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  1. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    5:03 PM
  2. @here
  4. The information given, albeit brief, by Tsuruchi Terao the master Scout of the Wasp, is that the suspected afflicted rice has come from the town of Sakana Mura.  The Mura was responsible for a small 'tithe' of rice since the time prior to the Great Defeat under the protection of the Wasp clan in its nascent days.
  6. The path to the village was long, and a group was already dedicated to investigating the village itself.  Your task, however, was multi-fold.  First, there were several locations between Sakana Mura and the Castle of the Wasp where resources were hidden as they made their way down to the castle.  These locations, known only to the resistance and trusted members of the village at Sakana Mura, were where stores of rice would be positioned in times of need for the Wasp to bend off siege - accessed most easily from the cursed waters of Aka Mizu-Umi, or by travel along the banks of the body of water for a much slower path.
  8. Those who were assembling would need to decide which of the hidden caches they would investigate first for tainted rice so that it would not further contaminate the food stores that were storage for the castle members, and to confront any they may see that could possibly be shipping more tainted rice.  For, there was still no answer as to why the bad rice was coming from Sakana Mura - a task for both yours and another team to determine.
  10. ---
  11. Imgur
  12. Possible Hideout Locations
  13. Leaving east out of the mountains surrounding the Castle of the Wasp, your group would come to the plains below. With you was Kitsune Tamako, a scout of the Fox clan who had been with the Resistance for some time. She stood at an average height, but a remarkably thin build, and her attire was drab with earthtones. She had brown hair with black eyes and, in all truth, looked remarkably plain. Dirt scuffed her face: presumably to help her blend into the landscape. She rode upon a donated Rokugani Pony from the Wasp Clan stables, with all members gifted the same to make the trek on land as short as possible - and to flee in the case that they came across any Obsidian Legionnaires.
  14. There were four possible locations on the path through Enzan province to Kyuden Ashingabachi - the most guaranteed to have the tainted rice being the one closest to Sakana Mura, but each a possible location. (ANNOUNCE THYSELVES)
  15. Shinjo Kurosawa    5:06 PM
  16. Kurosawa sat tall in his saddle, decked out in plain set of Ashigaru amor. Underneath him, Shiro looked majestic as a horse could be, white as a cloud above. From his perch he would do a small bow to the foxy scout in greeting, while awaiting the rest of the team..!
  17. Mushorai    5:08 PM
  18. Mushorai, an ex-bandit with a gray kimono as patched and thread bare as his reputation, rode uneasily on the pony.  It seemed to find the imposition of the ronin particularly unpleasant.  " Whoah.  Hey.  Whoah."
  19. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    5:09 PM
  20. The horse does not express understanding at these words.  It must be broken, or trained poorly, as whoah is universally recognized.
  21. Narumi    5:09 PM
  22. The ronin Narumi was also present, riding atop a pony with her gear while a frown crossed her somewhat bland features. Her ashigaru armor bore no colors or mon, though it was covered by a brown over-coat that might have obscured such things anyways...
  23. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    5:13 PM
  24. (For scene info later...)
  25. Google Docs
  26. FRO X: Scene Information (Responses)
  27. AwesomeDefconScene
  29. Timestamp,What is your character's name?,In one sentence what are you as a player hoping for in this scene?,What are your character's strengths?,What are your character's weaknesses?,What is/are your character's signature skill(s)?,School,Insight Rank,Init...
  30. Shinjo Kurosawa    5:14 PM
  31. ((I cannot edit that but I can post my info for someone to edit it))
  32. Ikoma Chiaki    5:15 PM
  33. Every mission needed a 'face', and so it was that this mission had been blessed with the face of Ikoma Chiaki. Dressed in her rather plain Gi and Hakama with Jingasa atop her head, she rode on a borrowed mount. Enjoying the journey with the group
  34. Utaku Jamukha    5:15 PM
  35. Jamukha was checking the straps on Tengri before mounting up. He was wearing the light armor of his school, and on his main hand was his Glaive from a far-away land. He looked to the group and said "It is a pleasure to be riding with all of you tonight."
