, less posts per second)
  852. «Writefag4» has uploaded a new photo.
  853. «Writefag4» (I think thats everyone)
  854. «HTBK» *Yes, OOTN, you can safely assume that the cave is easily navigable. For Write's part, he rapidly finds just how light the water pressure makes his head.*
  855. «Sleight of Hand» (Spelt my name wrong)
  856. «SpitFire» (thank you write)
  857. «Mr.Jared» (there are 2 eggs on that list)
  858. «Mr.Jared» (one should be me)
  859. «Egg_Discord» Normally, being referred to as an "it" would insult me, but I'm too shaken by what just happened to protest
  860. «Writefag4» (Shoot. Names?)
  861. «Egg_Discord» (I'm Eric)
  862. «Writefag4» (So more than just the 15 feet I saw.)
  863. «HTBK» *The guards slowly back away, clubs at the ready.*
  864. «Mr.Jared» Jared=Peter Penson
  865. «HTBK» "All of you. Up against the wall."
  866. «HTBK» (There is more than 15 feet to it, for certain.)
  867. «Sleight of Hand» (Sleight = Luke) *Luke does so post haste, keeping his hands around Sam to make sure she doesn't fall.
  868. «Mr.Jared» "Do you even know who you are dealing with"
  869. «Globebutt» I obey the helpful guardsman's orders at once, without protest.
  870. «O-O-T-N» (God dammit, okay, Write, you and Puck follow me to the exit of the cave. We are not splitting the party into three groups.)
  871. «Mr.Jared» "who i am?"
  872. «Puck» (I was curious about that pool write, I explore it vicariously through you)
  873. «Writefag4» (My lungs aren't good enough I assume to make it.) I'll surface.
  874. «Globebutt» I also make sure not to approach the raving madmen and their infected "friend".
  875. «SpitFire» *staggers more and and relies on Hand* "thanks..oww..."
  876. «Globebutt» Clearly, this delusion of "friendship" is the start of their insanity!
  877. «Egg_Discord» I comply, ready to do anything these guards ask of me
  878. «HTBK» "What you are is someone who brought in one of...them."
  879. «HTBK» *The leader stands some six feet tall, and appears to be smuggling basketballs in his arms.*
  880. «Globebutt» I stare suspiciously at the big talker.
  881. «HTBK» "Names. Who are you, how did you get down here."
  882. «Writefag4» has uploaded a new photo.
  883. «Sleight of Hand» "I gotcha Sam." He looks up at the guard. "Luke Chaplain."
  884. «Writefag4» has deleted a photo.
  885. «Mr.Jared» "Peter, Peter Penson, right any bells?"
  886. «Mr.Jared» ring*
  887. «Writefag4» I gasp for air. "Okay. Okay. Look lets just get out of here for now. We have to tell somone about this place."
  888. «SpitFire» "Sam Wolf..."
  889. «Egg_Discord» "Eric. Eric Sorlan"
  890. «Globebutt» "Beatrice Withers. Woke up down here. Not sure how. I'm sure my husband fears the worst."
  891. «SpitFire» *and can't finish his words with the cracked head*
  892. «HTBK» *The leader narrows his eyes.*
  893. «HTBK» "How did you all get down here?"
  894. «Globebutt» And I fear he's not too far off.
  895. «HTBK» "The rest of you, I mean."
  896. «Mr.Jared» "Fate and magic i presume"
  897. «Sleight of Hand» "We woke up down there, just like her." (As far as I know, they would have noticed Luke being covered in fur by now)
  898. «Writefag4» I stare at Edgar. "Look just keep your distance okay. Don't touch me." I start heading towards the cave mouth.
  899. «Puck» (there was something about magic in the Dark London sheet)
  900. «HTBK» "Hm..."
  901. «Egg_Discord» "I don't know. I went to sleep in the streets of one of the higher class districts and woke up down there like... This!"
  902. «HTBK» *He slowly begins pacing up and down.*
  903. «Mr.Jared» "Who are you officer?"
  904. «Puck» "No arguments here." (although I was already following ootn, lets assume you caught up)
  905. «HTBK» "You don't look infected. Kind of."
  906. «SpitFire» "I just woke up there... and we ended up running for our lives.."
  907. «HTBK» *He looks down at Egg.*
  908. «Egg_Discord» I begin shaking in fear, worried about getting thrown out...
  909. «HTBK» "You look like one of those...things. But you have your mind."
  910. «Sleight of Hand» "I forgot to shave this morning." is voice drips with as much sarcasm as possible.
  911. «Egg_Discord» I sigh in relief. It appears I'm not getting thrown to the infected ones this time.
  912. «SpitFire» *gets back up on both of his feet so to speak* "beat first and ask questions later... nice way to work..."
  913. «Mr.Jared» *silence*
  914. «Globebutt» I look incredulously at Sam.
  915. «Writefag4» (OOTN?)
  916. «HTBK» *He steps away, twirling his club in his hand.*
  917. «HTBK» "What are you all...?"
  918. «Mr.Jared» "living..."
  919. «O-O-T-N» *Tala reaches the exit of the cave at last, sighing in relief before gasping in horror at her surroundings*
  920. «Sleight of Hand» "Mildly disgruntled."
  921. «Mr.Jared» "In this place we call our world, sir"
  922. «Writefag4» (Assume we catch up. I keep the advised distance away from them.)
  923. «Puck» (we were told the cave was easily navigable, so we can-- yeah we're both with Tala at the cave exit)
  924. «Globebutt» "Constable, what are you asking?"
  925. «SpitFire» "I'm in a lot of pain, I'd say he's really ticked (jared) and the one down there (egg) Looks scared to death.."
  926. «HTBK» *He points at you, Globe.*
  927. «HTBK» "You, seem clean."
  928. «HTBK» *He looks at Egg.*
  929. «HTBK» "But that..."
  930. «Writefag4» "I don't know if I should go out."
  931. «Globebutt» That is clearly a horse.
  932. «Mr.Jared» "Now sir..."
  933. «Puck» (write, how far gone are you? I know I have hooves for hands at least, and I think Tala is pretty human)
  934. «HTBK» "That is clearly a horse. Thing."
  935. «Egg_Discord» "P-please, sir... Don't leave me to those ones out there."
  936. «O-O-T-N» ( I'm full human aside from longer hair, I think. I didnt look at my reflection)
  937. «Egg_Discord» I begin shaking again. Why did I have to turn into... This?
  938. «Writefag4» (Oh I thought you were better Puck. I'm all fuzzy with ears and I'm guessing an unnoticed tail.)
  939. «Mr.Jared» "It is proven to be safe and it does not want to kill us, as far as we know..."
  940. «Mr.Jared» "Give him a chance"
  941. «HTBK» *He narrows his eyes, and, after a moment, extends his hand.*
  942. «Puck» *looks over broken streets* "I think its pretty clear. It sure as steam isn't main street."
  943. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke looks down at her, frowning a little and gives Egg's head a little pat.* "In the same boat, little'un."
  944. «HTBK» *He wiggles his fingers, to mime the act of scratching. The simple sight of it sends shivers down your spine.*
  945. «HTBK» *Roll fort.*
  946. «Globebutt» Safe. Pah.
  947. «Mr.Jared» "Sir, what are you?"
  948. «Egg_Discord» (6 I'm done for)
  949. «O-O-T-N» "Well, we cant stay here.."
  950. «O-O-T-N» Oh god this situation sucks. I'm going to die out here arent I? Fuck.
  951. «Writefag4» "Look maybe you should go on your own." I say to Edgar. "People will think you're infected."
  952. «HTBK» *Egg, to the surprise of nobody, you rush up and press your head against his hand. By this point, however, the scratching has stopped.*
  953. «HTBK» "...Hm."
  954. «SpitFire» (maybe he'll cut you a break?)
  955. «HTBK» *Roll PON, as the guard steps away.*
  956. «Mr.Jared» "What the..."
  957. «Egg_Discord» "...Oh no."
  958. «Egg_Discord» (4)
  959. «Globebutt» (Maybe he'll cut you!)
  960. «HTBK» "You're going, but you're not gone. We'll send you up, put you in quarantine, and send for a handler."
  961. «Puck» "Hm, maybe..." I ponder my hooves...
  962. «HTBK» "Goes for all of you."
  963. «Globebutt» "...What!?"
  964. «Puck» "Have either of you heard of a treatment?"
  965. «Globebutt» I'm clean! I should surely visit a handler, but I'm perfectly fine!
  966. «Egg_Discord» "...Thank you, sir! I will never forget the kindness of any of you for showing me mercy."
  967. «Writefag4» (Shit I meant Tala.)
  968. «SpitFire» *I lean against the wall*
  969. «Mr.Jared» "Now sir..."
  970. «Sleight of Hand» ... *Shrugs* "Better than death."
  971. «HTBK» *Write, OOT, Puck, the mean streets of lowest London aren't any nicer for your fuzziness.*
  972. «SpitFire» "can we get a doctor too?"
  973. «Writefag4» I turn back to the entrace. Should I be able to remember this spot?
  974. «HTBK» *It is fairly distinct, Write. It's a big ol' rock jutting out of the ground between two buildings.*
  975. «O-O-T-N» "Well I'm sure as hell not going out there alone."
  976. «HTBK» "All of you hands up and proceed slowly."
  977. «Globebutt» I do as I'm told.
  978. «Mr.Jared» "Alright then"
  979. «Writefag4» "Okay then. You should probably keep your distance though."
  980. «Mr.Jared» *does so*
  981. «SpitFire» "fine, as best I can"
  982. «SpitFire» *follows but staggers*
  983. «Egg_Discord» "...Um." I want to point out my lack of hands, but I just trudge along without a word, not wanting to speak out against my saviors.
  984. «Writefag4» I look out into the street. Any landmarks for how to get back to the higher districts?
  985. «Sleight of Hand» *Does so, putting his fuzzy blue hands in the air and follows close to Sam, ready to catch her if she falls*
  986. «Mr.Jared» *to Eric* Stay by me ,, eric right?
  987. «Puck» I survey what I can see of the the horizon for anything at all.
  988. «Globebutt» (Isn't Sam a he?)
  989. «HTBK» *The Elevator lies in the center of the room: it is a circular cage some fifteen feet across, that is lifted up to the next level by machinations that needn't be dwelt upon. With the push of a button, the door swings open.*
  990. «Sleight of Hand» (I have no clue)
  991. «Egg_Discord» "...Yes. And I believe you said your name was Peter?"
  992. «HTBK» "Everybody in."
  993. «HTBK» *There's a building that looks a bit like a cock, Write.*
  994. «Puck» (I c what u did thar Gm, good idea)
  995. «Mr.Jared» "yes, dont worry eric, it will be ok"
  996. «Egg_Discord» I walk into the elevator
  997. «Mr.Jared» *goes in*
  998. «Sleight of Hand» *Follows*
  999. «HTBK» *Some four blocks out, one of the massive red elevator-pillars promises salvation.*
  1000. «Egg_Discord» "I must insist, though, that I owe you my life for saving me back there. I will do whatever it takes to repay my debt to you."
  1001. «SpitFire» *follows*
  1002. «Mr.Jared» "..."
  1003. «Puck» (If that was me seeing that) "There; the elevator." *points*
  1004. «Mr.Jared» -Did, did a infected say it owes me something...-
  1005. «O-O-T-N» "Well, whatever. Tally-ho I suppose. Lets make for the elevator if we can."
  1006. «HTBK» *The captain nods, as he steps inside. He is flanked by one of his underlings.*
  1007. «HTBK» "Remember. Headless before handless."
  1008. «Puck» *quickly retracts hoof, hiding them*
  1009. «Mr.Jared» -Il be keeping ym eye on you, Eric-
  1010. «Writefag4» My ears twitch involuntarily. "I see it. I don't know if its the safest but we don't have many options."
  1011. «O-O-T-N» *She starts stumbling forward, painfully aware of how poorly dressed she is for this sort of thing.*
  1012. «HTBK» *With the push of another button, the elevator lurches to life, and begins ferrying you towards sweet salvation.*
  1013. «Puck» (you got shoes miss?)
  1014. «SpitFire» "what's your name? " (egg)
  1015. «Globebutt» Oh, thank mercy!
  1016. «Egg_Discord» "...It's Eric. And you are?"
  1017. «Mr.Jared» *to captain* So what is to come of us?
  1018. «HTBK» *The other elevator passengers may wonder why the wives of noblemen dye their hair bright red.*
  1019. «O-O-T-N» (Nope, who sleeps in shoes?)
  1020. «HTBK» *The captain blinks.*
  1021. «SpitFire» "Sam, nice to meet you, don't take this the wrong way, but you can be a real headake)
  1022. «SpitFire» "
  1023. «HTBK» "...I already told you, sir."
  1024. «Puck» (a poor mechanic with very little blankets, thats who!)
  1025. «SpitFire» *I snicker after words*
  1026. «Mr.Jared» "Because if anything, I want no harm to be done to the infected one"
  1027. «O-O-T-N» (All I've got to wear is a nightgown)
  1028. «Mr.Jared» do you hear me?"
  1029. «Mr.Jared» "
  1030. «Globebutt» I just want out! These men are... ugh!
  1031. «HTBK» "Do I care?"
  1032. «Globebutt» Except the guards; the guards are all right.
  1033. «Writefag4» "Lets just keep moving you two."
  1034. «Egg_Discord» "I understand that I have been nothing but a burden to you all, Sam."
  1035. «Egg_Discord» "I hope to be able to pull my own weight soon enough, though."
  1036. «Puck» (ouch) We make our way towards the pillar, staying together, but separate.
  1037. «HTBK» *The second guard is watching you like he expects you to snap at any moment, Egg. Do you dare meet his eyes?*
  1038. «Mr.Jared» "Would you care if I was the chairman of the market?"
  1039. «HTBK» "No."
  1040. «Egg_Discord» No.
  1041. «Globebutt» Surely this man isn't chairman of the market, anyway!
  1042. «Mr.Jared» "I see"
  1043. «SpitFire» "yep, and you will make it up sometime but buy the first and last round at the bar Eric"
  1044. «Sleight of Hand» *Cracks his knuckles.* "God this feels so weird." *He looks down at his own hands and strokes a finger across the fur on the back of one
  1045. «HTBK» *hee hee. It's ticklish.*
  1046. «Mr.Jared» "Well, why the hell not?"
  1047. «Sleight of Hand» "Hne hehehheheh."
  1048. «Egg_Discord» '...I'm sorry, Sam, but I'm afraid I cannot do that. I'm poor and homeless."
  1049. «Globebutt» (and a horse)\
  1050. «HTBK» *Puck, Oot, Write. As you near the pillar, you can see what is surely the aftermath of a recent panic: somewhere between eight and fifteen of the little furry devils pacing aimlessly around the pillar, and occasionally pawing at the door.*
  1051. «Egg_Discord» (That's obvious, though)
  1052. «SpitFire» "we get out of this mess... I'm sure that won't be a problem anymore"
  1053. «Writefag4» I turn 360 degrees and walk away.
  1054. «Puck» ^^^^
  1055. «HTBK» *If you turn 360 degrees, you walk towards them.*
  1056. «SpitFire» (180?)
  1057. «Puck» (no, I moon walk!)
  1058. «Writefag4» I moonwalk. Or back away slowly.
  1059. «O-O-T-N» *Tala swears and takes cover, peeking out at the little devils*
  1060. «Puck» (High five write!)
  1061. «Egg_Discord» "You two would help me? A poor boy you merely just met?"
  1062. «Globebutt» (540!)
  1063. «Puck» (ohhhhhh, no fingers...)
  1064. «Mr.Jared» "hmm?"
  1065. «Globebutt» A poor horse.
  1066. «Mr.Jared» "I would help"
  1067. «O-O-T-N» (He's just a poor boy from a poor family)
  1068. «Globebutt» (didn't we already do that?)
  1069. «Egg_Discord» (I already made that reference, 1/3)
  1070. «Mr.Jared» (caught in a landslide)
  1071. «Puck» (his family is dead!)
  1072. «O-O-T-N» (Oh, dang.)
  1073. «SpitFire» "I got cracked over the head for you, that mean you will be buying the drinks..." *I laugh*
  1074. «HTBK» *As he came into the window, there was a sound like, a crescendo. As you started backing away, you realize you'd, take the long way.*
  1075. «Puck» I think the three of us hide and watch for a moment
  1076. «Globebutt» (What?)
  1077. «Writefag4» I suppose that works. Is there a building we could duck into?
