Butt off (Alicorns FINAL)

May 17th, 2016
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  1. I tried to go back to the old thread to find the edited version of this but I couldn't, so you guys are gonna have to deal with the one that I have saved on my computer. Sorry about that.
  5. "Anon! ANON! You bucker! Open this door right now!"
  6. >You are Caramel
  7. >For the past two and a half hours you had been been trying to get out of Anon's bathroom
  8. >You had tried screaming, you had thrown things and you had even tried kicking the door but you were getting nowhere
  9. >Stupid Anon and his love for well-made doors...
  10. >For a while the fellas had been helping you in getting the door open, but, after an hour or so, they had given up
  11. >Time Turner was rooting around in Anon's cabinets hoing and hawing about the color of his towels, Mr. Cake was laying in Anon's bathtub sleeping and Thunderlane and Spark Plug were watching you furiously bucking the door as they ate crackers
  12. >A real good team you had here
  13. "ANON! I swear to Celestia when I bucking get out of here I'm going to beat the horse apples out of you!" you roared, rearing back and bucking with all of your might
  14. >Though there was a satisfying thumping sound as your hooves hit the door it barely moved
  15. >Just like the last hundred times you kicked it
  16. >Groaning, you let your tired, sweaty body hit the floor with a groan
  17. "I can't believe that that bucking stallion just LOCKED us in here," you muttered
  18. >Spark Plug and Thunderlane exchanged glances
  19. >"Huh... you were right, Sparky," Thunderlane said, whipping out a small bag of bits and hoofing it to Spark Plug. "I thought that he was gonna give up ten minute in but he really did keep going and going..."
  20. >Spark Plug smiled as he stuffed some more crackers into his mouth
  21. >...
  22. >Did...
  23. >Did those colts place a bet on you?
  24. >...
  25. >Mr. Cake lifted his head up to look at you
  26. >"Are you finally done throwing a hissy fit, hon?" he asked
  27. "I am NOT throwing a hissy fit," you snapped, sounding a bit harsher than you meant to be. "I'm just trying to get us out of here!"
  28. >Time Turner poked his head out of Anon's towel cabinet, a disgusted look on his face
  29. >Not that you could blame him
  30. >Even from here you could see how AWFUL Anon's towel selection was
  33. >Didn't the colt know that you were NEVER supposed to buy salmon-colored towels without getting some smaller deep red hand towels to accent them?
  34. >The pleb
  35. >"Anon was right, Caram--Oh Celestia, why would you just have ONE purple towel?! He REALLY couldn't go and get another?!"
  36. >Snorting, Time Turner closed the cabinet and turned toward you
  37. >"Anon was right; we should just stay here and wait for this to blow over."
  38. >"I'm sure that Pinkie and the other girls are solving the problem as we speak," Mr. Cake added. "So why don't you--"
  39. "Anon's out there right now with those mares doing heaven knows what to them!" you snapped, staring hard at your friends. "Those queens could be tearing him apart as we speak!"
  40. >Your eyes narrowed as you stared at each and everyone of them
  41. "Now I know that Anon is a bit of a bucker, and every once in a while I'd like to smack him over the head--more than once in a while; like all the time really-- but us stallions need to stick together! We need to help each other out and be there for each other!"
  42. >You noticed that nopony in the room could look you in the eyes
  43. >Good
  44. >They had every right to be ashamed of themselves for just giving up
  45. >You could be out there helping Anon RIGHT NOW!
  46. >You could be the heroes!
  47. >You could go and show all of those mares that thought stallions were nothing more than breeding, cooking machines that you could go out and do something!
  48. >You could--
  49. >...
  50. >...
  51. >...
  52. >You took a step toward Anon's bathroom shower, then another, then another, your eyes glued on the window that you just noticed
  53. >You could feel the fellas eyes on you as you stepped over Mr. Cake, opened up the window, which all of you could clearly fit through, and turned back toward them, your face a grim mask
  54. >You could see their eyes widen in surprise as they too suddenly noticed A BUCKING WINDOW THAT YOU COULD HAVE USED TO GET OUT OF THIS BUCKING BATHROOM ANY TIME THAT YOU BUCKING WANTED!
  57. >...
  58. >A bemused snort left Mr. Cake's mouth
  59. >You just closed your eyes and pinched the bridge of your nose
  60. "I'm... I'm going to go out there and try to help, Anon," you slowly said. "You all can stay in here if you want to but I'm going out."
  61. >Thank Celestia that there was nopony else here to see just how STUPID you all are...
  62. >You looked back toward the window, your muzzle scrunching up in thought
  63. "But first I need to get into Anon's bedroom..."
  65. >Be Anon
  66. >Or the naked, sweaty mess formally known as Anon
  67. >The queens and princesses alike were staring at you as you laid on the ground looking up at the sky
  68. >Some of them were looking at you in concern, others were giggling and others still were eyeing your junk with intent
  69. >You needed to get some sleep after this
  70. >You needed to take a bath, get something to eat and you needed to go to sleep and not wake up for a LONG while
  71. >...
  72. >Sweet Christ above were you going to be sore...
  73. >But hey, it looked like you saved the day
  74. >No elements were needed, the town wasn't destroyed, no one was trying to destroy each other and you got laid many, many times
  75. >All-in-all it was a pretty good day, the exhaustion not withstanding
  76. >"Anon... Do you need any help?" Twilight offered, stepping out from the line of royals. "You look like you need some help..."
