Zahak w/o Mik

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  1. “If you can figure out how I did that, I'll get you a whole goat to enjoy. Now, I'll be back soon. Don't cause any trouble.”
  3. Papa quietly roared at him. Zahak failed to quite understand what it was his Papa was trying to communicate, but the flood of thoughts and images through their shared connection helped to clarify what it was his Papa wished. He wanted Zahak to discover, to learn, and to grow. After that display of an uraherensuge blasting him with fire that wasn't fire, Zahak felt compelled to show his Papa that no replica would ever be able to best the real thing.
  5. Zahak turns his attention to the fire-water, staring at it intensely. His thoughts drifted to images of the fire-water being roasted alive, and bowing down before him. Unfortunately it didn't move. Zahak opened his mouth wide and urged the heat from his throat, a blast of fire spreading out before him. The room was filled with roiling clouds of that not-fire Papa had made the uraherensuge breathe at him, they billowed around him and obscured his vision. He attempted to voice his frustration with a dissatisfied roar, but all he could manage was a annoyed series of chirps.
  7. Aunty was shouting something, and coughing. It didn't sound directed at Zahak so he ignored her and waded around the fire-water so he could think. Eventually he settled in, sinking beneath the surface with just his snout poking above the waterline. A film had closed over his eyes, making everything appear whiter than usual, and blurry. However, it kept the fire-water from stinging his eyes so Zahak liked the film.
  9. He thought back on what he'd seen Momma and his Aunties and Uncles doing. They just sat around sleeping but sitting. Then they changed. Why couldn't he do that? He closed his eyes and tried to sleep, but the fire-water wouldn't let him. It was like fire, and it felt good. Yet it was like water, and it made his scales feel slimy and uncomfortable. It was a strange yet vaguely pleasing sensation. Zahak wasn't sure what to make of it but it prevented him from drifting off to that strange realm of shifting colors and half-memories.
  11. Zahak, in frustration, ducked his head fully beneath the water and urged the heat from his throat. Instead of roiling out and burning all in its wake, it built up in front of him and then the water above exploded in steam and fire-water. Zahak poked his head out after it, pleased with what he'd managed to do. There was a thing like Papa except with white stuff on its face watching him. Zahak stared at it for a time. Eventually Zahak let out a jet of flame in its direction, but the old Papa just deflected it with a wave of a hand. With a huff, Zahak ducked beneath the water and turned his attention once more to making it do the thing Papa made it do.
  13. Zahak met with no success, and after repeated attempts to intimidate the fire-water failed Zahak crawled out and lay down on the bank of the tiny lake. He laid down, and thought, and waited for his scales to dry out. They were taking a long time, but Zahak didn't mind. He was too absorbed in thoughts regarding dancing uraherensuge breathing not-fire at him, taunting him with his inability to bite them and burn them.
  15. Some forgotten voice whispered through his thoughts as he laid out on the colorful stone shore. It spoke in a language he could not comprehend, yet left meaning in its wake. Hesitantly, Zahak stood. He turned towards the water and crouched down, as if preparing to pounce on his prey. Slowly, ever so slowly, a tiny little tendril of water rose from the boiling lake, quivering tenuously for a moment before collapsing. Excited, Zahak plunged himself into the lake, sloshing water all across the stone shoreline.
  17. He climbed out after he'd properly celebrated his victory by wrestling with the fire-water. It proved a pointless endeavor, it seemed to move around his attempts to get its jaws around its throat, or what he thought was its throat. He wasn't entirely sure it had a throat. Water is such a strange animal.
  19. Regardless, he hauled his body onto the stone shore and up the steps his Papa had followed. He found himself in that same strange room with all the pillows and metal things, the old Papa nowhere to be found. He smelled meat from the kitchen though, and went to investigate. He poked his head past a curtain and found that tiny Papa creature that had stood next to the old Papa when they arrived, it didn't seem to notice him.
  21. The tiny Papa, little brother perhaps, was making meat. It smelled delicious, like his burnt prey except less so. Zahak crept up behind little brother, as much as he could creep. It proved surprisingly successful, and then his little brother turned around he leaped at his prey, snatching it from little brother's hands and wresting it to the ground. Little brother roared, except it wasn't really a roar. More like a really long chirp. Then he ran away, presumably to let his older brother eat in peace. A good brother.
  23. Zahak finished off the meat quickly. It tasted so much different to the meat he cooked. Different. Even the bones tasted more delicious than usual. Zahak was busy sucking the marrow from a long bone when the old Papa, older brother? No. That wouldn't make sense. Uncle, but old uncle. Old Uncle started roaring at him, but Zahak couldn't understand. So he ignored Old Uncle. Eventually Old Uncle sighed, and waved a claw at him. Zahak didn't understand, so he ignored him.
  25. Once he'd finished his meal Zahak climbed into the hot place the meat came from. It was cramped, so he ripped out some metal things blocking the way. Once he'd made room for himself he curled up inside and closed his eyes, to explore the shifting mass of colors and half-memories that greeted every slackening of consciousness.
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