GreentextSavant - Gloriosa one-poster

Oct 25th, 2016
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  1. >This was the furthest away picnic table.
  2. >And for a damn good reason too.
  3. >Gloriosa pulls you into her as you lift her up by her ass.
  4. >Letting her jeans slip down.
  5. >She kisses you with an impatient thrusting tongue that clashes with yours. Fiercely moving her moistened lips against your own.
  6. >The backs of your hands brush against the picnic table, pulling the back of Gloriosa's jeans towards you.
  7. >The slip off easily, and your fingers start exploring the smooth surface of her cheeks before digging under the panties. Forcing her to kiss you harder.
  8. >Pushing her face into yours with demanding squeaks and moans leaking out of her lungs.
  9. >Slide her panties down to where the rim of her jeans are in the middle of her thigh, soon reaching her knees, her shins.
  10. >Dive under the bridge of semi-worn clothing, undo the front of your pants and plunge your waist between her spreading legs.
  11. >You barely get a short glimpse of her bare vagina without your own crotch smashing up against it through your boxers.
  12. >Completely erect already and excitedly plying against the tenderness through the fabric.
  13. >Your hands aren't even needed for your member to find its way through the front slip of your boxers. Hopeless of avoiding the soft slit before it as Gloriosa's legs press onto your ass, and force your waist to heave forward and drive your head between her flesh.
  14. >Pushing it in until your shaft is completely submerged inside of the girl's soaking pleasure box.
  15. >In and out you instinctively go, feeling every bit of the friction of your skin against her walls that lovingly squeeze you.
  16. >You feel her abruptly tense up a few times as you lunge your waist harder and a little more slowly and more defined.
  17. >Enthusiastically moving her WITH you.
  18. >Gloriosa's legs clamp onto your ramming waist up against her snatch. Attached. Tightly locked in.
  19. >Pulling out is impossible.
  20. >Especially as you push in even harder while you feel your senses lose control as your massive load floods her.
  21. End.
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