Zephyr Part 18.

Nov 21st, 2012
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  1. Eli did eventually get an honest answer about Opal's name, but only after locking her in a hug so tight she couldn't play-hit him anymore.
  3. Even though you're a very pretty pony yourself, there's still some inner ponyfag losing his shit over how adorable all this is. The small, giggling bat-pony wrapped in Eli's arms is breathtakingly cute, so much so that it's hard to imagine her so unhappy with her situation that she'd weep, even though you've seen it with your own eyes. Eventually Opal does get put back on the floor as Eli excuses himself to the restroom, and you're by her side in an instant.
  5. "You hid behind the couch from -him-? He's about as harmless as one of Master's customers could ever be."
  7. "You try meeting someone who is literally going to own you for the first time!"
  9. "I did. He slapped me around a bit."
  11. "So I guess I win?"
  13. "I really think you do. So you like him?"
  15. "I... I think I do. Oh god, what happened to me? His hug felt so... safe."
  17. "Nuh-uh. You do not freak out about him being nice to you."
  19. "B-b-but I shouldn-"
  21. "No, you're over-thinking it again. He's willing to let you decide if you're going to get frisky with him, he's patient with your little anxiety attacks, and he'll let you decide if you want to leave him or not. How is he not perfect for you?"
  23. "Okay, so he seems like he'll be nice to me."
  25. "He even took it well when you got violent. I told you you'd always have jokes about your name."
  27. "You're really lucky we're friends, you know that?"
  29. "Because I treasure your company?"
  31. "Because otherwise I'd bite you."
  33. The both of you start laughing, but it gets cut short when Eli speaks up from behind you.
  35. "So you bite, too? I'm going to need you to save that for the bedroom, darling."
  37. Opal still doesn't take jokes like that particularly well, fixing her eyes on the floor and stammering while Eli saunters over to you and kneels down. The look on his eyes in contemplative, and he glances back and forth between the two of you for a bit.
  39. "So let me get this straight; You're funny enough to snark back at my friend over there, beautifully slender, and just talked my new pet into liking me... your color schemes even complement each other pretty well. You know, pretty little girl, if you want to stay with Opal I could probably outbid whoever wants to buy you. So come on, whad'dya say?"
  41. You're a fraction of a second from freaking out, but you stuff it back down. You're trying to keep Opal calm, and freaking out yourself would make you a hypocrite... but you can't go with him! You belong to Master, no one else! Autumn seems to have a similar opinion, considering how quickly she latches on to you with her forehooves, giving Eli a childish expression that can only be summarized as
  42. "Mine". While Autumn glares daggers you try to talk your way out of the situation.
  44. "I'm really flattered by your offer, but-"
  46. "But I'm afraid this one is mine, Eli."
  48. The sound of his voice is enough to relax you, and Master's arms scoop you off the floor into a warm embrace, and there's this tremendous flood of emotion as he does. He's claiming you for himself in front of another man who wants you! You feel tiny and objectified, but by now that's a warm feeling to you, one that means safety and love. Ooooh, you're his! His! His! His! As you kiss his cheek and nuzzle his chest, you become vaguely aware of Autumn hopping around the room in joy. Oh yeah, he was going to surprise her with that, wasn't he?
  50. "And to think, a few months ago you mocked me for wanting more than one. I seem to recall you claiming that I was building a 'harem', was it?"
  52. "I know, I know, but she and I have been through a lot. This is my pony."
  54. Eeeeeee! His pony! You love it! Your lips slam into his for a full-blown kiss.
  56. You're almost too busy showering Master in your affection to hear Eli audibly "D'awww" at your display.
  58. "What a shame. Something that cuddly is wasted on you.How you got two of anything to enjoy living with you, I'll never know."
  60. "For better or worse, they only want me for a Master."
  62. "Their loss. You've got them wearing the same raggedy collars Seafoam and Orchid had when I picked them up. What, did you buy in bulk?"
