Soul Spell pt 2 (Anon x Twilight, mind control fetish)

Apr 13th, 2015
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  1. Prev:
  2. >Two weeks later
  3. >It was hard, these past few days.
  4. >After you'd informed Princess Celestia of 'that' incident, and after she'd come to fix it, Twilight Sparkle was given a personal psychiatrist to help reform her.
  5. >Read as: make sure 'slave Twilight' was phased out.
  6. >A recent talk with Celestia revealed that there were in fact other ponies besides the original three who'd become subject to the curse.
  7. >Thankfully, those ponies were then found, cured, and reformed.
  8. >Before Twilight, the last pony who'd been subject to it the least was under this spell for 3 days. It took three whole months to fully reform him.
  9. >Twilight was under it for 2 days.
  10. >And her lingering effects were a pain in the ass to deal with, especially when they conflicted with her royal duties.
  11. >You quite frankly recall what had happened during the second day of reform.
  12. >She had the crazy idea to try to turn you into the new Princess- er, Prince, of Friendship, and then promptly step down so she could avoid the psychiatrist and be a 'good pony' again.
  13. >You had to hide yourself in Pinkie's locked basement for hours to avoid being found so the deed could be done.
  14. >Sorry, details classified. You Pinkie Promised you wouldn't tell Writeslut.
  16. >Writeslut here, god dammit Anon
  18. >The next few days she was largely avoiding contact with her friends.
  19. >The only time she met with Rarity was to try and get a 'slave' outfit. For 'reasons'.
  20. >You rarely see Rarity refuse service to anyone.
  21. > RAREly see her refuse service?
  22. >My God you're lame at puns today.
  23. >Then she tried to get you to drink and 'consent' to being her Master again.
  24. >You desperately needed to drink for real afterwards after that.
  25. >Ughhhh
  26. >It's this week she's finally starting to hang out with her friends.
  27. >And that's where this story arc begins.
  28. >And once again, you are Anon...
  30. >"HI ANON!"
  31. >You were disrupted from your inner monologue by a pink horse bouncing towards you at mach speed.
  33. "Buh- H-HI Pinkie.."
  34. >She smiled. "Guess what, Nonny?"
  35. "...chicken-butt."
  36. >"No, not Elizabeak, silly! She's over at Applejack's tonight."
  37. >Of course she'd take your snark seriously.
  38. >"Nooo, what I wanted was to tell you that you're invited to a slumber party tonight!"
  39. >Uh oh
  40. "As in, a girl's slumber party?"
  41. >"Well, it would've been but you're a part of it soooo it's a 'girls and one boy' slumber party."
  42. "Do I have to wear a girly outfit?"
  43. >She chuckled.
  44. "I'll take that as a no."
  45. >"Nope. But it'll be fun! I've got this new fudge cake recipe I've been waiting to make and I think you, Rarity, Dashie, and Twilight will-"
  46. >Twilight?
  47. "Oh nononononono. If Twilight's there, no sale, Ponk."
  48. >Pinkie's smile faded. Uh oh, that's not a good sign.
  49. >"But you're already RSVP'd, Anon!"
  50. "And so's Twilight."
  51. >She scowled. "You gotta go, Anon. I'm not gonna let you say no to this one."
  52. >You get up from the bench and start heading in a random direction.
  53. >Much better than Friendship Castle.
  54. >Much better than here.
  55. >Too bad Ponk decided to follow you.
  56. >"I don't know why you decided to be such a grumpy-pants today, Anon; it's not like you to turn down a party!"
  57. >Did that cunt just call you a party pooper?
  58. >Ohhhhh she did not just-
  59. >Wait.
  60. >No.
  61. >Cool it, Anon.
  62. "Look, I'm sorry I have to miss your party. But...again, you know what happened."
  63. >She stopped bouncing, and sighed.
  64. >"I know."
  65. "So you understand my position. I don't want to go, because I'm afraid of making things worse. Knowing me, I'll probably fuck it up beyond repair."
  66. >You started heading back in your direction.
  67. >But then she stopped you, and tugged at your arm to get you to pay attention.
  68. "I'm serious, here. I can't go."
  69. >"You can. You may not realize this yet, Anon, but I've seen you and Twilight, much much MUCH before this all happened. Well I mean you two weren't all lovey-dovey or all 'domsub' or anything, but she knew you were a good friend. You being there, even if you were kind of a grumpy-pants sometimes, that was a great part of her life. She never hated you before, and she certainly doesn't now."
  70. >You sigh.
  71. "Pinkie, I..."
  72. >Then you sigh again.
  73. >Lots of sighs going around.
  74. >"Anon, I've seen her a lot these past two weeks. She puts on this smile every day around me and the others, but I can tell straight away that it's fake. Not a good smile, a forced one. It's only genuine around you."
  75. >Damn, that cut deep.
  76. >Wasn't she the queen of smiles?
  77. >"I am, so you can take my word for it."
  78. >Did you say that out loud?
  79. >"Yep!"
  80. >God dammit.
  81. >"Who's God? Is he a new pony?"
  82. >...
  83. "You really know how to twist my arm. Alright, I'll go..."
  84. >She squeed. "Yaaaay!"
  85. "But only if you stop actually twisting my arm."
  86. >Yeah, she was doing a lot of that during your talk.
  87. >It hurts.
  88. >"O-Oh, sorry."
  89. >She let go of your arm.
  90. >Owwww
  91. >This fucking Earth Pony strength, my God.
  92. >"Again, I want to know who God is."
  93. >FFFFF
  94. >You had your qualms about attending this slumber party.
