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  1. RE-C-DUB
  2. The ECW Restoration Project!
  4. Project Spreadsheet:
  5. Current /wooo/ thread:
  7. >What's the deal with this shit?
  9. The ECW Restoration Project started as a measure to fix everyone's biggest complaint with the ECW content on WWE network; the dubbed over music. Similar projects had existed for TV shows like Beavis and Butthead, Daria, The Stare and so on but seemingly nothing like this had been attempted for wrestling shows, so I figured why don't I do it? As work began on it I continued to notice issues; censorship, cut matches, cut entrances, alternate camera angles, alternate takes, you name it. The project aims to eliminate all of that and archive ALL of ECW in a form as close to unaltered and as-aired as possible while making use of the Network's high quality video, not to mention restoring shows not yet on the Network that have previously been released digitally in an altered form.
  11. >What's done so far?
  13. A bunch of supercard shows, all the PPVs, ECW on TNN and Hardcore TV from 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. A second revision of FNMGuy's 1995 release is now in the works as currently it's a Network cut missing all the things that WWE didn't like. Supercard shows will be dropped here and there, I'm slowly getting through them!
  15. >Where can I download it?
  17. The RE-C-DUB spreadsheet (linked at the top) has individual links to each pack, mostly on MEGA but I'm trying to get more on too. You can also grab packs from Xtremewrestlingtorrents and XWT Classics. If you want to upload a mirror of anything, anywhere, go ahead.
  19. >Where can I stream it?
  21. You can find a good deal of content from the project on DailyMotion combining ECW with a '(restored audio)', 'dubbed' or 'redub' in the title from a variety of uploaders. Everybody's absolutely encouraged to mirror shows on streaming sites, just be aware of their strictness in copyright first, obviously nothing has a chance on Youtube.
  23. I'll populate this section with URLs once there's a bit more ground covered online!
  25. >Can I help?
  27. Yes! Although Hardcore TV has been mostly covered by now, many supercard shows remain and if you have sources handy and want to take a stab at restoring some you're more than welcome.
  29. In general the biggest way you can help is through uploading original ECW (altered and unaltered) to XWT and similar sites. Non-WWE uploads of the aforementioned supercards in particular are very hard to come by online.
  31. >Where can I go to discuss the project or request something?
  33. On >/woo/, in the /RECDUB/ thread you probably found this in. If you want to ask something of FNMGuy he's on XWT. That's about it, while you can promote this project however you like and get the word out I won't be doing much of it myself until it's all done.
  35. >Can I give you money?
  37. No! I'm flattered by how many have asked but it's a project for the people, not for profit, save your money for something useful like your rent.
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