The Chronicles Of Alexstrasza CH1EP5 Walkthrough

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  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2.                             PART 1: BEGINNING
  3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 1 After you wake up as Daemia, go downstairs then to the entrance to the tavern. After the dialog, turn around and walk towards the middle of the tavern for a little cutscene, then walk into the room where you saw Ellie.
  6. 2 Go down into the Cellar from there and grab the piece of paper.
  8. 3 Walk back upstairs and walk into the dining room to start the first SCENE
  10. 4 Walk upstairs and talk to Ricko(Or Packo) for the next SCENE
  12. 5 After that, go into your parents bedroom which is to the left after leaving your room for the next SCENE
  14. 6 Go back downstairs and leave the tavern
  16. 7 Walk forward to the Eradar Twins, and after the cutscene walk to the three girls for the next SCENE
  18. 8 Walk over to Ellie near the Twins and talk to her
  20. 9 When you wake up as Daemia, turn around to see a small SCENE
  22. 10 Walk over to Ellie and the Orcs for a SCENE
  24. 11 Turn around and walk up the stairs to get to the top of the ship. Talk to the Goblin up there.
  26. 12 Go back down and talk to Varian/Jaina. Then go talk to Alori twice to get the Dildo.
  28. 13 Walk back to Varian/Jaina and use the Dildo on them (Press E when you see the icon to get into position, then press I and click the dildo, then press the hand icon) for a SCENE
  31. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  32.                  PART 2 : If you chose Daemia (First time)
  33. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  34. 14 Walk into Dalaran. You're looking for five posters.
  36. 15 Poster 1: On a pillar after you get in the city, beside the two blood elves talking ---
  38. 16 Take a left from the poster and go towards the mounts and into the door beside them, talk to Hemet (The dwarf) for a quest to do later
  40. 17 Poster 2: It's beside the blacksmith anvil --- ---
  42. 18 Poster 3: Go left of Poster 2 and you'll find it on the left wall leading out of this street --- ---
  44. 19 Poster 4: Behind this Night Elf. Knock him out by going into the alliance zone, taking a right up the stairs, going forward and using the middle flower pot --- ---
  46. 20 After you find the fourth poster, go between where you found the poster and the big staircase towards the fence with the broken gate for a small hidden SCENE ---
  48. 21 Go passed the Alliance Zone and towards the fountain/pool for a little SCENE. To the right of that is a house you can enter for a funny SCENE
  50. 22 To the right of the house you can enter is another small SCENE. Go in here to find it ---
  52. 23 Poster 5: Opposite to the fountain
  54. 24 Go right after finding that last poster and take your first right. You can see a little SCENE on the right of the bridge across the water
  56. 25 Now go into the center of the city. Behind the bench with the human sitting on it you'll find a key. Pick it up ---
  58. 26 Leave the center of the city towards the horde zone, take a left before entering. On the other side of the Inn you'll find the Barber Shop
  60. 27 Go inside the barber shop and pick up the ring on the ground --- ---
  62. 28 Leave the barber shop and go to the other side of the city (The side with the alliance zone)
  64. 29 Once over there, walk up to this door ( and use "The Key to Rose's House" on the door. Talk to the Tauren then use the ring on him for a SCENE
  66. 30 Leave the house and go left. Walk up the road and use the "Key to Hemet's House" on this door ---
  68. 31 Once inside, pick up Hemet's journal on the table right in front of you. Then walk up stairs and go into Hemet's room. Pick up the key to your left
  70. 32 Walk out and go left. Use the right bookshelf to open up a secret passage. Go downstairs and take a left. You'll see the wall has opened up
  72. 33 Use the "Key from secret room in Hemet house" you picked up on the door (It's very dark, so just look for the icon) and walk in.
  74. 34 Use the projector in the middle of the room for a little sneak peek of the next game
  76. 35 Once that's done, leave through the same door you came through and leave the house.
  78. 36 Go back to Hemet (Beside the mounts near the entrance to Dalaran) and give him his journal. You can watch a little bit of his movie, too.
  80. 37 Take a right after you leave and talk to joy standing in front of the Inn. Then go into the Inn and up the stairs. You'll be stopped by a Death Knight
  82. 38 After the dialog, continue up the stairs and go into the first door on your right for a SCENE
  85. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  86.                  PART 2 : If you chose Ellie (First time)
  87. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  88. 39 When you gain control of Ellie, turn around and pick up the piece of rope.
  90. 40 Run to near the other end of the path to find the second piece of rope, and then press E on the lamp post beside it --- ---
  92. 41 Combine them (Press I, click on both pieces, then click the rope icon after the = sign)
  94. 42 Run back to where you saw the goblin and talk to him for the rope and a SCENE
  96. 43 Now combine the rope again and go back to where you found the second piece of rope and use the long rope on the lamp post ---
  98. 44 Walk down the tunnel to the gate and talk to the human for a SCENE
  100. 45 Once inside, there are a few small scenes around. First SCENE is right in front of you when you get in.
