Glorious Flame Dev Log 4&5

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  1. [15:52] {NARRATION} After being haunted by terrible visions and nighmares of his homeland Ume Ixis Kimyona travles to the islands off the souther coats of Ghenna. As he arrives he on the coast south of the islands village he was met with an uninviting silence.
  3. The coast laid barren no fishermen or boats not even a single person could be seen. Although the faint sensation of lingering corruption vibrated within the air it was unclear exactly what could be happening here.
  5. To his left laid the coast line, A sandy beach and plenty of abandoned fishing equipment could be seen yet not a single fisherman in sight. From his vauge memories he knew that taking this path would eventually get him to him to the village.
  7. Although Directly infront of him sprawled out was the Forest thick trees that grew tall a clear sign that humans had been growing alongside nature instead of forcing their will against it. Although it seemed like a sure fire way to get directly into the heart of the village.
  9. With both options spread out infront of him he had to decide which path seemed best to explore. to reach his destination.The choice was up to him! Would he contiue to explore the Coastline or Travel into the dense forest?
  10. [15:58] As Ume reached land one again, he'd look around in silence, his wavering brown coat flaring in the tropical wind, Ume jolted his head towards the forest, that lingering feeling of unease set in..
  12. The Plum man frowned to himself and put his left hand to his mouth, "Hey, anyone around here? Hello? Come on I can't be talking to myself here..." upon no answer, Ume felt more uneased...
  14. Ume frowned, he'd look to the floor and see what he thought might be a foot print leading into the forest, though the species was unrecognizable... Ume lifted his head and bit his lip...
  16. Ume turned to look back at his small sailing ship, he'd not his head and sigh, turning back to the forest, Ume would lead on, entering into its floral confines.
  17. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  18. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. [16:06] {NARRATION} His pleas were ment with a defeaning silence. The lingering emptiess only growing. As he began to move closer into the wilderness of the forest he would notice claw marks idling upon the trees. A sign that some animal..or beast had made the forest its home.
  22. As he proceeded a head he'd noticed more tracks some that seemed to be that of humans others that he did not recognize, but more pressingly there were dozens of the same tracks that lead into the forest...
  24. The forest of the island leads directly to the village it's thick and densely populated with wild animals although it's a longer path to take it's a surefire way to get to the village to ascertain the situation , However, it will not be an easy journey. There are multiple points of ambush and unless Ume is capable of to perceive his surroundings as his adequately he just might be caught off guard and attacked!
  26. A sharp sound breaks the silence. A breaking branch off in the distnace. His perception would be tested right now he'd have to focus in to figure out exactly what was salking him!
  28. ( Dice roll ! your results alter your outcome! Following your RP I'll Narrate what happens)
  29. [16:10] Ume walks clutching his rifle with one hand as it slings down his back, a poker face yet his eyes couldn't be more focused... the eyes of a hawk, he was often told that by others, and became quite well known for it.
  31. At the slightest sound of a branch, Ume's eyes would turn towards the direction in which he'd hear it, and before the branch could fall, Ume would already have rushed to the location with a trail of utter speed....
  34. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  35. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  37. [16:13] {NARRATION} A blind sided attack! Swooping from the tops of the trees and hiding amongst the bushes of the forest moaning could be heard. tortured screams that wouldn't end. As the voices got louder and closer they cared little for their cover, and as unfortunate as it was it seemed Ume was surrounded
  39. The darkness of theforest was illumnated by glowing violet eyes and the meancing bloodlust of steamed towarsd the intruder. As they got closer it seemed there was no way to escape them.
  41. Like ravenous predators they set upon him his only hope was to fight for his life or fall prey to the violent unknown creatures!
  42. [16:15] Ume would look towards the creatures and smile, pulling out his rifle he'd aim it towards the crowd, "Tch... where the hell did you freaks come from, you came to the wrong damn island, I hope you're prepared to die you shit bags..."
  44. Ume began firing his shots at the monsters, the battle had begun.
  45. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  46. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48. [16:26] ff
  49. (EC)
  50. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  52. [16:33] EC says, "^"
  53. [16:36] {NARRATION} As the creatures began to enclose around Ume he could feel an even more tainted presence dwelling further beyond them a kaor! Winds began to swirl and a horrible malevolence directed at Ume traveled towards him at blidning speeds.
  55. A demon that controlled the mutated abominations. As it moved closer towards the man it was certain. Its only goal was to kill anyone who entered the forest with no exception. Using the group that surrounded Ume the creature began to pounce.