  95. >Being anywhere near Twilight Sparkle made her think thoughts of obedience.
  96. >It was very nerve-racking to be around her.
  97. >About as bad as Flutterrape, if not worse due to the bad memories you had.
  98. >You could only hope the psychiatrist helped.
  99. >But if it made Ponk happy, you'd go.
  100. >maybe you'd finally get to cum inside Rarity tonight :^)
  101. >Again she really knows how to twist your arm.
  102. "Alright, so where's it at?"
  103. >"Friendship Castle, where else?"
  104. >FUCK
  105. >The ONE place you dreaded to go in all of Ponyville now.
  106. >Of fucking course she'd host it there and force you to go.
  107. >The things you do to not upset Ponk
  108. >You glance at your watch/phone/brick. Hoo boy, 3PM already?
  109. "Alright, alright. I'll go get my stuff."
  110. >"Alright, see ya at 6!"
  111. >You head back home to go grab your stuff.
  113. >Day Party in Equestria
  114. >By which you mean the same day
  115. >As in time of the party
  116. >time of the partying
  117. >God you sound like Polandball right now
  118. >Regardless it's now 6, and you're at the front door to Friendship Castle
  120. >"I'll get it!"
  121. >Door opens
  122. >Lo and behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle.
  123. >She takes a look at you, and blushed intensely.
  124. "Uh, hi."
  125. >She took a deep breath, and started to kneel
  126. "No!"
  127. >She stopped.
  128. "Uh...I mean, why are you kneeling?"
  129. >She tilted her head in confusion. "Well I mean, you're..."
  130. >Your eyebrows raise.
  131. >Who's in charge of her therapy again?
  132. >"...nevermind. Hi, Anon."
  133. "Yoooo, wassup."
  134. >You share an awkward silence with Princess Starbutt.
  135. >"W-Well, come on in."
  136. >You enter the front doors of the huge-ass castle, and take a gander at the place.
  137. >"I-I hope it's not too, well, untidy."
  138. >Well first off it's a fucking castle.
  139. "If you'd seen my home, this would dwarf this whole place in terms, untidiness?"
  140. >"Really?"
  141. "Well it's already doing that already."
  142. >"O-Oh...but I think it should, er, be cleaner? I really need to clean it-"
  143. >You roll your eyes. She was already looking for excuses to be 'slave Twi'
  144. "You don't."
  145. >"B-But Anon-"
  146. "It's a CASTLE. You're fine."
  147. >She sighs. "Alright..."
  148. >She led you to the main party room.
  149. >You're not sure what you'd call it.
  150. >Foyer?
  151. >Ballroom?
  152. >You're not THAT familiar with her castle.
  153. >She opened the door to the party room and-
  154. > [Embed]
  156. >"ANON! YOU MADE IT!"
  159. >You jump in sheer surprise
  160. >"A-Anon! Are you okay?" Twilight asked.
  161. >Once you get a moment to catch your breath, you indeed find every other pony in the room.
  162. >Rarity, Top Dash, Apple Horse, Yellow Rapist, and Ponk.
  163. "W-Whoa, Pinkie, don't scare me like that!"
  164. >Fucking Party Ponies doing party stuff
  165. >"Well I'm just so so excited you made it! I was really really worried you might not come tonight and I was worried I'd twisted your arm too much and-"
  166. >"Pinkie! Let him be."
  167. >Ughhh
  168. "I'm fine, really. I just...was caught off guard."
  169. >"You were definitely scared," deadpanned Dash.
  170. "I wasn't."
  171. >She smirked.
  172. >"Then what's that blush on your face?"
  173. >Uh
  174. "M-My what-"
  175. >You blushed.
  176. "Rainbow Dash what are-"
  177. >Oh.
  178. " sunnuvagun."
  179. >"Ha, you make it too easy sometimes!"
  180. >Grrrrrr
  181. >"Rainbow, that wasn't....well, it was..err-"
  182. >Oh come on Twilight
  183. "Rainbow Dash. You have three seconds."
  184. >This time, Rainbow Dash cocked her head in confusion.
  185. >"Till what?"
  186. "One..."
  187. >She scowled. "Really, until what?"
  188. "Twoo..."
  189. >She blinked as the realization hit her. "Oh."
  190. "Three!"
  191. >You rush towards her in what might have been the best chase you'd ever had.
  192. >All around the room you chase her in a mixture of rage and good humor
  193. >You couldn't catch her, but it got to a point where you thought you'd pinned her down.
  194. "Gotcha!"
  195. >Only to find you accidentally pinned down Twilight instead.
  196. "..O-Ohhh, uhhh.."
  197. >Twilight smiled and blushed.
  198. >You blushed even more.
  199. >"W-Well, Anon, y-you're more than welcome to, well...y'know."
  200. >Fuck no
  201. >You get off the bed and dust yourself off.
  202. >You ain't be doin' with that.
  203. >"A-Anon, I'm sorry!"
  204. >Oh great, this again.
  205. "Twilight, really. You have nothing to be sorry about."
  206. >"B-But...b-but I didn't mean to scare you."
  207. >You sigh.
  208. "Look, it was my fault for pinning you down. I'm the one who should be sorry, if anything."
  209. >She shakes her head.
  210. >"You were just chasing Rainbow Dash, I'm the one who led you on!"
  211. >You feel a hoof tap your shoulder, and you wheel around to see who poked you.
  212. "Ohai Ponk."
  213. >"Hey! I got the Fudge Cake ready! It's gonna be a bit until it cools off, but in the meantime, I got some games I think everypony will enjoy!"