  102. 46 Take a right and walk until you see a goblin female behind a counter. Talk to her and say "He is my Father" then "Ellie" for a SCENE
  104. 47 Now walk outside. To your right is another small SCENE. Talk to the Night Elf leaning on the pillar and say "Okay". Go down and under the stairs in front of you and talk to the Night Elf again for a SCENE
  106. 48 Take the key off the crate beside you and go back up the stairs. Go across the bridge and take a left up the ramp. Use the key on the door up there and get out
  108. 49 Once outside, go to the street and take a right. Go in between the wall and the staircase and through a gate to find a small SCENE ---
  110. 50 Leave there and take a right on the road. Go all the way up to the fountain for a small SCENE. Right beside it is a house you can enter for a funny SCENE
  112. 51 Go right of that house and between the staircase and the wall for another small SCENE ---
  114. 52 Once you leave there go straight and take your first right. You'll be able to see another small SCENE to your right from the bridge
  116. 53 Leave there and go right. Follow the road until you see Joy leaning on the wall. Speak with her then go into the Inn
  118. 54 Head upstairs and go in the first door on the right for a SCENE
  121. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  122.                  PART 3: If you chose Daemia (Second time)
  123. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  124. 55 Leave the Inn and go left. Go into this building for a SCENE ---
  126. 56 Leave there and take a right. Walk up and talk to the Female Goblin, then walk behind her a ways passed the tree until you find the next SCENE
  128. 57 After the Cutscene, walk down and into the house you saw Ellie walk into for the next SCENE ---
  130. 58 Once you gain control of Ellie, walk up to the wall lamp and use it. Go inside the room it opened and take the letter on the desk.
  132. 59 Go back to Asakor and talk to him.
  134. 60 After the scene, talk to Asakor again as Daemia. Then leave and talk to Jaina right outside. Then go to the Inn
  136. 61 Go upstairs and out on the balcony to find Ellie and for another SCENE
  139. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  140.                  PART 3: If you chose Ellie (Second time)
  141. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  142. 62 Leave the room. After the cutscene, go into the other room and talk to Aria for a SCENE
  144. 63 Leave the Inn and take a left. In the building with the tree you can find a small SCENE ---
  146. 64 Continue down the road until you come to the building with the Alliance flags on the outside (After the Alliance Zone entrance). Go inside ---
  148. 65 Go to the left door under the stairs. Follow the path until you arrive at the wedding
  150. 66 Talk to Aria then leave the building through the way you came. Take a right outside and go inside this house ---
  152. 67 Talk to the goblin for a SCENE
  154. 68 After the dialog between Jaina and David, leave the building and run back to the Inn. Go upstairs and into the first door on your right for a small SCENE
  156. 69 After, run back to the goblins house as David for another SCENE
  158. 70 As Ellie, run back to the wedding building and speak with Aria for a SCENE (She is sitting down at a table near the entrance)
  160. 71 After, leave the kitchen and talk to the night elf behind the counter
  162. 72 After the Cutscene, walk down and into the house you saw Ellie walk into for the next SCENE ---
  164. 73 Once you gain control of Ellie, walk up to the wall lamp and use it. Go inside the room it opened and take the letter on the desk
  166. 74 Go back to Asakor and talk to him
  168. 75 After the scene, talk to Asakor again as Daemia. Then leave and talk to Jaina right outside. Then go to the Inn
  170. 76 Go upstairs and out on the balcony to find Ellie and for another SCENE
  173. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  174.                             PART 4: Alexstrasza
  175. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  176. 77 After that you'll be playing as Alexstrasza. You can say whatever you want to the man on the bench, nothing special happens.
  178. 78 Once you're able to move, head towards where you saw Alori and Tri'ka and go behind that house. Go into the door that has the skyrim symbols around it ---
  180. 79 Speak with the blood elf inside, then pick up the dart on the couch
  182. 80 Leave the house and go into the door with a big bottle shape around it and talk to the blood elf inside ---
  184. 81 Next, go to the horde zone and go right into the tavern. Speak with the blood elf behind the counter
  186. 82 Go upstairs and talk to Sylvanas. Then walk passed her and overhear the conversation between the troll and the orc
  188. 83 Go back downstairs and enter the wine cellar. Continue down until you find the missing Blood Elf for a SCENE ---
  190. 84 Leave the tavern and go back to where you found the dart
  192. 85 Talk to the two bloodelves in the bed for a SCENE
  194. 86 Cross the bridge and take a left when you get to the road. Follow it until you get to a door with Alliance Flags on both sides ---
  196. 87 Go inside and go upstairs. Go in the first door and talk to sylvanas for a SCENE
  198. 88 Leave the building and go back to where the two black haired blood elves were (Also where you found the dart) for the last few SCENES
  200. 89 Walk to the edge of the cliff as Daemia to finish the game
  202. THE END
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