  56. [16:40] ** Ume Ixis Kimyona has inflicted an injury upon EC. ("Temporary Injury", "Temporary Injury", "Temporary", "Duration: Medium (4 days)") **
  57. [16:49] {NARRATION} The demons attacks were vicious yet compared to that of a magi who had fought on Agartha he was nothing to compare to ! Occultic flames quickly overpowered them and now the creature was at the behest of Ume. His minons all slaughtered in the resounding battle leaving only himself.
  59. The creature panaiced as the man got closer a few taps to the chest left the creature badly burned and in signficant pain beyond its means As it writhed in pain it laid hurting waiting only for death.
  61. As things were now the creature had no choice but to submit to the superior occultist. Fear being to form in his eyes as these familiar sensations overcame him.
  63. "No...these...flames...they are...NOOO! You why do you have the same scent as him...if it weren't for that man....If it weren't for him this village would have been mine! He is unlike any mortal I have come across...and you bare the very same power as him...DAMN IT ALL!" The demon screamed as Ume got closer to interrogate them.
  64. [16:52] As the demons would charge for Ume, a clear mind with the smile of a mountain lion would be shown, suddenly an explosion of occultic shadowflame bullets rang out in the air, not a moment later, a few bodies of the predators would sprawl to the floor,
  66. "Pity, I'm wasting my bullets on you damn freaks!" suddenly Ume would charge in, thrashing his fists covered in shadow flame, slamming through the predators he'd leave their bodies mutilated on the ground, suddenly Ume would spot what seemed to be their leader...
  68. "Hey, you. Can you speak? If not, I'll make you." A silence, as the demon charged Ume... realization came into his mind..
  70. Ume gritted his teeth and with a twist of his aura, a red tail of fury would form flaring in the wind... Ume rushed through the wind dodging the Kaor's attacks, suddenly Ume's tail would tap the Kaor's chest. The wind was calm for a moment, but suddenly an explosion would break that silence.
  72. Ume turned back as the explosion rang through the air...
  74. then, Ume's ears listened to the Kaor. "W..what the hell.. what the hell do you mean by him?!" Ume gritted his teeth and held the demon by its throat, just enough room to speak. "Tell me you damn freak!" Ume's tail would point towards the kaor as if it were going to stab him, but surprisingly more intimidating was Ume's fist, as it rose with a sun of shadow flame covering it.
  75. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  76. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  78. [17:02] {NARRATION} The demon was body was broken, Its defeat poured into its mind as it began to snicker as the man seemed to be getting angier and angier.
  80. " Aye the man who smells like you is many master...he marked me before same as you and its because of him that all the villagers are....Kehehe...transformed...he made them his experiments and soon he plans to bring his research to Agartha...kehehe its only a matter of time after all..."
  82. The demon points to one of the charred corpses of his followers. Upon close inspection one can identify more human like traits than demonic ones.
  84. "He learned to combine my kin against their will to humans called them Cursed ones...and now they will soon take over all of Agartha...I came to this island to capture for my own...but I was deafeat horribly by him...To lose twice...I am no longer worthy of this existance...but I assure you this mortal...You will never defeat my master KEHEKE do you want me to tell you then...the man who you resemeble is--"
  86. A sinester presence could be felt at the moment the demon prepared to speak the mans name. And from the shadows appeared a black spirit with tremendous occultic magics. As the creature drew forth a blade of Pure occultic flames it quickly lobbed off the head of the demon before it could speak another word.
  88. The body of the demon quickly bursting an hellblaze there after. It seemed something or someone didn't want information leaking...The only way to figure out the truth was to contiue on ahead.
  90. [17:13] Ume looked to the charred corpses and to his hands tears swelled up in Ume's eyes as he realized he'd just murdered but innocent people... Ume would nod his head,
  92. Ume turned back to the Kaor, quivering with anger and somewhat fear as could be seen in his aura, a pitch black tail coming along... this would show that the tails did not come together, as the tail of green didn't come along..
  94. Suddenly, the demon's head would fall to the floor, an explosion would send Ume back covering himself as the fog clear, he'd look around, he'd sworn he'd seen a figure of black... but only for a split second..
  96. The tails on Ume's aura would fade as he'd been distracted, confidence filled him. Though Ume barely noticed these tails, the fact of solving them was near.
  98. A thought crossed Ume's mind, but he immediately dismissed it, though maybe, the plum man couldn't be more wrong.
  100. Either way, Ume would continue on clutching his rifle with a single hand, ready for attack at anytime...
  101. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  102. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  104. [17:19] {NARRATION} As ume began to settle back upon his journey his heart would way heavy knowing the many lives that were lost on this island. The masters domain laid up ahead he could not falter now!
  106. As he got closer to the village he'd notice there weren't as many guards from this exit. They were scattered and due to the treelines of the forest giving him cover he could sneak into the village undetected if he had the skill...only a few of the demon scouts on patrol were there. If he wanted he could defeat them or not he could head directly to the masters lair.
