D'eon TG Lewd

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  1. >Have D'eon as my servant
  2. >He's been always a nice guy to me, helps me with everything I need and always treats me like a King
  3. >One day I'm alone in my room
  4. >D'eon comes in
  5. >He looks as pretty as always
  6. >I ask him what's wrong
  7. >He blushes a little
  8. >He tells me he really loves me
  9. >I say it's fine, I also enjoy his company and he's a very good servant
  10. >his face gets more serious
  11. >he's seriously in love with me
  12. >he tells you how much he loves me and wants to stay with me forever
  13. >I'm starting to get a bit uncomfortable
  14. >I tell D'eon that I understand how he feels, but his love is impossible, I'm not attracted to men at all
  15. >He smiles again
  16. >he grabs my hand and asks me if he was a girl, would I love him?
  17. >Now I'm feeling complicated, I never saw D'eon as nothing but a really good friend, nothing romantic at all
  18. >I even forgot about his ability to be either a man or a woman
  19. >he tells me to close my eyes for a bit
  20. >i do that, as he asks me to look at him as a woman now when I open my eyes
  21. >Ok i say as I open my eyes
  22. >He looks the same as usual
  23. >but then he takes my hand again and puts it on his chest
  24. >he blushes again as I touch it
  25. >It feels... strange, like I can feel something soft there
  26. >D'eon gets rid of his upper clothes and I see two small buds on his chest now
  27. >I guess it worked, D'eon is a woman now
  28. >D'eon asks me to use her breasts as I like
  29. >I play with them a little, her breath gets a bit heavier as I touch and pinch her nipples
  30. >I start sucking one of them, they taste and smell really good
  31. >D'eon breaths get heavier as some moans and yelps escape from her
  32. >My hand slowly runs down her body, caressing her stomach for a bit before going to her crotch
  33. >my hand goes under her pants and underwear
  34. >I feel her vagina getting wet from my foreplay, she's 100% a full woman
  35. >my finger starts going inside her, touching her insides
  36. >She's starting to moan louder now
  37. >she tells me she's about to cum, and i go faster with the sucking and fingerbanging
  38. >D'eon finally orgasms as fluids come out of her vagina
  39. >her pants are all wet now, so is my hand
  40. >She now asks me to make her mine
  41. >I agree and I let her get on top of me
  42. >she spreads her vagina and slowly lets my dick enter inside her
  43. >D'eon shrieks a little, I ask her if it hurts, but she says she's fine
  44. >she then starts moving her hips up and down
  45. >I put my hands on her hips, they're nicely shaped and feels good to touch
  46. >My dick feels like heaven, the walls of her pussy are so tight and warm
  47. >D'eon says she's feels so happy getting fucked by me, as she keeps moving her hips and doing lewd sounds with every move
  48. >My hands now go to grab her nicely shaped ass, it is really soft and arousing to touch
  49. >Her moans and breaths are louder and heavier, she's starting to speed up her movement
  50. >Goddamn it feels so good, her pussy is the best
  51. >My breath starts to get heavier too, I think i'm about to climax
  52. >D'eon grabs my hands and holds them
  53. >we're both holding hands now
  54. >D'eon says she loves me and wants me to cum inside and make her my woman
  55. >I say the same as I start kissing her now
  56. >her breasts are now touching my chest, her erect nipples keep making contact with mine
  57. >it's the hottest, most intense thing i've ever experienced
  58. >With a final thrust of my hip, I cum a huge amount of semen inside D'eon's womb
  59. >D'eon stops kissing me just to scream the loudest and sexiest orgasm she ever had
  60. >My seed is still pumping inside her, oh god it feels so amazing to cum inside her
  61. >As my dick finally stops cumming, i see D'eon's face again
  62. >even after sex she's still so pretty
  63. >D'eon now asks me if I love her now
  64. >I say yes, that I love her and I wanna be with her forever
  65. >She smiles, some tears start running from her eyes
  66. >She says that made her the happiest person in the world
  67. >I say the same
  68. >We both end kissing each other to start our new relationship
  69. END
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