  1078. «HTBK» *Or to phrase it another way, the next elevator is the better part of eight blocks away. Far more than you can walk without risking a fluffy demise.*
  1079. «Egg_Discord» "...As soon as I have money in my pocket, I assure you that I will buy a round for you and Peter."
  1080. «Mr.Jared» [eric]"I hope you do know im not going to let them take you into quartentine?"
  1081. «Globebutt» (I'm... what?)
  1082. «Writefag4» Its that or fight off a squad of fluffy abominations.
  1083. «Sleight of Hand» "Hey what about me?"
  1084. «Puck» whispering still "Okay, I think we need a distraction."
  1085. «Writefag4» "Hmm. Think theres a way to distract them?"
  1086. «HTBK» *You can duck into any number of the abandoned buildings, however.*
  1087. «Sleight of Hand» "I carried you!"
  1088. «HTBK» *You're a wizard, Globe.*
  1089. «Writefag4» (If only we had a carrot that squeaked.)
  1090. «Egg_Discord» "I'm sorry, sir. I've been under stress lately. Your name is...?"
  1091. «Globebutt» (When's the next train to Hogwarts?"
  1092. «Puck» I do not duck into buildings, they almost always make things worse <metameta>
  1093. «Sleight of Hand» "Luke, Luke Chaplain."
  1094. «Egg_Discord» "Luke... I shall buy a round for you as well."
  1095. «SpitFire» "so how did you get infected...?"
  1096. «Sleight of Hand»
  1097. «Egg_Discord» "I don't remember. I went to sleep perfectly fine and I woke up like this
  1098. «Sleight of Hand» "Probably the same way I did, just woke up like that right?"
  1099. «Writefag4» Did the posters ever say how to get away from them? How to distract them?
  1100. «Globebutt» I stay away from the leprous plebians.
  1101. «Writefag4» (Is it a residence of sorts that we're in?)
  1102. «Mr.Jared» "Guess ima lucky one eh?"
  1103. «SpitFire» *groans...* "what about you luke...?"
  1104. «Sleight of Hand» "Just said, I just woke up a furball."
  1105. «Mr.Jared» "sorry..."
  1106. «Globebutt» (Remind me what Spit looks like?)
  1107. «HTBK» *SEE NO EVIL. Keep your hands in your pockets and your eyes shut, to avoid the creatures' magic.*
  1108. «Egg_Discord» "Oh, such luck and misfortune has fallen upon me in one morning"
  1109. «Puck» (Write, Ima hiding behind a pile of rubble in the street I think)
  1110. «Writefag4» Nothing about running away. Pity. I'll go with a rumor I heard on the street then.
  1111. «Sleight of Hand» "Peter, would you begrudge me for smacking you upside the head?"
  1112. «SpitFire» "I heard you say biting was a way, but is that the only way?"
  1113. «Puck» Do my hooves fit in my pants pockets? They were work pants but...
  1114. «Mr.Jared» "Yea, bites are the primary way, i do belive"
  1115. «Sleight of Hand» "Only one I saw on the posters"
  1116. «Mr.Jared» "No Luke, go right ahead"
  1117. «O-O-T-N» "I dont know about you, but I seriously doubt that works."
  1118. «Writefag4» I dig around in the house. I'm looking for pots and pans or similar impliments. Anything that would make loud noises.
  1119. «Writefag4» "I heard a rumor... It might work."
  1120. «SpitFire» "then you too were either bit... or there infomation is lacking..."
  1121. «Puck» "Yeah, I'm starting to doubt the posters a bit..."
  1122. «HTBK» *CRACK THE WHIP! Loud noises can frighten the beasts!*
  1123. «Calc» joined the chat.
  1124. «Sleight of Hand» "Thank you." *THWACK!* "You deserved that, lucky bastard..."
  1125. «SpitFire» "you have bite marks on you?"
  1126. «Puck» (that one maybe though)
  1127. «Mr.Jared» oww
  1128. «O-O-T-N» "Maybe we could like.. Charge them? Make a lot of noise?"
  1129. «Mr.Jared» that bitch
  1130. «Writefag4» "What do you think I'm looking for?"
  1131. «Mr.Jared» "ok, i did deserve that"
  1132. «HTBK» *It doesn't take long to find what was once a stunning kitchenware set, Write.*
  1133. «Egg_Discord» "I know I haven't been bitten."
  1134. «Sleight of Hand» "I haven't really had time to check. I do wear enough so that all I can see is my hands. And I'm not stripping for your amusement."
  1135. «Globebutt» I pretend to totally ignore the others in the elevator still. I covertly feel around for a bite mark.
  1136. «Puck» I move to write, "what are you looking for?"
  1137. «HTBK» *Time, however, has tarnished their glory.*
  1138. «HTBK» *Globe, you don't find anything of the...hang on. Roll fort.*
  1139. «Writefag4» Lucky find for the slums. "These." I say holding out some kitchenware.
  1140. «O-O-T-N» *Tala keeps an eye on the beasts, warily*
  1141. «Writefag4» "We rush them and bang them together."
  1142. «SpitFire» "if you haven't been bitten and you stll changed.... then there has to be another way. something you ate or drank?"
  1143. «Globebutt» (oh fuck. 9.)
  1144. «Puck» I hold out my hooves for a moment, then hide them again "I dont think I cant help with that..."
  1145. «Writefag4» If it gets us inside we just might make it.
  1146. «O-O-T-N» "I can do that. Let's scream too."
  1147. «Globebutt» (followup roll 5)
  1148. «Writefag4» "Can you scream?"
  1149. «Puck» whispershout "That I can do!"
  1150. «O-O-T-N» "Oh I can scream." *She grins*
  1151. «HTBK» *As you run your hand under your shirt, you feel the strangest thing on your belly. It's not painful, like a bite: on the contrary, it feels really...really...*really* good. You give it a few scratches.*
  1152. «O-O-T-N» "Give me some pots or something."
  1153. «Writefag4» "You can do both." I point at Tala and hand her a brass pan and ladel.
  1154. «Egg_Discord» "Did any of you anger a handler? I've heard that some of the more foul-tempered ones will lay a curse upon you."
  1155. «SpitFire» (HT was that aimed at Hand?)
  1156. «HTBK» *No, that was Globe.*
  1157. «SpitFire» (ah)
  1158. «SpitFire» "not that I know of..."
  1159. «Mr.Jared» "I try not to anger the higher ups, saves me trouble"
  1160. «Writefag4» I grab a two pot lids and hold them like cymbals.
  1161. «Writefag4» "You two ready?
  1162. «Globebutt» I must stop at once, though. 't'is unladylike to scratch one's belly.
  1163. «O-O-T-N» *She takes them gratefully, creeping towards the door." I've always wanted to do something like this. "You all ready? On three."
  1164. «Puck» "as I'll ever be."
  1165. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke does the same as globe, putting his hand under his shirt to feel for marks.*
  1166. «O-O-T-N» "One.. Two.. THREE!"
  1167. «Writefag4» We assult the pony position screaming and making noise.
  1168. «Puck» I run and reach back into my childhood days, "I WEAR MY PINK PAJAMAS IN THE SUMMER WHEN ITS HOT, I WEAR MY FLANNEL NIGHTIE IN THE WINTER WHEN ITS NOT-!!!!"
  1169. «HTBK» *Ladilike can suck a dick.*
  1171. «HTBK» *...What.*
  1172. «Egg_Discord» "And I haven't even seen a handler in person. Though I think that the "maiden" before us is a likely candidate," I say that second sentence in a lower tone, to ensure that she does not hear me
  1173. «Puck» >Its loud...<
  1174. «Mr.Jared» ?
  1175. «Writefag4» "Thus begins my thousand year reign of blood!"
  1176. «Mr.Jared» "crouches down next to Eric"
  1177. «Mr.Jared» **
  1178. «HTBK» *The aura of pure "What" filling the air reaches the devils a second before you do. They--HEY! NO TF2 IN THE LIBRARY!--whimper, and as the commotion nears its climax they quickly scatter every which way. Looks like you've earned yourselves a few precious seconds...*
  1179. «Mr.Jared» "Good tip, try to never meet a handler"
  1180. «Writefag4» "DOOR! DOOR!" I scream.
  1181. «O-O-T-N» *Tala immediately assaults the door to the building, screaming swears and begging to be let in*
  1182. «Egg_Discord» "Are they bad?" I ask, now a little worried.
  1183. «HTBK» "OH SHIT WHAT"
  1184. «Sleight of Hand» (Harry, did he find anything or am I meant to roll?)
  1185. «Mr.Jared» "No, they are however called in for serious situations"
  1186. «SpitFire» (harry?)
  1187. «HTBK» *Someone inside the elevator room screams and begins hammering on the door. Sorry Sleight, I meant to respond to that.*
  1188. «Mr.Jared» "If you need a handler, that sits really bad"
  1189. «Sleight of Hand» (HTBK)
  1190. «Globebutt» What? Isn't this thing moving up yet?
  1192. «SpitFire» "I can't say I've ever met one"
  1193. «HTBK» *Sleight, as you feel under your shirt, you hear the door to the tower screeching open once more. Seems like the rest of your group isn't gone just yet.*
  1194. «HTBK» *Roll fort.*
  1196. «Mr.Jared» "Good"
  1198. «Sleight of Hand» (3)
  1199. «Mr.Jared» "..."
  1200. «Globebutt» (Just him, or all'v us?)
  1201. «Writefag4» I'm doing my best monkey imitation and banging those lids together.
  1202. «O-O-T-N» *Tala attempts to shove her way inside*
  1203. «HTBK» *The door creaks open as the guardsman spins the wheel, and there are a few precious feet of space.*
  1204. «HTBK» (All'v yous.)
  1205. «Writefag4» Run for it!
  1206. «Mr.Jared» (6)
  1207. «Globebutt» (...Ten? Fuck these dice.)
  1208. «HTBK» *Sleight, you predictably feel rather sensitive. But you just can't see what all the rage is.*
  1209. «Puck» "I JUMP BETWEEN THE SHEETS WITH NOTHING ON AT A-" I stop immidiatly, hiding my hooves as best I can, and get inside.
  1210. «HTBK» (What? No, no. All of you hear it, Globe.)
  1211. «HTBK» (Not all of ye need roll.)
  1212. «O-O-T-N» Hahahaha! Not today you furry little abominations! *She slips inside the door.*
  1213. «Globebutt» (Oh, okay.)
  1214. «Mr.Jared» (ah)
  1215. «Sleight of Hand» "Well looks like I wasn't bit..." He watches people climbing in, moving to help anyone who should have trouble,
  1216. «Puck» I pant heavily, collapsing against the interior wall, arms crossed and hunched over
  1217. «Egg_Discord» "...Shit, we forgot about them, didn't we?"
  1218. «Mr.Jared» "hmm"
  1219. «Writefag4» I still grip my pans tightly as the door is closed.
  1220. «HTBK» *Sleight, the people screeching in through the door are, at this point, some seventy feet below you.*
  1221. «SpitFire» "what should we do...?"
  1222. «Mr.Jared» "oh look whos back"
  1223. «Sleight of Hand» *You made a poor job of making that clear...*
  1224. «Globebutt» "Leave them!"
  1225. «O-O-T-N» *Tala begins laughing maniacally at having escaped immediate danger*
  1226. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke looks down" "Hm?"
  1227. «HTBK» *The door reaches a halt with a thud--and for the moment, Write, the chaos is far from you.*
  1228. «HTBK» *Oh come on, man. I said the elevator was going, and suspended inside the tower. Nuts to ya.*
  1229. «Mr.Jared» *looks at egg*
  1230. «Puck» (I got that, and I was running screaming at ponies)
  1231. «HTBK» *Write, Oot, Puck, the guards--three of them, now--stare at you.*
  1232. «Writefag4» My grip slowly starts to loosen. "That was close."
  1233. «Mr.Jared» -resist urge to snuggle with... hes infected... but hes cuddly... infected...-
  1234. «HTBK» "...I'm gonna take a wild guess and assume that ya'lls not as infected as you look."
  1235. «Writefag4» "I really, desprately, hope not."
  1236. «Egg_Discord» "...Why are you looking at me like that?" I back away a little, seeing Peter staring at me
  1237. «SpitFire» *I stand up* "what's the next move..."
  1238. «Puck» I snap my head towards the voice "I'm still me, I am!"
  1239. «O-O-T-N» *Gets her giggles out of her system and turns around* "Infected? How infected do I look?"
  1240. «HTBK» *Jared, roll fort.*
  1241. «HTBK» *Egg, roll fort!*
  1242. «Sleight of Hand» *Watches Peter, looking from him to Eric.*
  1243. «Mr.Jared» (8)
  1244. «Egg_Discord» (2)
  1245. «Mr.Jared» (fak)
  1246. «HTBK» *The guard captain points to his head.*
  1247. «Sleight of Hand» "Well Sam, I'd say me and Eric get murdered and you two go back to your lies."
  1248. «HTBK» "Hair, ma'am."
  1249. «HTBK» "Your hair's all funny."
  1250. «Puck» (hahahah egg/jared)
  1251. «Puck» (the pony is ok, the humie fails)
  1252. «SpitFire» "yah... no thanks..."
  1253. «HTBK» *Well, Jared, let's do the math. One one hand, he's sentient, sapient, and hasn't bitten you.*
  1254. «HTBK» *He's also cuddly as fuck.*
  1255. «Sleight of Hand» *I meant to say Lives.
  1256. «Mr.Jared» -seem economic to me-
  1257. «O-O-T-N» "What?" *She runs her hands through her hair and pulls some of it in front of her face*
  1258. «SpitFire» "he still has his mind..."
  1259. «HTBK» *Go for it!*
  1260. «Sleight of Hand» "So do I, but look at me."
  1261. «Mr.Jared» "..."
  1262. «HTBK» *It's a strangely*
  1263. «Egg_Discord» "Luke? Sam? I don't like the way Peters looking at me.
  1264. «Mr.Jared» *reaches down and...*
  1265. «HTBK» *Closely reminiscent of cinnamon.*
  1266. «Globebutt» I'm quite certain I'm exactly as infected as I look; not at all.
  1267. «Mr.Jared» *picks up Eric*
  1268. «O-O-T-N» "What the? Well that's new."
  1269. «Sleight of Hand» *Takes Eric from him* "Stop it, you're scaring him."
  1270. «SpitFire» "what happens here pal... what really happens here..."
  1271. «Writefag4» I check my own. I never really got a clear look at myself.
  1272. «Mr.Jared» "Hey..."
  1273. «HTBK» *Roll fort, Jared.*
  1274. «Puck» "Sir, I should warn you to keep your distance from me." I still hide my hooves in my arms best I can
  1275. «Mr.Jared» (8)
  1276. «Egg_Discord» "Get a hold of yourself, Peter! I don't want to be touched like I'm some kind of... Animal, alright? I'm still human inside!"
  1277. «HTBK» *Write, your hair is...bright blue, of all things.*
  1278. «SpitFire» (ouch Jared)
  1279. «Mr.Jared» (-_-)
  1280. «Globebutt» (What's current elevator party status?)
  1281. «HTBK» *Jared, despite yourself, you reach over and begin softly scratching Egg's ears. Roll PON, Egg you know the drill.*
  1282. «O-O-T-N» *She shrugs, but immediately begins panicing inside, her heartrate rising* Aw no. Oh no. Ohhh no this is bad.
  1283. «SpitFire» "this is going the wrong way fast..."
  1284. «Egg_Discord» (2)
  1285. «HTBK» *Rapidly screaming towards the surface, Globe.*
  1286. «Sleight of Hand» "I feel like I'm aiding rape, but Eric is very soft so I can't really blame him...."
  1287. «Writefag4» "All right. I guess yeah. We're probably infected."
  1288. «Mr.Jared» "wait... am i touching.,.."
  1289. «HTBK» *Ooooh shit. Oh sweet Jesus Christ on a tittyunicycle riding through a ring of fire. Egg, this feels *amazing*.*
  1290. «SpitFire» *I knock Jareds hand away*
  1291. «Puck» (did I ever get a good look at myself besides the hooves?)
  1292. «Mr.Jared» "EHUGH!"
  1293. «HTBK» *However, lucidity kicks in about two seconds later.*
  1294. «Mr.Jared» "what the hell?"
  1295. «Egg_Discord» "STOP IT!"
  1296. «Writefag4» "About a half dozen of us woke up in a cave about 2 blocks from here."