  108. Although the sensation of uneasiness only grew. Dark magic swirled within the very skies and the ground. The smell of blood lingered beyond and further in he could sense it..A growing darkness unlikes his own. Anger, Hatred , Rage beyond even that of demons. Something deadly lied ahead and as of now he was the only one who could stop this menace.
  111. [17:20] {NARRATION} (Dice Roll 2+ or higher to sneak passed the guards!)
  112. [17:27] Ume suck past the guards with ease, flashing through them with but a sense of his occult, he'd enter the lair... carrying on, he could make a shadow in the distance.. whatever it was, Ume was on guard. "Who ever that is out there, you better give me some damn answers..."
  113. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  114. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  116. [17:37] {NARRATION} After breaching to the center of the village and compiling all the information that he had Ume approached the powerful signature of dark magics
  117. ,however, he had to face his their greatest foe yet. Violet plum hair a smooth youthful face. It couldn't be? He would've thought to himself but it was true. His father stood before him now nearly 50 years younger.
  119. Their very own father is the cause of this horrid experimentation on the villagers. They have assimilated with a Kaor and have somehow to become a prototype Accursed. A mutated and grotesque creature that has dominated the other Demons and lead them to take the village for themselves.
  121. " Hmm? More food has arrived then...My hunger will not cease until I have eaten all life on this island...I will have my revenge for what they did...and nothing will quench my hatred besides death... " A few villagers who attemtpted to escape were quickly ambushed by the man he moved to pick them up grabbing them by their throats Their life energy draining into them as he sustained his horrific mutated body upon their mana.
  123. Their eyes moving towards Ume now a vauge sense of familiarity passing over them not reconginizing his own son instead merely threw themselves in a blind rage. Holding their head the sight of Ume made him brought out his humanity a part of him that had long been sealed away by the corruption that stole his heart."No no no no why...I ...why am I doing this...where...where am I- " before he could contiue to speak a looming shadow formed over him. Visible for barely for a second his screams had seemed to be calmed and his mind directed on destruction once more.
  125. However as Ume had saw the cracks he knew now that his fathers Humanity had not yet been consumed there were fragments still intact and if he was strong enough to pursaude his father into bringing back that part of him he would perhaps weaken the corruptions control upon his dad!
  127. ( Roll to bring back humanity! after your RP I'll give you the scaling for how the roll is decided.)
  128. [17:49] As Ume entered the caves, a familiar voice could be heard... Ume would peer closer to see his father, absorbing the life force of innocent people, Ume fell to his knees, "F...FATHER!!!!!"
  130. Ume peered at the dead corpses and fell back, gagging on his vomit he'd turn to the side.. his father was not the man he use to be, far from it... a monster, he was a monster... instantly Ume knew, there was no turning back for his father, after years of fighting Kaor... there was no return, except one, death.
  132. Ume stood up shaking as he looked his father in the eyes, a trail of tears ran down his face "W..what did you do with mom! W-where the hell is she!!!" Ume gritted his teeth and suddenly...
  134. an explosion of all three developed tails... along with another... one more noticeable than the others... an explosion of a blue tail would emerge from Ume's aura, as it whipped towards the sky, pointing all four tails towards his father Ume would lose his mind,
  136. Rage would consume the kitsune as his eyes shed tear after tear, he had no control as his emotions built up... all of them seemed to have a mind of their own, Kill... Kill... Kill... Kill...
  140. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  141. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  143. [17:58] {NARRATION} The visage of the man was no longer that of a human the demon that possesed him began to manifest a form more horrid than that of his own. The demon looked towards Ume and cackled a blood chilling laugh as his father stood limp.
  145. "Bawhwhaha your mother? She was on her death bed...Scared for the lives of the sickness she had the villagers decided one day to burn her and the house your father lived in ! Keheke your father ppooor poor human...he travled to Agartha to find her medicine and when he returned? Nothing but cinderes! KEHEKEHE had it not been for our meeting your father would have died as well but i gave him the power to exact revenge...I gave him the will to contiue fighitng...and now soon we will lead our armies across agartha and destroy there as well...Its only a matter of time KEHEHE "
  147. Purplishblack flames spured from the demonic spirit a blade formed in its hand and his father stood up now more enraged than before...His love was burned and he had no way to stop his rage manifested in the very same flames that took his beloved away from him and this village would burn for it.
  149. "GRAAAAAAAAAAAH NO I won't be stopped they must all die! They must ALL DIE! " There was little humanity to be found within him now.. the small fragments that once remained were shattered into dust after being reminded of why he was there...why he did what he did.. he had to destroy them all.
