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Diana Conway Endorsement for Lynne4BoE

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Apr 16th, 2024
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  1. As a first-term member of the MCPS Board of Education, Lynne immediately brough fresh perspective and new eyes to our large and complex school system. Right off the bat, she engaged with the MCPS community and importantly for me, Lynne quickly built a program to engage students in advocacy for their concerns, and brought them to the table at the local and state level. And student response was instant- and huge—showing that Lynne’s creative thinking and her stakeholder engagement are meeting a need. The skills these Ambassadors are cultivating will serve our students well throughout any career path. And that’s a core function of education: To prepare students for the world as they find it. Lynne remains highly accessible to parents, students, MCPS staff, and many of us whose MCPS days are far behind us. I’m a huge fan of Lynne’s and urge you to look at her record helping to steer MCPS toward a brighter future.
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