  214. "Oooh, noice. Which ones?"
  215. >She held up a stack of them.
  216. >As in a literal stack. Holy shit
  217. >Lessee, Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly, Playing Cards...
  218. >Wait!
  219. "Uh, I think I have a game of my own that I'd like to try with you all!"
  220. >"Oooh! What is it?"
  221. "Have you ever heard of a game called Cards Against Humanity?"
  222. >She paused. "Well, not Against Humanity, but I have something similar."
  223. >She help up a black box, one that you near-instantly recognized
  224. >"...have any of the girls played this?" asked Twilight. "This doesn't look very, well, safe."
  225. >She paused, then continued, "But I'm sure Anon would love to play it."
  226. >"I think the only pony who hasn't is Fluttershy, buuuut..."
  227. >Fluttershy hasn't played CAH
  228. >hoo boy, this'll be good
  229. >2 hours and a detailed greentext that Writeslut was too tired and lazy to write later
  230. "A-Alright..let's see.."
  231. >You have to read out all these bullshit cards.
  232. >You're in full-fledged panic mode.
  233. "Introducing 'Midgets Shitting in a Barrel', the Princess of 'Bullshit'. Bullshit if I ever saw it."
  234. >Snickering from Top Cunt. Yep, not gonna happen.
  235. "Introducing 'Discord', the Princess of 'Getting Laid by a Trap'."
  236. >Blushing from Fluttershy.
  237. "Sorry, pass. Introducing 'Whinnyland', the Princess of 'Spending Too Much Money on Junk'. Heh, I'd believe it."
  238. >More snickering from Dash. Man she is just too excitable tonight.
  239. "Introducing...god dammit Twilight. INTRODUCING 'Twilight Sparkle' the Princess of 'Enslavement'."
  240. >She smiled.
  241. "You wasted two goddamn cards on this, I'm NOT doing that."
  242. >Smile faded. Cards discarded.
  243. "Introducing...'Cinder Cutie', the Princess of 'Prince Charming', okay this actually makes sense but I have a feeling this might win."
  244. >You look straight towards Rarity as you say that.
  245. >If it IS Rarity you know you're doing the right thing.
  246. >>implying corruption in CAE
  247. >>implying WriteslutGate isn't a thing
  248. >"Introducing...OH FUCK FFFFFFFFFFFFFF..."
  249. >You laugh so hard you think you busted a spleen or something.
  250. >"W-What's so f-funny?" Fluttershy stammered.
  252. >Everyone had a good hearty laugh.
  253. >Okay fuck it.
  254. "WHO...WHO HAD THAT ONE?"
  255. >Silence.
  256. >Uh oh, was this a misplay?
  257. "O-Okay..phew..who had-"
  258. >""
  259. >Oh god no
  260. >You look towards Fluttershy, who nervously raised her hoof.
  261. "..."
  262. >"Fluttershah, just sayin'. If ah didn't know better ah'd say he's mighty angry."
  263. "...GOD DAMMIT!"
  264. >You angrily flop the two cards down onto her god damn winning pile.
  265. >"...yaaaay~" she whispered.
  266. >You'd think she WOULDN'T be that good
  267. >Holy SHIT
  269. >Yep.
  270. >You're salty.
  271. >Even an hour later, at 9:30 in the night, after having been able to get the last slice fudge cake, you're fucking salty.
  272. >Of all the ponies you would expect to be the most innocent you'd think it'd be Fluttershy.
  273. >Apparently not.
  274. >...
  275. >Well the fudge cake was good.
  276. >You were expecting something like cupcakes, except with fudge.
  277. >Nope, Pinkie Pie made a huge-ass fudge cake the height of a basketball player.
  278. >And it's a testament of how inherently amazing Equestrian food is.
  279. "Buuuuuuuuuurp!"
  280. >Whoops!
  281. >Didn't mean to let that one out.
  282. >Rarity scowls, Fluttershy blushed, everypony-
  283. >BAH!
  284. >EveryONE else laughed.
  285. >By God, this place is getting to you.
  286. "Ahem...excuse me."
  287. >Rarity "hmph!"ed and left the room, leaving you with Ponk and Twilight the others.
  288. >"Nice burp, Nonny!" Pinkie giggled.
  289. "Thanks! I..."
  290. >You blushed.
  291. "Well I'm not that good at burping."
  292. >"Nonsense, Anon!" beamed Twilight. "You're GREAT at burping, y'know?"
  293. >This pony.
  294. >She's trying to butter you up.
  295. >You saw it coming a mile away.
  296. "Yaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwn..."
  297. >Okay so it's also 9:30.
  298. >And your internal sandman is kicking in.
  299. "WELLLLLLLLLL I think I'm getting tired."
  300. >You get up and start towards the door
  301. >"Anon? Where are you going?"
  302. "Sleeping bag. It's been a while since I used one."
  303. >Twilight tensed up.
  304. >"Don't you want to sleep in an actual bed? I mean, there's only one, but-"
  305. "Nah. I'm sure a sleeping bag is pretty comfy."
  306. >You roll your eyes and leave the room.
  307. >Because...that's where you put the sleeping bag.
  308. >So it works out great.
  310. >Ass-thirty at night
  311. >You are Anon.
  312. >Not that your perspective's changed at all throughout these past few weeks.
  313. >But all the same you are Anon.
  314. >And you're getting very little sleep tonight..
  315. >This sleeping bag's really uncomfortable.
  316. >And it's not at all the potential threat of Twilight Sparkle doing something crazy during the night, that possibly involves you.
