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Jun 30th, 2020
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  1. Many thanks to Evan, his work is legendary for figuring out the ins and outs of new builds, if you see him in the wild please thank him for his work!
  3. (; really interesting read. For the sake of non-chinese readers, I'll translated the interesting parts here. I've also taken material from links within that thread so the data looks more complete. None of this is by me. Full credits to 秋仲琉璃子不语
  5. GoD set, ICD, Attack Speed, Build Variants, and other Tips
  6. >> GoD4's generators will proc and fire off from the player when a Strafe projectile hits an enemy.
  8. >> There's an internal cooldown to the firing rate of GoD4's generator.
  10. >> By varying attack speed and running an easy-to-track generator (Bolas), the ICD is found to be 9 frames (0.15s).
  12. >> Because of this ICD, you can end up being horribly de-synchronised. If your attack speed causes Strafe to release projectiles that hit enemies too quickly/slowly, the GoD4 bonus cannot release its generator in time, since it is still cooling down.
  14. >> There are two ways to tackle this -- (1) reducing your total AS so the projectiles from Strafe are only fired more slowly than this ICD; or (2) by increasing it so Strafe's breakpoint reaches 6 or 5 FPA. In the latter case, you'll fire twice every 12 or 10 frames respectively, and so every other shot will proc GoD4's projectile successfully.
  16. >> In theory, being at 5 FPA is 20% better damage than at 6 FPA, since GoD4's triggered projectiles fire more rapidly in the faster set. However, it's very difficult to gear for the 5 FPA variant.
  18. >> For the 5 FPA version, you need a Crossbow+Quiver combination. The stats required include: 7% weapon IAS, 20% Quiver AS, 2 other pieces of 7%AS, Enchantress on 3%AS aura.
  20. >> For the 6 FPA version, either double Crossbow or Crossbow+Quiver combination works. As long as the sheet APS is past 2.1429, it will work.
  22. Recommended Speed Build: Crossbow+Quiver.
  23. >>Trade 130%CHD for 10%CHC, 15% Hungering Arrow damage. Cube either Dawn or Fortress Ballista, whichever is worse.
  25. >>Legendary gems are Simplicity's Strength, Taeguk & BotTrapped. Zei's is inferior.
  27. >> Using Wraps of Clarity and Elusive Ring, shields from Fortress Ballista are hard to penetrate. With 12k Dex, the runs at GR102 are done in 2:30 on average.
  29. >> To increase clear speed, drop 3-5 GR tiers and run Nemesis Bracers over Wraps of Clarity.
  31. >> To increase damage output and hence, raise 2-3 GR tiers, drop Elusive Ring for CoE.
  33. >> Active skills: replace Wolf Companion with Boar Companion or Fan of Knives (Bladed Armor) if you're squishy.
  35. >> Passive skills: Fixed skills include Tactical Advantage, Cull the Weak, Thrill of the Hunt. Swap Night Stalker to Ambush for more damage, or to Awareness for pool preservation.
  37. >> To reach the CDR requirements, you need 10% from paragons, 12.5% from Diamond, and 3 other CDR rolls on gear. This works with Dawn to maintain permanent Vengeance uptime.
  39. >> The gear requirements for the 5 FPA version's was mentioned above. To reach 6 FPA, you only need a 20% AS quiver and 1 other roll of 7% AS. Area Damage everywhere else possible.
  41. >> To maximise Hungering Arrow's damage, you need to be close to the enemies. However, avoid running into mobs, or it will reduce the damage output instead. (There's no explanation on this. The former is probably related to HA's projectile maximum travel distance. I'm not sure about the latter, but I'm currently testing to see if being point blank causes HA not to turn properly or to pierce and overshoot a long way before returning, wasting valuable travel distance.)
  43. >> Speed pylons: taking this buff while at 5 FPA will mess GoD4-Strafe synchronisation. At 6 FPA, getting the Speed buff will nudge you up to 5 FPA.
  45. >> Nemesis Bracers can spawn Dune Dervishes ("spinners") on activation, so be cautious.
  47. >> Walls erected by Elites will block HA. Be on the same side as the elite when that happens.
  49. >> Missile-dampening affix is a positive mod. Fire near the elite while in the bubble for a quick kill.
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