Bowing to the Crystal Throne

Nov 23rd, 2013
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  1. >Day Bowing To The Crystal Throne in the Crystal Kingdom.
  2. >The guard pony throws you down.
  3. >”We caught this one snooping around.”
  4. >The unicorn with a dark mane is slumped on his throne.
  5. >He doesn’t bother to look up.
  6. >An crystal cube is holding his attention.
  7. >”You know all spies are to be executed.”
  8. >One of the guards moves forward.
  9. >”Your majesty, this one is different. She claims she was exiled from Equestria, and requests permission to live here.”
  10. >King Sombra’s ears perk up.
  11. >”Exiled from Equestria?”
  12. >He looks up slowly.
  13. >An eyebrow raises, and he places the inverse cube aside.
  14. >He examines you closely.
  15. >”What… is it?”
  16. >You can sense the disgust in his voice.
  17. “I’m a –“
  18. >One of the guards forces your head down.
  19. >”His majesty was not addressing you,” he says harshly.
  20. >A second guard explains for their king.
  21. >”She claims to be a ‘hewmin’ transplanted from a place called Earth. She says her name is Anon.”
  22. >King Sombra thinks it over for a moment.
  23. >”Earth? What an arrogant name for a kingdom,” he smirks.
  24. >But clearly his interest is piqued.
  25. >You might have a chance of living here in peace.
  26. >“Tell me, ‘hewmin,’ why were you exiled?”
  27. >The guard lets go and you rise up slightly.
  28. ”It’s pronounced, human. I – They said I caused too many problems with other ponies, but I didn’t do anything wrong. I was framed by one of the Elements of Harmony. Flut-”
  29. >The king raises a hoof to stop you.
  30. >”Elements are inanimate objects. They cannot frame you.”
  31. >You’ve always heard it used to reference the holders of the charms.
  32. “An element bearer then.”
  33. >”So this pony,” Sombra asks slowly, “didn’t have anything better to do than frame a human?”
  34. ”One of them was obsessed with me. She would stop at nothing. I tried everything to tell her off.”
  35. >King Sombra rocks his head back and forth as if deciding what to do with you.
  36. >After a moment he beckons you with a hoof.
  37. 1/9
  38. >”Come here.”
  39. >A guard nods to let you know that it’s alright.
  40. >You approach slowly.
  41. >King Sombra closes his eyes.
  42. >When they open they are bright green, and it seems like a purple mist is emerging from them.
  43. >”Kneel.”
  44. >You comply.
  45. >He places a hoof on your head.
  46. >Everything goes dark for an instant.
  47. >You see flashes of the past.
  48. >The princess banishing you.
  49. >The obsessed yellow pony.
  50. >Even the first day you arrived in Equestria.
  51. >Your vision returns and you see the king pulling away his hoof.
  52. >He frowns.
  53. >”I believe you, Anon.”
  54. >Sombra waves the guards away and they take their place at the entrance.
  55. >He waits for their eyes to lock into place before continuing.
  56. >”Well… I believe that you think these things actually happened.”
  57. “What?”
  58. >The king shifts his weight.
  59. >”They are obviously false memories. It’s quite sad that Princess Celestia has to resort to these tactics.”
  60. “That’s not… possible.”
  61. >Sombra laughs at this.
  62. >”We could spend all day talking about what she can and can’t do… but I am not interested in that,” he dismisses.
  63. >It sounds unlike the princess.
  64. >You remember her telling you that she was taking a chance in letting you stay in Equestria.
  65. >She wanted to believe your story, but she had to protect the Elements of Harmony.
  66. >You remember the sadness in her eyes when she banished you.
  67. ”But how could she have done that?”
  68. >The king frowns.
  69. >”You won’t understand.”
  70. >You shake your head.
  71. ”You’re telling me that everything I know never happened? At the very least I deserve an explanation.”
  72. >King Sombra exhales slowly.
  73. >His voice becomes very condescending.
  74. >As if he is speaking to a child.
  75. >”When did these things happen?”
  76. >What a strange question.
  77. >He just saw your memories.
  78. >Surely he can tell when they happened.
  79. ”A few weeks ago.”
  80. >King Sombra smiles at this.
  81. 2/9
  82. >”No. Time does not exist. It is a figment of our imagination. Everything that ever happened, happened in the present.”
  83. >This pony is crazy.
  84. >You try to keep a neutral facial expression.
  85. >It wouldn’t make sense to insult your new patron.