  77. >Aw
  78. >This nice little gentlemarely horse, helping people and shit
  79. "I could use some help sitting up it you don't mind," you said, doing your best to look at her. "I kinda... CAN'T at the moment."
  80. >The princesses and Chrysalis looked over at Nightmare suspiciously
  81. >"Just what DID you do to him?" Celestia questioned, though it was more quizzical than demanding
  82. >Nightmare grinned
  83. >"Oh, all I did was open Anonymous's mind up just a hair," she said, blowing you a kiss. "Nothing too harmful."
  85. >Yeah fucking right
  86. >It was going to be DAYS until you could walk right...
  87. >Twilight's horn glowed, her magic encasing you and gently pulling you into a sitting position
  88. "Thanks, Twilight," you said with a smile, before turning your attention to the other demi-gods. "Now, since I've gone and inspected you all I guess it's time that I went and named a--"
  89. >"ANON!"
  90. >Before you could turn your head to see who was screaming at you a pillow clocked you right in the jaw
  91. >Your pillow to be exact
  92. >While you would usually just brush something like a pillow hitting you in the face off like it was nothing--because it was just a pillow--you were in pretty poor shape
  93. >So, instead of giggling or making the joke that whoever tossed the pillow at you threw like a girl, you hit the flopped to the ground with a pained grunt
  94. >...
  95. >Ow...
  96. >You were about to lift your head up when motherfucker Caramel jumped onto yourkjsebfksjdbcskjdb!
  97. >The air escaped your lungs as your little pone friend landed on your chest, a look of pure rage on his face
  99. >Before you could regain your senses, Caramel began smacking your around with the pillow in his hooves
  100. >Another one of your pillows, you couldn't help but notice
  101. >"What. The. Buck. Is. Wrong. With. You?" he demanded, punctuating each word with a mighty swing of his feather-stuffed weapon
  102. >You tried to cover yourself with your arms to protect yourself from the unrelenting assault but Caramel was determined
  103. >Snarling, he smacked your hooves away before laying into your bread and butter
  104. >"You. Make. That. Bucking. Speech. And. The. You. Just. Leave. Us?! What. The. Buck. Is. Wrong. With. Yo--eep!"
  105. >A yelp escaped Caramel's throat as he was lifted bodily into the air
  106. >"Caramel, hon. We're supposed to be SAVING Anon, not beating him to death."
  108. >...
  109. >Ow...
  110. >Pillows were surprisingly painful...
  111. >Against your better judgement, you looked up
  112. >Your other little horse friends were standing not five feet away from you
  113. >Mr. Cake was holding a piece of broken broom stick, Thunderlane had one of your chairs, Spark Plug was--
  114. >...
  115. >Wait...
  120. >Mr. Cake smiled at your bewildered expression
  121. >"Don't you worry, Anon honey, we're here to..."
  122. >He paused, a frown as he looked over at the royals, all of whom looked just as confused as you
  123. >Confusion colored his features as he looked from them to you and back to them
  124. >"...Save you?"
  125. >Caramel, who appeared to be foaming at the mouth as he wildly kicked in the air, tossed the pillow that he was holding at you
  127. >...
  128. >Aw...
  129. >He was worried about you...
  130. "Chrysalis," you called, staring up at the sky once more. "You won. Out of all of the alicorns you have the best butt."
  131. >Chrysalis blinked slowly as she milled over your words
  132. >Though you didn't see it, the Changeling's eyes lit up and she let out a delighted squeal, hopping around in excitement
  133. >Mr. Cake and the other stallions nearly tripped over themselves as the Queen of the Changelings ran over and pulled you into a hug, her wings happily buzzing as she nuzzled your face
  135. >Aw...
  137. >The other royals let out disappointed groans
  138. >"Oh, I could have sworn that I had it on the bag," Luna muttered, kicking at the dirt
  139. >Though she looked disappointed, Celestia smiled
  140. >"Congratulations, Chrysalis," she said
  141. >"Yeah, Congratulations, Chrysalis. I'm happy for you," Twilight added
  142. >Through the giggles and bug kisses you managed to see the boyz looking around in confusion
  143. >Even Caramel looked like he had more than a few questions
  144. >With a weak chuckle, you gave them a thumbs up
  145. "Don't worry about anything guys, I managed to keep all of these silly horses from killing each other."
  146. >"...How did you?..."
  147. "With the power of butts of course."
  148. >That seemed to set Caramel off once more, the stallion letting out an enraged growl as he started...
  149. >Wait a tick...
  150. "Hey, you grabbed those stretchy pants that I owed you before coming here," you said, finally noticing your friend's attire
  151. >"YES. YES I DID!"
  152. "You got the socks too."
  154. "The pants look good on you, and so do the socks, buddy."
  155. >Caramel stopped his struggling
  156. >He looked at you hard; like really, really, REALLY hard
  157. >"...Thank you," he mumbled, sounding angry
  158. >Your smile widened just a hair as you let your head flop back onto the ground
  159. >The other royals were making their way toward you, Luna and Celestia and Cadence talking about Changeling peace meetings
  160. >Twilight was standing next to her old teacher, her head held high and her chest puffed out
  161. >Behind all of them Nightmare was staring at you, a toothy smile on her face
  162. >You closed your eyes, Chrysalis still peppering your face with kisses, humming as Time Turner let Caramel down and the stallions began to make their way toward you
  163. >Yep...
  164. >This has been a good ASS day...
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