  36. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    5:20 PM
  37. The Kitsune rode atop her horse without much in the way of practice, either, it seemed, as she would periodically drop her weight to the left or the right.  She angled her heels in to the horse and seemed to make at least some stride, but anyone with a modicum of horsemanship would notice she was, as with many, not comfortable upon the horse beyond a cursory amount (anyone with Horsemanship 3 or greater).  For those without training, she seemed to be doing quite fine.  (Horsemanship 0-1)
  39. She looked back at the group, and despite her austere appearance, seemed to have quite a pleasant voice.  "The information given by Tsuruchi-sama was not very comprehensive.  You are the first group to accept this mission.   Do you have questions?  We have limited time before we need to return to the Castle, and so we need to have a strategy for investigating the holdouts.  Our numbers are small, but we can split into two groups to cover all four holdouts, or have a plan to limit how many holdouts we inspect."
  41. She glanced over to the large body of water to the west.  "Preferably staying as far from that lake as possible."
  42. (Welcome, entire Unicorn Clan.)
  43. Utaku Jamukha    5:22 PM
  44. (We are missing Temujin)
  45. Narumi    5:22 PM
  46. Narumi looked over to the Kitsune.  "Have there been any patrols spotted recently that we should be aware of?"
  47. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    5:22 PM
  48. (ARE WE?!)
  49. Mushorai    5:22 PM
  50. " Splitting up ain't really something that sits well with me.  How you get picked off, 'n all.  Is there any reason we can't just start at the first cache and head on through all of them? "
  51. Utaku Jamukha    5:23 PM
  52. (He said something about work and being here in 30)
  53. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    5:23 PM
  54. (Delayed horsery)
  55. Utaku Jamukha    5:23 PM
  56. (Wizards are never late)
  57. (Especially Horse Wizards)
  58. Mushorai    5:23 PM
  59. (( Pony wizard. ))
  60. Ikoma Chiaki    5:24 PM
  61. ((Can I assume Chiaki borrows a bow?))
  62. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    5:25 PM
  63. The Kitsune looked to the female ronin.  "This is not one of the most important areas to the Obsidian Magistrates, but tax season began early this year for the Obsidians, and so they are likely to be traveling at least within the range of Sakana Mura.  A patrol in force is unlikely, but they could be around.  The biggest concern is what possibly arises from the lake."  The female looked once again at the lake, seeming to do poorly at hiding a grimace as her eyes fell upon the water once again.
  64. (All signs point to yes for temp-bows)
  65. Narumi    5:28 PM
  66. (Yay for archery)
  67. Narumi looked over to the waters as well. "Then we should still move swiftly. If we do split up, take the first two points at the same time, then move onto the ones closer to the village."
  68. Shinjo Kurosawa    5:30 PM
  69. Kurosawa has the unfortunate awkward position of not telling if she's good or bad at her horse, being Horsemanship 2. But he knew better than to correct his superiors thanks to the Hare clan scout from the other day. For now he just sat quietly, double checking his loadout. Bow? Check. Daisho? Check. A quiver of arrows? Check. A finger of jade tied to him? Check. He patted his horse and a smile grew on his face at the sight of Jamukha, but quickly became serious and stern as samurai ought to be. A short nod would suffice for now unless the more experienced samurai had words for him.
  70. Narumi    5:30 PM
  71. "However... my gut tells me we'll likely find something at the third one.."
  72. Mushorai    5:30 PM
  73. " Your gut spend a lot of time on patrols, does it? "
  74. Narumi    5:31 PM
  75. "Bad luck always comes in threes..."
  76. Ikoma Chiaki    5:32 PM
  77. "Couldn't we check the first and third? That would at least tell us where we need to be."
  78. Utaku Jamukha    5:32 PM
  79. "Now,now everyone, we have a trip to make and i'd rather not get depressed while on it, so let's think at least neutral."
  80. Mushorai    5:32 PM
  81. " The second is on the way to third.  Isn't it?  Why would we skip it? "
  82. Narumi    5:33 PM
  83. "Hmmmm, I do not like the idea of separating the teams by that distance..."
  84. Utaku Jamukha    5:34 PM
  85. "Let's go to the first one and see how it goes."
  86. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    5:36 PM
  87. The Kitsune glanced off to the east.  She seemed rather jittery.  "The biggest concern is minimizing the chance for rice to be infected, as it will impact us all and to limit the time for the rice to be impacted.  We still do not know what the issue actually is with this rice causing sickness: it may be poison, or it may be infectious.  I have heard investigating the first and third location, or the first location and proceed from there.  Any further thoughts?  If not, we are at least somewhat in agreement to examine the first location ..."  It was not clear if she was being helpful or not, but at least she did an excellent job of re-stating other people's thoughts.
  88. Narumi    5:37 PM
  89. "I would say First and Second at the same time, then moving to the Third and Fourth."