  317. >And it's not even the probable threat of Fluttershy raping you during the night, that definitely involves you.
  318. >No it's this sleeping bag.
  319. >You were kinda brought here on short notice so you didn't get a chance to spruce it up.
  320. >But it's very distracting from sleep.
  321. >Luna must be pissed at you right now, kek
  322. >But it's gonna be a justifiable emotion, because it will hurt you in the long run.
  323. >Sighhhh
  324. >You get out of the bag and start heading towards the kitchen, being sure not to wake up anyone else.
  325. >You've made your way around the castle many times in the past, so finding the kitchen is simple enough.
  326. >You grab a glass and start pouring milk in it.
  327. >You're surprised they've managed to get something similar to a fridge working in Equestria, but no complaints.
  328. >"...good...I'm...od...rl."
  329. >Okay that was definitely Twilight's voice.
  330. >And that was definitely coming from the other room.
  331. >And was that crying?
  332. >You finish pouring your milk, and decide to investigate.
  333. >Listening to the door gives you a better audio on what's happening in there.
  334. >"Good girls don' worry or fear...Master. (sniff) Master makes...makes me feel so good."
  335. >Okay what?!
  336. >You slowly opened the door, and found Twilight Sparkle, a collar placed upon her neck, tears strolling from her bloodshot eyes, muttering a submissive mantra in front of the fire.
  337. >The same fireplace that you burned the book in.
  338. >The glass of milk dropped from your hand and spilled all over the floor, but you didn't care about that right now.
  339. "Twilight?"
  340. >She nearly jumped at you calling her name.
  341. >Sheepishly, she looked up at you, and blushes furiously.
  342. >"M-Muh-Mu- A-Anon? I-I'm sorry, I didn't meant to wake you up..."
  343. >Alright, enough is enough.
  344. "Twilight, look. We need to talk."
  345. >You kneel down to see her at eye level.
  346. >"D-Did I do something wr-"
  347. "No. Okay, tell me. Please. What's on your mind, and what's making you stay up to do...well, this?"
  348. >She hesitated for a moment before responding.
  349. >" know I'm not supposed to be doing this. I'm supposed to be a princess. The Princess of Friendship, even."
  350. "Which is what I knew you as when I came to Equestria."
  351. >"B-But ever since...ever since you cast the spell, I'd been hearing voices."
  352. >Voices?
  353. "Voices?"
  354. >"Yes. Ones that kept telling me that I wanted to be a good girl, that 'Master', in which case was you, was my idol, was the one who made me feel good..that I was his willing slave."
  355. "And those were a part of the spell. Lies, the whole bunch of voices, and I'm really sorry you-"
  356. >"B-But, Anon.."
  357. >Huh?
  358. >"T-those...those were MY voices."
  359. "...Your voices?"
  360. >" didn't just feed me evil thoughts like Celestia said. It fed upon my being, it took my weaknesses and used them to stall the gap of my soul. A-At least, that's what I think happened."
  361. >Huh..
  362. "I'm not sure I follow."
  363. >"It used the very things I wanted and the very things I feared, and used them make me want you to be my Master. To want to become a slave."
  364. "...whoa."
  365. >She sighed.
  366. >"A-And the whole time...I truly wanted it."
  367. >Holy shit...
  368. >Ellipses...
  369. "But if you'd known that your own voice was lying to you, you could have stopped it. I could have stopped it. And..."
  370. >It's your turn to sigh.
  371. "And I could have helped you before it was too late."
  372. >You're not gonna cry, Asshole. Don't even think about it.
  373. >"I know it wasn't your fault. You didn't know-"
  374. "But it was. I should never have cast it, even if I didn't know. And if I'd known..."
  375. >God dammit.
  376. "I'm sorry, Twilight."
  377. >You get up to go back to bed.
  378. >"Anon?"
  379. "Hm..?"
  380. >"I-I'll try and get some sleep."
  381. >She took off the collar to make sure of that.
  382. >"You go back to bed. Again, I'm sorry I woke you up."
  383. "Heh, you didn't. I was actually having a hard time sleeping myself."
  384. >"Oh? What were you doing up, anyway?"
  385. "Getting some milk."
  386. >You gesture to the spilled milk on the floor.
  387. "I'll go ahead and get that."
  389. >Be Anon
  390. >Day 50400 in Equestria
  391. >Maaaaan that was a good sleep!
  392. >You stretch your arms and back as you walk out of your bed.
  393. >Then you realize that you're in YOUR bed.
  394. "...what."
  395. >You look around.
  396. >Everything in there is as it should be.
  397. >Okay this was getting freaky.
  398. >You glance at the clock.
  399. >5:45 AM
  400. >Uh-oh.
  401. >You look down to see if Twilight had gotten onto your lap.
  402. >Nope.
  403. >You look to the side.
  404. >No sign of Twilight having ever been on the bed.
  405. >Wat
  406. >You race towards the kitchen to see if she'd already woken up.
  407. >Surprisingly, she's not there.
  408. >Thank GOD.
  409. >"You'll have to inform me of who this 'God' is later, Anonymous."
  410. >hoshit
  411. >You wheel around, to find Princess Luna standing behind you.
  412. "Uhhhhhhh..."
  413. >She has a bit of a somber demeanor to her face right now.
  414. >Well, somber and angry.
  415. "Is it because I had a hard time sleeping last night?"
  416. >"No. However, I wish for you to accompany me to an important event right now."
  417. >Uh oh.
  418. "W-Well, uh, can it wait a few minutes?"
  419. >"It simply cannot."