  1297. «Mr.Jared» "was i just..."
  1298. «HTBK» *Jared, roooo.*
  1299. «Egg_Discord» "STOP PETTING ME! I'm not some flea-ridden dog that you can pet, alright?!"
  1300. «HTBK» *No cheating.*
  1301. «Sleight of Hand» "No touching the infected bro.... I can cos I'm already lost." *He puts Eric down on the ground behind him.*
  1302. «HTBK» *Puck, you did.*
  1303. «Mr.Jared» (1)
  1304. «HTBK» *It took you all of two and a half seconds to realize that you're well past the point of no return.*
  1305. «SpitFire» (good roll)
  1306. «Egg_Discord» "...Thank you, Luke."
  1307. «HTBK» *I mean, you galloped all the way here.*
  1308. «Mr.Jared» "I.. im sorry"
  1309. «Mr.Jared» "I have no idea what came over me"
  1310. «Sleight of Hand» "No problem buddy." *pats him on the head, grinning evilly.
  1311. «Egg_Discord» "...Just don't touch me anymore, alright?"
  1312. «Mr.Jared» "Just you look so squeezeable..."
  1313. «Mr.Jared» *shakes head*
  1314. «Puck» (Ah. Do I yet have any human attributes?)
  1315. «Egg_Discord» "STOP IT! PLEASE!" I swat away Luke's hand
  1316. «Mr.Jared» "Alright, no more"
  1317. «HTBK» *Only your mind, Puck.*
  1318. «HTBK» *Egg, roll fort.*
  1319. «Sleight of Hand» "Hne heh...' Hears Jared... "If I turn into a full pony, Peter, and you try and cuddle me. I will bite you in the balls."
  1320. «Egg_Discord» (5. Sleight, you stupid bastard)
  1321. «SpitFire» *stops them from touching egg* "enough you said this was a bad thing so knock it off"
  1322. «HTBK» *As you swat his hoof away, Egg, you presently become aware of how horribly unfulfilling the sensation is. Despite yourself, you rub up against his leg.*
  1323. «HTBK» *Roll PON.*
  1324. «Egg_Discord» (6)
  1325. «HTBK» *Presently, the Elevator jerks to a halt, interrupting the scene.*
  1326. «Sleight of Hand» (If I was meant to,
  1327. «Globebutt» I eagerly await the opening of the doors.
  1328. «Puck» (in that case, ignore my ramblings about hiding anything, care to share my colorations, or picture?)
  1329. «Sleight of Hand» (8)
  1330. «Mr.Jared» "Eric, are you ok, you want us to stop touching you yet you are rubbing against everyone like a cat..."
  1331. «HTBK» *Puck. Second row, #9.*
  1332. «O-O-T-N» (I've narrowed down what I could be to 4)
  1333. «O-O-T-N» (4 different ponies)
  1334. «Sleight of Hand» "It's adorable."
  1335. «SpitFire» * I try my best to stop this*
  1336. «Globebutt» (Sad cookie pone?)
  1337. «Puck» (awww, I know that feeling little me. Least I kept my hair color I guess, lol)
  1338. «Egg_Discord» "...Please stop. I don't want to change anymore." I say, tears in my eyes.
  1339. «Mr.Jared» "Quit it"
  1340. «Egg_Discord» Oh god, they're going to turn me into their pet.
  1341. «Mr.Jared» "You are making him cry..."
  1342. «HTBK» *When the doors open, Globe, you find yourself in yet another antechamber. You have traveled some five hundred feet vertically--the miracle of modern science.*
  1343. «HTBK» *Yes you are, Egg. and you'll be awesome at it.*
  1344. «Globebutt» (Science!)
  1345. «SpitFire» *I push both Jared and Hand back* "get ahold of yourselfs"
  1346. «Globebutt» I exit the elevator at once. I want to go home.
  1347. «Egg_Discord» Well, if they keep this up, I might as well be
  1348. «Mr.Jared» *follows*
  1349. «Writefag4» Whats our status down below?
  1350. «Mr.Jared» "come on"
  1351. «Puck» I keep as far away from anyone else as possible, and look small
  1352. «Egg_Discord» I follow, weeping as if I'd been raped
  1353. «Puck» (just about have really)
  1354. «SpitFire» "we got your ass out of there, now don't you dare give up on us... you got it?!"
  1355. «O-O-T-N» (I dont know, it could be cookie pone, but he said orange, not brown. At the same time he also said cinnomon.)
  1356. «Puck» (at least mentally I guess)
  1357. «Mr.Jared» "look , Eric, im sorry for what i did to you back there..."
  1358. «Puck» (oh, I think I'm cookie pone)
  1359. «Sleight of Hand» I wasn't doing anything! *Follows*
  1360. «SpitFire» *follow but trys to keep between egg and the others*
  1361. «Egg_Discord» "Just don't touch me unless you have to pick me up, alright?"
  1362. «Mr.Jared» "Agreed"
  1363. «HTBK» *The silence of the lower floor--that's Puck, OOT, and Write--is disturbed as something heavy slamming into the door with great force.*
  1364. «Sleight of Hand» Fine, baby.
  1365. «Mr.Jared» *smacks Luke*
  1366. «HTBK» *Up top, the first party is greeted by six waiting guards, who seem unamused.*
  1367. «O-O-T-N» "Ack!" *Tala shrieks and steps away from the door.*
  1368. «Puck» I jump at the noise, staring at the door
  1369. «HTBK» "Would you all stop molesting each other?"
  1370. «Sleight of Hand» Ow!
  1371. «Writefag4» I grip the cymbals again.
  1372. «Mr.Jared» "Oh uh sorry..."
  1373. «Egg_Discord» "...Yes, sir." I say, still cring
  1374. «Egg_Discord» *crying
  1375. «Puck» (who else besides this one guy is down here with us?)
  1376. «Sleight of Hand» "Sorry."
  1377. «HTBK» *Three guys, actually.*
  1378. «Writefag4» (Is there a slot in the door or anything we can see out?)
  1379. «HTBK» "What in the..."
  1380. «HTBK» *There is a peephole, Write.*
  1381. «Egg_Discord» Oh god, they're going to cut me up!
  1382. «Writefag4» I don't know if I want to look.
  1383. «Egg_Discord» (inside, you find that the peephole is actually a glory hole)
  1384. «SpitFire» "there going to have to get by us first..."
  1385. «Sleight of Hand» (You are now being skull fucked)
  1386. «Egg_Discord» (Couldn't resist)
  1387. «Writefag4» Are any of the guards moving to check it? If not I will. I don't want to know but I don't think I could take not knowing.
  1388. «HTBK» *Pause for a moment!*
  1389. «Mr.Jared» "And who are we?"
  1390. «SpitFire» (paused)
  1391. «Mr.Jared» (l>)
  1392. «Egg_Discord» (Quotation marks around my sentences means I'm speaking. Nothing around my text means I'm thinking)
  1393. «Egg_Discord» (I thought that part about being cut up)
  1394. «Egg_Discord» (Charles, get out of my head)
  1395. «SpitFire» (good to know)
  1396. «Globebutt» (I'm glad Jitters is so much nicer than Charlie.)
  1397. «Sleight of Hand» (Hum de dum, watching Top Gear)
  1398. «SpitFire» (Jitter ver Charlie... interesting fight)
  1399. «HTBK» *Downstairs, one of the guards moves to check the peephole, and quickly leaps away. Up top, the second squad circles the team of Jared, Sleight, Globe, Egg, and Spitfire. "If you'll all come with us?"
  1400. «Writefag4» "What is it?"
  1401. «HTBK» *Downstairs, the three remaining men slam on the elevator button.*
  1402. «HTBK» "There's some kinda...thing...there!"
  1403. «Sleight of Hand» "Yes sirs." *Luke nods and makes ready to follow*
  1404. «SpitFire» *follows*
  1405. «Egg_Discord» "Of course."
  1406. «Egg_Discord» My eyes are still watering
  1407. «Mr.Jared» "yes sir"
  1408. «Writefag4» I take a peek. I really shouldn't but I do.
  1409. «Globebutt» I am eager to get back home. Or away from the... others, at least.
  1410. «Globebutt» Horrid fluffy beasts.
  1411. «Puck» (what kind of thing? like a spider? Get it off!)
  1412. «Egg_Discord» (No, it's more of a glowy thing)
  1413. «Puck» (what like a glowy spider?! Get it off!!)
  1414. «O-O-T-N» (Sweet Jesus TwiAnon became a ghoul.)
  1415. «HTBK» *Outside, Write, there most definitely some kind of "thing". It's some sort of engorged version of the devils, that stands as tall as two of them--and from its head grows a horn to match. For a moment, a strange red light surrounds the horn--and a moment later, a large piece of rubble flies into the door.*
  1416. «Globebutt» (Taaaaaank!)
  1417. «HTBK» (exactly!)
  1418. «Puck» (oh fuck that!)
  1419. «O-O-T-N» "Oh fuck. OH FUCK.)
  1420. «Mr.Jared» (Shoot it shoot it shoot it)
  1421. «O-O-T-N» "
  1422. «Writefag4» I go join the guards by the elevator.
  1423. «Puck» (Weld the door!)
  1424. «Writefag4» Shaking.
  1425. «O-O-T-N» *Tala dances away from the door and huddles near the guards*
  1426. «Globebutt» has uploaded a new photo.
  1427. «Writefag4» (I TOLD YOU I AM)
  1428. «Puck» "Uhhh, Write?"
  1429. «Writefag4» "Yeah.
  1430. «Writefag4» ?"
  1431. «HTBK» *Behind you, Globe, the elevator begins descending. The guards hold their breath and tighten their grips.*
  1432. «HTBK» "One moment..."
  1433. «HTBK» "All of you, against the wall."
  1434. «Globebutt» "...What is it?"
  1435. «Puck» *complies instantly* "What was it...?"
  1436. «HTBK» *As if in response, Globe, the sound of something large and heavy slamming against the door echoes around the tower.*
  1437. «Egg_Discord» I take a step back in fear
  1438. «Writefag4» I step away realizing I'm crouding them.
  1439. «Mr.Jared» *stops*
  1440. «Globebutt» Oh no. "Oh no." Oh no, oh no, oh no.
  1441. «Mr.Jared» "Huh!?"
  1442. «O-O-T-N» *Tala reluctantly obeys, already starting to hyperventilate*
  1443. «Writefag4» "Uh. I don't think."
  1444. «SpitFire» "Now what?!!"
  1445. «HTBK» *One moment. The GM is busting for a piss.*
  1446. «Writefag4» "Its big."
  1447. «Puck» (That's what she said!)
  1448. «Writefag4» Correct thats exactly what I said.
  1449. «Egg_Discord» (as big as the milkmare's teats)
  1450. «Calc» (Hurry up, I want to see that already.)
  1451. «Mr.Jared» (im sorry what egg?)
  1452. «HTBK» *Stop it.*
  1453. «HTBK» *Just...just stop it.*
  1454. «Mr.Jared» (?)
  1455. «HTBK» *No, Egg.*
  1456. «Puck» (*breath out* okay, I'm done...)
  1457. «Sleight of Hand» (Turns out I'm turning into the pony top row, second from the right
  1458. «Globebutt» (Not Sun Bonnet or the pegasus with the concealed gears as his CM?)
  1459. «Puck» I shake in fear at the booming noise, looking around for a possible way out that is faster then the elevator, and not as deadly as outside.
  1460. «Globebutt» has deleted a photo.
  1461. «Egg_Discord» (look closely at the blue haired crea pony below)
  1462. «Sleight of Hand» (The blue one in the hoody, which is funny, cos luke is wearing a grey hoody)
  1463. «Globebutt» (>implying accessories come standard)
  1464. «SpitFire» (that Lavie)
  1465. «Writefag4» I watch the elevator decend from above.
  1466. «Mr.Jared» "What the hell was that?!"
  1467. «HTBK» *The elevator is slow in coming--but it is quicker going down than it is going up. Several more large pieces of rubble impact the door--and then, horrifyingly, the steel momentarily buckles.*
  1468. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke has about the same reaction as Peter*
  1469. «SpitFire» (safe to continue?)
  1470. «Egg_Discord» "Whatever it is, it sounds violent!"
  1471. «O-O-T-N» "FUCK"
  1472. «HTBK» *The elevator comes to a stop at the bottom a moment later.*
  1473. «HTBK» "All of you, on. Now."
  1474. «Puck» Im am so there
  1475. «Writefag4» "Don't have to tell me twice."
  1476. «Globebutt» "...Can't we leave?"
  1477. «O-O-T-N» *Wastes no time as she piles into the elevator*
  1478. «Sleight of Hand» "I get the feeling we should be moving... really fast."
  1479. «Writefag4» "What is that thing?"
  1480. «Mr.Jared» "Why do i agree with you for once luke?"
  1481. «Egg_Discord» "No shit," I say, shuddering
  1482. «HTBK» *One of the guards glares at you, Globe.*
  1483. «HTBK» "One. Moment."
  1484. «SpitFire» "friends I'm guessing?"
  1485. «Mr.Jared» "sometimes i wish not..."
  1486. «Sleight of Hand» "For want of a better word."
  1487. «Mr.Jared» "what he said"
  1488. «Globebutt» I don't like this.
  1489. «Globebutt» Iiii don't like this~
  1490. «Egg_Discord» (incoming first boss?)
  1491. «HTBK» *The guards pile onto the elevator after you, and slam on the button--and none too soon. As soon as the carriage begins rising, the door buckles once more, to admit a few of the giggling devils' technicolor heads.*
  1492. «SpitFire» "what's the next move then" *as I get ready run*
  1493. «Mr.Jared» I don't fancy the sound of that
  1494. «Egg_Discord» I perk my ears up, ready to begin running
  1495. «Mr.Jared» ""
  1496. «O-O-T-N» "Oh my god oh my god what the fuck"
  1497. «Sleight of Hand» *Looks at the guards around them.* "Can we get moving, I don't care where."
  1498. «Mr.Jared» "Where the hell are we going to scapa?!"
  1499. «SpitFire» "seconded!"
  1500. «HTBK» *The captain shakes his head.*
  1501. «HTBK» "In. A. Fucking. moment."
  1503. «SpitFire» *holding...*
  1504. «Mr.Jared» "dae not hae time for standing around"
  1505. «SpitFire» (pause boss?)
  1506. «Puck» I hide my head under my hooves on the elevator floor.
  1507. «Writefag4» As soon as they get through the door I'll hurl my lids downward. Maybe I can hit one of the buggers.
  1508. «Mr.Jared» ",,,"
  1509. «Mr.Jared» "How you holding up Eric?"
  1510. «HTBK» *With a thunderous crash, the entire tower shudders as the door bends once more: and just like that, the floodgates are open. They swarm inside, two at a time, and begin pawing and clawing and biting at the consoles and the support struts and the rivets and everything else.*
  1511. «Puck» (back in just a second)
  1512. «Sleight of Hand» (Brb, just assume he's with Peter)
  1513. «Mr.Jared» "SHI-"
  1514. «Mr.Jared» "Sam, Eric, Luke, Stick together"
  1515. «O-O-T-N» *Tala begins screaming*
  1516. «Egg_Discord» "No argument there!"
  1517. «SpitFire» "I BLAME YOU FOR THIS...."
  1518. «Mr.Jared» "ME?!"
  1519. «HTBK» *The guard captain shakes his head.*
  1520. «Puck» (back)
  1521. «SpitFire» "I'll figure away later"
  1522. «HTBK» "Stop fighting, they can't get us up here!"
  1523. «Globebutt» Were I of a higher breeding, I surely would faint.
  1524. «Puck» I cower harder.
  1525. «Globebutt» "I still don't like being so close to them."
  1526. «Mr.Jared» *gets next to Spit* "How do you figure, hotshot?"
  1527. «Globebutt» "...And of them." I eye the demon-horse warily.
  1528. «SpitFire» "I'll get to you on that one..."
  1529. «SpitFire» *as I get ready for the rest of the shit to happen*
  1530. «Mr.Jared» *hmph*
  1531. «SpitFire» "later"
  1532. «Mr.Jared» *points to globe,* Hey you, whats your name again?
  1533. «Egg_Discord» I crouch with Peter and Sam. "I'm not going back to that nightmarish swarm, you two hear me?"
  1534. «SpitFire» "Eric can you fight?"
  1535. «Egg_Discord» "I think so. Maybe I can try kicking them."