  86. >”Memories are just pale recreations of things that happened in the present. Have you ever lived in the past?”
  87. ”I-“
  88. >“No,” he cuts you off. “What you think of as memories happened in the now. You have always lived in the present. You will always live in the present. That is why memories are so easy to replace. It is as simple as placing a fresh loaf of bread on a counter.”
  89. >He moves a hoof to add emphasis.
  90. ”What you are saying makes no sense.”
  91. >Sombra again shifts his weight.
  92. >He takes the inverse cube from the side table.
  93. >”Look at this.”
  94. >He passes it to you.
  95. >It feels cold and spongy, though it looks like a crystal.
  96. >”Do you understand it?”
  97. >You try to examine the inverse cube, but it is nearly impossible.
  98. >Your eyes keep shifting focus.
  99. >It looks like it is constantly collapsing on itself.
  100. >The only thing you can say for certain is that it looks like a cube.
  101. “No.”
  102. >”Look closer. This object ‘struggles’ to exist. I destroyed it earlier today. It only exists because I force it to. That is why your mind can’t grasp it. Think of it as a memory that is forced to play itself over and over.”
  103. >You continue gazing into the cube.
  104. >A few seconds pass, before the king loses patience.
  105. >”I knew you would not understand.”
  106. >He moves a hoof forward and you give him back the inverse cube.
  107. >”Let’s just leave it as, memories are recreations of previous nows. All ponies are brought up to believe in this chronological myth, because it makes them feel that things will be better in the future.”
  108. >He sits up straighter and his back audibly cracks.
  109. >“This makes it easier to control them. You have to make your present the best you can, because there is no future. Only more now.”
  110. 3/9
  111. >Sombra crushes the cube between his hooves, and a puff of purple smokes rises from the ashes.
  112. >He idly waves the smoke away before continuing.
  113. >”Because Princess Celestia replaced your memories I have to assume that you are a spy.”
  114. >Why won’t anyone believe you?
  115. >You can feel your anger rising.
  116. >It isn’t possible to replace memories.
  117. ”No. It all really happened.”
  118. >You try to keep your voice level, but your emotions are starting to get the better of you.
  119. >No one ever believes you.
  120. >”Are you calling me a liar?”
  121. >Somra’s eyebrows furrow as he leans toward you.
  122. >You don’t respond.
  123. >The king looks up to think.
  124. >”You don’t look like a threat. You can’t use magic and you can’t even understand the easiest of concepts. So why would she choose you?”
  125. >The king places a hoof on his chin.
  126. >He is lost in his thoughts.
  127. >His eyes dart back and forth as if considering different possibilities.
  128. >”Why would she make it so obvious? Is she hiding something else?” He mutters to himself. “Maybe she really is that sloppy…”
  129. >This continues for nearly a minute.
  130. >Finally he turns to you.
  131. >”None of that ever happened.”
  132. >He taps his throne twice, and a pony appears with a drink.
  133. >Sombra takes a sip.
  134. >“You were probably exiled because you caused problems with her simple ponies. There was a hint of truth in that… Go back to Equestria and beg for your princess’ forgiveness for whatever you actually did to anger her.”
  135. >He waves and a guard approaches.
  136. >You clench your hands into fists.
  137. >Why won’t he believe you?
  138. ”It doesn’t matter if it happened or not. I was exiled for a reason so the princess must not want me back.”
  139. >The guard stops behind you, but does not take you away.
  140. 4/9
  141. >”If you stay you will just spy on me for her…” He frowns. “Even if I believe you, why would I want Celestia’s scraps? I have enough subjects.”
  142. >You take a breath to calm yourself.
  143. ”Please, I have nowhere else to go.”
  144. >There is always the Griffon Kingdom, but there you would probably be made into a slave.
  145. >The king smiles at this.
  146. >Maybe he knows what you are thinking.
  147. >You’ve heard the life in the Crystal Kingdom is harsh, but it would be better than living under griffons.
  148. >”Anon, go back to Equestria.”
  149. “No.”
  150. >King Sombra clenches his teeth in anger.
  151. >Then his brow furrows as if confused.
  152. >”Are you sure you want to join the Crystal Kingdom?”
  153. >You nod quickly.
  154. >”I suppose there is one way for you to pledge your loyalty to me. But you should not take this pledge lightly. I demand…” He looks for the right word. “Everything… from my subjects.”
  155. >You have no other choice.
  156. ”I’ll do whatever it takes.”
  157. >Sombra licks his lips.