  151. Turning to Ume his hand would begin to glow horrific magics dispelled and a horrdendous amount of fire sparked between them both. This would be a battle of life and death between parent and child and yet not a single tear could be shed just yet.
  152. [18:02] ** Ume Ixis Kimyona has inflicted an injury upon Accursed Father Tononasu. ("Temporary Injury", "Temporary Injury", "Temporary", "Duration: Medium (4 days)") **
  153. [18:11] Ume would mindlessly launch towards his father, his attacks were terrifying... though Ume would slam through them with terrifying accuracy, it seemed as if he didn't control it, these tails which inhabited his back... as they each flamed with their own form of grace, Ume stood mindlessly controlled by them...
  155. "You... you aren't my father.. you're a monster... a monster and nothing else..." Ume slams into the shell of his father, holding him down with the searing strength of his own hellish father, Ume would flash his pulsating hawk like eyes into Tononasu's being...
  158. Ume threw the kaor in the air and slammed him with his own searing tails, crashing the beast into a nearby rock as blood rushed through the air... "KILL... KILL!!" Ume rushed towards his father with a blank expression... suddenly, a glimpse of his old man would stop him.
  160. As he heard the news, yet another tail emerged from Ume, the heartache rushed through him as he saw his father being used like a puppet, a tail exploded through the daylit sky... this one, it was a blazing white, scratched and tormented.
  162. Ume would scream in agony and grief as some of the tails faded, the only ones shown would be the blue tail of Grief, and the white tail of Pain... Ume would scream louder than any Kaor, the grief was immense, he'd look towards his father yet again to see what might happen..
  163. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  164. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  166. [18:22] {NARRATION} The demon had been supressed and with each battle his father grew weaker and weaker his body barely able to handle the strain of battle while being manipulaed to this degree. The demon fed upon that weakness and used all of it to destroy the man who threatened its host.
  168. As the man tails of light began to swat and destroy everything in sight the demon would only cackle no longer hiding its the turth although the demon was hurt it had not been expelled from his fathers soul corruption still lingered within him. unable to be purged by Umes power.
  170. "You call me a monster yet you have caused far more destruction than I have...just look at are no less different from are filled with such corruption...I may be defeated this day but do realize...I will exact revenge upon all who tread upon these lands. "
  172. Umes fathers rage had corrupted him his hatred consumed him and with his humanity being supressed to this degree he was almost out of reach. The looming shadow retreated back into the mans body. And from there the man would begin to make his escape wounded and hurt.
  174. "Until we meet again mortal...I will only grow stronger upon our next encounter...Prepare yourself...For my armies will march upon Agartha in due time... " The man did not wait he quickly fled to using the shadows around himself making sure to sneak away. Because Ume failed to appeal to his humanity there was no chance of stopping him at this time!
  176. All that remained in the village were the broken, the tramutized and the fritened of Ume...and of his father..they all ran in fear of the tails he had on his back a power that only helped cause more disaster in their eyes. They're lives forever changed by the effects of their choices.
  177. [18:28] Ume fell to the floor unconscious for quite some time... the demons had fled, but no grief could be described for Ume, the loss of his childhood and loved ones, it was too much...
  179. He awoke, it seemed to be dark, Ume tracked the demons occultic enemy, it was only a matter of time until the both of them ran into eachother again, as Ume stood up... nothing could be seen, a village burned to the floor, yet there stood one thing, a gem of sorts, Ume picked it up, immediately recognizing it he'd gasp, a tear would rush down Ume's face as he gripped it, clutching it to his heart Ume would fall to grief once more,
  181. Finally, the plum man arose, this time, with a smile.. "If that damn demon thinks he'll get away... he has another thing coming!" the next spot? Agartha itself, Ume had to leave this island as fast as possible, rushing back to his ship with a new surge of confidence, he'd found the gem which represented everyone in his past, and what a grip Ume put on it...
  183. His everything, with it, Ume found his confidence, he would lay his father to rest, and all the souls which had been tormented, and Ume would do this alone... for it was his destiny, the only hope would soon be the tails upon his back...
  184. (Ume Ixis Kimyona)
  185. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  187. [18:29] {Item} You picked up Fire Crystal..
  188. [18:29] {Item} You drop Fire Crystal x1.
  189. [18:30] {Item} You picked up Heart Fire. Dropped by Ume Ixis Kimyona. .
  190. [18:34] {NARRATION} As the demon fled a shard desended on the ground next to Ume a relic of the past something he'd reconize quite well. The demon's that remained fled the villagers that were once native to this island all but extinict do the the machinations of Tononasu.
  192. There was little else to do and now with the flame of revenge sparked in the hearts of all who remained the only option they had was to press forward in their goals.
  194. The ship Ume took still awaited for him to travel back safetly towards what would be now his only home.
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