  1536. «HTBK» *With a final screech of metal, the door is wholly ripped from its frame, to admit the tide in earnest. If you had been even a few seconds late, you would be feeling the full brunt of their adorable wrath.*
  1537. «Mr.Jared» *turns to eric*
  1538. «Globebutt» "I'm already taken, thank you."
  1539. «SpitFire» "I know you can, your sitll with us!"
  1540. «Mr.Jared» Id say you are beter off trying to keep urself sane
  1541. «HTBK» *Some twenty seconds later, the elevator pulls to a stop at the top floor, and the doors swing open.*
  1542. «Writefag4» OUT OUT!
  1543. «Mr.Jared» "oh hey... look who it is..."
  1544. «O-O-T-N» *Tala flings herself from the elevator*
  1545. «Mr.Jared» "Remember us?"
  1546. «Puck» I stand, galloping quickly after write and Tala
  1547. «Mr.Jared» -Who woulda thought-
  1548. «Sleight of Hand» (Back)
  1549. «O-O-T-N» "What the fuck was all that about? What was doing that?"
  1550. «Egg_Discord» "You guys made it! Praise the heavens!"
  1551. «Globebutt» Oh, joy.
  1552. «Egg_Discord» "More lives spared from that wretched swarm!"
  1553. «HTBK» *The rest of the guards pile out of the elevator, and one leans over the edge of the platform to stare down at the maelstrom below.*
  1554. «HTBK» "Dammit..."
  1555. «Writefag4» "Did we all make it?"
  1556. «Mr.Jared» -More people, same ones too-
  1557. «SpitFire» "ok, so this is a good thing right?"
  1558. «Mr.Jared» "funny seeing you all again anyways"
  1559. «Sleight of Hand» "Hi guys."
  1560. «Mr.Jared» "..."
  1561. «Mr.Jared» "So..."
  1562. «O-O-T-N» *Tala suddenly glares at the others.* "Yes, and thank you so much for all your help, by the way."
  1563. «Puck» "Oh, hello." >they look different when not lit by glowing green water<
  1564. «Globebutt» IwantoutIwantoutIwantout!
  1565. «Sleight of Hand» "we do our best." *He bows*
  1566. «SpitFire» has locked the chat.
  1567. «SpitFire» has unlocked the chat.
  1568. «Mr.Jared» "What the hell were we suppose to do, you all are infected"
  1569. «Puck» I walk slowly towards egg
  1570. «O-O-T-N» "Oh, and you're not I assume?"
  1571. «Egg_Discord» "...So it looks like I'm not the only one fully infected," I say, looking at Puck
  1572. «Globebutt» "Not yet! Officers, can we please get moving?"
  1573. «Sleight of Hand» "3 of us aren't me and Eric are."
  1574. «Mr.Jared» "Well, i aint got fur or a tail so im swiming ahppy for the moment"
  1575. «Puck» "Yeah, guess not. How you doing?"
  1576. «Sleight of Hand» "And I'm tempted to smack you again Peter."
  1577. «Writefag4» "Yeah well. Thats your opinion." I look away and rub my arm.
  1578. «Mr.Jared» -God damn it i keep letting that slip-
  1579. «O-O-T-N» "Well, I dont have fur or a tail either, you prick."
  1580. «SpitFire» "Save the smacking for later please"
  1581. «Writefag4» I check. Do I have a tail?
  1582. «Egg_Discord» "...Alright. I'm Eric, by the way." I say, looking at him in sadness. "You poor man, being turned into one of them"
  1583. «Mr.Jared» "Look, im sorry ok?"
  1584. «HTBK» *Yes you do, Write. A great big bushy blue one.*
  1585. «Mr.Jared» "Im not exactly swiming happy over here"
  1586. «Mr.Jared» "Its been stressfull"
  1587. «Writefag4» Well at least I still have my hands.
  1588. «Sleight of Hand» "As long as you're not happy, I'm pleased as punch./"
  1589. «SpitFire» "What do we do now guys?"
  1590. «Mr.Jared» "God i could go for a hot cup"
  1591. «Egg_Discord» "Couldn't we all?" I rely to Jared.
  1592. «Puck» "I'm Edgar. But you're not doing much better, worse even.." I eye his eyes.
  1593. «Mr.Jared» "Tea sounds nice right now..."
  1594. «Sleight of Hand» "Personally I'd love some scotch."
  1595. «Globebutt» (DM best be writin' a long one.)
  1596. «HTBK» *Show of hands.*
  1597. «HTBK» *Which one of you realizes that the GM is way off his game today?*
  1598. «Mr.Jared» (hand)
  1599. «Sleight of Hand» *Raises hand.*
  1600. «SpitFire» (hand)
  1601. «Egg_Discord» (hand)
  1602. «Globebutt» (hand)
  1603. «SpitFire» (sorry)
  1604. «Writefag4» A little slow but not too bad.
  1605. «Puck» (*hoof* I know its hard to keep this many straight)
  1606. «HTBK» *Good.*
  1607. «SpitFire» (lot more people this time)
  1608. «SpitFire» has locked the chat.
  1609. «Puck» (you;re doing good though for it all)
  1610. «SpitFire» has unlocked the chat.
  1611. «HTBK» *GM's gonna grab his drink, take a shower, get himself back into the mindset.*
  1612. «HTBK» *Can we break for about half an hour?*
  1613. «Writefag4» Sure.
  1614. «Puck» (wanna take a -- oh, ok, good to me)
  1615. «Egg_Discord» (Sure, that soudns alright)
  1616. «HTBK» *Thank you all.*
  1617. «SpitFire» (ok)
  1618. «Mr.Jared» "Well, Sorry if ive been a bit... whats the word..."
  1619. «Puck» (Ye need only ask master of the universe)
  1620. «Sleight of Hand» A twat.
  1621. «Puck» (at 15 past the hour then, be back soon)
  1622. «Mr.Jared» "Umm sure, lets go with that"
  1623. «SpitFire» (hmm... will I stay human this time, or become full pony...)
  1624. «Sleight of Hand» (And with the great HTBK running off, I'm hoppin to the shops)
  1625. «Mr.Jared» "I know this dies not seem smart, but we only have eachother"
  1626. «Mr.Jared» does*
  1627. «Globebutt» ((Why would your character want to go pony? They're vermin!)
  1628. «Sleight of Hand» ... Bro hugs?
  1629. «O-O-T-N» ((shaddap Globe)
  1630. «Mr.Jared» "sure, i dont even care you you all are... hey look hugs!"
  1631. «SpitFire» (pony it is)
  1632. «Mr.Jared» *hugz*
  1633. «Sleight of Hand» *The great big fluffy Luke hugs Peter*
  1634. «Globebutt» (you /know/ they are.)
  1635. «Sleight of Hand» (And now I go out for a bit)
  1636. «Writefag4» Is the name correct for everyone on that little grid? I was thinking of adding basic description. Mainly just Pon stats.
  1637. «Globebutt» (Withers is my surname, if you'd like to add it.)
  1638. «Mr.Jared» (DOSH)
  1639. «Globebutt» has uploaded a new photo.
  1640. «Globebutt» (dosh)
  1641. «O-O-T-N» (lods of emone)
  1642. «Mr.Jared» (DOSH!)
  1643. «Writefag4» Rainbow pone
  1644. «SpitFire» (wait what globe!?)
  1645. «Mr.Jared» (DOSH!1!)
  1646. «SpitFire» (Globe..Withers..?)
  1647. «Mr.Jared» (Im welding this doah)
  1648. «Calc» (NO JARED NO)
  1649. «Mr.Jared» (Everyone up to bed!)
  1650. «Mr.Jared» (You gutless tosser!)
  1651. «Mr.Jared» (Its raining money!)
  1652. «Writefag4» I want drugs. NOW!
  1653. «Mr.Jared» (Dosh)
  1654. «Writefag4» I'm trying to heal you not shag you.
  1655. «Mr.Jared» "Oh no, its that invisible bitch again"
  1656. «HTBK» I'm not tryin ta tickle you!
  1657. «Writefag4» Who needed munny?
  1658. «O-O-T-N» gimmie yo muny
  1659. «Mr.Jared» (You're all fur coat and no Knickers, bitches)
  1660. «Globebutt» has uploaded a new photo.
  1661. «O-O-T-N» Exactly.
  1662. «SpitFire» (Globe...?)
  1663. «Globebutt» (And yes, Spit. It's a legitimate surname!)
  1664. «SpitFire» (and your on the east coast?!)
  1665. «SpitFire» (Your one of my cousins!)
  1666. «Globebutt» (/My/ surname isn't Withers. Beatrice's is.)
  1667. «Globebutt» (And I'm west of the Appalachians, sorry.)
  1668. «SpitFire» (phew)
  1669. «HTBK» Ah, shit. I am really out of it.
  1670. «Writefag4» has uploaded a new photo.
  1671. «HTBK» Exhaustion out of the blue.
  1672. «Globebutt» has deleted a photo.
  1673. «Globebutt» has deleted a photo.
  1674. «O-O-T-N» After what you just went through? I aint surprised.
  1675. «O-O-T-N» Never split the party again. Holy shit.
  1676. «HTBK» How're we doing so far?
  1677. «Mr.Jared» (dosh)
  1678. «Writefag4» has deleted a photo.
  1679. «Globebutt» Nobody's started craving hats or milk and cookies yet.
  1680. «Globebutt» I'd say we're fine.
  1681. «Egg_Discord» Guten
  1682. «HTBK» I mean, is it enjoyable?
  1683. «Writefag4» I've had an extra few days so I'm fine.
  1684. «Globebutt» Ja!
  1685. «Mr.Jared» Pour him some malk Josh
  1686. «O-O-T-N» Once we got the party back in the same general area it became enjoyable for me.
  1687. «Writefag4» Probably would be a bit better if Globe wasn't a compassionless git. But it makes sense in character.
  1688. «Mr.Jared» (anyways, IT BEGINS)
  1689. «HTBK» Sorry it's taken so long to get to the good parts.
  1690. «Globebutt» I'm not compassionless! I'm a Good Citizen.
  1691. «Mr.Jared» "So what now?"
  1692. «Mr.Jared» "sure as hell not going back down"
  1693. «Sleight of Hand» (Okay, I'm back)
  1694. «Puck» I am back. Saph and Lyra stopped in, they're going to the store, but they said they would be back
  1695. «Egg_Discord» "Yeah, I know. What the hell am I anyway? Some kind of... Bat, horse, snake thing?"
  1697. «Egg_Discord» (awesome)
  1698. «O-O-T-N» Was about to say..
  1699. «Egg_Discord» (Sorry)
  1700. «SpitFire» (we are going to die)
  1701. «Mr.Jared» "Well, you look more to be *examine Egg closely*"
  1702. «Globebutt» You're a /monster/. I'd say that, but it would be impolite. So I shun the creature instead.
  1703. «Mr.Jared» (scew rules)
  1704. «Egg_Discord» (no)
  1705. «Egg_Discord» (Let HT rest)
  1706. «Puck» And yes HT, duh, I'm having an awesome time. Rushing the plot points like a linebacker is not always the most fun.
  1707. «Egg_Discord» (Stop being twats to HT)
  1708. «Mr.Jared» (or something)
  1709. «HTBK» Thank you, Egg.
  1710. «Sleight of Hand» (everyone rape Eric)
  1711. «Globebutt» (Just sending the one message I had ready.)
  1712. «HTBK» Yaaay.
  1713. «Mr.Jared» (good idea)
  1714. «Mr.Jared» (make egg randomly stick his but up inti the air HTBK!)
  1715. «Puck» (oh god, I'm probably next. Its a good thing I'm not as awesome looking as batpone)
  1716. «O-O-T-N» (oh god dont do that)
  1717. «HTBK» *And then everyone raped Jared.*
  1718. «Calc» (Bueno.)
  1719. «HTBK» *And fed him to the pony swarm.*
  1720. «Puck» (me gusta)
  1721. «Mr.Jared» (well)
  1722. «HTBK» *There was much rejoicing.*
  1723. «Calc» (I like that ending more.)
  1724. «Puck» ( yaaaay )
  1725. «Mr.Jared» (did not know i was hated that much)
  1726. «Egg_Discord» (Don't be a twat to me)
  1727. «Mr.Jared» (its a fucking joke)
  1728. «Globebutt» (No, no. I think I'm the minstrels.)
  1729. «Sleight of Hand» (I like you Jared~)
  1730. «Globebutt» (Jared's Wispy's. Best back off, boy.)
  1731. «Puck» ( it was a monty python bit jared, don't mind us)
  1732. «Mr.Jared» (does everyone here have a stick so far up there ass they cant take a fucking joke?)
  1733. «Mr.Jared» (gawd)
  1734. «Egg_Discord» (I know. I'm kidding)
  1735. «SpitFire» (I'm confused)
  1736. «Mr.Jared» (STICKS!)
  1737. «Globebutt» (Carrot sticks.)
  1738. «SpitFire» (they hurt)
  1739. «Egg_Discord» (And Sleight, they're right. Wispy will kick your ass if you touch Jared inappropriately)
  1740. «Sleight of Hand» (I'd say titanium rods)
  1741. «Puck» (I dinit mean it like that, sorry)
  1742. «SpitFire» (puck did that make it to you?)
  1743. «Mr.Jared» (well, thanks egg, good to know i got a a little crazy ass pony watching my rear end)
  1744. «Globebutt» (A crazy ass-pony who's already killed one man.)
  1745. «Sleight of Hand» (Tee hee.)
  1746. «Mr.Jared» "that too"
  1747. «Globebutt» (With her /mind/!)
  1748. «Mr.Jared» ()
  1749. «Sunfire» (with mind bullets)
  1750. «Puck» (>titanium, my only weakness! And yes spitfire, it did, thanks)
  1751. «Mr.Jared» (mind powa)
  1752. «Globebutt» (Sleight, did HT tell you about his last game? If not, might be a way to kill time.)
  1753. «Writefag4» (By the way globe. I'm probably not going to go that way with my Whispy)
  1754. «Egg_Discord» (Yeah, Wispy used her mind to set a man on fire)
  1755. «SpitFire» (good luck with that one)
  1756. «Sleight of Hand» (He told me you all went insane and started hallucinating while fucking each other)
  1757. «Egg_Discord» (Who then proceeded to burn to death)
  1758. «Globebutt» (I am okay with this, Write.)
  1759. «Mr.Jared» (um no?)
  1760. «Globebutt» (No, no; we're not insane! Jitters and I are quite in our right minds.)
  1761. «Mr.Jared» (he lies hand)
  1762. «Mr.Jared» "we fucked afterwards"
  1763. «Mr.Jared» ()
  1764. «Puck» (He was better then most of us at the end there)
  1765. «Globebutt» (We are entirely lucid, and realize we only have one body.)
  1766. «SpitFire» (Globe if you and gitters are drinking along, are you a socail drinking)
  1767. «Globebutt» (This makes belly rubs, ear scratches, and fucking very difficult. But never the less.)
  1768. «Writefag4» (Probably going to have the limits of her abilitys be telekinesis, light, and maybe some little ghost fires that don't burn. + a 6th sense for the 2spooky.
  1769. «SpitFire» (Alone)
  1770. «Sleight of Hand» (Yay for super powers)\
  1771. «Mr.Jared» (magic*)
  1772. «Globebutt» (Sounds good.)
  1773. «Mr.Jared» (playing the infamous waiting game...)
  1774. «Globebutt» (Yes, though. We were sane. Though I lost my mind at one point in time, Jitters found it. And she was still in there when I came back. Just had to keep pushing her down until Write died, and we came to a truce.)
  1775. «Globebutt» (Then later, Jitters broke down. But I helped her back up.)
  1776. «Puck» (ah yes, you -did- warn her though)
  1777. «Globebutt» (I told her it would make it less fun. I didn't even say I didn't think she'd be able to handle it.)
  1778. «SpitFire» (the lose of the magic carrot)
  1779. «Mr.Jared» (did someone say carrot?!)
  1780. «Globebutt» (i posted jitters' breakdown, in which i explained the carrot)
  1781. «Calc» (Ah fuck not the carrot.)
  1782. «Globebutt» (We fuck not the carrot.)
  1783. «Egg_Discord» (I was the only one who resisted the carrot completely)
  1784. «Mr.Jared» (carrot)
  1785. «Globebutt» (Did you? I thought we traded slaps a few times while fighting the carrot.)
  1786. «Sleight of Hand» (Cupcake flavoured pizza)
  1787. «Globebutt» (Or was it just... bacon broke you, carrot broke me, carrot broke me again... was that it?)