  64. "And I suppose you bought new ones?"
  66. "Among other things. I'm sure you've figured out how much more work it is to clean up after two of them, but you've still got litterboxes everywhere."
  68. THAT gets your attention. You're a willing, happy pet, totally content to be collared and leashed and made to prance or roll over on command, but damned if you don't still dread that godawful litterbox.
  70. "See, she perked right up. I'll bet they hate it too."
  72. "So what's your alternative?"
  74. "Japanese squatting toilet in the bathroom."
  76. "Oh yeah, uncle moneybags. Did you buy them a bidet while you were at it?"
  78. "No, that's going to be a gift for the holidays."
  80. Master's annoyed expression only gets worse when he sees the excited look on your face. He stares back at you, as though he expects the pleading, hopeful look in your eyes to go away.
  82. "And now she's never going to stop wanting one. You see what you did?"
  84. "Clearly you'll just have to buy one. I'm sure she'll remind you."
  86. Master sighs and puts you back down, stroking your mane before giving in just a bit.
  88. "I'd say you'll need to be good for me to consider it, but you're never anything but good. We'll see."
  90. Opal's been quiet for all of this, but the look on her face is absolutely ecstatic. Even Eli seems genuinely surprised to find Opal take a small lick of his hand before nuzzling it.
  92. "It's disgusting to think of how happy I am to be able to use a simple toilet, but thank you."
  94. "It's more for my comfort than your dignity, but you're welcome sweetheart."
  96. Master seems awfully pleased with all this, face softening for a smile before offering Eli lunch. Soon enough the two of them are seated in the kitchen while You, Autumn and Opal crowd around their feet. Master had been checking in on the kitchen all day, and you're delighted to find pasta with alfredo sauce and a ton of the cherry tomatoes you've recently grown to love.
  98. For most of the meal proper you enjoy sitting beside Opal while Master and Eli- No, your Masters, exchange small talk about politics or the economy or somesuch. Not the kind of things a pony needs to worry about. Over the post-meal coffee, though, Eli turns the conversation towards something of interest.
  100. "So I heard from Ann last week. She said you called her about her request?"
  102. "I called her with a compromise. Can't do what she asked, but I wanted to do something for her."
  104. "How do you meet her halfway on that?"
  106. "Adoption."
  108. WHAT. This has gotta be about Charlie. You take a quick glance at Opal and Autumn, who seem to be playing a game with the cherry tomatoes, rolling them back at forth at each other.
  110. Naaah, you'd rather learn more.
  112. "So, two requests you didn't think you could fill, for your only two friends, at the same time? Ann's new addition has something to do with my perfect little bat-pony, doesn't it?"
  114. He has TWO whole friends? You'd never have guessed!
  116. "Trust me, you don't want to know."
  118. "Aaand something to do with that mark on your head, I'd bet."
  120. "Opal's going to be your new pet, and Ann and her ponies will get what they want. Leave it be."
  122. "Jeez, I haven't seen you this edgy about something since you went to get Seafoam."
  124. "Oh god, I had no idea what I was doing."
  126. Your mind is racing with the implications of all this. You've been playing an observation game to try to piece together Master's story this whole time, born out of your early fears that too much initiative would get you punished. But that's stupid! You're staying here, submitting to his every little whim, and completely in love with it. He's not going to punish you for asking questions, especially if you just want to know more about him.
  128. "Master? Excuse me, but I've got to know the whole story here."
  130. Master starts a bit, apparently not expecting his pony to butt into 'people talk', but his hesitant look fades away when you rest your head on this thigh, looking up at him with your big sky blues as wide as you can make them. A hand descends to scratch behind your ears, and it's almost a struggle to focus on his words, not his fingers.
  132. "Well, it's not that much to tell, really. He and I were friends in college, spending time with the massive nerd brigade, including this girl Ann who never talked much."