  420. "I mean, I literally just woke up and I haven't even gotten showered or dressed or-"
  421. >You look down. Surprisingly you're in formal attire, and with a good shower to boot!
  422. "-oh."
  423. >Fucking alicorn ponies.
  424. >"Don't act so flabbergasted, Anonymous. Come, we must be off."
  425. >You look back at her.
  426. >Somehow the two of you already teleported to a far off place.
  427. >Man she acts fast.
  428. >You follow her to wherever she's headed.
  429. "Can you at least tell me what's going on?"
  430. >She doesn't even respond.
  431. >Buh.
  432. >She finally came across a specific building in the town.
  433. >It was a courthouse.
  434. >"Well, Anon? Come inside with me."
  435. >You sigh and enter the building with her.
  436. >Amongst the crowd are a bunch of angry ponies, a judge, an olden Earth Pony, and Princess Celestia herself.
  437. >Aw shit a lawsuit.
  438. >You haven't studied up on-
  439. >"No, Anonymous. You're not on trial."
  440. >-oh.
  441. >You take a seat right next to her and Celestia.
  442. >The judge clears his throat.
  443. >"Will the pony, Ravendoe, please stand?"
  444. >Uh oh
  445. >You've definitely heard that name before.
  446. >This was the Earth Pony that cast that one spell, right?
  447. >The elder pony goes up to the podium.
  448. >"You stand before the Princess herself, facing the brink of absolute destruction, with sins that have been willingly committed on your hooves. You have been accused of enslaving three mares against their will, raping said mares, and performing acts of mind control on them. How do you plead?"
  449. >He looked up to where you, Celestia and Luna are sitting.
  450. >Specifically, he looks up at Celestia.
  451. >"Not guilty...partially."
  452. >A huge number of murmurs from the crowd start up.
  453. >"You have decisive evidence pointing towards you having done these crimes against Equinity. Such decisive evidence, in fact, that they are unconscious, asleep while Celestia's counterspell is undoing your spell. Are you SURE you want to go this route?"
  454. >He chuckled.
  455. >What a smarmy-ass bitch.
  456. >"These ponies, these lovely mares of youth, they came to me, willingly offered their freedoms to me and gave their bodies to me as tribute. I would hardly call that against their will."
  457. >Celestia stood up. "Ravendoe. You are in no position to call controlling their mind to make them offer these things. This is against their will because you made them do it!"
  458. >Holy shit, Celestia mad.
  459. >"Your Majesty, allow me to discuss my findings, here for all ponies to hear. This was not mind control of any sort. I've done extensive research on the mind and body of a Pony. Controlling the body does not guarantee control over the mind, and this control can more easily be broken if the pony works at it hard enough. Controlling the mind guarantees the pony isn't fully conscious. It is true that mind control does affect their way of thinking; however in most cases if a pony does not truly want their mind to be controlled it can't be controlled. It is the true strength of their soul to control their mind and body.
  460. >"...however, that's where my spell comes in."
  461. >Both royal ponies tense up. You tense up.
  462. >Holy shit, forget smarmy-ass bitch, this guy was a DICK.
  463. >"This spell, if cast correctly, infiltrates their soul, and allows them to see their true desire; to give themselves to its caster. All it changes is that they want it more badly than anything else in their life, and they do everything in their own power to do so, even if it means giving up memories, even if it means giving up their thoughts, even if it means giving up everything else that they'd become. As you saw, that included their cutie mark."
  464. >You immediately recalled that Twilight's cutie mark was starting to change on the second day.
  465. >Celestia growled.
  466. >"Yes, indeed, they wanted this so badly they'd give up all hopes of talent and success to win my approval and adoration. And it was after I'd cast it that they came to my doorsteps to ask me if I would, officially, be their Master. And the rest you already know."
  467. >He gave a smug grin, the likes of which chilled you to your bone.
  468. >"I was accused of stripping them of their mind to force them into my thrall. That was not the case. If I had tried that, they would have broken free easily despite how capable I was of entrancing them. So they came to me, because they came to WANT it. This spell I cast made them want their own enslavement, Celestia. I am not guilty of mind control, rape, or forced enslavement. They gave me full consent, all I did was remind them want they want. And thus, these three ponies fell. It would take something along the lines of the Elements to cure them."
  469. >Celestia was in tears at that statement.
  470. >"But...that isn't the case."
  471. >That REALLY struck home for her.
  472. >Forget 'dick', this guy was a MONSTER.
  473. >It suddenly felt very uncomfortable to be in your seat.
  474. >Celestia trembled as she thought of the perfect spell that could blast this vile creature into oblivi-
  475. >Wait why were you thinking that?
  476. >"You know the reason, Anonymous," Luna breathed.
  477. >Uhhhh
  478. >Ravendoe cackled.
  479. >"Their condition is much worse than you would expect. What you've done is restore their memories, restore their thoughts, restore everything that made them who they were. They will not want it, and to them it will feel like a living torture because it becomes hard to remove these thoughts conflicting with what they truly want."
  480. >"Fiend!" shouted Celestia all of a sudden. "You are on the verge of destruction. I will not hesitate for one moment to strike you down where you stand. That is, unless you tell me how to cure this spell."
  481. >He smirked.
  482. >"There is none, apart from what you've already cast. There is only one spell in all of Equestria that can change a pony's soul. I've worked my whole to create that masterpiece, and as such it would take the mind of a GENIUS to create a second. and unless you wish for a thrall of your own to replace the gaping hole in your heart once filled by your lost sister, there is nothing even you can do to change their mind."
  483. >You nearly fell back as Celestia blasted this monster into oblivion
  484. >And as she did that, everything faded into oblivion.
