Jun 20th, 2018
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  1. >Assume we have a single pony. No, wait. A single human. No ponies yet.
  2. >Now, let us say this human is a male, in his mid-twenties or thereabouts. Perhaps he's of middle eastern descent, though this doesn't have any particular relevance.
  3. >Our hypothetical gentleman finds himself lying on the floor of a room. A dark room, of course. We aren't trying to dodge common tropes here.
  4. >Naturally, he is confused, and gets to his feet. He staggers, for a moment, as his balance returns to him. He blinks, as though doing so might cause his eyes to adapt to the pitch darkness. As expected, they do not.
  5. >There's an odd clicking sound from behind him, near the back of his head, it is fast and high pitched. His breathing quickens, and he turns to face the source of the sound. He sees nothing, as it remains pitch black. The man begins to rationalize. Sensory deprivation such as this can cause hallucinations, after all.
  6. >Gradually, our narrative focal point calms himself, his breathing slows. Then the clicking stops, only to be replaced with a faint whine.
  7. >There's a faint glow near the ceiling, a sort of flickering, before huge electric lights on the sealing burst to life. The man averts his eyes, though he is left with glowing dots in his vision.
  8. >After a little while, he manages to acclimatize himself to the light once again, though he is left with a throbbing headache. Our protagonist groans and rubs his eyes, before looking up from the floor to gaze about the room.
  9. >The room is large and white, as well as somewhat rounded, rather like what some portrayals of far-future spacecraft. Towards the far side of the room, opposite our propositional human, is a door, which seems somewhat out of place for the room. It too is rounded, though it appears to be constructed of wood, and bears an image of a candle.
  10. >Our human removes his forehoof from over his face, before setting it down on the floor and trotting in the direction of the strange door.
  11. >Wait.
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