  134. "To you, maybe. Ann has some issues with... well, people. She thought he was intimidating, even before he doped himself on nanomachines-" Eli jokes, before throwing a hand exasperatedly into the air, "-and did that to himself. He used to look like me, just less charming."
  136. Aha! You knew his muscle couldn't have been natural, you've never once seen a weight or exercise equipment around here! He doesn't even lift! Sure, he gets plenty of cardio, but unless you and Autumn are a lot heavier than you think there's just no way for him to stay like that except machines.
  138. "Shut up. Anyway, after college we went into our respective fields and were both pretty successful, him more so than me, until I got fired."
  140. "Until he used company property to make himself look how he does now- dumb as hell- and someone checked all his notes. Turns out you can only be so strange and still be allowed to work there."
  142. "How about you let me tell it?"
  144. "How about you develop a sense of humor about it? Meanwhile I was off making my fortune, so you can guess who he hung out with a lot during all of that."
  146. "Yes, and you were the one who insisted I watch a little girl's cartoon."
  148. "As if you didn't enjoy it! So anyway he, Ann and I fall in love with the show, and at one point in idle conversation I mentioned how much I wanted one. A pony, I mean. Then he gets this look in his eyes and leaves in a rush."
  150. "A week later I told him and Ann that I could do it."
  152. "We didn't believe him at first, or rather I needed him to remind me what it was he could do, but he was so sure he could do it that I ended up believing him."
  154. "So... you helped my Master make his first pony?"
  156. "I footed the bill for my first pony and then some. I was loaning him money to pay his bills, and he still had an R&D process and somebody had to pay for all that. I didn't pay for either of Opal's new compatriots."
  158. "You started him on this? How did you... y'know, pick your first uh, target?"
  160. "Ah. We found a girl online who seemed like she wanted it. I'm not sure how he went about 'acquiring' her specifically, but after her first day or two of adjustment she was, well, my wonderful Seafoam."
  162. The smile on his face, the wistful joy in his eyes... Even if he had her kidnapped for it, you're quite certain he loves her, and she must love him. Better still, even distant friends were bound to get together some time, you might see Opal again after she leaves!
  164. Eli sets his coffee mug down before clearing his throat and rising to his feet.
  166. "Well, the drive back is long and boring, I think it might be time to get underway. We should get together for the holidays with Ann, maybe bring all the pets out here for it?"
  168. "You realize that's seven, if not eight, ponies all in my house at once?"
  170. "You'd better buy that toilet, then. I'll go grab your cash."
  172. Opal emerges from under the kitchen table, with her anxious fidgeting back in full force. As her eyes flicker between him and you, Eli leans in close with the warm confidence that seems to just flow out of him to put her at ease.
  174. "Alright sweetie, it's time to get moving. I'll take a minute to get ready, but you're going to have to say goodbye to our friends for now. Are you ready to go?"
  176. She relaxes as he talks, seemingly under the same spell Master's eyes cast on you. You knew she'd fall for him in no time!
  178. "Yes... Master."
  180. Oh. That's new. She shudders for a second after saying it, but the smile on her face makes it plain that she's far from disgusted with the notion. It seems to have affected Eli far more severely, as his face lights up before he pulls her into an embrace. They both look so happy, it's at least a tiny silver lining to having Opal carried off far away. The flood of emotions surging through you is equal parts grief and relief, and you allow yourself a deep breath to calm back down as Eli strides off to conclude the day's business.
  182. You and Opal stare at each other for a moment before she lets out a small sigh and begins to speak. This is it, and there's no way you're going to get through this without tears.
  184. "Well Zephyr, you really did it."
  186. "Did what?"
  188. "Subdued me? Tamed me? I don't know. You've been with me since he injected me, and somehow you made it all seem alright. I'm about to get carted off to be someone's full-time plaything and sex toy, and the thing that bothers me most is how much I'll miss you."
  190. "It's not going to be the same around here without you. I'll miss you too, but didn't he just say you didn't have to sleep with him?"
