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  1. - Moving around feels really good! The most fun I had with the game was just wandering around and seeing where I could fly to. This is very good for a 3d open world platformer, obviously!
  2. - It can difficult to tell when you have been hit. The enemy hit and player hit sounds are not distinctive enough, in my opinion. Maybe have Firewing yelp or something?
  3. - Objects hitting the water produce the same noise, regardless of mass. This lead to me being surprised by crate debris making the same loud splashing noise that Firewing did. It was pretty jarring.
  4. - Attack enemies can sometimes be finicky. Instead of a bite, why not take a inspiration from Spyro and have a wider/longer flame attack? Or just extend the range of the bite?
  5. - On the note of attacking, having a charge option with the dash move would be cool. It would facilitate faster and smoother movement around the world, too.
  6. - I found the music to be very generic.
  7. - The enemy designs are okay (the little goblins and the flying enemies were goofy and cute) but they don't have a lot of... personality? I'm not sure what missing. Maybe more animations and sounds? Maybe they just feel lacking because players don't have context for them, yet. They just feel like enemies that have to be there, rather than inhabitants of FW64's world.
  8. - If you are flush with a wall, you cannot jump. Perhaps Firewing's collision box is too accurate or something? Right now, it feels like his nose is getting stuck in the wall.
  9. - I understand 2.0 is mostly just a play area to mess about in, but some parts of the level felt too big and empty. In the full game, consider making the level design tighter and more focused?
  10. - The double tap needed to do the butt stomp could be a little more forgiving. Also, I found having a seperate button for the action to be just fine. Maybe have an option to use either control system?
  11. - The little 2D area was really cool! Only problem was if you killed an enemy and they dropped a coin it would bounce out of the player's movement range.
  12. - The kart racer was neat, too. No complaints there! Little minigames like that really remind me of SM64, Banjo Kazooie, Spyro, etc.
  13. - I liked the lift platforms that took you to other areas of the level. It's more immersive than an outright area transition (like with a black screen/loading area) but still warns the player that they're in a new area that may have new rules (i.e the 2D section).
  14. - A first person view mode would be useful. A few times while playing I wanted to look around the level, but the camera is too constricting to facilitate this.
  15. - On that note, I found the camera controls to be satisfyingly responsive (despite my previous complaint). The auto focus worked well.
  16. - Being able to cancel the flying powerup would be useful.
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