Cake Crazy

Jul 29th, 2015
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  1. Canyon Frost looked at his receipt as he sat down. A concerned expression consumed his face as he nervously tapped the table beside him.
  3. “We will call you up when your order is ready.” Mrs. Cake said nervously trying to reassure her customer. She had forgotten to fill out Mr. Frost's order from last week, and today was the day he needed it. He wanted a heart shaped birthday cake. Somehow she had overlooked the order and she needed it done right away. She ran back into the kitchen with the order form.
  5. “Pinkie Pie! I need this cake stat... Pinkie Pie?”
  7. Mrs. Cake looked around to see no-pony in her kitchen.
  9. “Pinkie Pie, this isn't time for fun and games. We need to fill this...”
  11. She stopped. Ever so slightly she heard the sound of giggling. But where was it coming from?
  13. “Come on out, Pinkie Pie.”
  15. Mrs. Cake paused as she was used to the usual Pinkie Pie pranks.
  17. “Yeah, come on out, Rainbow Dash.” Whispered a voice inside a cupboard, followed by shoving, then pushing, then full out playful fighting. Moments later Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie came crashing out of a cupboard and tumbled on the floor.
  18. “I like Soarin' you ninny!” Rainbow Dash shoved Pinkie to the floor.
  20. “And I like cheese sandwiches, but you don't see me complaining.” Pinkie giggled and snorted as she looked up at, Rainbow Dash.
  22. Mrs. Cake rolled her eyes as she watched the two friends try to out jest one another.
  24. “I really need this cake order done. With Mr. Cake away this weekend, I really need you to step up your game.”
  26. Pinkie Pie stopped her squabble and gave full attention to Mrs. Cake. Rainbow Dash continued to rib, Pinkie Pie.
  28. “I'm also real happy you brought a friend over today. She can help us fill out this order for kind, Mr. Frost. He is trying to impress a mare friend of his. So lets make this perfect. I need you two, to work on the frosting. It needs to be...”
  30. Rainbow Dash burped in her mouth and shook her head. Pinkie Pie twitched, snorted, then began laughing.
  32. “Try to be serious, girls. The frosting needs to be red.”
  34. Pinkie Pie tried to hold in more laughter as Rainbow Dash chuckled to herself.
  36. Mrs. Cake didn't seem too amused. “It is going to look like a heart. He is waiting outside, so lets hurry. I'm going to finish the filling and bottom half of the cake. You work on this top part.”
  38. Grabbing the top part of the cake, Pinkie smiled. She was going to do one of her favorite things, decorate a cake.
  40. “This cake totally needs some rainbow sprinkles.” Dash said as she grabbed a hoof-full and dangled them dangerously close to the cake top.
  42. Pinkie's eyes grew wide as she shoved, Rainbow Dash away. “NO! This cake has to be as the order guide said.” She held up the guide and then slapped a spoonful of red frosting on the cake.
  44. Dash quickly grew bored of watching Pinkie Pie and decided to pass the time by trying various candy toppings. She finally came to a jar of pop rock candy.
  46. “What is this?” Dash peered into the jar and looked inside at the colorful, granular, sugary, candies. She then stuck her snout to the tip of jar and took a big sniff. The sniff resulted in the tiny, sand-like candies, to waft into her nostrils, and burn.
  48. “Woah!” Rainbow Dash leaped backwards as she dropped the jar. Pop candy billowed as she sucked in more through her nostrils. The candy burned, and her nasal passage quickly became irritated. Her eyes water as she tried to rub her snout. Her chest began to puff out as she hitched each and every breath.
  50. “Huhhh . . . Heeeeyh . . . Heh . . . “
  52. Rainbow Dash's nostrils flared wide as her eyes squeezed shut and chest inflated outward. She desperately tried to press her nostrils closed but it was too late as the pop rocks continued to explode in her nose.
  54. “Hhhhhaasssshoooooooo!”
  56. Dash leaped forward as her rear legs kicked back, smacking into a shelf of flour. The cloud of pop candy shot forward towards, Pinkie Pie, who was witnessing the whole event unfold. She quickly wrapped her hooves around the cake and dived to the floor. A single pop rock would ruin her cake!
  58. Rainbow Dash blindly stepped back, her legs mismatching each step, as she continued to build up more sneezes. With the mixture of burning pop candy in her nose, and powdery flour tempting her nostrils, all she could do was sneeze.
  60. “Huh . . . Huh . . . HAAAASSSSHHHOOO!” She sneezed again with such force that she fell onto her butt.
  62. Pinkie Pie shielded her cake to the best of her abilities. She just hoped Mrs. Cake couldn't hear the commotion from the other room. Pinkie Pie felt the mist of Rainbow Dash's sneezes pelt her hair as she wrapped the cake up and began to move. Rainbow Dash was lifting her hoof under her nose again as she prepared for another walloping sneeze.