  1788. «Writefag4» I dodged it too.
  1789. «Writefag4» Of course it was only because I was absorbed in climbing in the freezer.
  1790. «Egg_Discord» (No, that was you knocking me to my senses when I started calling myself Wispy
  1791. «Mr.Jared» (what?)
  1792. «Egg_Discord» (Then I stood there forcing myself to remember my name as the rest of you minus Ewo fought over the carrot)
  1793. «Globebutt» (Yeah. I knocked your name back into you. Then carrot. Then you knocked my name back into me. Then carrot. Then they broke the coffee machine.)
  1794. «Globebutt» (And we never had squeaky coffee. Ever.)
  1795. «Sleight of Hand» (well that was interesting)
  1796. «Mr.Jared» (the children starved)
  1797. «Egg_Discord» (You probably made a squeaky carrot for Jitters)
  1798. «Egg_Discord» (*coffee mug)
  1799. «Globebutt» (I did promise her. Not sure she'd want one after she found out the secret, though.)
  1800. «Calc» (Is Jitters a part of Globe now? Like officially?)
  1801. «Mr.Jared» (true dat)
  1802. «Globebutt» (Well. Yes and no.)
  1803. «Sleight of Hand» (You all confuse me, so I'm goping back to Top gear till HTBK's back)
  1804. «HTBK» Mungh.
  1805. «HTBK» I think I just got type 2, but I'm ready.
  1806. «HTBK» Let's start in style.
  1807. «Mr.Jared» (speaking of the devil)
  1808. «HTBK» Nobody do anything.
  1809. «HTBK» At all.
  1810. «HTBK» I'm thinking.
  1811. «Mr.Jared» *does something*
  1812. «Globebutt» (giraffehat.jpg)
  1813. «Egg_Discord» (You're grounded, Jared)
  1814. «Mr.Jared» (sadface)
  1815. «HTBK» has uploaded a new photo.
  1816. «HTBK» Such a wonderful image.
  1817. «Mr.Jared» (indeed)
  1818. «HTBK» Egg. Fort.
  1819. «Egg_Discord» (For what?)
  1820. «HTBK» Our mutual amusement.
  1821. «Egg_Discord» (you're sick, you know that?)
  1822. «SpitFire» (lol)
  1823. «Egg_Discord» (3)
  1824. «HTBK» Yes, I am sick.
  1825. «HTBK» So close.
  1826. «HTBK» Sooo cloooose.
  1827. «Writefag4» I know I've seen a pony version of that picture.
  1828. «HTBK» You have.
  1829. «HTBK» It's Twilight in a Pinkie hat.
  1830. «O-O-T-N» I've seen Twilight with a Rainbow Dash hat.
  1831. «Writefag4» I thought it was Derpy with smarty pants.
  1832. «Writefag4» Not too important though.
  1833. «Globebutt» I've seen both.
  1834. «HTBK» There ya go!
  1835. «Calc» left the chat.
  1836. «HTBK» Hm.
  1837. «HTBK» That'll be enough for now.
  1838. «HTBK» Taking some slight liberties with spacetime now.
  1839. «Mr.Jared» (so this means?)
  1840. «Puck» weareokaywiththis.jpg
  1841. «Mr.Jared» (we are done?)
  1842. «Egg_Discord» (What's going on right now?)
  1843. «Mr.Jared» (Ithink HTBK is done)
  1844. «Puck» (he's probably close, let him be)
  1845. «Egg_Discord» (Aw, man. I expected a bit more. Oh well, this has been a hectic session)
  1846. «Mr.Jared» (ur telling me)
  1847. «SpitFire» (ok if we are calling it for the night I'm going to get some sleep )
  1848. «Writefag4» (I'm not sure but they may be just typing a big post The 'Done' indicating that they're finnished with their break.)
  1849. «HTBK» *The walk to the quarantine didn't take long. The guards were apologetic enough, but the law was clear: all of you were to be detained and provided for until symptoms cleared up or a handler arrived. The journey was short, and the lodgings provided were a specialized military barracks on the edge of the garrison. It has six beds and a miniature icebox, which was stocked well enough. While a plethora of filthy looks were aimed at you, the only event of the journey was when Egg set hoof in a puddle, loosed an ear-splitting shriek, and leapt nearly a foot in the air for fear of tarnishing a fetlock. It seems that before you bid your mind adieu, Egg, you should make your peace with your ruggedness.*
  1850. «HTBK» *And you should all shut up.*
  1851. «Egg_Discord» "Well shit. There's six of us and seven beds. Who's sleeping on the floor?"
  1852. «Writefag4» I sit down on one of the beds. Claiming it. "Well. At least we're alive."
  1853. «Egg_Discord» *Seven of us and six beds*
  1854. «Sleight of Hand» *And Luke swiftly collapsed onto a bed after stripping off his shirt and jacket, not bothering with his jeans. "Dibs"
  1855. «Mr.Jared» Guess who egg
  1856. «Mr.Jared» "grabs a bed"
  1857. «Egg_Discord» (Oh come on. There's another pony with us)
  1858. «Globebutt» "...I'm expected to sleep in a room with these men!?"
  1859. «Mr.Jared» "Eric..."
  1860. «SpitFire» *passes out on a bed from teh head injury*
  1861. «Egg_Discord» "Um... Can I sleep on a bed? It's been years since I've slept on one."
  1862. «Mr.Jared» "sleep with me"
  1863. «Sleight of Hand» ... *Gets off his bed.* "You can have mine, Eric, I'll sleep on the floor."
  1864. «HTBK» *What a gentleman.*
  1865. «Mr.Jared» "damn it Luke"
  1866. «Writefag4» "Well princess. You got any other ideas."
  1867. «O-O-T-N» "You are an embarrassment to our gender." *to Globe*
  1868. «Sleight of Hand» "Hey he did say he didn't want you touching him anymore."
  1869. «Globebutt» "I have a husband waiting at home!"
  1870. «HTBK» *It's a concussion, Spitfire. That's not exactly a cranial hematoma.*
  1871. «Writefag4» (What am I right now? Genderwise?)
  1872. «Mr.Jared» "You..."
  1873. «Mr.Jared» "..."
  1874. «SpitFire» "I'd give you mine, but I'm likely to pass out on the floor soon*
  1875. «Egg_Discord» "...Thank you, Luke." I say as I get onto the bed, not wanting to make physical contact with Peter
  1876. «Mr.Jared» "Luke, i forgot about that"
  1877. «Egg_Discord» "If you hold me, Peter, both of us could get worse."
  1878. «Mr.Jared» "il take the floor, i dont think i can sleep anyways"
  1879. «HTBK» *Write, quickly checking your pants would swiftly reveal an uncomfortable absence.*
  1880. «Mr.Jared» *gets out of bed*
  1881. «Writefag4» Thought so. Though I like to think I don't need to crotch grab to find out.
  1882. «Sleight of Hand» "Dude, I'm already on the floor and he's already taken my bed. Stop trying to press for being a gentleman to another man... "
  1883. «Mr.Jared» *goes to window, looks our*
  1884. «Mr.Jared» "Its not that..."
  1885. «Puck» I walk to the edge of the bed that Eric is seated on "Hey, could we share? I doubt we could infect each other much more."
  1886. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke is currently lying on the floor beside, Eric's bed, having folded up his jacket into a pillow.*
  1887. «HTBK» *Jared, you see nothing one of Dark London's proud military bases. Some constables are parading about in the yard.*
  1888. «Egg_Discord» I get on the bed, curling up under the covers. It feels like I'm sleeping on a feathery cloud, and I pass out quickly, comfortable in my bed
  1889. «Mr.Jared» "Its just been a long day"
  1890. «O-O-T-N» As if I could sleep.
  1891. «HTBK» *In your dream, the postman is--wait, shit, I already used this gag.*
  1892. «Sleight of Hand» "Ed, you're standing on my chest."
  1893. «Egg_Discord» I don't answer Puck, as I'm already out.
  1894. «SpitFire» (Pats HT on the head*
  1895. «SpitFire» )
  1896. «Sleight of Hand» *Last post is to Puck if yalls weren;'t sure*
  1897. «Puck» "I- oh- !" *leaps onto bed*
  1898. «Egg_Discord» For some reason, this comfy bed reminds me of my mother...
  1899. «O-O-T-N» *Tala begins wringing her newly orange hair nervously*
  1900. «Writefag4» I poke at the hair/fur on my arm. At least it hasn't gotten any worse. Maybe I'll get through this.
  1901. «Globebutt» I pick the bed farthest away from the others-- especially the /ponies/-- and make like Seth.
  1902. «Mr.Jared» -What the heck happened last night...-
  1903. «Puck» I curl up on the other side of the bed from Egg
  1904. «Globebutt» (Yez, now, tell me about your muzzer...)
  1905. «Mr.Jared» -Luke infected... so many others as well... all waking up in the same place-
  1906. «Mr.Jared» -What does it all mean...-
  1907. «HTBK» *Let's review the evidence. The virus allegedly takes a matter of minute for complete deterioration. And yet...*
  1908. «Sleight of Hand» ...Well if Edgar's sharing that bed, then I don't need to sleep on the floor, woopee! He got up, stretching out and quietly walking to stand behind Peter, looking past him out at the window.*
  1909. «HTBK» *Egg woke up as some creepy bat-snake-horse thing...*
  1910. «Mr.Jared» -Is this some form of terrorist attack?-
  1911. «Mr.Jared» "Hmm?"
  1912. «Mr.Jared» *looks behind*
  1913. «Writefag4» Yeah. I'm probably going to start at Eric.
  1914. «Puck» "Do you think the handlers can fix us all? This isn't exactly like how I thought the plague worked."
  1915. «Globebutt» (It's the 1800s. Nobody knows what a terrorist is. An anarchist may be behind this, though.)
  1916. «Mr.Jared» -And then that pony...-
  1917. «Sleight of Hand» "One of the other ponies wants to share the bed with Eric, so I get a free bed. Though I'm not really that tired yet."
  1918. «Mr.Jared» *looks over to Egg*
  1919. «SpitFire» "if they are all they are cracked up to, then they'd better be able to..."
  1920. «Mr.Jared» -What about him is so strange...-
  1921. «Writefag4» "That or we're stuck this way."
  1922. «Egg_Discord» For the first time in years, I'm smiling in my sleep
  1923. «Egg_Discord» I hope that I can sleep on a bed from now on...
  1924. «Puck» "I just thought that we should keep me and eric separate from you all as much as we can."
  1925. «HTBK» *God damn, I really miss the recurring nightmare.*
  1926. «Mr.Jared» -Its just funny how they portray the infected to be so, violent...-
  1927. «Sleight of Hand» "Most of us are already infected, me included."
  1928. «Mr.Jared» *looks back out window*
  1929. «SpitFire» (HT your just being mean now)
  1930. «Mr.Jared» -Am I Infected somehow?-
  1931. «Writefag4» "Yeah. But it doesn't really seem to be normal."
  1932. «Mr.Jared» -No, no, i cant be. i show no signs..., unless-
  1933. «Mr.Jared» "Luke"
  1934. «Sleight of Hand» "Yes?"
  1935. «Puck» "Yeah, at least not like how we heard about it."
  1936. «Mr.Jared» "What color is my hair and eyes right now?"
  1937. «Writefag4» I also never heard about one of those 'things' before.
  1938. «Sleight of Hand» (HT, you tell me?)
  1939. «HTBK» *Bright blue and green, respectively.*
  1940. «Writefag4» "Shit it was as tall as a full grown man. And throwing steel like it was nothing."
  1941. «HTBK» *Enjoy the crotchtits.*
  1942. «Mr.Jared» (knew it)
  1943. «Writefag4» "Not even touching it.
  1944. «O-O-T-N» (Wheeeee)
  1945. «Mr.Jared» "Luke?"
  1946. «Sleight of Hand» "Hair's bright blue, eyes are green. I thought I'd let you find out on your own..."
  1947. «Mr.Jared» "..."
  1948. «Mr.Jared» "thank you..."
  1949. «O-O-T-N» "Can somebody check mine?"
  1950. «Mr.Jared» *turns back to window*
  1951. «Mr.Jared» -Well, guess i am infected then...-
  1952. «Writefag4» "Yeah sure. You tell me how I look."
  1953. «Sleight of Hand» "looks like none of us fully escaped it."
  1954. «Mr.Jared» -what a piece of luck...-
  1955. «Writefag4» (How does OOTN look?)
  1956. «Writefag4» I fix a gaze on Tala.
  1957. «Mr.Jared» -*sigh* No fears, Peter, no fears, You preped for this ...-
  1958. «HTBK» *Some bright orange cinnamon-salmony hair, on top of green eyes.*
  1959. «SpitFire» "I think I'm normal, maybe"
  1960. «Puck» I am watching my cellmates in silence
  1961. «Writefag4» "Some kind of orange hair. Green eyes."
  1962. «O-O-T-N» "Hmm.."
  1963. «O-O-T-N» (What about Writefag?)
  1964. «HTBK» *More drastic changes on his...her...side. Cream coat, ice-blue mane. The ears have grown in, along with the tail.*
  1965. «Mr.Jared» -just, have to... stay sane... keep my mind fit... Stay...-
  1966. «Sleight of Hand» (OH lord, Jared, you're second row, second from the right)
  1967. «Puck» I roll onto my back, running a further self inspection
  1968. «Mr.Jared» *collapses from exhaustion*
  1969. «Mr.Jared» "ahhhh"
  1970. «Writefag4» (Oh. I thought I had been Milky this whole time.)
  1971. «HTBK» *well, puck, what you have down there explains why your voice sounds funny lately.*
  1972. «O-O-T-N» (Looks like you are cold snap.)
  1973. «HTBK» *Willy passed in the night.*
  1974. «SpitFire» (willy?)
  1975. «Puck» I am filled with the most profound sense of loss imaginable.
  1976. «Egg_Discord» (Little johnny down there)
  1977. «Sleight of Hand» (Bright blue hair, green eyes.) *Luke catches Peter as he falls, "Come on you. Time for bed." *He hefts his friend up, cradling him just as he had done everytime he had to carry him home from the pub, walking with him to Peter's bed*
  1978. «Egg_Discord» (Which one is Puck?)
  1979. «Mr.Jared» "whua? what goin..."
  1980. «Mr.Jared» (I knew who i was going to be from the start Hand)
  1981. «Puck» ( am sad cookei pone in middle row)
  1982. «Writefag4» (And I was hoping I'd get it.)
  1983. «Mr.Jared» "luke?
  1984. «Sleight of Hand» "Yeah Peter?"
  1985. «SpitFire» (puck we are jumping your girlfriend in the other room)
  1986. «Mr.Jared» "Im sorry..."
  1987. «Mr.Jared» "for anything ive said today..."
  1988. «Sleight of Hand» *looks down at him frowning.* "What for?"
  1989. «O-O-T-N» (There there WF, we all want to be Milky, deep down.)
  1990. «Puck» (spits I dont even know waht to say to that)
  1991. «Globebutt» (No, no; not all of us.)
  1992. «SpitFire» (sorry)
  1993. «Puck» (heheheh)
  1994. «Mr.Jared» "i should be more... understanding of what is happening with you... im being, a dick when it comes to thus..."
  1995. «SpitFire» (that's a good answer)
  1996. «O-O-T-N» *Sighs and finds an empty bed, laying down.*
  1997. «Sleight of Hand» "Oh* He laughs a bit, "Don't worry about that man. No one can blame you, I mean with all the posters. We're meant to hate things like... Us." *he lowered him down on the bed.* "Just be happy you got the least of it."
  1998. «Mr.Jared» "Also... Tell Eric im sorry, for......... you know..."
  1999. «Mr.Jared» "Poor fellow..."
  2000. «SpitFire» "look at all the shit that has happened, I think 90% of what we all did can be forgivin*
  2001. «Sleight of Hand» *Grins* "I will, you Pony Pervert"
  2002. «Mr.Jared» "Hey............ im not the one wh-" *passout*
  2003. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke pulled the blanket up over his friend, before climbing into his own bed*
  2004. «O-O-T-N» *Curls up on her side and tries to get some sleep*
  2005. «Mr.Jared» -Another day, Peter, Another day...-
  2007. «Globebutt» I continue trying to sleep.
  2008. «Mr.Jared» (same here)
  2009. «Sleight of Hand» (Same)
  2010. «SpitFire» *roll over and after a bit get to sleep, even through someones snoring...*
  2011. «Writefag4» We've hardly been awake 2 hours.
