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  2. Woona - Today at 5:20 PM
  3. gut reaction is I'm hurt
  4. in my head I'm like it's online lewd shit who cares
  5. just kinda processing it
  6. Polynya - Today at 5:21 PM
  7. :shrug:
  8. Woona - Today at 5:21 PM
  9. I'm going to steal your word
  10. that's wack
  11. Polynya - Today at 5:22 PM
  12. idk what to say, i have never felt that
  13. so
  14. :shrug: intensifies
  15. Woona - Today at 5:22 PM
  16. so
  17. I didn't go into it
  18. but I what we had talked about was that I was comfortable doing stuff together
  19. and after the 4 way call, I was like yeah, maybe alone stuff wouldn't be so cool
  20. Polynya - Today at 5:25 PM
  21. >maybe alone stuff wouldn't be so cool
  22. this has multiple interpretations
  23. please be more specific
  24. Woona - Today at 5:25 PM
  25. swinging was kind of nice
  26. and it's fun to be lewd with people at times
  27. but like
  28. ongoing whatever solo with someone is a whole other thing
  29. and I'm just trying to process it and think it out
  30. Polynya - Today at 5:26 PM
  31. ok
  32. Woona - Today at 5:26 PM
  33. honestly just going to talk it out with sugar
  34. Polynya - Today at 5:27 PM
  35. ?
  36. okay what is with you and deleting shit immediately(edited)
  37. Woona - Today at 5:27 PM
  38. regretted saying it
  39. Polynya - Today at 5:27 PM
  40. i read it anyway
  41. Woona - Today at 5:27 PM
  42. because it was phrased badly
  43. Polynya - Today at 5:27 PM
  44. sure
  45. Woona - Today at 5:29 PM
  46. I just wish he asked or told me I guess
  47. I don't know where I'm at poly
  48. Polynya - Today at 5:29 PM
  49. from what it sounds like, he thought he did
  50. like
  51. Woona - Today at 5:29 PM
  52. all I ever heard was him asking if it was okay to RP with people
  53. Polynya - Today at 5:29 PM
  54. when you were going the fuck off
  55. in dms
  56. he was super confused
  57. and disoriented
  58. and like "yo wtf"
  59. Woona - Today at 5:30 PM
  60. and I talked to him about it, and I went back through all our logs
  61. neither of us can think of anything said in person
  62. Polynya - Today at 5:30 PM
  63. they said they might have said it on call
  64. idk
  65. Woona - Today at 5:30 PM
  66. and there's no text ever about any of it
  67. like
  68. trust me, if anything about doing anything lewd would have come up, I would've remembered it
  69. Polynya - Today at 5:31 PM
  70. im going to have an incredibly hard trusting you for anything, just saying
  71. but okay
  72. Woona - Today at 5:31 PM
  73. I just don't know what the hell happened
  74. and just have to believe it's an honest mistake somehow
  75. and that's the worst part
  76. like
  77. I'm going for 100% honesty and communication
  78. and that's all I asked from him
  79. Polynya - Today at 5:33 PM
  80. like
  81. i cannot help you with that
  82. that's between y'all
  83. Woona - Today at 5:33 PM
  84. then why say it?
  85. Polynya - Today at 5:33 PM
  86. why say what?
  87. Woona - Today at 5:33 PM
  88. you don't trust me
  89. what have I ever done?
  90. Polynya - Today at 5:33 PM
  91. because you lied to me to hurt my feelings and im still pissed at you about it
  92. like, if you dont think they ever said anything, okay
  93. i can't really do anything besides say that they told me they did tell you
  94. and i asked multiple times
  95. to make sure i wasnt overstepping
  96. so idk
  97. or, im pretty sure i did
  98. idk
  99. i think so
  100. Woona - Today at 5:35 PM
  101. they said you asked
  102. Polynya - Today at 5:35 PM
  103. okay
  104. yeah, im pretty sure i did
  105. Woona - Today at 5:36 PM
  106. My problem is that I was serious, Sugar has been talking about how bad his hallucinations and migraines and depression are getting
  107. and I believe he thought I said yes somehow(edited)
  108. but the honest to god truth is it wasn't communicated and I'm trying to work everything out without saying no, fuck you he's mine
  109. but like
  110. yeah, the trust is kind of gone
  111. and I'm trying to work on it
  112. I don't even know what I'm getting at other than this whole thing is hella uncomfortable and I'm trying more than I think most people would
  113. and don't say this to sugar because they already doubt themselves and feel bad about everything
  114. but I'm just kind of scared what else he might just 'okay'
  115. baby steps
  116. Polynya - Today at 5:40 PM
  117. im going to be honest, if i was dating someone and they said what you said, i would never talk to them again(edited)
  118. sugar is being incredibly generous
  119. but yes, it is really shitty that this situation is a thing
  120. "hella uncomfortable" is the only description i can think of
  121. i haven't said any of this conversation to sugar, i just said that we were talking and that you apologized
  122. and that it was "going okay", which, comparatively, i believe is accurate
  123. Woona - Today at 5:42 PM
  124. word
  125. I'm half venting, half explaining
  126. Polynya - Today at 5:42 PM
  127. yup
  128. Woona - Today at 5:43 PM
  129. can you at least stop the IRL stuff while we figure things out?
  130. RP I couldn't care less about
  131. Polynya - Today at 5:45 PM
  132. part of me wants to tell you to just fuck off
  133. but
  134. fine.
  135. Woona - Today at 5:45 PM
  136. part of me wants to tell you it's my relationship.
  137. and I'm bending over backwards to please everyone but myself
  138. Polynya - Today at 5:46 PM
  139. k.
  140. im done, enjoy your evening.
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