  90. Mushorai    5:37 PM
  91. " I haven't heard any reason not just to start with the first and go on down the line.  Am I missing something, Kitsune-san?," asks the ex-bandit.
  92. Narumi    5:38 PM
  93. "If we move as too large a group, we may draw notice if there ARE Obsidian legionnaires about."
  94. Shinjo Kurosawa    5:40 PM
  95. Kurosawa is just so happy to be here and on his horse and will support the popular option.
  96. Mushorai    5:41 PM
  97. Mushorai looks around their group of just about half-a-dozen.  " Fair enough.  If we're splitting up, what are the groups? "
  98. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    5:41 PM
  99. "If we spend time at every location, we will not supply any information to those traveling to the village in time.  The rice may also be poisoned beyond our usage if this is based on some timeline; the rice we receive from Sakana Mura is moved southward through these different holdouts.
  101. It may not cause any issue at all - it is unknown, which is why we must act in haste," supplied the Kitsune with hitherto unclear knowledge
  102. Narumi    5:42 PM
  103. Narumi frowns at that.  "Then perhaps we should delve as deeply as we can..."
  104. "Skip the first two and go straight to the last pair."
  105. Utaku Jamukha    5:43 PM
  106. "Me and the boy are on faster mounts, we could go on the first location and meet you on the second or whichever you choose."
  107. Mushorai    5:44 PM
  108. Mushorai strokes his beard as he thinks.  " Sounds like we can eliminate the first,  yeah.  Furthest from the source.  You think the first two?," Mushorai asks Narumi.
  109. Narumi    5:45 PM
  110. "I still am willing to be the third is our problem one, yes... but whether it be the second or fourth ones..."
  111. Mushorai    5:45 PM
  112. " Sounds like if it's at the third, it's probably at the fourth too, don't it? "
  113. " So we could hit the second and the third.  If it ain't at either of those, it's at the fourth.  Or am I tangled up in this? "
  114. Narumi    5:46 PM
  115. "No, that sounds about right.  At worst case, we can pick up the first one on our route back."
  116. "Same with the second actually."
  117. "So... third and fourth?"
  118. Utaku Jamukha    5:48 PM
  119. "We don't have all day, let's make our choices and live with them."
  120. "Otherwise, who knows what might happen..."
  121. Ikoma Chiaki    5:49 PM
  122. "Eto... are we assume the closest to home is the first or fourth?"
  123. Mushorai    5:49 PM
  124. " First."  (( There's a map at the top. ))
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  126. Mushorai    5:50 PM
  127. " I'd say second and third, personally.  Kitsune-san makes it sound like doubling back isn't an option.   Time crunch. "
  128. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    5:54 PM
  129. (Let's make a roll out of it.  You may choose your skill to roll:  Battle/Perception, Stealth/Intelligence, Courtier/Awareness, Lore: Battle (so esoteric)/Intelligence.  Our one contested skill roll this FRO!
  131. If you have a land-nav related advantage for any of this area, you can add 2 FR.)
  132. Horiuchi Temujin    5:54 PM
  133. ((I'm home))
  136. +
  138. Utaku Jamukha    5:54 PM
  139. (Me and the Clan have decided to rush to the first one)
  140. Ikoma Chiaki    5:55 PM
  141. "This one still thinks the second and fourth are our best guesses then."
  142. Mushorai    5:55 PM
  143. (( 18 Battle/Perception ))
  144. Shinjo Kurosawa    5:57 PM
  145. The Unicorn spends this important time of battle preparation daydreaming in his saddle.
  146. Narumi    5:57 PM
  147. (25 Stealth/Int)
  148. Ikoma Chiaki    5:58 PM
  149. (32 Courtier/Awareness)
  150. Horiuchi Temujin    6:01 PM
  151. Temujin crosses his arms in a very tsundere fashion as he sits on the unfamiliar horse, thinking hard about which path to choose. He gives up after a few short moments, content to follow the lead of the others, having rolled a poor dice pool without explosions. He wears his heavy armor and wields his signature Zanbato. (15)
  152. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    6:01 PM
  153. The Kitsune looked between the group.  She indicated towards Chiaki.  "Ikoma-san appears to have the most clear plan.  The Unicorn are ... rather quiet.  You wish to proceed and communicate between groups?  If we are overwhelmed at one area, it will be difficult to recover, but it is possible this is great concern for no reason..." she began to angle her horse off further from the lake, perhaps as a matter of habit, as they began to approach the small mountain range to the east of the Castle of the Wasp.
