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  1. 5'9", somewhere north of 200 pounds at walking around weight, cuts to 195 for competition; he's very well built, with very low body fat percentage. Pretty handsome young man but I haven't settled on exact features. Ace wrestler on Cochise's team, been wrestling since he was a kid and wrestled for school teams his entire middle and high school career. When I say ace, I mean he's "won State two years in a row, probably at least one undefeated season, has won a tonne of tournaments and accolades" good. However, during the senior year season he was sidelined by an injury that kept him from competing the rest of his final year of high school - the scholarship offers haven't gone away, and the doctors say he will [i]probably[/i] be in competing shape again by the time he starts college, but he isn't feeling optimistic. He's not exactly a huge jerk by default (though that didn't stop him verbally giving Fenris' Ivy both barrels and dumping her in public when she finally pissed him off enough) but he does have a sense of bitterness at how the world is and definitely a bunch of ennui towards the city of Kingman, and wrestling was his pressure-release valve for a lot of his negative feelings - with it gone, people have probably noticed him getting much more openly bitter and short-tempered lately. He's always had a bit of a temper - he's the kid who sits in the back during American History and glowers at the teacher and gets a bit confrontational when offended by something - but it's getting more noticeable of late. He'll accept sympathy from people he knows but hates feeling like people are pitying him or looking down on him, so if he gets that vibe from someone he'll get a bit vitriolic about it; the thing is he tends to be prideful, and that kind of behaviour, to him, kind of rubs salt in the wound. Plus when he's got reason to be mad at you, you damn well know, one way or another.
  3. His guiding star is the urge to get the hell out of Kingman and make something of himself, and while he won't be actively rude to people just for living there if you know him it probably isn't hard to notice just how far from this place his sights are set; to be blunt, he hates the place and sees it as positively worthless. He tends to have a laser-like focus on whatever has caught his attention at the time, which is part of what led to his slightly obsessive nature re: his wrestling training that I mentioned up above - the other reasons for that, of course, being his drive to succeed and escape Kingman, the fact that he simply really likes the sport and wants to be as good at it as he can, and the lack of very much distracting him from it out in nearly the middle of nowhere. He's ambitious but doesn't want to fuck everyone else over just to get what he wants, and is a little divided on what he wants to do after high school - he wants to do something that will better himself, and part of him wants to leave America and never come back, but he'd also like to return now and then to do work that'd help out his community.
  5. Despite the fact his wrestling accomplishments have probably made him something of a local celebrity there (he's likely been covered in the [URL=]Kingman Daily Miner[/URL] as well as the [URL=]Navajo Times[/URL]), he doesn't see Kingman as his community, but the Navajo Nation that's a couple hours eastwards. Roderick is full-blooded Navajo/Diné, is proud of his heritage, and tries to stay as in touch with it as he can. He doesn't hate white people or anything but is definitely resentful of the whole colonialism thing and doesn't tolerate anything that could be interpreted as racism, stereotyping or disrespect, he's defensive of fellow people of colour in general but especially other Navajo and Native peoples as a whole; if he sees something that needs calling out he wastes no time doing so. This is part of why he couldn't give any less of a shit about his "local hero" status if he tried - he feels pretty damn sure that if he weren't such a good wrestler, the people of Kingman as a whole (which is in a particularly conservative, racist part of one of the most conservative, racist states in the Union) likely wouldn't treat him anywhere near as well as they do, though he does appreciate the attention and respect he gets, mostly from his peers. He can sometimes come off as a little humourless, and he does take life and the things he's passionate about pretty seriously, but he's decent to hang with - if a bit intense; he's aware he can come off as pretty intimidating - if you haven't actively annoyed him, with people he knows and gets on with he's more mellow, displaying a bit of a wry sense of humour and much more of a willingness to put up his feet and relax. He's very loyal towards those he sees as friends and comrades - he's pretty dedicated towards his fellow wrestlers for example - and while he'll still call them out when they're acting shitty, it's from more of a place of respect and understanding. More "come on, you know better" than "hey, fuck you." He doesn't give much of a damn about social hierarchies around school and is pretty willing to hang out with whomever as long as they're not complete assholes - he has a bit of a problem where once he considers a bridge burnt, it usually [i]stays[/i] burnt, but once you've got to know him enough for him to open up he's pretty chill and will go to war for the people he's close to.
  7. Interests other than wrestling: Rod's driven nature doesn't end off the mat, and once he's picked up an interest in something he tends to put everything he has into it. He likes to drive around, since he finds it relaxing but also the focus on the road keeps his mind turning, and enjoys video games, especially fighters and action games, for similar reasons even though he's terrible at a lot of them - it lets him relax and burn off some stress while his mind and reflexes still need to be active. He enjoys working out and such but has to be careful with what he actually does due to the injury, of course. He's fond of reading, mostly literary fiction and especially prefers POC authors but some genre stuff is fine too and he's not going to refuse to read a book just because of the race of its author; he finds what one can do with the written word when one really tries beautiful. Since the injury he's been trying his hand at writing, but hasn't progressed much further than submitting some short stories to magazines in the area and outlining a couple book projects. That said he won't hesitate to give an HP Lovecraft or Robert E. Howard both barrels. Some of his friends have probably given him a mild interest in film but he's not like, super knowledgeable about what makes the medium tick.  Musically he prefers things with either no lyrics or unintrusive ones - classical and jazz particularly - but is also fond of classic rock. Metal he finds unpleasant, though in general he'll give most stuff a listen at least once; workout music tends to be classic rock or power metal with the volume turned down a bit though he prefers the "sound" of his own thoughts when exercising (he's not as pretentious as that just sounded). I could see him turning on a smooth jazz playlist while he runs, though. A bit of a health nut, he likes to cook, as well as to look up recipes, make 'em and share 'em. While he's teetotal - part due to the whole "my body is a temple" thing a lot of athletes have, part I get the feeling his parents drilled into his head that he's not to touch booze, drugs etc., especially given Native people tend to be particularly prone to alcoholism - he is still quite socially active and involved in the party scene; these things are expected of a member of the "popular" crowd, but he also likes the company and the energy of so many people all around. He's generally willing to try a lot of things but if he doesn't like it he's not going to mince words.
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