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  1. Ikoma Chiaki
  2. __ Dressed in her kimono of muted brown, Chiaki stood looking over the wall to what lay beyond. Time passing her by as she either kept a vigil or meditated, not really noticing as guards and the workd passed her by
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  4. Shinjo Kurosawa    12:25 AM
  5. Why was this so complicated, now? The Unicorn had seen the Lion at the wall's edge, gazing outwardly. At first he had wanted to pop up immediately by her and listen to the sound of her voice. But today had drawn forth some terrible feelings and memories that he did not attempt to drown in sake. He stood a short distance away, hesitant, before taking a deep breath and placing himself next to her. "Greetings, Ikoma-sama," he was purposely formal as he bowed, "Have you seen anything of interest out there yet?"
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  7. Ikoma Chiaki    12:33 AM
  8. "A-" Chiaki starts to start in surprise before catching herself. "Iie, Shinjo-san. It looks the same as always." She quickly gives the Unicorn a bow
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  10. Shinjo Kurosawa    12:38 AM
  11. He observed her, taking in every detail. She was always so very cultured and graceful, and effortlessly it seemed. His steel grey hues pulled away from her and turned to the view she herself had been observing. "It does indeed, look beautiful as always, Ikoma-sama." To him, even the weak mountains and trail were his path to freedom where he could ride Shiro and be himself. "While I am fortunate to be here in the castle, my heart yearns to be out in the fields, riding. The city is sometimes... discomforting, to a man of rural origins such as myself."
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  13. Ikoma Chiaki    12:44 AM
  14. "It's certainly full." Chiaki observes wryly. "Have you had tho opportunity to think more on the upcoming party?" She asks idly.
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  16. Shinjo Kurosawa    12:50 AM
  17. He was no city dweller, so it was of some relief that not all cities were this crowded. "I wonder if someday, we can no longer accept refugees. What will happen to those outside?" A worrying question. A thin smile crossed his lips and he turned to the Lion. "I have thought quite a lot about the upcoming celebration. I've been looking forward to it, as it's the only thing in these walls that will break the tedium of the day to day." Without risking life or death, that is. "I have delivered letters to my clansmen and cousins; if you would like I could certainly arrange for my more... tamed, half of my family to arrive as well." He was referring to his Crane half, as he had Kairi here as well.
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  19. Ikoma Chiaki    12:56 AM
  20. "Eto... tamed half?" Chiaki asks, mildly confused. "What do you mean?"
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  22. Shinjo Kurosawa    1:00 AM
  23. Oh. Right, he hardly ever brought that up. "My father was Asahina Kenshin. My cousin is Asahina-sama, the one who works at the infirmary and teaches the young ones. My grandfather used to always joke that the Crane were 'tamed' and my brethren were not."
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  25. Ikoma Chiaki    1:11 AM
  26. "Hai. You told me the story of you parents, this one didn't realise you had relatives her." Chiaki chimes, politely and seemlessly skipping over why such a thing may be a surprise. "Eto... this one should probably meet them..." She says before quickly adding. "Not that Shinjo-san's family wouldn't be widely welcomed. It would be great to have them there in fact."
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  28. Shinjo Kurosawa    1:15 AM
  29. Aha, she remembered from their first visit! His smile only grew larger. "They will be so honored." Maybe a bit too late, he wondered if they'd be able to handle the... energy, of a Unicorn baby celebration. Maybe they would, since it was just for a child. "Kairi-san loves children, she will be so happy to be there. And she will be so pleased to meet you, I am sure!" She got to delve into his history, so it was his turn. "Will Ikoma-sama's family also be joining us in the fine celebration?"
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  31. Ikoma Chiaki    1:19 AM
  32. "I'm unsure Chichi has many duties of his own to attend to. " She answers almost absently as she seems to measure something.
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  34. Shinjo Kurosawa    1:23 AM
  35. His brow furrowed in concentration. "Who is Chichi-sama?" Speaking so formally had him twisted, he wasn't even sure if that was correct. "It will be a shame; they will be missing out on one of the few joys we have inside the walls here. Maybe with some coercion, he could come? I can be very convincing at times." He said the last part in a joking way; he would never shirk duty for fun instead. Yeah never ever.
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  37. Ikoma Chiaki    1:27 AM
  38. ((Sorry. Chichi is My Father. I should probably be a bit more careful about that))
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  40. Shinjo Kurosawa    1:28 AM
  41. ((its okay; would you like me to revise my post?))
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  43. Ikoma Chiaki    1:32 AM
  44. ((Up to you. It's not unreasonable that a character doesn't realise that))
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  46. Shinjo Kurosawa    1:32 AM
  47. ((i'll leave it then))
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  49. Ikoma Chiaki    1:37 AM
  50. "Ano... Ikoma Ichigaki, my father." Chiaki clarifies. "It would be a shame, and the party would certainly be better with his presence."