  485. >And then that oblivion faded into your room again.
  486. >Holy.
  487. >Fucking.
  488. >Shit.
  489. "Holy..."
  490. >"I can understand your disgust. My sister showed me her memory days after returning. It was a horrible thing to see, but it's ultimately necessary that you see it to better understand what may happen next."
  491. >Wait what
  492. "Wait, so why exactly did you share this with me?"
  493. >"My parents decided to enroll me in Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. It was a dream come true!"
  494. >You wheel around behind you at the sound of Twilight's voice.
  495. >Only to find she wasn't there.
  496. >The fuck?
  497. >"It was the most important day of my life, that my entire future would be affected by the outcome of this day."
  498. >You turn around again. What the hell is going on?!
  499. >"You have a very special gift. I don't think I've ever come across a unicorn with your raw abilities."
  500. >Okay that was Celestia's voice.
  501. >"I felt it the very moment I realized how happy I was to hear you, to see you, how much I cared about you. The spark ignited inside me when I realized that you all... are my friends!"
  502. >"We've learned that friendship isn't always easy. But there's no doubt it's worth fighting for."
  503. >"A mark of one's destiny, singled out alone, fulfilled. From all of us together, together we're friends. With the marks of our destinies made one, there is magic without end!"
  504. "Luna, what the fuck is going on?"
  505. >She simply stared at you.
  506. >"Together! I think we have to do this together!"
  507. >That same somber look, that same angry face.
  508. >"I have the power to spread the magic of friendship across Equestria. That is the role I am meant to have in our world! The role I choose to have!"
  509. >Why?!
  510. >"Master."
  511. >You wheel around to find Twilight, her collar on with a leash in her mouth, and her cutie mark completely changed.
  512. >Your heart skipped a beat.
  513. >"I've forgotten all of that, Master."
  514. "Twilight.."
  515. >"None of that mattered to me anymore. None of that matters to me anymore. All that matters is obeying you, Master. Because I'm a good girl."
  517. >You catapult out from your nightmare inside your sleeping bag.
  518. "WAUGH!"
  519. >You suddenly waking from that god damn nightmare startled Pinkie Pie, who was also in the room for some reason.
  520. >"Whoa! Looks like I don't need to wake you up!"
  521. "Well uhh..."
  522. >Wait
  523. "How long was I out?"
  524. >"Oh, it's still 10 in the morning, so you slept okay."
  525. >She paused for a second before whispering,
  526. >"You slept okay, right?"
  527. "Errrr..."
  528. >Well it was just a nightmare.
  529. "Just had a nightmare, that's all. But I'm okay."
  530. >Just a dream.
  531. >A bad dream.
  532. >You get up and start looking around.
  533. "Where are the others?"
  534. >"Having breakfast with Twilight. Better hurry, I didn't make that many pancakes!"
  535. >Fuck
  536. >You race towards the kitchen to grab some breakfast.
  537. >Only to find that Rainbow Dash had the last pancake.
  538. >And ate it.
  539. >Whole.
  540. >Your eye twitched as the last pancake was devoured by your now least-favorite pony.
  541. >"Hey, Anon! Glad to see you're alive."
  543. >The others glance at each other.
  544. >"What's up with Anon all of a sudden," Rainbow Dash asked.
  545. >"He hasn't had breakfast," Rarity sighed.
  547. >Breakfast was had.
  548. >You would not go hungry.
  549. >Stomach-non will not have it.
  550. >Thankfully Pinkie was able to create one more for you
  551. >So there's that.
  552. >"Well, I'd better hit the road," said Pinkie. "Got to get a party set up for later today."
  553. "Alright, see ya!"
  554. >"Actually, I must head home as well. Twilight, Anon, everyone, it was nice to visit!"
  555. >"Me too. Gotta let Apple Bloom know ah'm okay."
  556. >With that, Rainbow, Rarity, Ponk, and Applejack head home.
  557. >Leaving you alone with two mares who probably want your D.
  558. >This is uncomfortable.
  559. "Well."
  560. >"Er...well, I have to get going...i-if that's okay with you."
  561. "Naw, it's fine, Fluttershy.. I probably need to head out soon."
  562. >"W-Well...Anon?"
  563. "Hmm?"
  564. >"C...Can we play Cards Against...eep..Equinity again sometime?"
  565. >Hoo boy
  566. "Yeah. I want a rematch."
  567. >Then, Fluttershy blushed.
  568. "Why?"
  569. >"B-Because...well...i-is Cards Against Equinity your fetish?"
  570. >W-What?!
  571. "No! Of course not!"
  572. >She blushed furiously.
  573. "I mean it's very, VERY sexual, but why would a card game be my fetish?"
  574. >"W-Wow...Rainbow was right!"
  575. "...what?"
  576. >"Y-You r-really can be...heehee...gullible."
  577. >...
  578. >"Uh, Fluttershy? You need to work on that a bit-"
  580. >Fluttershy giggled.
  581. >oh man the salt from last night is kicking in again.
  583. >"ANON!"
  584. >oh shit Twilight's there.
  585. "Ahem..sorry. Got a little salty there."
  586. >"I-It's fine."
  587. "But I still want a rematch, okay?"
  588. >"Y-yaay!"
  589. >You say your goodbyes to Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, and as they fly off, you realize you need to head out.
  590. >Because you needed to be WITH Ponk for this party.
  591. >She specifically wanted to train you to be a party planner.
  592. >What is with you and being an apprentice to everyone?
  593. >Before you can go grab your shit, Twilight stops you.
  594. >"Anon? Can we talk?"