  154. Mushorai    6:04 PM
  155. " Splitting up gains little, and results in a weaker force should one bump in to trouble.  We should save enough time by going to only the second and fourth that splitting up shouldn't be needed. "
  156. Utaku Jamukha    6:05 PM
  157. "Kitsune-San, me and the rest of my Clanmates have decided to move to the first location, our speed will allow us to meet you in the next one just as you arrive if not earlier. I wish you luck."
  158. Narumi    6:05 PM
  159. "I still say that the third one is our most likely culprit... But I will go along with Ikoma-san's choice if necessary."
  160. Utaku Jamukha    6:06 PM
  161. "Come brothers, we must be fast like the wind!"
  162. And with that, Jamukha takes off in a gallop.
  163. Mushorai    6:08 PM
  164. Mushorai stares over at the lake.  He shifts on the restless pony.   " Anyone hear that?  Sounds...   like birds?  "
  165. Shinjo Kurosawa    6:08 PM
  166. Kurosawa nods in agreement with the larger Unicorn, but mostly just tries his hardest to not stare at the reason he's daydreaming. At his clanmates words, he jerked to life; his horse reared slightly, and from his pose mid-rear he waved to Chiaki, before taking off like a shot behind Jamukha.
  167. Narumi    6:08 PM
  168. Narumi looks over to Mushorai, before trying to listen...
  169. Horiuchi Temujin    6:09 PM
  170. Temujin looks to the others of the party with a frown, and nods to them, slightly apologetic, before riding off after his brother and Kurosawa.
  171. "Do not be so hasty brother! Remember White Hare!"
  172. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    6:09 PM
  173. The Kitsune jolts with her horse as the Unicorn gallops by and has no response for a few moments.  She looks back to the remaining group.  "It is ... well ... we appear to have our task.  To the second location?" she offers.
  174. Narumi    6:11 PM
  175. "It would appear so... To the third site then?"
  176. Ikoma Chiaki    6:12 PM
  177. "Hai. We should learn the exact location of the cause at the second and fourth locations"
  178. Mushorai    6:12 PM
  179. Mushorai reaches down to his belt, fetches up a battered, demon faced mask, and straps it on.  " Second, like Kitsun-san and Ikoma-san said. "  And the ex-bandit kicks the angry and annoyed pony forward, keeping a weather eye on the lake.  " ... don't like that feeling one bit. "
  180. Narumi    6:13 PM
  181. She shrugs at that.  "My mistake then..." she says, as she tries to get her pony to go in the direction she requires.
  182. Ikoma Chiaki    6:15 PM
  183. "Which feeling in particular?" Chiaki asks the ronin
  184. Mushorai    6:16 PM
  185. " That lake.  Reminds me a bit of the Green.  Not a pleasant feeling.  Not.  At.  All. "
  186. Narumi    6:19 PM
  187. "Perhaps it is simply something in the air?"
  188. Ikoma Chiaki    6:23 PM
  189. "If you're interested in telling this one about such things, they are willing to listen. But I understand that you may want to leave it in the past."
  190. Mushorai    6:24 PM
  191. " Another day.  Ain't the time for stories.  Eyes peeled, ears open.  How we stay alive. "
  192. Narumi    6:25 PM
  193. The ronin nods at that.
  194. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    6:25 PM
  195. The Kitsune begins to lead the group south around the last bit of mountain range.  After this, it would all be grassy lowlands.  There is little indication of life out in this area - even well-trod foot paths seem to have over-vegetated during the spring, an even greater sign that there are simply no armies that exist in this area of Rokugan.  It, mercifully, brings you away from the Lake for some time, though inevitably as you follow around the mountain range, the lake comes back within range on your approach to the second drop site.  IT would be some time before you made your way to the actual location, still, giving at least some time to come up with a plan.
  197. The Kitsune shivers on her pony and looks over towards the lake as you approach a stream that appears to traverse the road before you.  It is a small stream, easily crossed by horse - no more than a few steps across.  The path that leads across it has a border of smooth stones that was clearly staged by human hands at one point, however a recent rain must have disturbed the rock path, for several of these stones were disturbed and scattered.
  199. The Kitsune pauses at the stream's edge and she looks back.  "The next crossing is a distance away ... the horses should be able to make this jump, however I do not wish to touch this water," she said.
  200. Narumi    6:27 PM
  201. Narumi frowns at the rocks.  "Hmmm..."
  202. The ronin shrugs at that, before trying her luck at getting her pony to leap across.
  203. Mushorai    6:29 PM
  204. The other ronin had been trying to think of how to make the crossing easier, but had come up with nothing.  He watches as Narumi goes for it.