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  52. Shinjo Kurosawa    1:41 AM
  53. Oh. Ohhhh. Her father, of course. Lion's weren't as reserved as Crane, they surely knew how to get down. "If you wish, I will gladly arrange to meet with him and discuss the possibility over tea. I still have plenty of fine tea flowers from my visit to a tea shop a short while ago." What was the worst that could happen?
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  55. Ikoma Chiaki    1:44 AM
  56. "Tea flowers?"
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  58. Shinjo Kurosawa    1:46 AM
  59. He stared blankly at her. "Yes. Flowers used for tea instead of traditional leaves." Yeah it sounded wild to him at first too. "...If you would like, I would gladly brew some for you as well. You can determine if it would be satisfactory to your father's tastes or not." Although if one thought about it too hard, Kuro would in fact not know what kind of tea his parents would like which was quite sad.
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  61. Ikoma Chiaki    1:53 AM
  62. "That’s not necessary, Shinjo-san. This one is sure it's delightful."
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  64. Shinjo Kurosawa    2:00 AM
  65. A slight relief. He wasn't sure how much he had left. He'd probably run out before ever giving Koshiro a taste at this rate. "Then, I look forward to meeting him, someday. Would you do me the honor of preparing me, and telling me about him?" He thought hard, trying to impress by remembering anything his sensei had taught him about the Lion. "Never neglect the task of probing an opponent’s strengths. It is an essential step in the preparation for war." He quoted, from the famous Lion strategist. Minor bits from Akodo's leadership was probably pretty much all he would have learned, though.
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  67. Ikoma Chiaki    2:14 AM
  68. "He's very clever, good to spend time with." Chiaki starts. "He'll explain things in great to you, to make sure you understand everything."
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  70. Shinjo Kurosawa    2:23 AM
  71. Ah, nothing to fear then. Unless he only acted that way for his daughter and not random awkward Unicorn. "I will remember this, Ikoma-sama. And I will bring about my best behaviour." Only thing left to do now was actually meet the man, hah. The Unicorn looked idly away, and then suddenly whapped his forehead. "Ah! I forgot to ask you about poetry... and now it's too late," he bemoaned just a little bit. Maybe his whole disaster at the tea shop earlier could've been avoided if he knew what he was doing instead of writing from his heart with the power of void.
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  73. Ikoma Chiaki    2:25 AM
  74. "What did you wish to ask?"
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  76. Shinjo Kurosawa    2:27 AM
  77. Oh wow this was embarassing. His cheeks flushed red and he looked off in the distance at something that was totally interesting. "...about love poems," he'd mumble, even his ears turning hot.
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  79. Ikoma Chiaki    2:32 AM
  80. "Hai. For Phoenix-sama?"
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  82. Shinjo Kurosawa    2:33 AM
  83. He went from embarassed to confused in a flash. "Phoenix-sama?" Which one? Certainly not for Koshiro.
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  85. Ikoma Chiaki    2:37 AM
  86. "Hai. Didn't you meet with the Nakodo or something."
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  88. Shinjo Kurosawa    2:38 AM
  89. He paled at that, wondering how much she knew. "I did. I... was not worthy enough to marry into their clan, in the end." Still had the scrolls though, to compare with Yashiro someday.
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  91. Ikoma Chiaki    2:40 AM
  92. ((Am I recalling details fron a conversation that didn't happen?))
  93. ________________________________________
  94. Shinjo Kurosawa    2:42 AM
  95. ((You could easily have learned it from Shiba Nichie, that is where I assumed this came from. Could also explain it via having seen him go into the black room and later learned what happened there. But we have not discussed what happened with the nakodo.))
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  97. Ikoma Chiaki    2:44 AM
  98. ((That may well be it. I thought Kuro had brought up Needing help with poetry before))
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  100. Shinjo Kurosawa    2:45 AM
  101. ((Ah, he did bring up needing poetry before, but he got too drunk too explain why and was carried away by his horse.))
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  103. Ikoma Chiaki    2:48 AM
  104. ((Right..))
  105. "Eto perhaps this one is mixing up conversations. You mentioned poetry in the past."
  106. ________________________________________
  107. Shinjo Kurosawa    2:55 AM
  108. He nodded. "I did. I fear it may be too late now.I was... extremely proccupied during the week, Ikoma-sama."
  109. ________________________________________
  110. Ikoma Chiaki    3:01 AM
  111. "Hai. It is the nature of duty to demand our time. What specific help do you need?"
  112. "Do you want me to help you write with you? Read your work and offer helpful criticism?"
  113. ________________________________________
  114. Shinjo Kurosawa    3:25 AM
  115. "Most definitely." His owner had dazed off; worry. The Unicorn straightened out and bowed. "For next time, Ikoma-sama. Please, excuse me today." With that, once she did her part he'd take off to complete his tasks.
  116. ((night chiaki, sorry about that))
  117. ________________________________________
  118. Ikoma Chiaki    3:29 AM
  119. ((All good, night!))
  120. "Walk with honour, Shinjo-san." Chiaki bows.
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