  158. >He spreads his rear legs.
  159. >You can see everything.
  160. >”Usually I have a minister induct new serfs, but I will make an exception for you.”
  161. >He couldn’t mean…
  162. >”Like I said, I demand everything from my subjects.”
  163. >You can feel your cheeks burning.
  164. >He senses your hesitation and adds. “If you want to return to Equestria to tell your princess that you failed… the door is right behind you.”
  165. >You can’t go back.
  166. >After a moment you move forward.
  167. ”In front of everyone?”
  168. >He gives you a confused look before realizing your meaning.
  169. >”My guards know what to see and what not to see. Don’t pay any attention to them.”
  170. >The guard behind you returns to his post without being told.
  171. >A hoof beckons you closer.
  172. ”I don’t want to do it,” you say softly.
  173. >He takes a deep breath.
  174. >You can tell that he is losing patience with you.
  175. >”Why do you resist when I hold your life in my hooves?”
  176. 5/9
  177. >He is right.
  178. >You can’t go back.
  179. >You kneel in front of him.
  180. >”Good girl.”
  181. >A hoof brushes your hair.
  182. >His hips move slightly, anticipating your next movements.
  183. >He takes another sip and he watches you.
  184. >You can see his sheath and engorged orbs.
  185. >They look bigger than the ones you’ve seen on other ponies.
  186. >Maybe he hasn’t released in a while.
  187. >You place a hands on his left gaskins.
  188. >You shouldn’t know that word, but you’ve been here too long.
  189. >The free hand moves cups his onyx balls.
  190. >You manipulate your fingers to roll them in your hand.
  191. >He lets out a low grunt in approval.
  192. >This isn’t so bad.
  193. >You’ve been with worse.
  194. >At least this one is a king, and not some drunk frat guy.
  195. >You relax your muscles continue massaging him.
  196. >His lance begins to emerge from hiding.
  197. >You switch hands so your dominant one teases his member.
  198. >The other continues the massage.
  199. >You look up at your king and he gives a nod of approval.
  200. >You roll his engorging organ a few times.
  201. >It twitches with every movement.
  202. >After a moment it’s hard enough for you to stroke.
  203. >It’s very different from a man’s.
  204. >You rub your thumb over his glans and his hips move in excitement.
  205. >You wet your lips before licking the tip.
  206. >It twitches at this, and you use your hand to hold the lance in place.
  207. >You open your mouth and take him in.
  208. >A strand of hair falls forward and Sombra lightly brushes it behind your ear.
  209. >Your tongue moves on its own and circles his crown several times.
  210. >You can feel yourself getting wet.
  211. >Do you actually like this?
  212. >Sucking off a pony?
  213. >You push those thoughts aside and continue with the task.
  214. >You move your mouth forward and member.
  215. >All the while your other hand persists with the massage.
  216. >It’s impossible to take it all in.
  217. >Sombra’s pole is too big for that.
  218. >But you try.
  219. >Anything to get this over with quickly.
  220. >You move back and forth in a rhythmic motion.
  221. 6/9
  222. >The increased pace is rewarded with a low moan.
  223. >He places a hoof on your cheek and pulls away.
  224. >”That’s enough.”
  225. >He makes a small circle with his hoof to tell you to turn around.
  226. >Does he want it all?
  227. “You don’t like it?”
  228. >”I do, but I want to feel your other… part…”
  229. >He can’t mean…
  230. ”I won’t do it.”
  231. >King Sombra laughs.
  232. >”Don’t think so highly of yourself. I find you repulsive. You are an animal. You even wear clothes to hide yourself from the world.”
  233. “You’re going to have to rape me.”
  234. >”No. No.” His voice turns very serious. “Peasants rape. Soldiers rape. Kings demand and subjects comply.”
  235. >He gets up from his throne.
  236. >It only takes a moment for him to step down from the pedestal.
  237. >“Will you be my loyal subject?”
  238. >He raises an eyebrow.
  239. ”If you think I’m ugly why do you want me?”
  240. >”The act itself does nothing for me. It is just a normal bodily function.”
  241. >He pauses for a moment.
  242. >”Do you really want to know?”
  243. >You nod.
  244. >“I like the feeling of power… the humiliation… that is what I like.”
  245. >You are stunned by his direct and truthful answer.
  246. >Princess Celestia would have made up some pleasantry.
  247. ”That doesn’t change my answer.”
  248. >He sighs.
  249. >”Anon, this is going to happen. How difficult is up to you.”