  595. >Uh oh.
  596. >"It''s about last night."
  597. >ohhhh no.
  598. "Alright, what is it?"
  599. >"W-Well...what you said last night...I looked back at what I'd done. Everything, from the start of the spell, to the things I did once it was removed. And...I'm sorry."
  600. "So you couldn't get sleep either."
  601. >"Right.."
  602. >Hoo boy.
  603. >"And...I-I won't be surprised if you...if you hate me for what I did these past two weeks."
  604. >What?!
  605. "No, look, Twilight. Over the past few years, ever since Rarity found me, I've come to know every one of you. You have always been my friend, and even if you tried to experiment on me due to me being the only human in Equestria, thanks for that by the way, it never really impacted our friendship. I do not hate you, I've never hated you, you are my friend. And that friend was the pony I was trying to help while this 'slave-Twi' was awake. Because I didn't want my friend to die."
  606. >You sigh.
  607. >"A-Anon. A-Are you..."
  608. >Uh oh?
  609. >"A-Are you still my friend?"
  610. "...yes. You are. Forever, and always."
  611. >She gives a weak smile.
  612. >You embrace her in a warm hug, the first warm hug you've ever given since coming to Equestria.
  613. "Don't stop being my friend, okay?"
  614. >"...okay."
  615. >There are some things you like to exaggerate.
  616. >Being her friend was not one of them.
  617. >...but good friends know when to stop hugging because things will get really awkward for everyone involved if they don't.
  618. >So you stopped hugging her.
  619. "Alright, I'm gonna head out for now. Have a nice day, Princess."
  620. >You start going back to grab your shit.
  621. >"Wait!"
  622. >You pause in your tracks.
  623. "What now?"
  624. >"Anon, can you do me a huge favor?"
  625. >uh oh
  626. "I'll bite, what is it?"
  627. >She gives you an envelope.
  628. >Oh, you're now apparently a bubbly grey horse in a human suit.
  629. >"Can you please, and this is very important; can you give this to Princess Celestia when she gets here, and have her open it first thing?"
  630. >Celestia?
  631. "Uh, sure? Was she planning on coming over, or something?"
  632. >She doesn't respond.
  633. >In fact she had her back turned to you as she was finding a different piece of paper.
  634. >Weird.
  635. >"The envelope should contain everything she needs to know."
  636. "Twilight?"
  637. >Hmmm
  638. >You try to remember what was said last night.
  639. >'It's ultimately necessary that you see it to better understand what may happen next.'
  640. >Bluhhhhhh
  641. >Fucking bad dreams.
  642. >She's now facing you again with a separate piece of parchment.
  643. "Okay? I'm a little confused right now."
  644. >She smiles at you, a tear dripping from her eyes.
  645. >"Please...please don't hate me for this, Anon."
  646. >And she throws the parchment into the fireplace.
  647. >What the fuck?
  648. >You look down at the parchment.
  649. >You can't see shit because of the fire, but it's got a lot of science-y shit on the-
  650. >Wait that wasn't science
  651. >that was magic
  652. >Wat intensifies
  653. >Was she-
  654. >'There is only one spell in all of Equestria that can change a pony's soul.'
  655. >No.
  656. >'I've worked my whole to create that masterpiece.'
  657. >No fucking way.
  658. "Twilight, what are you doing?!"
  659. >Twilight took a deep breath in.
  660. >'It would take the mind of a GENIUS to create a second.'
  661. >"On this day doth the pony become enthralled. The mind and body of yore become playthings to the dour desires of the soul forevermore."
  663. >oh shit
  664. >oh shit oh shit oh shit
  665. >Twilight took one last look at you.
  666. >"Goodbye..."
  667. >And with that, she promptly fell to the floor, into a deep slumber.
  668. >Oh SHIT
  669. >She was mad.
  670. >The pony actually did it.
  671. >She made a new goddamn spell and cast it on her own fucking self.
  672. >This was BAD.
  673. "SPIKE!"
  674. >Spike comes rushing into the room, wondering what was going on.
  675. >He saw Twilight on the floor, unconscious, and knew that shit got bad.
  676. >"What happened?"
  677. "I don't know- well I do know, she cast a spell- no she MADE a new spell and- look, letter to Celestia. Now."
  678. >He gets right to work on contacting Celestia, while you work on trying to get Twilight up.
  679. "Twilight?! Don't you do this to me! Twilight? Wake up!"
  680. >She groans. Thank God she's alive.
  681. >She starts to get up, and she looks directly at you.
  682. >"Good morning, Master."
  683. >Well you weren't even Christian anyway, gg God no re
  684. "Twilight, no! You're not my Slave!"
  685. >"Yes I am, Master. Are you alright?"
  686. >FUCK
  688. >PANIC
  689. "No! You're not my slave! You're Twilight Sparkle! Princess of Friendship! You gotta remember!"
  690. >You don't even give a shit about withholding tears right now.
  691. >"I don't ever recall being a princess, Master. Is that what you want to call me, Master?"
  692. >NO!
  693. "Please..."
  694. >In a last fleeting hope of immediate recovery you look at her cutie mark.
  695. >It had changed from a purple star to a collar and chain, just like before.
  696. >Only this time, the collar had a tag with three words on it.
  697. >'Property of Anonymous'
  698. >Okay
  699. >Rationymous online
  700. >What you know:
  701. >1. Twilight Sparkle created some sort of derivative spell of the soul spell that was intended for the user itself that worked more than twice as fast than before
  702. >2. Twilight cast this spell on herself which had immediate effects, including a fully-transformed cutie mark
  703. >3. Twilight was now completely fucking loyal to you and was insistent that she was your god damned slave
  704. >Okay
  705. >Okay this was bad
  706. >SNAFU bad.
