Jan 23rd, 2022 (edited)
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  1. answer_yes = ["Yes", "Y", "yes", "y"]
  2. answer_no = ["No", "N", "no", "n"]
  3. answer_fp = ["fp", "FP"]
  4. answer_continue = ["continue"]
  6. print("""
  7. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
  9. \nYou are standing outside of the jedi temple and you see a sith knight running towards you and asking if you want to join him.
  11. Will you join him? (Yes / No)
  12. """)
  14. while True:
  15.     ansa = input(">>")
  17.     if ansa in answer_yes:
  18.         print("\nAfter 1:20 minutes, the jedi come to your location, and ask you whether or not the sith is in the temple or not. Will you say (Yes / No)\n")
  19.         while True:
  20.             ansb = input(">>")
  22.             if ansb in answer_yes:
  23.                 print("\nYou aided a sith knight. The jedi go into the jedi temple and defeat the sith knight. You have turned to the dark side and you lost the game.")
  24.                 quit()
  26.             elif ansb in answer_no:
  27.                 print("\nYou help a sith knight. You have turned to the dark side. GAME OVER")
  28.                 quit()
  30.             else:
  31.                 print("\nWrong input.")
  32.                 continue
  33.     elif ansa in answer_no:
  34.         print("\nNow, the sith knight ignites his flaming sword. Will, you ignite your flaming sword and fight him? (Yes / No)\n")
  35.         while True:  
  36.             ansc = input(">>")
  38.             if ansc in answer_yes:
  39.                 print("\nYou ignite your flaming sword and fight with the sith knight. The flaming swords clash against each other. You see the sith knight about to use the Force. To use additional Force powers against the sith knight, type fp. To continue using your current fighting technique, type continue.")
  40.                 break
  42.             elif ansc in answer_no:
  43.                 print("\nSorry jedi knight. The sith knight kills you with his flaming sword. GAME OVER")
  44.                 quit()
  46.             else:
  47.                 print("\nWrong input.")
  48.                 continue
  49.     else:
  50.         print("\nWrong input.")
  51.         continue
  52.     while True:          
  53.         ansd = input(">>")
  55.         if ansd in answer_fp:
  56.             print("\nYou use the Force and shoot earth like lightning from the flaming sword which defeats the sith knight. The Force will always be with you through the Voice of the Force! You have won the game!")
  57.             quit()
  58.         elif ansd in answer_continue:
  59.             print("\nYou continue using just the flaming sword and no additional Force powers. The sith knight uses dark side lightning with his flaming sword stabbing you causing you to die. The sith knight says to you during the fight: Serpentine Teufel has been avenged! End of transmission. GAME OVER")
  60.             quit()
  61.         else:
  62.             print("nWrong input.")
  63.             continue        
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