  192. "I'm not stupid. I did my best to keep a lid on them when it was Master touching me, mostly by remembering my time in the basement, but these feelings aren't going away. Eli... my new Master... I don't have that defense against him, and if he keeps being this nice to me..."
  194. "Does that bother you?"
  196. "N-not like it should. I'm not going to run or anything. I'm just still trying to reconcile going from a skinny, awkward virgin to this little hooved thing that'll present herself and beg him to be gentle."
  198. She doesn't look too happy with you when you start laughing, but her glower only makes you laugh harder before explaining yourself.
  200. "I'm pretty sure you've already reconciled it if you know how you'll seduce him, sweetie."
  202. "Hey! That's not how I'm gonna seduce him! I-I m-mean... damn it."
  204. "Well, for pillow talk don't forget to badger him about that get-together he mentioned, that way we can see each other in a couple of months."
  206. "You do the same and I'm sure one of them will make it happen. How does gift-giving work in these relationships anyway?"
  208. "I have a suspicion that instead of stocking stuffers we just get stockings to wear."
  210. "As long as wearing them is my gift to him. I'd hate having to try and make him something with hooves."
  212. The two of you laugh together for quite a while, before she takes you into a hug.
  214. "But really, thank you. If you weren't there for me I'd probably still be downstairs crying."
  216. You don't have words to reply, instead you just hug back as hard as you can. You're doing your best not to cry yourself, but you're really going to miss this mare! Opal hugs even tighter in response to your little sniffles, and a single warm tear escapes down your cheek.
  218. The two of you stay there for a while relishing the last hug, until Master and Eli return. They both stop for a moment to admire the scene in front of them, Eli audibly touched by what he sees. The clunk of something heavy on the table draws Opal's attention at once, and your gaze follows hers to Master, staring in shock at an open briefcase.
  220. "Eli, buddy, this is more than we agreed on."
  222. "A bonus. Consider it a token of gratitude. You gave me the only two friends I trust more than you, and now I think you've done it again. I'm glad I did, seeing as you've got two ponies to look after these days. Put it toward the toilet for them and save yourself a lot of cleanup."
  224. Master makes no objection as you rear up onto your hind legs and lean against the table for a better look at how much Eli thinks a pony as fantastic as your friend is worth. Opal follows your example when she hears you gasp, and once she sees it for herself she definitely knows why.
  226. "T-that's too much!"
  228. Too much, indeed. You weren't in such bad financial straits as Opal was while she was human, but you were by no means wealthy, or even middle-class. The sight of a briefcase literally filled with cash is enough to make you green with envy, despite a pet like you having no practical use for money at all. Eli's chuckling strikes you as condescending until you realize that Opal is, in her usual fashion, freaking out over nothing.
  230. "No, really, you can't pay that much for me!"
  232. "Trust me, I can afford it."
  234. "That's not it! I just... that's a lot of pressure, you know?"
  236. "I'm afraid I don't follow."
  238. "You're paying all this money because you think I'm, like, perfect or something. What if I'm not? I'm not much... of anything, really. You're going to have buyers remorse once you get to know me and then you'll hate me an-"
  240. She doesn't get to finish expressing the full extent of her low self esteem, as it would appear Eli won't have another word of it. Her self admonishment turns into a surprised yelp when he scoops her up into his arms and holds her at eye level.
  242. "Listen to me. All I expect is that you, my sweet little worrywart, are going to live in my house, eat my food, play nice with my other ponies, and then do whatever else you want. While you're doing all this, without even trying, you will be cute as the dickens and I will adore you. Don't stress, all I want is a happy Opal, and that's worth every penny. Now, are you just about ready to go?"
  244. "Y-yes, Master."
  246. Returned to the floor, Opal is ambushed by Autumn's goodbye hug while Eli shares a few parting pleasantries with Master. Finally, as Eli starts toward the door, Opal addresses your Master.
