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  2. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  3. Hey just wanted to check with you as the others I have checked with have been unresponsive about the issue
  4. How can I appeal a staff decision?
  5. Mikirae05/23/2019
  6. You have XRay. No amount of excuses you attempt to throw our way will turn us off to the fact that you do, in fact, have XRay. You did not memorize Minecraft random generation and magically know where every single ore and diamond was. You saw them. Because you have XRay.
  7. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  8. that isn't what I asked
  9. Why is civility so difficult
  10. I have been polite and respectful but have been given nothing but rudeness and obstacles in return
  11. not specifically from you but applicable to other people I have spoken with
  12. Mikirae05/23/2019
  13. Because you can only lie to our faces so many times before we no longer wish to continue the civility.
  14. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  15. I mean
  16. upon my first conversation with Avi
  17. he instantly greeted me with hostility
  18. Mikirae05/23/2019
  19. You sent 258 messages of lies to Auni. Lol
  20. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  21. And Aunii was leaking these messages I assume?
  22. Mikirae05/23/2019
  23. She sent us your “evidence” of innocence
  24. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  25. that wasn't evidence though
  26. Mikirae05/23/2019
  27. Alright, your excuses.
  28. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  29. my discussion with Auniii wasn't anything but discussion
  30. and wasn't an application of appeal
  31. I even made that clear with Auniii
  32. if they showcased it that way then you have been lied to by your own
  33. Mikirae05/23/2019
  34. You were saying “I don’t have XRay. This is why you think that” I consider that you attempting to present your own evidence.
  35. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  36. You cannot devalue ones honesty when your own is questionable
  37. I think me stating it wasn't an appeal secured it wasn't an appeal
  38. additionally I only spoke as I did because Auniii showed some amount of interest
  39. Mikirae05/23/2019
  40. I mean, anyone reading it would read it more as “Ah, yes, I have been banned for this same thing before. Now let me attempt to lie my way out of it” Because, that’s all it was. You claiming that you don’t have XRay and in fact remember and predict Minecraft terrain generation.
  41. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  42. Avi was extremely arrogant and condescending in the conversation we had
  43. That is what I mean by civility
  44. Keeping to his ground in a fair but firm manner
  45. Mikirae05/23/2019
  46. As I said, when you’ve already attempted to throw lies at us, we no longer care for civility.
  47. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  48. Your running a server keep in mind
  49. you need to uphold civility
  50. that way you cannot be vilified
  51. Mikirae05/23/2019
  52. I mean, you can attempt to vilify us all you want. At the end of the day, you were the one breaking rules, we are the ones upholding them. Civility is a formality, not a requirement.
  53. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  54. For someone with nothing to lose, yes
  55. Civility is a formality
  56. but I'm sure you realise the potential complications involved with a lack of civility when in any position of power or importance
  57. I do hope that Auniii did show to you all the conversation
  58. and not snippets
  59. as they did clearly fake interest
  60. imposing a false sense of mutual trust and acquaintanceship
  61. trust being in a non-malicious format
  62. Mikirae05/23/2019
  63. I mean, as I said, it is still a formality rather than a necessity. We are not required to treat you the way that you desire. If you wish to go out of your way and spew lies at us, you can not turn around and talk to us about trust. That's simply not how it works. Now, I'm done with the pity party. You are free to enjoy your punishment. Consider the appeal denied.
  64. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  65. I just personally think that it has been handled poorly on your part (as in the admin team)
  66. not the decision factor itself
  67. but the way in which it was done
  68. I guess you may operate at a lower expectancy
  69. but for example, in the server I admin; you would get cautioned for the kind of incivility shown
  70. Mikirae05/23/2019
  71. This isn't your server.
  72. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  73. so it's my perspective
  74. I do note that
  75. it is your choice
  76. but I am just personally addressing the fact that it feels as though it lowers the quality
  77. you are free to ignore it as I am sure you most likely will do
  78. Mikirae05/23/2019
  79. You have your expectations, we have ours. I never, and will never, expect my admins to treat people like children and baby them through every step of the process when they act in ways such as you. You may feel that it lowers the quality, that's your own perspective. And the perspective of a rulebreaker and a liar is not one that I care to see eye to eye with.
  80. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  81. it'snot called babying
  82. but rudeness and toxic handling of the situation is far from what I personally would set the quality filter at
  83. for any user
  84. even those who are/were permanently removed
  85. We have literal nazis on the daily and we at least treat them with the civility we would ourselves expect
  86. not out of personal respect
  87. as there is nothing to respect about nazism and neo-nazis
  88. Mikirae05/23/2019
  89. The only reason you received such a response from the staff of the server is due tot he way that you acted. If you act the way you do, you get treated the way you do. Incessant lying is not something that we care for. If you like it, go ahead. You do you, on your own server. As this is one server you most likely will not be returning to. And with that, I bid you farewell.
  90. StevieTheWevie05/23/2019
  91. I treated the staff team with respect and civility but did not receive the same myself. You can phrase it anyway you want but it will not change these facts
  92. I won't bother you much more but
  93. Until you learn to be more passive and fairer in the way you conduct your staff's approach; the roadblock exists
  94. and as long as the roadblock exists it is limiting and damaging to your brand and server as a whole
  95. Mikirae05/23/2019
  96. There's really no roadblock. Lol. There's just you complaining here and I really don't care enough to keep the discussion going. You're banned, you lied, you got yelled at for doing these things. That's entirely on you.
  97. And as I said, I do bid you farewell.
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