  2012. «Writefag4» I'm wide awake.
  2013. «Puck» (It was a long two hours?)
  2014. «HTBK» *Yes it was.*
  2015. «Writefag4» I decide to quietly dig through the ice box.
  2016. «Globebutt» They were an exhausting two hours! And they didn't give us anything else to do.
  2017. «Puck» That said I'm sitting there feeling forlorn, not the best sleepy mood
  2018. «Mr.Jared» (>implying Peter was sleeping for a while before he woke up in the cave)
  2019. «HTBK» *Ooot, you have a dream that--given your current circumstances--might not be so bad. Someone softly scratching your ears, telling you you're a good girl as she feeds you carrots out of--*
  2020. «HTBK» *Roll fort.*
  2021. «O-O-T-N» (Oh goody!)
  2022. «SpitFire» (Egg I'm gussing*
  2023. «Sleight of Hand» *What about Luke?*
  2024. «SpitFire» )
  2025. «O-O-T-N» (I got a 6)
  2026. «SpitFire» (or was that for everyone)
  2027. «HTBK» *Just for Oot. Your wish does not get granted. Roll PON.*
  2028. «O-O-T-N» (dammit, I only got a 1)
  2029. «Mr.Jared» (umm, thats good)
  2030. «HTBK» *Luke, you dream of the demons as they're supposed to be: slavering, mindless, and filled with a simmering idiot intelligence. They come in swarms and drag you down--down into the ground, into their herd...*
  2031. «Globebutt» (I think OOTN wants to fail.)
  2032. «HTBK» *Roll fort.*
  2033. «Puck» (jared, ootn is playing against himself with a different goal)
  2034. «Sleight of Hand» (3)
  2035. «Mr.Jared» (i see)
  2036. «HTBK» *You're good, sleight.*
  2037. «Sleight of Hand» *Aw*
  2038. «SpitFire» (nice work Hand)
  2039. «Mr.Jared» (anyone else having dreams tonight?)
  2040. «Globebutt» (Dreamless sleep for me?)
  2041. «Puck» I'm watching write dig through the ice box, and if nothing comes of that I'll stare at a wall until my head decides to not be awake anymore.
  2042. «HTBK» *Globe, roll fort.*
  2043. «Globebutt» (8.)
  2044. «Globebutt» (Annnnd 10. OOTN, wanna trade?)
  2045. «SpitFire» (ouch!)
  2046. «Mr.Jared» (err)
  2047. «O-O-T-N» (Yes)
  2048. «Globebutt» (GM, we wanna trade dice! :V)
  2049. «Puck» (I'll trade globe!)
  2050. «O-O-T-N» (I WAS plucking about with infected and glowing pools the whole time..)
  2051. «HTBK» *Globe, you have the strangest dream--but I suppose that's merely a byproduct of spending so much time around the infected. You imagine them standing around you, as they will become--grinning, glassy-eyed dipshits with a fixation on cuddling--and you are keenly aware that you belong among them. It is a terrible dream, in context--but it is not unpleasant...*
  2052. «Mr.Jared» (well damn)
  2053. «Mr.Jared» (dreamscapeing over?)
  2054. «HTBK» *I think so.*
  2055. «HTBK» *Puck, the ice box has a gallon of water, a few oranges, and a carton of ham.*
  2056. «HTBK» *Yay rugged living.*
  2057. «Sleight of Hand» *session over or we moving to the next day?*
  2058. «SpitFire» (I surrived that one?)
  2059. «Mr.Jared» (can we call it moring yet?)
  2060. «SpitFire» (and I'm still human )
  2061. «Globebutt» (As am I! ...Mostly!)
  2062. «Puck» I curl up and wist for my lost gender
  2063. «HTBK» *I think we can call it morning, unless the rest of you want to stop.*
  2064. «Sleight of Hand» (Its only 2pm here(
  2065. «Mr.Jared» (i have no opinion)
  2066. «SpitFire» (we can call it here)
  2067. «Writefag4» No I think I'm good. I guess I go to sleep eventually. I wouldn't stay awake all day.
  2068. «SpitFire» (it's 2am for me)
  2069. «Globebutt» (1 AM.)
  2070. «Mr.Jared» (1:08)
  2071. «Egg_Discord» (12:08)
  2072. «Egg_Discord» (I think by call it morning, he meant skip to morning)
  2073. «Puck» (for me and ootn its only 10pm)
  2074. «Egg_Discord» (besides, I'm good for a few more hours)
  2075. «Globebutt» (you're on the wrong side of the country :V)
  2076. «SpitFire» (oh)
  2077. «Sleight of Hand» (I think most of us are, we could keep it relatively chill and let the rest get some sleep?)
  2078. «Mr.Jared» (agreed)
  2079. «Writefag4» (Wait what? Stopping now?)
  2080. «Sleight of Hand» (No(
  2081. «Globebutt» (Hush. DM's prob'ly typing.)
  2082. «HTBK» *DM is not typing, he's tallying votes.*
  2083. «HTBK» *But we still goin?*
  2084. «Globebutt» (Yay.)
  2085. «Puck» (I say yes for me!)
  2086. «Egg_Discord» (Aye)
  2087. «Sleight of Hand» (Yes)
  2088. «Mr.Jared» Probably, but non plot lax type
  2089. «Mr.Jared» ()
  2090. «Globebutt» (Yay, aye, whatev.)
  2091. «Mr.Jared» (or whatever)
  2092. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke woke up earlyish, walking to the icebox and snatching up a bit of ham, idly chewing on it as he looked around at the others. He really should get dressed (Only in his boxers) but he really couldn't be stuffed.*
  2093. «HTBK» *The following morning, you are woken by a knock at the door. Much like on the surface, London Daylight is purely fictional: "daytime" here is provided by the machinations of the sorcerers from the top of the city.*
  2094. «HTBK» *Luke, roll fort.*
  2095. «Mr.Jared» *wake up*
  2096. «Mr.Jared» "ehhg whut"
  2097. «Sleight of Hand» (1)
  2098. «Mr.Jared» (god-like)
  2099. «HTBK» *Niiice.*
  2100. «HTBK» *You eat the ham.*
  2101. «HTBK» *LIKE A BOSS*
  2102. «SpitFire» *crawls out of bed* "ok who was snorring most of the night?"
  2103. «Egg_Discord» I try to remain asleep. I just want to stay in this heavenly bed
  2104. «Globebutt» "I had the strangest dream..." I wake from my sleep, and sit up in bed.
  2105. «Mr.Jared» "umm {insert globe name}"
  2106. «Writefag4» I get up overrested and go to the door. "Who is it?"
  2107. «HTBK» *Someone seems to have glued a rabbit to your hindquarters, Globe.*
  2108. «Globebutt» "Wh..."
  2109. «Sleight of Hand» "Mornin' all," He mumbles to the ones who'd woken up, then realises he's still in his undies and there are women in the room. "Umn... Sorry." He goes to grab his jeans.
  2110. «Mr.Jared» "Globe..."
  2111. «HTBK» "Are you all awake in there?"
  2112. «Globebutt» "Oh God. Oh GOD. Razor! I need a razor!"
  2113. «O-O-T-N» *Tala groans and sits up in bed, trying to get her eyes to focus properly*
  2114. «Mr.Jared» "?"
  2115. «SpitFire» "what the hell globe?"
  2116. «Globebutt» (J. There's a list in the gallery.)
  2117. «Puck» I sit up and look around
  2118. «Globebutt» (It's Beatrice.)
  2119. «Writefag4» "For the most part."
  2120. «Mr.Jared» "Beatrice..."
  2121. «Egg_Discord» "Mmm... Fiv murr minits" I mutter, not having had enough of this bed
  2122. «HTBK» "Stand back from the door, if you would. Is everyone dressed up proper?"
  2123. «Sleight of Hand» "Beatrice, calm down, I highly doubt there gonna give you a knife so you'll have to live with it." *Luke grumbles as he struggles into his jeans* "NO!" He calls to the door.
  2124. «Globebutt» That is not a razor my my behind. I can feel something back there. This quarantine was a bad idea, and I knew it.
  2125. «Puck» I try to blink the sleep from my eyes, and for the second time in two days make the mistake of trying to rub them
  2126. «Mr.Jared» "What are you talking about?"
  2127. «Globebutt» s/razor my/rabbit on/
  2128. «Writefag4» "Give them a moment." I call back. I slept in my clothes.
  2129. «HTBK» *Hooves, Puck.*
  2130. «HTBK» *Still infected.*
  2131. «HTBK» *Still thinking.*
  2132. «Puck» "AAAaaaaghhh!" I leap back from my hoof in fear, landing on egg
  2133. «Mr.Jared» "HEY! WHATS GOIN ON!"
  2134. «Globebutt» I rush to the door. "Do you have a razor!?"
  2135. «HTBK» *You know you cry sometimes when you're lying in bed~*
  2136. «SpitFire» *I turn around* "what happened?!"
  2137. «Sleight of Hand» "Everyone stop yelling, it's too fucking early!" He says as he buttons up his shirt.
  2138. «Mr.Jared» "You dont carry a razor Beat?"
  2139. «O-O-T-N» *Upon seeing Globe's predicament and having a good smirk, Tele checks herself for any changes*
  2140. «Globebutt» The posters, they all said to shave it. It'll make it better.
  2141. «HTBK» "One moment, ma'am. Stand back!"
  2142. «HTBK» *Nothing new, Oot.*
  2143. «Egg_Discord» "OW! WHAT?! WHAT'S GOING ON!?" I shout, confused and scared
  2144. «Globebutt» Thank providence.
  2145. «Mr.Jared» "Here. take mine for now..."
  2146. «Mr.Jared» *hands hand razor*
  2147. «Mr.Jared» "Never leave home without"
  2148. «Globebutt» "...Thank you."
  2149. «Globebutt» ...Now, where's a mirror?
  2150. «HTBK» *Globe?*
  2151. «O-O-T-N» Well, thats a relief.
  2152. «Mr.Jared» "sorry, i dotn carry a mirror with me though"
  2153. «HTBK» *Jared?*
  2154. «Mr.Jared» (?)
  2155. «HTBK» *Nix on that, laddies.*
  2156. «Mr.Jared» (?)
  2157. «Puck» "AAaaghgh!" I stumble away from egg, landing on the floor.
  2158. «HTBK» *Whoever stole your watch stole your shaving knife.*
  2159. «Mr.Jared» (alright)
  2160. «Globebutt» Oh, turdbuckets.
  2161. «Mr.Jared» "wait..."
  2162. «Mr.Jared» "Damn it, they took my razor too, those god damn..."
  2163. «Mr.Jared» "Who does that anyways"
  2164. «HTBK» "...Are you all dressed *now*?"
  2165. «Mr.Jared» *sigh*
  2166. «SpitFire» (I'm to go get some sleep guys. Good night)
  2167. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke groans and walks to Eric and Puck. Picking them both up by the scruff's of their necks. "Both of you, stop yelling, you're ponies. We get it." He dropped them back on the bed. "Apart from the ponies we are!"
  2168. «Globebutt» "As dressed as I can be."
  2169. «Mr.Jared» *grab something from cooler*
  2170. «Globebutt» (Night.)
  2171. «Mr.Jared» "I am"
  2172. «HTBK» (Gnight.)
  2173. «Puck» I lay on the floor, panting, trying to compose myself.
  2174. «SpitFire» (HT I'll leave my character in your tursting hands for the night)
  2175. «Mr.Jared» "You ok, err edger right?"
  2176. «Egg_Discord» "...Oh yeah. I kinda forgot that. I was just screaming at something falling on me, though,"
  2177. «Sleight of Hand» "That would be the other pony, Eric, he decided to share your bed."
  2178. «Mr.Jared» (BTW, HTBK, what is still in my pockets?)
  2179. «Egg_Discord» "...He did?"
  2180. «Mr.Jared» (besised the 2 things a man always should carry)
  2181. «Sleight of Hand» "Well he started out lying on my chest, so I'd say this was better."
  2182. «Egg_Discord» "Yeah, that would cause both of you problems."
  2183. «HTBK» *With a grunt, the guard switches the lock and opens up the door. It frames a man in the blue-and-gold colors of the crown, who is covered from head to toe; his face is hidden by a gas mask. At his side he wears a sword--the symbol of an officer. A moment later another man steps inside--and contrarily, this one is naked from the waist up, and wearing nothing more than an elaborate web of tattoos.*
  2184. «Puck» "I'm sorry, I just, it looked warmer then the floor, and I thought we should keep ourselves away from everyone else."
  2185. «HTBK» "Good morning."
  2186. «Mr.Jared» "Hello there sirs"
  2187. «Egg_Discord» "...Can I be scared now, Luke?"
  2188. «Writefag4» I take a step back.
  2189. «O-O-T-N» "Morning." *Tala gets out of bed and approaches the door*
  2190. «Egg_Discord» (I'm tempted to call you Cold Hand Luke at some point, Hand)
  2191. «Sleight of Hand» "You can be scared now, Eric.'
  2192. «Puck» I notice the two of them, and back against a wall near the cot I slept in
  2193. «Globebutt» "Good morning, sirs. ...Did one of you have a razor?"
  2194. «HTBK» *When the tattooed man speaks, it sounds just like you'd expect from a man of his appearance--bald, green-eyed, dark-skinned, and apparently fresh from bench-pressing a tank.*
  2195. «Egg_Discord» "Good, because this looks like something straight out of a nightmare."
  2196. «Globebutt» (>mfw tanks in Dark London)
  2197. «HTBK» *In case it isn't clear, he sounds fucking horrifying.*
  2198. «Sleight of Hand» (Why?) *Luke makes a certain point to stay close to the two ponies,* "Actually mine looked more like you than them"
  2199. «HTBK» "Razor?"
  2200. «Puck» (I got that thanks HT)
  2201. «Mr.Jared» "goes over and stands by Luke"
  2202. «HTBK» *The officer looks at you, Globe. His voice is muffled, but he sounds decent enough.*
  2203. «Mr.Jared» **
  2204. «Globebutt» "Yes. A razor." I tug on my hair. "For shaving."
  2205. «HTBK» *He nods and steps inside, shutting the door behind him.*
  2206. «O-O-T-N» *Tala cant help but giggle to herself softly*
  2207. «Egg_Discord» (Sleight of Hand is you name, and there's a prison movie called Cold Hand Luke where the titular character earns the name from being damn good at cards)
  2208. «HTBK» "I have my sword. good on you for remembering the lessons, citizen.*
  2209. «HTBK» (I think you mean "Cool hand"?)
  2210. «Mr.Jared» "Also, do you have anything in the ways of dyes?"
  2211. «Egg_Discord» (I think you're right, HT. It's been a few years since I've seen that one)
  2212. «Sleight of Hand» "I'd ask the same, but I'm a bit too hairy for it to be worth shaving now."
  2213. «SpitFire» left the chat.
  2214. «Sunfire» left the chat.
  2215. «Mr.Jared» "blue just aint my color..."
  2216. «Sleight of Hand» (Heh heh, my character Sleight of hand has that name for being amazing at cards on another board :P)
  2217. «HTBK» "Good on the pair of you..."
  2218. «Sleight of Hand» "I think it suits me pretty well."
  2219. «HTBK» *Sleight, you are now reading him as Whaler #2 from dishonored.*
  2220. «Egg_Discord» "...At this point, I'm not sure shaving would do me much good. Any advice?"
  2221. «Sleight of Hand» (Huh?)
  2222. «HTBK» *While the tattooed man gazes you all with a watchful eye that borders on the hateful, the officer beckons that Globe come closer. Globe, roll fort.*
  2223. «Puck» (I was thinking about dishonered too, awesome)
  2224. «Sleight of Hand» (Wait, am I being related to someone from dishonoured or someone else?)
  2225. «Egg_Discord» I gesture to myself, indicating that I'm a full pony physically
  2226. «Egg_Discord» "Luke, can you put me down now? This is starting to hurt."
  2227. «Mr.Jared» "I dont know, maybe dress yourself up a tad?"
  2228. «Globebutt» (8. OOT, dammit.)
  2229. «Egg_Discord» I shoot Peter a death glare
  2230. «Sleight of Hand» (He put them down ages ago)
  2231. «Egg_Discord» (Oh)
  2232. «Mr.Jared» "Jokes damn it..."
  2233. «Mr.Jared» "learn to love them"
  2234. «Writefag4» I sit down. I just wish the'd do whatever they're going to do.
