Static Gazer

Aug 6th, 2015
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  1. >Find a girl from an internet dating site
  2. >Turns out she's wheelchair bound
  3. >Her Gazer profile didn't mention her tired and melancholy looks
  4. >Voice is spoken through a voice box
  5. >Order a wine and try to continue on fancy first date
  6. >Her voice box starts to bug out and is inappropriately shouting at times
  7. >Her mom drops in out of nowhere and starts to scold daughter
  8. >I'm just trying to keep everyone from tearing their stalks off
  9. >When she gets onto the special transport bus she asks me
  10. >"Can we have a second date?"
  11. >She gives you an expectant look in her many eyes and a hopeful smile to boot
  13. I don't know mang, I'm not so sure of this
  15. >"Sure I would. Next week, same time, your choice."
  16. >She seems elated and gives a small smile, man she looks like she needs a nap
  17. >Before I leave her to be lifted off
  18. >"Wait let me help you, miss..."
  19. >Shoot, in all the time I've been trying to hold off the awkward I forgot to ask her name
  20. >"Jana" she replied in a crackled monotone
  21. >When I helped her up onto the lift, her eye stalks occasionally snatched a couple peaks at me
  22. >I then noticed that a few stalks had pupils like they were replaced with a starry night sky
  23. >Others were completely blind, with some scarring
  24. >I tried to not stare
  25. >"Thank you Anon, see you next week she declares, with a bit less crackle
  26. >I hopped off, "See you then"
  27. >I'm going to have to find out sooner or later
  28. >The next week gone by in a flash, work as a biologist was spent wisely kissing ass for grant money to stare at microbes
  29. >Oh yes micro zoo plankton baby
  30. >Back to the date planned, the bus didn't have many places in its route, so the driver compromised and put Jana near an art gala
  31. >This time she was in more casual wear, a straw sunhat, deep blue shirt and baggy jeans
  32. >Normally I'd believe mamano would wear provocatively, but she wears herself like she wants to hide in her clothes
  33. >I felt strange starting with a handshake, but she didn't mind so much
  34. >Her voice box was much better now, less outbursts
  35. >Most of the date was me carting her around like a tour guide, trying to avoid stares from everyone else
  36. >Jana got the same vibe, but tried to enjoy herself
  37. >When we got to the news exhibit, she started to panic
  38. >She tried to speak in desperate tones, as much as she could, to get off that wing, then she dropped her mic
  39. >She fell down soon after
  40. >I'm happy to catch her in time
  41. >Damn it, I fucked up
  43. >I took her to the antique furniture where she was able to calm down for a bit
  44. >There were no kids there so you wouldn't make a scene
  45. >"I'm sorry, really. I didn't mean to do that to you. Here's your mic, uhm, let me wipe it off for you."
  46. >After a few polishes I gave it back to her, spick and span
  47. >Funny, she was comforting me with her tentacles patting my back
  48. >"It's okay, I didn't know THAT place was there."
  49. >A moment of silence later where we put on faces to show our "Fine"
  50. >"Hey look Anon. Some of these chairs and tables were hand made by the Famed Mud Golem Valiére."
  51. >You let her ramble on on the intricacies of tableware and glass ornaments with glass gears that make 'em move
  52. >And I found myself enjoying this experience
  53. >And she seemed more lively to dispense knowledge on me
  54. >We finished our little custom tour of random know how and made our way to the exit
  55. >"Anon, again, sorry for freaking out." her electronic garble hardly shown
  56. >"It's okay."
  57. >"If you want to know why, I can tell you. Really, you don't need to feel bad."
  58. >She tries to explain, almost hopping off her chair
  59. >"Settle down," jeez, I had to use my hands to put her shoulders down
  60. >"Yeah, I'll bite" I replied clearly while taking a seat outside, with her out of the way of museum goers
  61. >"Before", she looks at herself, "This", I used to be a helper"
  62. >"I was a prosecutor, helping anyone anywhere who was a whistle-blower. You had some juicy scandal and I'd use all my resources and power to take them all down a peg. Men loved me, mamano idolized me as the young lawyer willing to stick her head out for the little guy."