  205. Narumi    6:31 PM
  206. (22 Horsemanship)
  207. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    6:33 PM
  208. The horse easily makes the jump - more a continuation of a trot that happens to carry it over the water.  The horse does not appear to touch the water.  Seemed relatively easy enough.
  210. (Horsemanship/Agility TN 10 is the TN to cross.)
  212. The Kitsune seemed hesitant, but at least Narumi's crossing emboldened her, slightly.
  213. Narumi    6:33 PM
  214. Narumi nods to herself and pats her pony on the head, before turning to look at the others.  "You all coming?" she said, while she discreetly got her rope ready in case someone REALLY goofed up...
  215. Mushorai    6:37 PM
  216. " ... great.  Great.  Alright." The pony doesn't like Mushorai, and the feeling is entirely mutual.  But, thankfully, it seems to dislike the idea of getting wet even more and the ronin coaxes it into clearing the stream.  " Hey.  Great." (( 30, hilariously. ))
  217. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    6:40 PM
  218. Emboldened by the pair traversing the waters before her, the Kitsune kicked her horse into motion forward.  She tensed up and lie down against the back of the horse as it covered the short distance ... without fail!
  219. "A...ha!" the scout exclaimed.
  220. Narumi    6:41 PM
  221. Narumi nodded at the Kitsune's success, before looking to their last member
  222. Ikoma Chiaki    6:41 PM
  223. Chiaki mind wanders to the lake and the fear the others have of It briefly before she too, made her crossing. (14)
  224. Mushorai    6:41 PM
  225. " Great," he repeats, behind his mask as he watches the others clear the stream, too.  " ...  you, uh, you notice anything odd about that water, Kitsune-san? "
  226. Narumi    6:46 PM
  227. "Stop scaring the poor woman... We still have a ways to go yet..."
  228. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    6:48 PM
  229. (Chiaki, roll Athletics/Reflexes for me. =3)
  230. (TN 15)
  231. As Chiaki's horse traverses the crossing, she felt a strong jolt backwards.  The horse seemed to make it across the stream just fine - must have caught a hoof on a stone, or had an odd landing.  Regardless, she is able to carry on without issue.  (from the Athletics roll)
  232. Mushorai    6:55 PM
  233. Mushorai's face is, literally, a mask.  " Let's go.  Come on.  Sooner we're away from here the better. "
  234. Ikoma Chiaki    6:55 PM
  235. "Hmm... yes, lets."
  236. "It has ano... occurred to this one that they should ask. Do we all know the history of how the lake got its name?"
  237. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    7:03 PM
  238. Having made their way across the stream, no great feat it would certainly seem, the Kitsune indicated towards a series of overturned boats that were dotting the shoreline - a half-dozen by any count.  "That's the next drop location," she said.  Of course, she seemed pensive at Chiaki's question, but she did not respond immediately.  Naturally, the boats were at the water's edge - not quite in the water itself, but the lake lapped at the shoreline and would periodically touch one or two of the boats.
  239. Narumi    7:04 PM
  240. Narumi hopped off of her pony and landed quietly on the ground, moving towards the boats while keeping an eye out for any movement or the like, one hand on her daisho...
  241. Mushorai    7:05 PM
  242. The ex-bandit stares at Chiaki and her horse, shakes his head, mutters to himself before answering with," ... something about blood, if I had to guess."  The ronin looks around them at the beach, a nice flat expanse that they probably wouldn't be ambushed on.  He hopped down from the recalcitrant pony, too, and said," Let's check it and get going. "
  243. Shinjo Kurosawa    7:09 PM
  244. ((unicorn inbound))
  245. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    7:09 PM
  246. (Investigation/Perception, TN open, for looking at the boats.)
  247. Mushorai    7:10 PM
  248. (( 22 ))
  249. Narumi    7:10 PM
  250. (13, bleh)
  251. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    7:14 PM
  252. As Mushorai was moving to touch one of the boats, he would see the shoreline pebbles trembling under the tumultuous earthly vibrations of what would surely have been an earthquake.  The movement is felt before he can hear the sound - a pounding as if a score of riders were approaching - sounds he knew all to well to be a large number of horses.  The direction seemed somewhere to the south, leaving him and Narumi mid boat-check as those horses more-or-less send them into a brief alert period on the approach.