  2235. «HTBK» *You know, Globe, it's okay. Something inside you shudders at the idea of losing your newfound tail. After a moment, the officer seathes his sword. Roll PON.*
  2236. «Sleight of Hand» "Oh that reminds me, Peter wanted me to apologize to you on his behalf for him being a pony perv'
  2237. «HTBK» *After a moment, the tattooed man shakes his head disapprovingly.
  2238. «Globebutt» (3)
  2239. «HTBK» "You are all strange."
  2240. «Mr.Jared» "I am still wondering about that dye though"
  2241. «Sleight of Hand» "This coming from a man who belongs in side show alley at the circus." Sometimes Luke doesn't know when to shut up
  2242. «Puck» "I know sir. Can you help us anyway?"
  2243. «Globebutt» Something more than inside me shudders. /I/ shudder.
  2244. «HTBK» *I hope that he doesn't take it upon himself to sing: he might hit the brown note.*
  2245. «Globebutt» "I... maybe I... maybe I don't need a trim that badly..."
  2246. «HTBK» "Hm. Maybe."
  2247. «HTBK» *The tattooed man points at Puck.*
  2248. «Writefag4» "We ask for this." I say dismissively. "Now they said something yesterday about a handler?"
  2249. «HTBK» "You. Here. Now."
  2250. «Egg_Discord» "...Apology accepted, provided that he keeps his hands to himself"
  2251. «Puck» I step forward, keeping my head low.
  2252. «HTBK» "They did."
  2253. «HTBK» *The man gets down on one knee and extends his hand.*
  2254. «HTBK» "Here."
  2255. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke chuckles to himself at Eric's response.(
  2256. «Mr.Jared» "I will try my best Eric"
  2257. «Mr.Jared» "Except..."
  2258. «Egg_Discord» "Thank you. You can make it up to me by letting me have a bed at the next chance we get. That was my first time sleeping in a bed in five years."
  2259. «Mr.Jared» "one thing,,,"
  2260. «Egg_Discord» "Hmm." I turn to him, scared of this provision
  2261. «Puck» I walk towards the hand, and pause with my head just below it
  2262. «Mr.Jared» "Your wings... May i examine them?"
  2263. «O-O-T-N» "Five years?" *Tala sounds skeptical. As if anyone could stand to sleep on the ground for that long.*
  2264. «Sleight of Hand» "And I thought I was the one who couldn't keep his mouth shut."
  2265. «Egg_Discord» "..." I open them up. "LOOK. Don't touch."
  2266. «Mr.Jared» "Just looking, i promise no touching"
  2267. «HTBK» *Puck, the tattooed man presses his hand down on your forehead. For a moment, you feel your hair stand up on edge, and a curious unnamable fire arcs down your back.*
  2268. «HTBK» "...Hm..."
  2269. «HTBK» *The man narrows his eyes.*
  2270. «Mr.Jared» -Such, color...-
  2271. «Mr.Jared» "Its. strange, seeing a small winged horse"
  2272. «Mr.Jared» "Takes a moment to make it seem real"
  2273. «Puck» "ahhh, oww... What is it?"
  2274. «Mr.Jared» "..."
  2275. «Mr.Jared» "Thank you Eric"
  2276. «Writefag4» (I just realized. My talent is going to be particularly useless underground. I doubt my character has ever seen snow.)
  2277. «Egg_Discord» I close my wings back up. "Don't mention it."
  2278. «HTBK» *The tattooed man doesn't reply, and points to Globe."
  2279. «HTBK» "Here."
  2280. «Globebutt» "...Yes?"
  2281. «Mr.Jared» "How have you been feeling the past few days" *motions to Luke* Both of you...
  2282. «Puck» I shuffle to the side.
  2283. «HTBK» *He extends his hand.*
  2284. «HTBK» "Take my hand."
  2285. «Egg_Discord» "About as fine as a homeless guy can feel. Struggling, but manageable."
  2286. «Mr.Jared» "more like past day, but whatever"
  2287. «Sleight of Hand» "Meh... My skin seems to be more sensitive since I was infected."
  2288. «Globebutt» I grab his hand.
  2289. «HTBK» *For a moment, you feel the tingle of static electricity in your palm, Globe. And then he growls again.*
  2290. «Mr.Jared» "May I examine your arm as well Luke? I want to understand this all"
  2291. «Globebutt» I give him in inquisitive look.
  2292. «Mr.Jared» "And what better way is observations"
  2293. «HTBK» "This is strange."
  2294. «Sleight of Hand» "Yeah sure why not..." *He walks over to his friend, stripping off his jacket and rolling up the sleeve of his black shirt.*
  2295. «Globebutt» "What is it?"
  2296. «Mr.Jared» *examines arm, running fingers over it*
  2297. «HTBK» "Good news and bad news."
  2298. «Mr.Jared» "Can you feel this?"
  2299. «Puck» I back away from him, going to eric and company, "I don't think this is going to be as easy to fix as we had hoped."
  2300. «HTBK» *damn skippy you can feel it, Sleight.*
  2301. «Egg_Discord» (Good news is that we're naming a disease after you!)
  2302. «Globebutt» (Hurray!)
  2303. «Puck» (thats not good at all!)
  2304. «Sleight of Hand» *He might notice his friend smirking and suppressing a chuckle, though under the fur his cheeks turn the slightest bit red.* "Feels kinda good..."
  2305. «Mr.Jared» "Let me try a little lighter now..."
  2306. «Mr.Jared» *begins to only touch the fur*
  2307. «Mr.Jared» "How about now?"
  2308. «HTBK» *Roll fort, Sleight.*
  2309. «Sleight of Hand» (9)
  2310. «Mr.Jared» (im sorry)
  2311. «HTBK» *Ooooh shit sweet spot sweet spot oh god yes. You fall backwards onto the bed, your legs twitching.*
  2312. «HTBK» *Roll PON.*
  2313. «Sleight of Hand» (8)
  2314. «Mr.Jared» "Luke!"
  2315. «Calc» joined the chat.
  2316. «Mr.Jared» "What the hell is going on luke!?"
  2317. «O-O-T-N» *Has been watching the proceedings with a growing sense of dread.*
  2318. «HTBK» *The tattooed man grunts and says, to nobody in particular.*
  2319. «HTBK» "Good news. You're not infected."
  2320. «O-O-T-N» "What?"
  2321. «HTBK» "Bad news. you're not infected."
  2322. «Mr.Jared» "!!"
  2323. «O-O-T-N» "What?"
  2324. «Sleight of Hand» *Waiting for Blowhards post on Luke*
  2325. «Mr.Jared» "What?"
  2326. «HTBK» "You're. Not...infected."
  2327. «Globebutt» "...So why do I have a tail?" I sit down... somewhere convenient.
  2328. «HTBK» "You're clean."
  2329. «Puck» "uhhhh. But if we're not infected.. why are we, like -this-?"
  2330. «Egg_Discord» "...Peter, I think you might want to stop touching people," I say, fearful but trying to remain optimistic
  2331. «HTBK» "I don't know. But you don't have the plague."
  2332. «Mr.Jared» "so that means?"
  2333. «O-O-T-N» "So.. That's good, right?"
  2334. «HTBK» "I don't know. Maybe you have a different kind of plague."
  2335. «Puck» "I suppose it would be pointless to ask if you're sure?"
  2336. «Egg_Discord» "If we're clean, then how come I'm this... Whatever I am?"
  2337. «Mr.Jared» "Luke, are, are you ok?"
  2338. «HTBK» "Or maybe something else has it out for you."
  2339. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke's still just kinda laying on the bed, lost in the sweet spot effect with onje of his legs kicking out. While his writer waits for HTBK to tell him the effects of the 8*
  2340. «HTBK» *No effects.*
  2341. «HTBK» *That is all.*
  2342. «HTBK» *Trust me, I'll tell you when.*
  2343. «Mr.Jared» "Luke..."
  2344. «Mr.Jared» -Oh Shit...-
  2345. «Mr.Jared» *smacks Luke*
  2346. «HTBK» *The GM takes a moment.*
  2347. «Mr.Jared» "Snap out of it!"
  2348. «Writefag4» (I'm going to leave early tonight. Sorry.)
  2349. «Globebutt» (Ciao.)
  2350. «Mr.Jared» (adeu)
  2351. «Sleight of Hand» (Oh okay) *Luke is slapped, Luke's leg is no longer twitching. Luke grabs Peter by the arm he was slapped with and glares* I blame you.
  2352. «Egg_Discord» (Night Write. Don't die this time)
  2353. «O-O-T-N» (aw, alright)
  2354. «Puck» (its okay write, well see you)
  2355. «Globebutt» has deleted a photo.
  2356. «Egg_Discord» "Alright, Peter, no more touching people, got it?"
  2357. «Mr.Jared» "Yea, probably for the best..."
  2358. «Puck» "Wait, so does that mean we don't have to worry about infecting people or not?"
  2359. «Mr.Jared» "But... this means,,,"
  2360. «Mr.Jared» *...
  2361. «Egg_Discord» "This means someone did this to us."
  2362. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke gets off the bed and pulls his shirt arm back down before throwing his jacket back on, pulling the hood up* "I think this means, it's a curse, not the plague"
  2363. «Egg_Discord» "Most likely whoever dragged us all to that cave."
  2364. «Mr.Jared» "Bert..."
  2365. «Egg_Discord» "...Bert?"
  2366. «Mr.Jared» "err, random thought"
  2367. «Mr.Jared» "Beatrice, you said you had a dream?"
  2368. «O-O-T-N» *Frowns and shudders slightly as she suddenly recalls her dream, and how pleasant it was.*
  2369. «HTBK» *Goodnight, Write.*
  2370. «HTBK» "I wouldn't risk it. Don't sneeze, kiss, copulate..."
  2371. «Mr.Jared» "Did anyone else have a dream?"
  2372. «Globebutt» "...Yes. I was with the..." I shudder. "It was like I was supposed..." I rest my head on a hand.
  2373. «Globebutt» "I'd rather not think about it."
  2374. «Mr.Jared» "Thats alright..."
  2375. «Sleight of Hand» "well, I don't have anyone anyway so that isn't a problem."
  2376. «Mr.Jared» "What do you mean Luke?"
  2377. «Puck» "I'll keep my distance then, but... what do we do now? Are we- can we leave?"
  2378. «Sleight of Hand» "He said we shouldn't risk kissing or fucking anyone, in case we infect em."
  2379. «Puck» >that's kinda... crass<
  2380. «HTBK» "Stay for a few hours more. I will send someone to collect you."
  2381. «Egg_Discord» "...I guess I'm good. Everyone I know is either dead or infected."
  2382. «Mr.Jared» "I think need to worry about us changing instead of others changing"
  2383. «HTBK» *And with that, the tattooed man and his buddy exit stage door.*
  2384. «Globebutt» No, don't leave me here...
  2385. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke sat down on the side of a bed*, "Beatrice, please stop complaining. You know we're not going to infect you any more because none of us really have the plague."
  2386. «Egg_Discord» "Yeah, and at least you have a home to go back to."
  2387. «Puck» To beatrice "Sorry, thought maybe they'd let us leave. Or you most-ly alright ones anyway."
  2388. «Mr.Jared» "But that means we have a much bigger issue then"
  2389. «Puck» "What I don't get is, who would do this to us? I don't think I have any enemies!"
  2390. «Sleight of Hand» "And what is that, Peter?"
  2391. «Globebutt» I pull up my tail and run it through my hands, once, quickly, before letting it flop back down on the bed. "Not sure I can go home looking like this."
  2392. «Egg_Discord» "The only people I see are the ones I pass on the street. The only reason they'd curse a poor boy like me is if they just felt especially evil, like puppy kicking evil."
  2393. «Mr.Jared» "Well, have you looked at yourself recently?"
  2394. «Sleight of Hand» "I don't exactly have a mirror, but yes; I know I'm all fluffy and cuddly now."
  2395. «Mr.Jared» "Thats the issue, you dont have the plague but you are still a pony..."
  2396. «Mr.Jared» "Why?"
  2397. «O-O-T-N» *Sighs and begins running her hands through her hair* "Only reason I can think of somebody doing this to somebody like me is just to kick my while I'm down."
  2398. «Puck» I pat egg on the back, "You've really gotten a bad hand'a cards in life, sorry."
  2399. «Sleight of Hand» "I'm not a full pony, I just have the fur and stuff, I probably have a tail to but I haven't really checked."
  2400. «Mr.Jared» "Well, if anything its good to now we are not infected..."
  2401. «Mr.Jared» "But where do we go from here?"
  2402. «Egg_Discord» "Well, at least I'm not dead or infected, Luke."
  2403. «Egg_Discord» "So I'm not totally out of luck, I guess."
  2404. «Sleight of Hand» "Welll, I highly doubt my boss will take you back. And good for you Eric."
  2405. «Globebutt» (How's my tail look, by the way?)
  2406. «Mr.Jared» (ugly)
  2407. «Egg_Discord» "Well, when you're broke and homeless, you have to find some way of keeping up your spirits.
  2408. «Mr.Jared» "Alright think..."
  2409. «Sleight of Hand» "I never said I was homeless and I have such a thing as savings..."
  2410. «Mr.Jared» -Who would want to do this to me?-
  2411. «Puck» "Thats.... thats a good outlook on life."
  2412. «Sleight of Hand» "Plus I have a rich bestie I can scab off. " He grins at Peter.
  2413. «Mr.Jared» -Have I pissed off any rich guys lately?-
  2414. «Egg_Discord» "I was referring to myself, Luke."
  2415. «Globebutt» (Up yours, Jared. My tail is fabulous.)
  2416. «Sleight of Hand» "Well why are you talking in 3rd person?"
  2417. «Mr.Jared» (sooner than you think globe)
  2418. «Mr.Jared» "Who?"
  2419. «HTBK» *Your tail is ugly.*
  2420. «HTBK» *Fix it.*
  2421. «Globebutt» But they took away the sword!
  2422. «HTBK» *Ribbons? A brush? Your fingers? I dunno.*
  2423. «Sleight of Hand» (Okay, so just asked HTBK, Luke does have a tail) "Eric, Peter."
  2424. «Egg_Discord» "That's not the point, Luke. Never mind."
  2425. «Egg_Discord» "What is it now?" I say to Luke
  2426. «Globebutt» None of them sharp enough!
  2427. «Mr.Jared» "yea?"
  2428. «Sleight of Hand» (Ignore that, I got confused)
  2429. «Puck» "Hmmm, okay I worked as an mechanics assistant, I could name most of the regulars at the shop, any of them sound familiar to any of you?" I rattle off a list of names
  2430. «Mr.Jared» "hmm"
  2431. «Globebutt» I doubt I've heard any of them, unless perhaps they're affluent business owners. I don't meddle much in my husband's work.
  2432. «Sleight of Hand» "I've worked part time in that fellow, Mr. Jeriston's, place. He runs a tailor shop uptown."
  2433. «O-O-T-N» "I'm just the daughter of some rich guy."
  2434. «O-O-T-N» "Or was anyway."
  2435. «Mr.Jared» "Ive worked in the higher end business and ive heard none of those names."
  2436. «Mr.Jared» "Hmm..."
  2437. «Mr.Jared» "Why would we be targets" Is the better question
  2438. «Puck» "I have no idea, I was as least hoping to find what we all had in common, if anything.."
  2439. «Egg_Discord» "That's a good question. An engineering student, a merchant's wife, a poor man, a rich man's daughter, what do any of that have in common?"
  2440. «Mr.Jared» "Lets find that out"
  2441. «O-O-T-N» "Well, would anyone miss us?"
  2442. «Sleight of Hand» "Well as far as I know I haven't done anything to piss off any wizards lately. Oh and Eric, I'm a tradee. I just do part-time jobs for whoever needs me."
  2443. «Globebutt» "...I certainly hope so!"
  2444. «Mr.Jared» "I might be missed..."
  2445. «O-O-T-N» "I was disowned."
  2446. «Egg_Discord» "No one would miss me."
  2447. «Mr.Jared» "hmm"
  2448. «Sleight of Hand» And... ... Really the only one's who would miss me are, Peter and... A few of the guys at the orphanage."
  2449. «Globebutt» If my husband's having an affair, now would NOT be the time to tell me.
  2450. «Mr.Jared» "This is leading us nowhere"
  2451. «Mr.Jared» "hmm"
  2452. «Mr.Jared» "Do any of you owe debt?"