  63. >I was, frankly in awe. When I was around her age she was taking on corporations and I content in making second rate video reviews
  64. >"There was risk, I knew that. You wouldn't believe the amount of threat and fear. It was intoxicating to see those cocky bastards try to crush me and my clients."
  66. >Every word she spoke felt like she regained a posture of pire confidence
  67. >"And then, it all came down. Too many enemies and a newspaper company conspired against me."
  68. >Jana's bitterness spilled from her voice box, like these words were poison
  69. >"Soon their fear got to me, and got to my other parts in a surprise lynch. What's left had been ravaged with disease. And the rest, is history."
  70. >After that speech, that confidence faded out like a dying campfire ember, and I could guess that the following years were not as kind
  71. >"Not much else to tell, haha, I don't think anyone recognizes me anymore. It's just an old tale now."
  72. >"Well I'm the kind of guy who liked old tales."
  73. >"You'd have to be, otherwise why would you go out with me for a second time?"
  74. >"I wanted to because, simply, I think you're kind of cute"
  75. >Jana started to shift in her chair
  76. >"Cute, I haven't heard someone tell me that in a long while." she said to me, drawing herself closer
  77. >"Mind if you, come a little closer", she asked me, almost apprehensive, like a trapper so close to his quarry
  78. >"Not at all", I cordially replied, leaning close to her
  79. >And then, a hug. A small, weak hug, but one none the less
  80. >She fuddled with her voice box until it looked like the dial would break
  81. >"Thank you, for listening." she whispered, in such a clear voice, that maybe, it might've been what she used to sound like.
  82. >I hugged back, what else can you do?
  83. >Afternoon little moment we took ourselves back to her bus stop, this time I decided to hang around until she got back home
  84. >Nothing spectacular, the ride that is
  85. >The most I did was sit next to her, and trying not to gawk at everyone else
  86. >The staff there brought her back to her room
  87. >But not before I gave her a peck on the cheek
  88. >She seemed a little happy, Honestly when she said she'd be glad for another one, I would've done alot more, right then and there.
  89. - -
  91. >On the third date of this month my girlfriend gave to me
  92. >Something
  93. >Well it's something to me
  94. >When I texted Jana the other day if she still did work
  95. >She worded back
  96. >"No. Had compensation, can't really do much when I like this."
  97. >I need to stop asking questions that end up about her physique
  98. >"Hobbies? We didn't exactly have a chance to know each other better, at least from my side."
  99. >"K then, wat do u do?"
  100. >"I work on microbes, study their behaviors, things like that. Basically I either write grants, stare into a microscope or write papers based on what I find."
  101. >"Sounds interesting."
  102. >"As a hobby, I consume media. Huge swathes of it. Books, Graphic Novels, podcasts, Movies I do em all."
  103. >"You sound like you don't get bored."
  104. >"True, it helps spend the hours. Your turn, how do you spend your time?"
  105. >"In bed and in the bathroom, Blaine helps me fix the T.V. so I can watch and laugh at bad shows and movies."
  106. >Wait, Blaine, who the fuck is this guy?
  107. >"He your helper?"
  108. >"Yah, big guy, exercise freak and worrywart, you might like him."
  109. >Whoo, she's not seeing someone else. >Wait, why would I start guessing there? Abort this line of thought me, and get to talking of her happy hobbies
  110. >"By that you mean" I implored
  111. >"Movies from scaredycats who think someone's out to get them. That and ones with heart."
  112. >"In that case, would you like to see a bad movie or two, your place maybe?"
  113. >A few moments of silence. Did I screw up?
  114. >"Yeah, evening. See u soon there."
  115. >Yes, yes. I get to watch bad movies with my date.