  253. Shinjo Kurosawa    7:15 PM
  254. ((LOL))
  255. Ikoma Chiaki    7:15 PM
  256. "Hai. After a particularly noteworthy battle, the river and lake were turned red with blood for a months afterward." Chiaki chimes in a matter of fact way. "Such events attract stories of spirits and other auch things."
  257. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    7:15 PM
  258. Perhaps it was ... less horses than expected.
  259. Horiuchi Temujin    7:15 PM
  260. Temujin appears over the hill, easily ahead of Kursosawa.
  261. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    7:16 PM
  262. But, that rough Ronin life meant one could never be too cautious about the number of approaching horses.
  263. Mushorai    7:17 PM
  264. " Incoming - ready for anything.  Keep an eye out for zombie horses," warns the ronin, and then, upon spotting Temujin, says," Just the Unicorn."  And then ronin turns his attention back to the boats.
  265. Narumi    7:18 PM
  266. "Really?  I heard something about a Wailing woman..." Narumi said before she looked beneath the boat.  "Nothing here..."
  267. Shinjo Kurosawa    7:18 PM
  268. The youngest Unicorn was taking this ride pretty pretty easy, being the middle rider, to not let the other two far out of his sight..! The hard riding would be later, obviously. Damn even the sun glinted of of his laquered ashigaru armor a bit as they began to ride up.
  269. Utaku Jamukha    7:20 PM
  270. Behind the Shinjo was Jamukha, calming down his horse after the intense ride.
  272. +
  275. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    7:20 PM
  276. The Kitsune frowned at the cavalry approach, or perhaps it was at Narumi's statement.  "Ano ...." the scout said.  "Report," she said to Temujin, purely because he was at the front of the trio, and therefore clearly the one most capable of reporting information.
  277. Mushorai    7:21 PM
  278. " ... not really sure how we figure out if its poisoned or not without eating it, but the cache seems untouched," Mushorai says, standing back up after he pokes around under a boat, dusting the grit of the beach from his knees.
  279. Ikoma Chiaki    7:22 PM
  280. "Hai, one such story." Chiaki looks towards the newly arrived ponies
  281. Utaku Jamukha    7:22 PM
  282. ((HORSES))
  283. Narumi    7:23 PM
  284. "Well, this one seems to be missing entirely..."
  285. Horiuchi Temujin    7:26 PM
  286. "First cache clear, with no signs of tampering. Rice was pure too, checked it with my finger of jade. Caches one and two were laid at the same time, so if one was found the other probably would have been too. Thus we decided to rejoin you with haste, in the case you found trouble at the most likely tainted caches. We covered our tracks on our way out."
  287. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    7:28 PM
  288. The Kitsune looked at the boat.  "That should not be," she responded to Narumi.  The scout briefly looked  away from Temujin and examined the boat, making sure to stay at the bow of the boat when she did so.  "Each offering is typically the same, for it is always accounted for in secret so the harvest remains equal at the Mura.  If it is lighter, there may be a reason, but one would not take from one drop location unless by pure chance."
  290. The Kitsune sighed.  "We will move on.  We are low on time before I suspect the other team will reach the village and, if there are any concerns for the rice to be infected, that we are low on that.  Let us move to either the third drop location, or bypass it to the fourth nearest the village, then wait to see if the other team requires assistance."
  291. Mushorai    7:29 PM
  292. " Fourth was the plan, wasn't it? "
  293. Shinjo Kurosawa    7:31 PM
  294. The Unicorn idly wondered, wasn't 4 an unlucky number? But he did not speak aloud, just nodding absentmindedly that 4 did indeed seem like the plan from the plan earlier back.
  295. Ikoma Chiaki    7:32 PM
  296. "Hai."
  297. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    7:37 PM
  298. "Then, let us ride," she said, her face returning to a blank slate.  She moved to mount and then ushered her horse into motion.
  300. The trip would take the party right along the water's edge of the lake, with it obvious the Kitsune would deviate away from the lapping surface of the water at any opportunity.  This let the group bypass the third drop location and move directly to the next - a few li south of Sakana Mura, the location was an 'abandoned' fisherman's hut.
  302. As the group approached the drop location, however, it seemed that there may be several banners near the hut.  Sashimono - attached to special fasteners on what appeared, at this distance, to be horses.
  304. The horses were perhaps slightly below your number, though at this distance it may be hard to tell ....
  306. (Investigation (Notice)/Perception!)