  250. >You look back and the guards still have their eyes caged forward.
  251. >They would be on you in a second if you refuse.
  252. >And he will still get what he wants.
  253. >You turn around slowly and raise your rear for your king.
  254. >He smells you before lowering your panties to your knees.
  255. >Satisfied, Sombra places his weight on you.
  256. >You’ve never done it like this before.
  257. >Like an animal.
  258. >But you belong to him now.
  259. >You can feel his tip searching for your entrance.
  260. 7/9
  261. >His tries to put it in, but it slides out several times.
  262. >Not wanted to anger him you reach back and guide his member.
  263. >He enters you slowly.
  264. >You have to clench your teeth to keep from crying out.
  265. >He’s too thick.
  266. >You can feel yourself being stretched.
  267. >His hooves grab your waist and the leverage is enough for him to begin.
  268. >You can feel him pumping into your wet mound.
  269. >He isn’t able to hilt into you, but he tries anyway.
  270. >You move your arms forward to rest your head.
  271. >His pace quickens, and he slams into you again and again.
  272. >He bits into your shoulder and you can feel his heavy breathing.
  273. >Again and again he forces his member into your most precious place.
  274. >You can tell that he is close.
  275. >Sombra’s movements become erratic.
  276. >Somehow it got even bigger.
  277. >You can feel him touching the end of your canal.
  278. >You’ve been told that it should hurt, but for some reason it excites you.
  279. >Sombra pulls out one last time before slamming into you.
  280. >You can feel him releasing his seed deep in your flower.
  281. >The force is like nothing you’ve ever felt before.
  282. >You can feel your womb filling with his cream.
  283. >He pumps into you a few more times.
  284. >You can hear a puddle of juice forming beneath you.
  285. >You’re so full.
  286. >He shakes side to side a few times to make sure you received every drop.
  287. >Finally he pulls out slowly.
  288. >Your stomach muscles contract and you involuntarily try to push out his seed.
  289. >He chuckles at this.
  290. >There’s too much.
  291. >You can still feel the warm liquid sloshing in your womb.
  292. >That doesn’t matter.
  293. >You did what he wanted.
  294. >”Very good, Anon,” Sombra nods slowly. “I have to say that I am impressed.”
  295. >He waves a hoof and the servant pony from before brings you a towel.
  296. >Sombra watches as you clean yourself.
  297. >Soon enough you think you got most of it and put on your undergarment.
  298. >You turn to him.
  299. “So you will let me stay?”
  300. >Sombra laughs as if you have just told an amazing joke.
  301. 8/9
  302. >”I said that I would let you be one of my subjects.”
  303. “But I did what you wanted.”
  304. >He frowns.
  305. >”Yes, you are my subject now, but you will work as a spy for me... in Equestria.”
  306. “This is bullshit!”
  307. >King Sombra turns to you harshly.
  308. >His eyes flash green.
  309. >”Anon, you are a pawn in a game of kings. You always have been and always will be. Your quarrel is with Princess Celestia not me.”
  310. >Two guards grab your arms and hold you in place.
  311. >"I will give you new memories so you will be more useful."
  312. >You try to pull away.
  313. >He moves forward and touches you with a hoof.
  314. >Your vision fades.
  315. >
  316. >You see images of what really happened.
  317. >How King Sombra took you in when no one else would.
  318. >Your long conversation about life back on Earth.
  319. >The time when he finally let his guard down and opened up to you.
  320. >When the princess sent the Elements of Harmony to attack him.
  321. >How you cried when you thought he was going to bleed out from their assault.
  322. >The two weeks he spent recovering.
  323. >How you held him when he woke from the coma.
  324. >You remember it all.
  325. >
  326. >King Sombra enunciates his next words.
  327. >”Tell me, Anon. When will you take revenge on the evil Princess Celestia?”
  328. >The guards lift you up.
  329. >They hold you in place so you can answer your king.
  330. >Time is a figment of your imagination.
  331. >You learned all about that during your long conversations.
  332. >Just like the false memories the princess placed in your mind.
  333. >It didn't make sense at the time.
  334. >There is no past or future.
  335. >Only the present.
  336. >His eyes light up as if sensing that you finally understand his meaning.
  337. >He was talking about seizing the moment.
  338. >Not letting things get in your way.
  339. >Celestia just wanted cowering subjects.
  340. >King Sombra demands initiative.
  341. >It's all clear.
  342. ”I will do it… now.”
  343. fin
  344. 9/9
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