  707. >"T-Twilight? Twilight, can you hear me?" Spike whimpered.
  708. >You looked towards the dragon and his borderline big sister.
  709. >His big sister, the one who she raised when she was born.
  710. >You could already see he was traumatized by having lost her.
  711. >"Master, who is this dragon?"
  712. "S-Spike. He's your friend," you choke.
  713. >"Spike...he's my friend," she repeats dreamily.
  714. "Spike, you've sent the letter, right?"
  715. >He nods.
  716. >Okay, so Celestia should be-
  718. >Yep, she is.
  719. >"Anonymous, let me in her this instant!" you hear her yell.
  720. >Oh SHIT.
  721. >You race towards the door to open it for the Princess of the Sun.
  722. >She was accompanied by Princess Luna, who had nothing but a glare to give you.
  723. >"Anonymous, can you please..."
  724. >Celestia paused.
  725. >"Would you please give me and Twilight Sparkle some time alone?"
  726. >You nod.
  727. "G-Give me a second."
  728. >You kneel down to see Twilight at eye-level again.
  729. "Twilight, this is Princess Celestia. She is your friend."
  730. >"Friend...?"
  731. "Yes, 'Friend'. She's here to help you. She's-"
  732. >She shook her head. "No.."
  733. >uh oh
  734. "No?"
  735. >"She's here to take you away, she's here to take everything about you away, she's-"
  736. "Twilight, you're sick."
  737. >She paused.
  738. >"Sick?"
  739. "Yes. You're sick with a disease. She's here to fix that disease."
  740. >She looks up at her former mentor, a look of uncertainty upon her face.
  741. >"Disease. She will cure me, Master?"
  742. "Yes. She will. Please, let her fix you..."
  743. >She gives a weak smile.
  744. >"Yes, Master."
  745. >You could barely stand, and you watch Twilight go with Princess Celestia to the other room.
  746. >"Anonymous," you hear Luna say.
  747. >You nearly jumped at your voice.
  748. "Yes, Luna?"
  749. >"Spike explained most of what happened to the best of his knowledge. How long was she like this?"
  750. "Under an hour. She made a spell that was...that was more powerful than the first."
  751. >"More powerful...and you didn't stop her."
  752. "I tried to, but once I'd realized what was going on she had already done it."
  753. >She glared at you.
  754. "I didn't realize she'd be THAT crazy to remember the spell well enough to make a NEW one."
  755. >"The soul spell on its own is very dangerous. If she's created a more powerful variation...I can only hope it hasn't fallen into another's hooves."
  756. "Well, she burned it. I dunno why."
  757. >She looked at the paper in your hand.
  758. >"Anonymous, what's that envelope you have in your possession?"
  759. >Oh.
  760. "Well, I was...I was told to give it to Celestia, but-"
  761. >You hear a large cry in the other room.
  763. >oh shit
  765. >what the FUCK was going on in there?!
  767. >"NO! -YOU'RE- EVIL!"
  768. >Silence from the room.
  769. >"Twilight.."
  770. >"I HATE YOU! GO AWAY!"
  771. >There was only silence, as the door slowly opened.
  772. >Celestia stood there, tears dropping from her eyes like sweat on a body, with no attention given to either you or Luna.
  773. >"Tia..."
  774. >She looked at her younger sister.
  775. >"Is she...?"
  776. >She nods. "Her memories were locked away. I couldn't restore them..."
  777. >Oh shit.
  778. "P-Princess..."
  779. >She looked towards you.
  780. >It wasn't a look of sorrow or anger.
  781. >It was a look of pure hatred.
  782. >Pure hatred aimed towards you.
  783. "I-I'm sorry..."
  784. >She glared daggers into your eyes. It pierced them and struck into your soul.
  785. >"I raised her since she was a filly, Anonymous."
  786. >Uh oh
  787. >"She was my pupil," rambled Celestia in a tone you rarely heard on anyone in Equestria. "My pupil from the very first day. I watched her grow from that hopeful, that ambitious filly into a beautiful young mare, and from that introverted pony into a friend to all others, and into the Princess of the most powerful magic in Equestria."
  788. >She paused, for just a beat, to sniffle up a tear.
  789. >"That same young mare just said she hated me, and that I was evil. As if she didn't recognize me at all. That same little pony said she'd rather give all that up into this thrall. YOUR thrall."
  790. >Oh shit, she's pissed.
  791. >Was there a DEFCON Zero?
  792. >"Tia, you have to calm down-"
  793. >"Luna, I cannot! Not while this shell of a person still dwells upon my land."
  794. >Well if there wasn't one before there is now.
  795. "Wait, you have to listen-"
  796. >"SILENCE!" she shouted.
  797. >You shut up for just a moment to let her finish.
  798. >"Anonymous, there will be no formal trial. As the Princess of Equestria, I hereby BANISH you from Equestria for the rest of your days."
  799. >OH SHIT.
  800. >"I believe the moon will be a suitable location to remain."
  801. >"Celestia, you have to listen-"
  802. >She wheeled around towards her sister.
  803. >"Luna, this doesn't concern you. This creature has proven, once and for all, that he can never be trusted."
  804. >"He has a parcel that Twilight specifically wanted him to give to you. So if you would let him give that to you before irrationally banishing him from the edges of our world, it might change the context."
  805. >She looked at you, and finally saw the envelope.
  807. Listener End:
  808. Banished End: ???
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