26/05/2016 - KTOS

May 25th, 2016
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  1. 26/05/2016 - KTOS Live Maintenance
  4. The following errors have been fixed:
  6. [General]
  7. 1. Fixed the bug where casting ground spells would inflict damage on the enemy when the next round started in Team Battle League.
  8. 2. Fixed a bug when the character walked away from the companion, the AI would stop working.
  9. 3. Fixed a bug with [Toy Hammer] where it wasn't exploding when reaching the appropriate stacks.
  10. 4. Fixed a bug where some attacks that hit twice caused infinite explosions when equipped with [Toy Hammer].
  11. 5. Fixed a bug where changing a Guild members position in the Guild whilst at war caused the position to apply to all other members.
  12. 6. Fixed a bug where the Monster [Cockatrice] was not dropping any items.
  13. 7. On the Map [Tenant's Farm], Root Tree Crystal's now spawn at regular intervals.
  15. [Skill]
  16. 1. Fixed a bug with the Retreating Shot buff disappearing.
  17. 2. Fixed a bug where canceling [Kneeling Shot] with the jump key caused the skill to cost 0 SP when cast again.
  18. 3. Fixed a bug where using [Skyliner] whilst channeling Rush caused the [Rush] cool-down to not be applied.
  19. 4. Fixed a bug where [Divine Might] Was not increasing the level of [Fade].
  20. 5. Fixed a bug where the location of the deployment for the skill [Jolly Roger] was different on party members screens.
  21. 6. Fixed the problem where it was not possible to craft Simony Scrolls, whilst also talking to the Warehouse NPC.
  22. 7. Fixed a bug where it was possible to change the direction of [Gravity Pole] in Mouse Mode.
  23. 8. Fixed a bug where the player would still stay alive with 0 HP whilst channeling [Hell Breath].
  24. 9. Fixed a bug where cancelling the channel effects of [Hell Breath] caused the effect to be maintained and still deal damage.
  25. 10. Fixed the bug where you could retain the 'level-up' buff effect when under the effects of [Melstis]
  26. 11. 아이템 어웨이크닝 던전에서 첫 웨이브의 몬스터 레벨이 간혹 랜덤으로 설정되는 문제가 수정됩니다.
  28. [Quest]
  29. 1. Namu Temple Ruins [The first Epitah (1)] : IF you were interupted whilst crafting the shovel, it was no longer possible to obtain the Flat Stone item.
  30. 2. Vilna Forest [Altar of Vilna Forest (2)] : NPC Great Priest of the Village ‘Shaking Cultivation' location has changed to 'Uskis Arable Land' (Display Bug)
  32. [UI & Graphics]
  33. 1. Fixed a bug where in certain locations, hair accessories & character hair was not visible.
  34. 2. Fixed a bug where sometimes the character would not be displayed correctly in the Inventory Window.
  35. 3. Damage numbers have been changed so that they don't appear obstructed by the environment.
  36. 4. Fixed a bug where you couldn't see a character's equipped [Lens] whilst in the Lodge.
  37. 5. Fixed a bug with the camera not moving with the character in some scenarios.
  38. 6. Fixed a bug when warping in the same area caused the screen to appear cropped.
  39. 7. Fixed a bug where [Swordsman] type characters sprinting whilst riding a Companion caused the character to appear as though they are visually sprinting on top of their companion.
  40. 8. Fixed a bug where non-participants in Battle League were displaying the score 13111 Pts by default.
  41. 9. Fixed a bug where some items weren't displaying their duration properly in the tool-tip.
  42. 10. Fixed a bug where you could fire invisible arrows whilst under the [Cloaking] state.
  43. 11. Fixed a bug when using [Cloaking] the characters face and hair turned white.
  45. Updates have taken place in the information below:
  47. 1. The event, 「Field Bosses Attack!」 has begun. (Event Duration: 05/26 ~ 06/09)
  48. - At a specified time, Bosses will spawn at a given location.
  49. - By helping to defeat monsters that invade the cities, players will be rewarded with treasure chests and server-wide rewards.
  50. - More information about this can be found at the [Event Page].