  2453. «Puck» "I'd be missed until Mr. Riley found new help.."
  2454. «Sleight of Hand» "You do. To me. No I will not forget about that."
  2455. «Mr.Jared» "Luke, that is pocketchange... you will get your money..."
  2456. «Puck» "Uh, not really, I work for room and board."
  2457. «Sleight of Hand» "I'm 19 and live in an orphanage, it's not pocket change to me."
  2458. «Globebutt» "My husband buys things for me when I need them."
  2459. «Mr.Jared» "Ive invited you to come with my a million times Luke"
  2460. «Sleight of Hand» "No surprise there."
  2461. «Egg_Discord» "I have literally nothing, so I can't possibly owe anyone anything."
  2462. «Mr.Jared» "Damn it, we are getting nowhere!"
  2463. «Calc» left the chat.
  2464. «Mr.Jared» "hmm"
  2465. «Sleight of Hand» "Yeah and I do crash at your place sometimes, but I still don't want to owe you for that... But.... Maybe when we get out of here, I doubt the matron will elt me get anywhere near the orphanage now."
  2466. «Mr.Jared» "We will talk of this later, Luke"
  2467. «Mr.Jared» "Any crimes?"
  2468. «Sleight of Hand» "Yessir... Oh... What if... What if it wasn't that we were targets. We were just test subjects?"
  2469. «Mr.Jared» "..., go on..."
  2470. «Puck» "A random batch of the populace? sounds more like it."
  2471. «Mr.Jared» "hmm, makes more sense "
  2472. «Mr.Jared» "But a test for something like this?" "Why?"
  2473. «Sleight of Hand» "Well, we're from a broad range of places and positions in society, none of us are too alike. Maybe it's... I don't know. Someone has come up with a vaccine for the plague, and we're not going barmy because we've got that version of it. like the vaccine didn't fully work and infected us but has stopped it going all the way. So they left us in the caves because it didn't work."
  2474. «Egg_Discord» "That definitely makes more sense than anything else we've come up with. But how did they take us ALL out of our resting places at night. Surely somebody noticed."
  2475. «Puck» "Well, it's a strain of the plague that the handlers cant fix, that's something."
  2476. «Puck» "But then, it doesn't seem to be as fast acting..."
  2477. «Mr.Jared» "What if, Eric, it was the government itself"
  2478. «Sleight of Hand» "Well that's kind of what I'm thinking."
  2479. «Globebutt» "...Why not just kill us, Luke?"
  2480. «Egg_Discord» I jump on Peter, shutting him up
  2481. «Mr.Jared» "It also seems that it is trigured by-hey!"
  2482. «Egg_Discord» "Are you trying to get us killed right now? You can't just say stuff like that right where the guards can hear us! Keep it down!"
  2483. «Sleight of Hand» "...Maybe the experiment is still going on, and they want to see how long we last until we fully turn. And Eric, get off Peter before he starts feeling you up again."
  2484. «Mr.Jared» "Jesus-fine just get off!"
  2485. «Puck» "If they killed us, they couldn't see how their new plague worked. This could be bad. Like really bad. If it can't be treated, and the anti-crown movement gets its hands on it...."
  2486. «Egg_Discord» "Right," I say as I climb off of him.
  2487. «Mr.Jared» "God, its like being attacked by a fluffy pillow..."
  2488. «Mr.Jared» "one filled with rage"
  2489. «Mr.Jared» "Now where was i?"
  2490. «Mr.Jared» "Oh yea"
  2491. «Egg_Discord» "Keep in mind that even though no one will notice my death, someone WILL notice yours."
  2492. «Sleight of Hand» "No this is like being attacked by a fluffy pillow" *He tossed his pillow at Peters head*
  2493. «Mr.Jared» "The effects seem to be triggered by- hey!"
  2494. «Sleight of Hand» "Hne heh heh."
  2495. «Mr.Jared» "Seriously?"
  2496. «O-O-T-N» *Giggles to herself, still sitting on her bed.*
  2497. «Sleight of Hand» "Sorry... Sorry... Just letting off some steam."
  2498. «Puck» "Heehhahaah," I snigger into my hoof
  2499. «Mr.Jared» *recomposes self*
  2500. «Mr.Jared» "Anyways"
  2501. «Mr.Jared» "The effects seem to be triggered by stimulation"
  2502. «Puck» "True."
  2503. «Sleight of Hand» "Like how I collapsed when you stroked me."
  2504. «Mr.Jared» "Like when i Pet Eric or Luke, it effects them"
  2505. «Mr.Jared» "exactly"
  2506. «Sleight of Hand» ... "I don't like the idea that I've now been petted by you..."
  2507. «Mr.Jared» "Dont think about it too much"
  2508. «Sleight of Hand» "I'll do my best."
  2509. «Mr.Jared» "Aw will I..."
  2510. «Sleight of Hand» "Back to the issue."
  2511. «Mr.Jared» "So anyone else think of something?"
  2512. «Mr.Jared» "Yea Luke?"
  2513. «Sleight of Hand» "Well, notice how people reacted when that guy told them to come to him, they seemed to submit to him. It seems the plague gives us some weird cuddly complex, like how Eric was rubbing against my leg when I patted his head."
  2514. «Globebutt» "...But they said this wasn't the plague."
  2515. «Mr.Jared» "It seems to change the mind to make it more of a give in mentality "
  2516. «Sleight of Hand» "Infection, we're changing. Whatever."
  2517. «Egg_Discord» "Like that creepy guy said, It could be a similar affliction."
  2518. «Mr.Jared» "like I could make you bend to my will, by tricking your mind to reverting to pony behavior"
  2519. «Mr.Jared» "Scary thoughts i tell you"
  2520. «Sleight of Hand» It seems to have the same symptoms, but its slower and doesn't make us stupid animals. I mean the full ponies can still think for t.... Yeah what Peter said. Don't you dare try that on me... I will go for the balls."
  2521. «Mr.Jared» "Never said I would Luke, Do you realy think id stoke that low on you or anyone?"
  2522. «Puck» I eye him a tad nervously....
  2523. «Sleight of Hand» ".... Depends how drunk you are. I've seen you smashed. I've carried you home, smashed."
  2524. «Mr.Jared» "Now come on Luke, why would i want to hurt that adorable ass face?"
  2525. «Sleight of Hand» "Which I'm now tempted to butt you with."
  2526. «Puck» (adorable ass-face)
  2527. «Mr.Jared» (shatup)
  2528. «Globebutt» (adorable ass-face butt)
  2529. «Mr.Jared» "Now you see"
  2530. «Mr.Jared» "You resisted the lure"
  2531. «Mr.Jared» "But what if i go on to talk about the tail, the silky coat, the plush fur..."
  2532. «Globebutt» "You shouldn't."
  2533. «Sleight of Hand» .... (Not sure if I should take roll here...)
  2534. «Mr.Jared» "All those things are triggers it seems"
  2535. «HTBK» *I'm gonna go with...nah.*
  2536. «Egg_Discord» "Let's not discuss such things. Most important is getting ourselves back to normal."
  2537. «Mr.Jared» "As they all are connected with pet mentality"
  2538. «Sleight of Hand» "Coat and fur are one in the same, but I don't mind the flattery."
  2539. «Mr.Jared» "Don't you get it?"
  2540. «Sleight of Hand» "Hmn?"
  2541. «Mr.Jared» "What we are infected with causes us to turn into someone's plaything!"
  2542. «Puck» "Yeah, what about me and Eric? Just resisting doesn't help us get back."
  2543. «Sleight of Hand» ... "Well that gives us another perspective on why someone would do this to us."
  2544. «Puck» *swallows hard* "What to--- keep us?"
  2545. «Mr.Jared» "I think it works physicality then mentally"
  2546. «Mr.Jared» "Turn you pony them make you think like a pet pony"
  2547. «Sleight of Hand» "That cave could've been... A pen... And we were meant to wait for our new owners to show up."
  2548. «Mr.Jared» "Exactly"
  2549. «Mr.Jared» "Before you know it, we will be so mentally degraded we will need someone to call a master"
  2550. «Egg_Discord» "Good thing we got out of there, huh?"
  2551. «Sleight of Hand» "Now that's a disturbing thought..."
  2552. «Mr.Jared» "yea..."
  2553. «Puck» *shudder*
  2554. «Mr.Jared» "Then, if it works like i think it does..."
  2555. «HTBK» *You know, someone could get off on something like that. Thank God there's nobody so disgusting in here.*
  2556. «Globebutt» (...Suddenly wondering why this event wasn't in the encyclopedia...)
  2557. «Puck» (cough again)
  2558. «Sleight of Hand» "What's our full theory then, Peter? Since you and I have apparently been promoted to unofficial leaders."
  2559. «Puck» (its a conspiracy globe!)
  2560. «Globebutt» (Fucking Encyclopedia Americana.)
  2561. «Mr.Jared» "I think we are being turned into someones play things"
  2562. «Sleight of Hand» But who's? Who could still get to us now?
  2563. «HTBK» *Encyclopedias hate the underclass?*
  2564. «O-O-T-N» "Why would they just leave us in a cave to fend for ourselves then?"
  2565. «Egg_Discord» "If that's the case, we better tell each other a little about ourselves in case one of us starts to go mentally."
  2566. «Globebutt» (But I'm not underclass!)
  2567. «Mr.Jared» "Either experimental or pre-planned"
  2568. «Globebutt» (...Maybe they never find me? Ohgodbadend.)
  2569. «Egg_Discord» "That way, someone can remind ourselves of who we are so that we don't become said play things."
  2570. «Sleight of Hand» "I think, Eric, might have the right idea there."
  2571. «Puck» "I'm liking this idea!"
  2572. «Egg_Discord» "SO who wants to go first?"
  2573. «Mr.Jared» "yea, we need to work together to stay sane"
  2574. «Sleight of Hand» "I'll go first I spose."
  2575. «Mr.Jared» "Il go"
  2576. «Mr.Jared» "u 1st"
  2577. «Globebutt» (After this, can we to bed? It's 2:40.)
  2578. «Sleight of Hand» "Hmn... Well, I'm Luke Chaplain, I work for whoever will take me, grew up in the orphanage off Sooten Avenue. My mother was a whore and my father was an aristocrat and the both of them abandoned me. Peter and I are old mates. An'... That's about it."
  2579. «Mr.Jared» "hmm"
  2580. «Mr.Jared» "I guess il go"
  2581. «Mr.Jared» "Names Peter Penson, sub owner of some of the shops in the market district, or was until i was forced out, now i co-own a small shot and manage to get by on that, what a shame, I Like trying to get back to what i once was. Luke is like a brother to me... Family long gone..."
  2582. «Sleight of Hand» *Luke smiles a bit*
  2583. «Egg_Discord» "I think I'll go next"
  2584. «Egg_Discord» "My name is Eric Sorlan. I grew up in a poor household. Never knew my father, my mother struggled to make ends meet. She died about five years ago, forcing me to live on the streets since I couldn't find work for so long... I own nothing except the clothes on my back and I am looking for any opportunities to improve the quality of my life."
  2585. «Sleight of Hand» "Well you've got us around now, so I guess that's an improvement."
  2586. «Mr.Jared» "Dang son..."
  2587. «Puck» "that's rough..."
  2588. «Egg_Discord» "At this point in my life, anything's an improvement."
  2589. «Sleight of Hand» "Even being a pony...? I mean I guess you could get someone to look out for you looking like that. Okay, your turn Edgar."
  2590. «Globebutt» I have to wonder if he means that, horrible horse-beast he is.
  2591. «Globebutt» (Oh, fuck you, Sleight.)
  2592. «O-O-T-N» "I suppose I could go next."
  2593. «Puck» "Well, you know I work in a mechanics shop, it's owned by a man namned Mr. Riley, I live in the loft above it, my parents sent me off to learn a trade when I was 10, and that was 6 years ago, haven't seen them much since." I shrug. "Oh, and I used to be a boy, a bit short, still got my brown hair, but its a bit longer than I'd like."
  2594. «Sleight of Hand» Damn... Gender change is rough. And I'm saying that as a big blue fluffy bastard with a tail."
  2595. «Mr.Jared» "wow, you make me feel horrible, me having a easier life that you all combined..."
  2596. «Globebutt» (nobody prompt me for a few; I gotta go visit my friend John)
  2597. «Sleight of Hand» "Mine isn't that rough... The orphanage was a nice enough place to live and you always dragged me out of trouble when I got in too deep."
  2598. «O-O-T-N» "I'm Tala Yorden. I'm the heir to the Yorden trading empire. Or I was, before I made a series of very stupid mistakes and was disowned. I've been living off my savings for the past couple weeks, trying to figure out what to do next."
  2599. «Puck» "Yeah, I like Mr. Riley, he's stern, but the work is good."
  2600. «O-O-T-N» "Not much more to it than that."
  2601. «Sleight of Hand» "Heir to an empire... I bet you still have plenty of savings though."
  2602. «Sleight of Hand» (Anyway, I think I'm gonna go for a bath)
  2603. «O-O-T-N» "Quite a bit, yes."
  2604. «Puck» "Hmm, big loss for you there then miss, sorry to hear it."
  2605. «Mr.Jared» "But what did you do to be disowned?"
  2606. «Egg_Discord» "Sorry about you being disowned. Hopefully you've adjusted to your new life... seamlessly." I say, trying to sound sympathetic.
  2607. «Sleight of Hand» (I'll be back in an hour or so if anyones still up then.)
  2608. «Mr.Jared» "..."
  2609. «Mr.Jared» "Beatrice?"
  2610. «Puck» (John may still hold her attention)
  2611. «Egg_Discord» (Globe's gone for a bit)
  2612. «Mr.Jared» "Hmm, well, guess i feel good"
  2613. «Mr.Jared» Knowing i got all these people with me now
  2614. «Mr.Jared» "by my side"
  2615. «Mr.Jared» "by their sides"
  2616. «Puck» I nod
  2617. «Globebutt» "Yes. I'm Beatrice." (Back from visiting John. He's the best at putting up with all kinds of shit.)
  2618. «Puck» (oh you stinker)
  2619. «Puck» (what a potty mouth, honestly)
  2620. «Globebutt» (Oh, piss off.)
  2621. «Puck» (oh, well, those were in loo of something worse)
  2622. «Puck» (I'll stop.)
  2623. «Sleight of Hand» left the chat.
  2624. «Globebutt» "Beatrice Withers. Married to Daniel Withers for nearly seven years now. He runs a general store near the main square. We've been trying to have kids, but... nothing yet."
  2625. «Egg_Discord» "Well, I hope you two have a happy family together. Assuming we get out of this unchanged."
  2626. «Globebutt» I most definitely do not want to have plague-ridden horse children.
  2627. «Mr.Jared» "unlikely..."
  2628. «Mr.Jared» "then again what do i know..."
  2629. «Puck» its a good thing I didnt hear that, I'm just starting to look up about this whole thing
  2630. «Globebutt» I frown angrily at Peter.
  2631. «Mr.Jared» "Its not like i married to some sex crazed horse..."
  2632. «Globebutt» I slap Peter.
  2633. «Mr.Jared» "OW!"
  2634. «Puck» "heehehehe"
  2635. «Globebutt» I retreat wordlessly to a remote corner of the barracks.
  2636. «Egg_Discord» "Hey, hey. break it up you two."
  2637. «HTBK» *The GM thinks he totally had that one coming.*
  2638. «Mr.Jared» *sigh* "We can figure this out..."
  2639. «Egg_Discord» "We're all in the same boat right now, so like it or not, we're stuck with each other for a while and we need to try to get along for the sake of our sanity."
  2640. «Mr.Jared» -...What would i do if i turned...?-
  2641. «Puck» "Yeah, its all -some- of us have left."
  2642. «Globebutt» I am having nothing to do with this mannerless... hoodlum.
  2643. «Writefag4» (Back but I don't feel like stepping in if we're ending soon.)
  2644. «Globebutt» And want nothing much to do with anyone else, either.
  2645. «Puck» (I have no idea)
  2646. «Mr.Jared» "Hey! I have a opinion too, ya know~"
  2647. «Globebutt» (But yeah, now'd be a good time to stop.)
  2648. «Mr.Jared» (3:00)
  2649. «Puck» (resume when the guards come to claim out immortal souls?)
  2650. «Egg_Discord» "I suppose turning into a pony and never seeing your husband again is a better alternative, Beatrice?"
  2651. «Egg_Discord» (Yeah, we should pause here.)
  2652. «Mr.Jared» (sleep is good)
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