  116. >I didn't know exactly what to bring other than an old bollywood movie and over the top sex crimes shows
  117. >It's raining, more a heavy drizzle
  118. >My windshield wipers rhythmically thump and strum like an enthusiastic amateur on the drums
  119. >When I arrived to the assisted living residence, it looked as normal as you'd think it would be
  120. >A front desk person to help me around
  121. >Mamano who needed a helping hand where going about their day merrily, minus a paw, scales or an eye
  122. >Meanwhile I look a bit conspicuous, in my extra thick windbreaker and second hand jeans
  123. >I knock on her room door, and out pops a shirtless, six foot seven tan guy built like a shit brickhouse, looking like he just finished a workout with a shock towel resting on his broad shoulders
  124. >"You must be Blaine. I'm Anon." I greet, offering a hand shake
  125. >"Nice to meet you in person" Blaine said back in a slightly affected tone, returning my gesture. "Jana talks about you a bit."
  126. >"So she does about you." I say back, letting myself into her room. "Finished a workout or something?"
  127. >"Yes I have, nothing special, just some sets. When all you can do is stay put, you find things to do." Blaine said.
  128. >"Oh, Anon, you're here." Jana says,
  129. >She was wearing a baby blue night gown. Not very revealing, but it has its own appeal. Like how it keeps her looking cute and modest and-
  130. >"Staring is not polite" said Blaine.
  131. >"Sorry, I kind of got lost in my own thoughts."
  132. >"No problem, now if you can excuse me, I got a get somewhere." Said Blaine before he headed out into the rain, with no shirt on, in the rain, where the Nureanago roam free.
  133. >"But first, Jana, would you like me to assist you onto the sofa?"
  134. >"Yes please, thank you Blaine." Jana said while being lifted from her hair to the couch in one smooth motion. "If there's anything you need, just call me, capesh?"
  135. >"Capesh Blaine, have fun."
  136. >"Enjoy yourselves" and off he goes
  137. >"Hoo kay, what watch?" As I bring out my dvds like a fan
  138. >"I was thinking a lousy Chinese flick."
  139. >First on the list, a kung fu movie
  140. >Disc blades, rebels, parent abuse and Oily Kakuen Asses oh my
  141. >Can't stop laughing at how stupid it all is, but she and I can't help but pump our fists whenever the Ren Xiongmao powers through with her trusty spear to save the Guqin player
  142. >When it got to my dvd's it was strangely comforting to see ridiculously awful acting coupled with convoluted suffering
  143. >Combined with the rapid patter of rainfall, it was sort of, homely
  144. >Jana made the first move, I didn't even notice when she scooted over to me, now that I think of it, up close like this she's kind of short, barely reaching my shoulders
  145. >She first did a nudge with her shoulders, then before I could respond decided to pull herself onto my lap
  146. >Well more like laying her head on my lap, with a razor sharp toothy grin to boot, like she's begging me to say no
  147. >"Is it nice for you?"
  148. >"Yeah Anon, this is nice" Jana said back with a smile on her face
  149. >I didn't know what came over me, but I started to stroke her hair when we watched
  150. >She seemed, scared when I did so, then a little more used to it
  151. >Her eye stalks paid me back by wrapping around my waist for a hug
  152. >I'd be scared, honestly I used to be scared of seeing many eyes
  153. >But I can't, she's just so cute I can't help but nestling in when the cops were shocked that their Wurm friend explained that she blew off a man's dick with a Shark Knife
  154. >While waving said knife around and sipping wine
  155. >All because he was a manwhore who slept with dozens of mamano and played with their hearts
  156. >Speaking of playing with hearts, mine is being toyed by Jana
  157. >Gazers are known for hypnotizing men into loving one eyed beings
  158. >But she didn't need that to get me
  159. >All she did was push me down with her short stature, rub her head on my chest and give me her enhanting blink and smile to get me going
  160. >Her eye tentacles helped me and her to do the dirty deed
  161. >The oily, dirty deed of hugging her lithe, small body, making love on the sofa while a CC Sahuagin was being let free on plea of insanity
  162. >Slow, happy, gigglyness. I never heard her laugh like that, it's a nice feeling to see her this energetic making me happy as she is
  163. >I swear I saw hearts on every working eye of hers when we finished
  164. >It was probably late at night by the time we were done
  165. >So I decided something I think she might like
  166. >"Jana?"