  52. ※ The reward applies to the whole server, but doesn't apply inside the Cross-Server Mission / Dungeons.
  54. 2. The Cross-Server Guild Battle Mode has been added.
  55. - This is a 'BETA' version of the system, so the rewards for winning haven't been included yet.
  56. - There are plans to reward the strongest guild at a later date.
  58. 3. The Trading System will change.
  59. - Tokens are no longer required to trade with other players.
  60. - Trading with players who don't have Token Benefits will cause the equipments to become untradable afterwards.
  61. - Please consider making use of the trading future, in case of further changes to trading in the future.
  63. 4. Chat has been improved.
  64. - Chat Rooms Font & Colour will change.
  65. - Fixed a problem with having certain emoticons without having used the item for it.
  66. - The chat windows will change so that time-stamps will be displayed. ( TN: This was Removed last patch )
  67. - Changes have been made to the chat buttons to help users distinguish chat types.
  68. - Chatting will no longer obscure the team name in chat if it has a large amount of characters.
  69. - The colour of item links in chat will change for simplicity.
  71. 5. 'Targeted Skill Speed' has been added to the Options Menu.
  72. - By increasing the slider in the options, you can control the sensitivity of targeted spells.
  73. ※ ( TN 1: This is a sensetivity slider, affecting ground spells target movement speed used by Keyboard/Controller players )
  74. ※ ( TN 2 : a higher value means the targeting reticle will move faster, basically a sensitivity option )
  76. 6. Loading screens have been updated with Tips providing relevant information about changes to Trading, Chat.
  77. 7. The waiting time before starting a Team Battle League Match has changed to 1 minute.
  78. 8. When casting [Cloaking], your appearance will be translucent to allies.
  79. 9. Iron Skin: Reflect Attribute has had its icon updated.
  80. 10. The 'Staggering' Debuff (Caused by Umbo Blow/Guarding) tool-tip will be updated.
  81. 11. The debris has changed when hitting [Ice Wall] with a [Gust] Skill.
  84. 12. Some Skill Tool-tips have been updated.
  86. ※ Dark Theurge :
  87. - Old : Summon evil spirits to surround you for protection.
  88. - New : Summon evil spirits that surround you for protection, dealing damage to enemies that come into contact with you. Each spirit surrounding you can attack several times before vanishing.
  91. ※ Kneeling Shot:
  92. - Old: Kneel down to improve your concentration. Increases your attack, attack speed and range.
  93. - New: Kneel down to improve your concentration. Increases your attack, attack speed and range. You can exit the Kneeling Shot stance by using the skill again or jumping.
  95. ※ Retrieve:
  96. - Old: Order your companion to drag a target towards you.
  97. - New: Order your companion to bite a target and drag it towards you. The target will be unable to attack and will receive damage over time.
  99. ※ Coursing:
  100. - Old: Your companion holds on to a target. Decreases a target's physical defense and attacks against the target will have an increased critical chance.
  101. - New: Your companion holds on to a target. Decreases a target's physical defense whilst also dealing damage over a period of time. Attacks against the target will have an increased critical chance.
  106. [New TP Items]
  107. 1. 2 Premium hairstyles have been added to the TP Store.
  108. - Noble Dandy Cut (M) / Braided Pony Tail (F) - (198TP Ea.)
  110. 2. 2 Coloured Lenses have been added to the TP Store.
  111. - Crimson Lens / Black Lens - ( 49 TP Ea.)
  113. Some skills will receive the following changes:
  115. [Swordsman Classes in General]
  116. - Whilst sprinting, you now also gain a 30% Resistance to negative status ailments.
  117. - The Attack Power gained from the STR stat will be increased by 30%
  119. [Highlander]
  120. - Skyliner: Skills animation time has been decreased, and can also now be canceled.
  122. [Barbarian]
  123. - Pouncing: Skills hit range has been increased, Damage will also apply a little bit faster.
  125. [Schwarzer Reiter]
  126. - Retreat Shot: Using basic attacks during Retreat Shot will now properly end the skill & further attacks become basic attacks again. ( TN: You can no longer use both at the same time. )
  128. Source:
  129. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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