  307. Utaku Jamukha    7:39 PM
  308. Jamukha tries to focus his vision on any details.(11)
  309. Narumi    7:39 PM
  310. (15)
  311. Mushorai    7:40 PM
  312. Mushorai, clearly, was too busy keeping his eyes on the lake, maybe, the mask he wore was limiting his peripheral vision.  (( 12 ))
  313. Horiuchi Temujin    7:40 PM
  314. Temujin saw more horses, and remembered his. How sad. (9)
  315. Utaku Jamukha    7:40 PM
  316. "I do not reckognise that sashimono, and it seems like the riders have dismounted. Be on guard, everyone."
  317. Narumi    7:41 PM
  318. Narumi shields her eyes from the sun to get a better look.  "Hmmm...  I don't see anyone either, but..."
  319. Shinjo Kurosawa    7:41 PM
  320. Kurosawa was just enjoying his ride along, casually sweeping his eyes about but unsure if he noticed anything either. Although why did people keep staring at the lake, he wondered? ((12))
  321. Narumi    7:42 PM
  322. She hops off her horse again.  "Obsidian Magistrates... You can tell where the old Imperial Magistrate Chrysanthemum was swapped to black, to represent obsidian..."
  323. Mushorai    7:44 PM
  324. " ... well. " Mushorai dismounts, and isn't at all surprised by how glad the pony is to be free of him.  He speaks in low tones to the others; if the Magistrates haven't already spotted them, no reason to give away the ghost.  " I'll move up on the shack.  Rest of you ready to hit them, when they pop out for me?  Any argument? "
  325. Narumi    7:44 PM
  326. "I'll come with you."
  327. Ikoma Chiaki    7:45 PM
  328. "That seems like a plan."
  329. Horiuchi Temujin    7:45 PM
  330. "You fought well on the bridge with me. I'll trust your plan."
  331. Shinjo Kurosawa    7:46 PM
  332. The lake wasn't important, he decided after a bit. Oh they were here now. And there were enemies incoming. He would draw his bow and begin to string it up appropriately, nodding at the ronin's words. Anyone who could outdrink Yoritomo Bando was probably metal enough to make the plans.
  333. Mushorai    7:46 PM
  334. " You a close in fighter, Narumi-san?  If you are, sure.  If not...  you should stay back.  Things could get hairier than the back of a Hida. "
  335. Narumi    7:47 PM
  336. "I'm about equal either way.  But I'm used to trekking through the woods quietly while hunting..."
  337. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    7:48 PM
  338. The Kitsune reached over to her travel back and obtained a meticulously well-maintained hankyu before she dropped from her pony.  "...Stay?" she asked the horse.  She looked to the free horses of the alleged magistrates.  "Ensure either way they cannot use their horses," she announced to the group.
  339. Horiuchi Temujin    7:49 PM
  340. Temujin grits his teeth at the tactic he knew all too well.
  341. Mushorai    7:49 PM
  342. " Right.  Get ready to charge on in, Unicorn.  Come on."   And unlimbering his bisento, the ronin moves on in towards the shack.
  343. Narumi    7:49 PM
  344. Narumi raised an eyebrow at the Kitsune's words, but wasn't going to argue that one... Instead, she simply started moving through cover towards the tents... (27)
  345. Ikoma Chiaki    7:50 PM
  346. Chiaki nods, taking her borrowed Yumi and stringing it.
  347. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    7:50 PM
  348. (Mush stealthing, or just walking up/)
  349. Utaku Jamukha    7:51 PM
  350. "Nonsense, we simply need to stop them from getting on the mount.  We don't need to hurt the horses."
  351. Mushorai    7:52 PM
  352. Mushorai is being the big, obvious target that absolutely is walking up to the shack all by himself.  He's going to hum to himself.  " ... hmm hm hmm, something strange...   hm hm hm hm hm.... "
  353. Shinjo Kurosawa    7:52 PM
  354. Oh calvary charge tactics. He would place the bow on his back and draw his katana instead, inspecting its fine make in the sun. His horse shifted uneasily beneath him, but he leaned down and patted it in reassurance.
  355. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    7:53 PM
  356. Upon approach, four horses are counted.  The odds appear initially in their favor, assuming this was a fully mounted troupe.
  358. Mushorai and Narumi would hear conversation inside the tent that the others would not ... (PM incoming)
  359. Shinjo Kurosawa    7:55 PM
  360. Aha. The youngest Unicorn was waking up and acting alert and not so moony. The air was razor sharp with tension as he observed the two ronin make their approach towards the tent.