  248. "You could have killed me. In your place, knowing what I know now, I probably would have. This isn't what I wanted, but I'd rather end up napping on his couch for the rest of my days than get buried in the woods. Thank you for being merciful... and thank you for giving me to someone you trust."
  250. "You're quite welcome."
  252. "One more thing. Charlie... always had demons, and he did try to ditch me here and save himself, but he was the only person who ever tried to help me get by. I know what he did was unforgivable, what he wanted to do... what I nearly helped him do, was atrocious. What's going to happen to him?"
  254. "He'll end up happily collared, like you."
  256. "To get a person like him to submit... You're going to have to do something much worse than you did to me, aren't you?"
  258. "Are you sure you want to know?"
  260. "I suppose not. Before you inject him, though... Tell him I said goodbye. Tell him I forgive him."
  262. "Of course. Now run along, you little scamp. Be good for my friend."
  264. Eli is waiting by the door, but Opal turns to you one last time and cracks a grin.
  266. "Well, I'll be off now, so, uh, 'Live long and prosper'?"
  268. "We can't even do the salute to go with that, but good luck."
  270. "You too."
  272. And with that Opal does indeed scamper off to her new owner, who offers a parting wave and leads her to his car. Just like that, she's gone, and even though she tried her best to leave you with a smile, you still find yourself sniffling a bit and fighting back tears as the SUV turns out of sight. This still sucks. Somewhere behind you Master sighs, and then a pair of warm hands descend to carry you to the sofa.
  274. "Come on, silly pony."
  276. "It's not silly, I'm gonna miss her."
  278. You're sure he's got a comment for that, too, but instead you find yourself in his lap as he takes a seat, and some gentle prodding gets you on your back. A single hand caresses your exposed abdomen, and you squeak out a giggle when you figure out how he's gonna make you feel better. Soon enough both hands are gently rubbing up and down the length of you, and you're damned close to squealing in delight. Life got you down, but thankfully you have the best Master a pony could ever want. Ticklish in places, pleasantly sensual in others, and relaxing in ways you can't begin to describe, your Master gives the best belly rubs ever, and you're just too overwhelmed in pleasure to worry even one bit about Opal.
  280. After what feels like an eternity of warm, happy petting by your one and only Master you end up curled into his lap, utterly content with your place in life. Still, you didn't want to discuss anything about the transformations with Opal around, so you've been holding your questions in for weeks now.
  282. "Master? Was Opal normal? I mean in terms of how long it took to get her to accept it and submit."
  284. "No, not really. Like I said, she's kind of a special case. I think the shock of waking up in a new body with no warning helps, somehow. David knew what was coming, and that probably played into Opal's resistance. Others have made those panicked escape attempts and the like before, but only on the first day. Opal's the only one to bargain with me so far."
  286. "So what constitutes normal?"
  288. "A rough first day, then they're usually saleable in two weeks. Opal didn't take too much longer."
  290. "No mere pony can resist your cuddling."
  292. "Least of all you."
  294. "So... In a lot of ways she acted like I did."
  296. "Yes?"
  298. "But you said the machines didn't work on my head."
  300. "Didn't work completely? Listen, something, and I don't know what, didn't go as planned with you and I reacted poorly. That fluke probably saved your life, too. If I hadn't delayed selling you, well, you know. Does not knowing about that bother you?"
  302. "Not really, it's just curiosity at this point. Besides, I got the best result!"
  304. "Which is?"
  306. "Walking on a leash you hold. Eating treats out of the palm of your hand. Resting my head on your shoulder at night before falling asleep. Getting petted on the couch. Playing with Autumn while you're working. That's the best result, and there's honestly nowhere I'd rather be."
  308. "Well I'm glad you're happy. Lord knows I've put you through enough. Do you really want a leash for your walks?"
  310. "Every now and again. It's... well, kinda hot."
  312. "I knew keeping you was the right choice."
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