  64. “Ehhh . . . Hehhhh . . . Huh . . .” Hoof or no hoof, it was making no difference. The flour and pop rock candy had taken it's toll, and Rainbow Dash was in a full sneeze fit with no end in site.
  66. “AAAASSSHOOOOOOOooiiie! Huh . . . Asssshhhhoooo! Heh Heh . . . Haaaatttcchooo!”
  68. Rainbow Dash's sneezes forced her to slide backwards and bump the wall behind her. The little jolt was just enough to shake a reinforced hook holding a pot. The pot shook then dropped down onto Rainbow Dash's head making a loud ring as it bonked her.
  70. “Hhaaaaaahhhhhhh EESSSHOOOO!!!”
  72. Dash's sneeze rung aloud and echoed from inside the pot. The mist, mucus, and spit barraging her face. She had just enough time to open her eyes and give and expression of disgust as she placed the pot beside her. Before she could make another action, her nose twitched and her body prepared for another violent attack. She had no control of her movements as the urge to sneeze was too strong. Her nostrils flared violently as she raised her snout, sucking in as much air as her lungs could take.
  74. “Huhhhh . . . Huhhhhh . . .”
  76. Pinkie Pie's pupils shrunk as she got up, then quickly hunched back over the cake.
  78. “No Dashie! Hold it in! The cake, THE CAKE!”
  80. “HuuuyyeeeeaaaahhhhhhAAAAAASSSCCHHHHEEEWW!”
  82. Rainbow Dash sneezed as her rump slid up the wall and her face slid beneath her body, just to have it roll over her and flip in front of her. The force of the sneeze caused a mighty gust of wind as it blasted onto Pinkie Pie blowing some flour in her direction. Pinkie Pie's eyes were squeezed shut, but just enough flour managed to find it's way onto the tip of her nostril. If she merely sniffed, it would enter her nose.
  84. As Rainbow Dash was paused a moment trying to get out of her tangled mess, Pinkie Pie got up and ran to the other side of the kitchen counter with the cake, safe from the hurricane gales of Rainbow Dash's unfiltered sneezes.
  85. Pinkie Pie took a sigh of relief and wiped her forehead. “Whew” She then sniffed.
  87. Everything froze as Pinkie's tail sprung straight and her ears flung in various directions. One eye was big, the other was small, and a tingle shot down Pinkie's spine. The flour had entered her nostrils and were reeking havoc inside her. She regained composure to rub her nose and sniffle, but it only moved the flour deeper inside her nose. She squinted as her eyes began to fill with more water then all of Lake Altai. Her nostrils wiggled as her tongue curled and pressed against the side of her cheek. It happened faster then she could think.
  89. “Heeeeeeettcchhhhhheeeeeww!” Pinkie fired off a single sneeze right onto the cake as it blasted forward.
  91. Her eyes grew and everything moved in slow motion as the cake flew across the room. Pinkie leapt and yelled, “Nooooooooooooo!” She stretched her hoof as far as it could stretch but it wasn't enough as the cake splattered against the wall. Pinkie stopped mid leap, then fell to the floor with a thud. Sorrow filled her eyes as she had ruined the cake for kind, Mr. Frost, the coolest bachelor around.
  93. Rainbow Dash continued to blast out several more sneezes before finally grabbing her snout with both hooves and squeezing it. While squeezing, she sneezed a few more times, each sounding like a rubber ducky with a broken squeaker. She shook her head after the sneeze urges faded away and she looked up to see her friend distraught.
  95. There lay the pink pony, eyes tearing up, big frown, drooped ears, and defeated on he floor staring as a splattered cake.
  97. “Oh . . . uh . . . “ Rainbow Dash frowned as her ears lowered. She didn't like seeing her friend's project ruined.
  99. “The cake's ruined. We don't have time to make another one. What are we supposed to do, Dash?”
  101. Rainbow Dash thought a moment.
  103. “I have an idea.”
  105. Some time passed and Mr. Frost was still nervously sitting in Sugar Cube Corner's seating area. Mrs. Cake came through the double doors.
  107. “One heart shaped cake for a special some-pony!” She placed the perfectly made cake before him. His eyes sparkled as a big grin ran across his face. He quickly paid, grabbed the cake, and made a b-line to his special birthday event.
  109. Mrs. Cake walked back into the back room where Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were already cleaning up.
  111. “I don't even want to know what you two did in here, but as long as we had the cake done, and you are cleaning up after yourselves. I don't care.” Mrs. Cake took a deep breath then mumbled to herself, “I need a drink.” She walked out of the room.
  113. “Good thinking, Dash.”
  115. “Thanks.”
  117. “I for sure thought we were done for after the cake top was ruined. Good thing you flew to the grocery store real quick and picked up a cake. But how did you make the heart shape indents?” Pinkie tilted her head as she looked at her friend.
  119. Rainbow Dash closed her eyes and sighed. “Some things are best left unanswered, Pinkie Pie.” Rainbow Dash turned around and walked off to the fridge, cake crumbs scattered around her heart shaped dairy aire.
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