  167. >"Mmhmm Anon?"
  168. >"Want to sleep in your room?"
  169. >"Yeah huh."
  170. >"Then I hope you don't mind if I this", I said, pulling all the sciency muscle I can to lift her up with my arms, princess carry style
  171. >"You're much heavier than I thought." I joke, a little. Man I need to work out.
  172. >"Anon", Jana screeched at me, pressing her hand at my cheek. "You don't a women that, now carry me home."
  173. >"As you wish madam."
  174. >As I layed her gently on her king sized mattress, her weight made a satisfying sound as she rubbed along the sheets.
  175. >I joined soon after and enjoyed my slumber
  176. >I woke up to pitch black, a murmur from her
  177. >It was a scared voice, hers
  178. >"Don't leave me. Please don't."
  179. >"I won't. What are you talking abou-" I respond before Jana's tentacles start to wrap me in a way where I embrace her.
  180. >"Don't let them get to me, don't let them take everything I have away from me. Don't let them don't let em don't let themdon'tletth" Her eyes were completely closed and her stalks tightened with an audible squeeze before slowly letting into a whimper
  181. >All I could do was continue hugging her as she subconsciously clings onto me
  182. >"Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. I'm right here, just where you want me."
  183. >I don't know when it stopped, only that I felt tired waking up when I came to
  184. >Blaine came back later in the early dawn. He said he was going to intervene on our little scene, but saw that he wasn't needed then. He still berated me like a mom for not calling for help
  185. >"You both could have been really hurt. I may not look like it but I am a certified nurse and I know what actions lead to harm. Yours is up there" he lectured, placing his hand on his forehead for emphasis
  186. >Jana was both embarrassed and ashamed despite how many times I said it was okay
  187. >"Anyways, I have to head back, I work tomorrow. See you later Jana." I say before crouching over to give her a kiss good bye
  188. >Not wanting to be out done, she pulls me in for a bigger kiss
  189. >"Mmm mah. See you Anon."
  190. >"I'm not kissing you."
  191. >Well played, well played.
  193. ---
  195. >Well it's been one fun month, that I can say for sure
  196. >'Fun' is not good enough for the time I spent with Jana
  197. >It's almost routine in a way
  198. >We talk on the phone nonstop
  199. >And when I'm over to her place, fireworks
  200. >Amongst other things
  201. >The only two things I can say that kills my mood
  202. >One's Blaine, yeah he's doing his job and he's just looking out for her and gets along with you
  203. >I only wish he wasn't there so I can stop feeling bad when I show up
  204. >"Hey, I'm just going to cuddle snuggle with your patient for the rest of my stay. Please head out and go do, nurse things."
  205. >But that's small potatoes compared to her night terrors
  206. >I'm not one to let things like that build into a bigger deal, so I decided to have a chat with Blaine in private
  207. >"Blaine, you wanted to talk about Jana?"
  208. >"Yes, sit down. Now let me get one thing clear." as he pointed at me with his fingers
  209. >"I don't mind that you and Jana are close, I'm simply a caretaker. In fact, I'm glad she met you."
  210. >"But the night terrors."
  211. >"Yes, the night terrors.", Blaine cracked his knuckles accompanied stern look on his face
  212. >"All the time that she under my supervision, Jana has not once had this problem. Until she met you."
  213. >"What are you saying?"
  214. >"What I am saying Anon, is that I think she's just lonely. Coffee?"
  215. >"No thanks."
  216. >"More for me then." Blaine enjoyed the moment of pouring his bean water, while I was here feeling a little defensive
  217. >"Now I can think of two things I can do", his hand raised to express himself
  218. >"I can be a jerk, and tell you to stay away, and she can be perfectly melancholy, or I can start talking like your serious about having a relationship with her. Which one do you want?"
