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  1. Round 1
  2. Good initial pick on dexter for push
  3. Elusive shouldn’t have swung wide like that knowing there were 2 players there  Let erkast get all the way back to site, need to be much faster. If we can get into site faster, we could’ve gotten a more advanced spot in CT and traded out better.
  4. Round 2 (AK buy)
  5. Elusive need to be point man at A ramp, seeing that palace got smoked off early. Needed to make space for team as soon as default was spotted.
  6. As soon as j1rah spotted 1 top mid, we shudve gone fast A ramp and then palace guys can trade us out through the smoke. We did do it, but too much hesitation.
  7. Round 3 (full eco)
  8. Early pick palace, underpass
  9. Good overall damage. After those picks, greyhound split into 1 midcon, 1B, 1A. We could’ve capitalised a lot better. In that late round B hit (read note below), should’ve just rushed the guy on B site.
  10. I think in that situation where we got picked off from boosting window, dayfam should’ve probed around mid-con and window a bit more to distract the B rotator. That way, when we hit B we can just rush and fuck the anchor holder from like 2-3 different angles without worrying about a rotator from window or mid con. Dayfam could either try lurk mid up to short or just make some noise and group B with pack.  so essentially dayfam making noise mid in that situation allows us to fake an A split, it masks up a lot of information and stops the A guys from pushing towards T spawn as well.
  11. Round 4
  12. B apps got smoked off, elusive should’ve cleared unders with hazr and traded erkast out better.
  13. Double kill at unders basically lost us the round.
  14. Round 5 half buy B exe
  15. No1 jumped out window like that strat?
  16. Round 8
  17. Good initial Mid control
  18. Split onto B site really well that round
  19. Lost a bit too many guns to dexter late round when our money was still shit. Sterling whiffed, dayfam got booked playing an off angle.
  20. Round 9
  21. Grayhounds read us hard here, stacked A ramp. We took mid last round pretty successfully and they knew we’d try do a full site exec.
  22. Round was still winnable though, needed a flash to get grat off the secondary line at A ramp (elu shuda thrown a poppy) anmd that would’ve given time to j1rah to be closer to elu anyway for the trade
  23. We won round cause habibi whipped out his huge dick
  24. Round 10
  25. A split anti. After initial pick elu should’ve just bolted up at A ramp with goa supporting. Make room for the Con guys. Round coudlve ended badly if they got a double kill at con.
  26. Round 11
  27. Nice trades at unders
  28. GH reagress unders and sterling calls there are 2 midcon and we should push A. Dayfam runs out palace and tries to clear site when it is likely its clear. Dayfam should have jumped out of palace and asked for a flash from elusive at ramp to peek the midcon guys.
  29. Round 12 – flash exec
  30. Down a man during initial trades (3v4) post plant. In situation like this, we can’t have 2 tetris. We need someone supporting hazr at CT or hazr supporting 2 tetris guys to take jungle. Need to make a play to trade out the numbers.
  31. In the post-plant situation like that we had 2 mollies and 4 flashes. We used 2 mollies when the smokes were still up but didn’t try take areas we mollied out. Need to use util much more efficiently, we mollied out jungle and con, use those mollies with flashes to take control of areas.
  32. Adding to last note, there are two ways to use util. One of them is to use util to buy time (passive) and other should be used to take control (agro)
  33. Round 14 – double udners mid control
  34. Erkast flash pushed unders and booked elusive. Hazr did good job of sneaking out mid and trading 1 frag (burn at short). I hink as soon as hazr kills burn at short, we should havbe someone rush short and get into ladder
  35. Hazr peeks a shallow line up midcon and dies to dickstacy holding an off angle. Dick could;’ve easily gotten a double frag here.  Too many individual fights need to wait for sterling there hazr. At this point we have fragged 1 at short, 1 window, 1 midcon and turned it into a 3v2 situation
  36. We took a bit too long to progress onto site (bomb was left behind and someone had to go back and get it, this lost us the round). This allowed grat to have time to rotate from B apps to short and set up a cross fire with dexter from A default. I think that default top mid guys should just take bomb with them and peek top mid with ti on their back since the double udners guys can always trade out and go b ack top mid to get bomb.
  37. Round 15
  38. No money, just a cooked round.
  39. CT Rd 16
  40. A site stack vs A split through window and con
  41. Elusive shouldn’t have sat ticket for so long, play texta supporting midcon and baiting the A guys for hazr and j1rah
  42. Hazr shouldn’t have run out of sandwich like that, play crossfire with habibi
  43. Ct rd 17
  44. Well played round, good mid aggression
  46. Ct rd 18
  47. Lost too many guns, dayfam got full blinded and got dicked
  48. elusive shouldn’t have playued so committed to short since I knew they were going to be full glocks. Support from site, double nade with dayfam
  49. Ct rd 21
  50. I shoudlve stayed short/ladder room and sterling could’ve supported from shop a bit better
  51. Gave too much control up short and apps
  52. Ct Rd 22
  53. Needed more flashes thrown through mid when we spot T’s crossing top mid, we just out aimed them but would’ve been better with flashes.
  55. Ct rd 24
  56. I should’ve stayed short, and played heavier on mid. Bad comms here, we end up playing really disconnected and hazr gets traded out, with mid con guys picking jirah off at A as well
  57. Ct rd 25
  58. Habibi goes for pick and loses it. Round continues 4v5
  59. We have no info, people just stacked sites.
  60. I think a B push or aggression on mid through short/window/short would’ve been really good here.
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