  219. >"Of course I'm serious about her."
  220. >"Now, because it's going good. Feeling great. But how about when it's bad. The dull parts or just getting her through the day. Can you still love her and help her take a shit, per say?"
  221. >"Yes."
  222. >Blaine had a perturbed expression, then one of relief.
  223. >"Whew, for a second there I thought I had to continue the hard ass act." With a chuckle, he lowers his stature. "You have no idea how long it took for her to get back into the dating scene, and how long it took 'til you showed."
  224. >"As long as we're on the same page." I'm just happy he stopped his show, otherwise I'd think he'd get physical
  225. >"Anon, for Jana, I think you can help her with your frequent fears if you can show her a good time."
  226. >"Well I don't mean to brag, but..." I'm proud of myself. I won't deny that
  227. >"No no no no no, I don't mean that. What I mean is, take her out dancing. Swing was her preference. Happy moods help with the healing process." Blaine hands me a handicap dancing brochure
  228. >"What you do is good, but I think this'll take it a step further."
  229. >"I can't dance." You can't just drop this on me, I got two left feet
  230. >"I'll teach ya. Free of charge. You ready big guy?"
  231. >I'm not "Let's get started", fuck me cocky SOB
  232. >One week of hell
  233. >Never again
  234. >I will bash a man with his own shoes if I ever hear one more 'step, step, tap, tap'
  235. >With a well fitting suit and a decent set of gifts, I knock on Jana's door
  236. >"Hello beautiful" I speak with utmost confidence, figurative spaghetti readying in my pockets
  237. >"I've got something for you, I think you might like it." I reveal my box from inside my suit
  238. >"Actually, two somethings. First these carnations. And this box. C'mon, open it"
  239. >"Hooo kay Anon", god her drone is just the most adorable thing
  240. >Even when she's opening your gift like a cautious kitty cat
  241. >Then she sees what you got her
  242. >A sparkly blue dress for a swing dance, tailor made
  243. >Jana starts to fumble around with her voice box before settling down enough to speak clearly
  244. >"You, mean, this, I, oh"
  245. >"That's right, you, me, swing dance in the main lobby."
  246. >"But, I can't dance." Jana looks equal parts nervous, embarrassed and anxious
  247. >"You don't have to, just follow my lead. C'mon Jana, you wouldn't make a guy who spent a week practicing down would ya?" Oh shit please don't call my bluff I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I didn'tmeantosaythatsortof
  248. >"Yeah, yea."
  249. >Oh thank sweet merciful Neptune
  250. >"Then shall we make haste, madam?" I offer my hand
  251. >"Let's shall then." Jana replied, holding my palm for a brief moment before I push her chair across the hallways
  252. >All around, I could see mg's with their caretakers and loved ones enjoying themselves in the classical dances, modified for their needs
  253. >When it was our turn, I gave what I could
  254. >With a slow slide of my pant legs I take two steps to Jana, taking her hand and begin the steps
  255. >I place one foot behind another in a diamond motion, moving my hands back and forth with Jana's in sync with the music before giving her a twirl around into a shuffle step
  256. >Each successful motion of mine was like putting her in a spell, Jana just started to smile in tune with me, even her eye stalks started to move in tune to the beat of the song
  257. >I gave her a twirl into another swivel step, trying to make sure I didn't step where no man should ever step in
  258. >And she gave me the best chuckle she could muster
  259. >I finish it off with one more sway like a snake, and end with a push so she could move around me
  260. >Like we did for everyone else, everyone else gave a polite clap for us
  261. >If mamano could pronounce hearts, Jana was practically exclaiming them, if she could stop herself from laughing in joy
  262. >I couldn't end our night just like that though
  263. >When we got back to her room
  264. >"Jana, would you like me to do something for ya?"
  265. >"Princess carry?"
  266. >"Princess carry."
  267. >And boy did I. All way to the kingdom of cozy snuggles
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