  361. Horiuchi Temujin    7:55 PM
  362. "Gut any that move for the horses, but aim for any spearmen first. No losses this mission."
  363. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    7:56 PM
  364. The Kitsune's eyes narrowed.  "You assume those creatures are salvageable, Utaku-san.  Pray you are right and the riders are all we are contested with ..."  Hankyu raised as the pair of ronin meander off.
  365. Horiuchi Temujin    7:56 PM
  366. "If there are any tainted, I'll deal with them."
  367. Narumi    7:56 PM
  368. Narumi stays hidden while laying a hand on her katana's hilt, drawing it quietly.
  369. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    7:57 PM
  370. (Because it's mostly an inevitability right now, please roll initiative with a +10.)
  371. Shinjo Kurosawa    7:58 PM
  372. ((28+10 is 38!))
  373. Narumi    7:58 PM
  374. (36)
  375. Mushorai    8:00 PM
  376. "  Hello in the hut!  This is the King of the Shinomen Mura speaking, " Mushorai is posting up on the obvious door to the shack, if he's able to, swinging his bisento back and forth, limbering up for the coming chaos," Don't suppose you boys want to lay your weapons down and come out polite like? "
  377. Horiuchi Temujin    8:00 PM
  378. (25)
  379. Mushorai    8:00 PM
  380. (( 20 ))
  381. Ikoma Chiaki    8:00 PM
  382. (43)
  383. Utaku Jamukha    8:02 PM
  384. (14)
  385. Shinjo Kurosawa    8:03 PM
  386. ((even plus ten?))
  387. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:05 PM
  388. The conversation inside went to a dead halt.  Obvious sounds of blades being drawn.
  390. "The King of Shinomen Mura is well out of range of his kingdom.  I, Kitsu Daiten, Magistrate in the service of the Glorious Emperor Over All, Obsidian Master of the Heavens, will give you pardon for speaking out of turn, should you prostrate yourself immediately to the earth and claim your devotion to amending your ways," he said.
  392. Quite a nice offer, after all.  Notable to Narumi, this was not the voice from before.
  393. (Init order is Chiaki -- > Kurosawa -->  Narumi --> (?? 1 ) --> Temujin --> Mushorai/Kitsu Daiten --> (?? 2) --> (?? 3) --> Jamukha )
  394. Ikoma Chiaki    8:07 PM
  395. ((Can we all hear this?))
  396. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:08 PM
  397. (Yes. =3)
  398. (They are a fair distance away, so reactions would basically be shouting from the crowd that is not Narumi/Mushorai. Kitsu used his big-talk Police officer voice.)
  399. Ikoma Chiaki    8:10 PM
  400. Chiaki frowns internally as she hears the name of the Magistrate, but then settles and finds her center. (Center stance)
  402. +
  404. Shinjo Kurosawa    8:11 PM
  405. ((are the horses tied to anything, like a post? What would be a roll to ride up and cut then free or to scare them away?))
  406. Narumi    8:12 PM
  407. (Attack roll followed by Animal handing?)\
  408. (Or horsemanship?)
  409. Shinjo Kurosawa    8:12 PM
  410. ((I have all of those))
  411. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:12 PM
  412. (They are currently dutifully standing in place as best you can tell, nothing holding them to the world other than love for their masters from the distance you can see.  You could Animal Handle them to get them to do something at a fairly high TN since they must be at least somewhat trained.)
  413. Mushorai    8:13 PM
  414. " ... who?  Didja say Daisuke?  Never heard of ya," is what Mushorai says back to the Magistrate, standing besides the door, obviously not throwing himself to the ground.
  415. Shinjo Kurosawa    8:14 PM
  416. The Unicorn takes a minute to instead find himself next to the Lion, also going into center stance in preparation since he couldn't see the enemy.
  417. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪 pinned a message to this channel. See all the pins.    8:15 PM
  418. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:15 PM
  419. The enemy were still in wait within the hut, but how long that would last seemed doubtful, at best.  (Init order rolling down)
  420. Narumi    8:15 PM
  421. Narumi centers herself as she waits for the enemy to reveal themselves first, remaining in place as she felt herself ready... (Center Stance)
  422. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:18 PM
  423. There was a palpable few moments of tension as it was clear everyone was strategizing on just how overwhelmed one another were going to be.  There was a kick and a loud grumble, and finally a form waddles out just in front of Mushorai.
  425. What is seen is ... unpleasant.  A tumbling mass of bloated samurai, his gut protruding, face clammy.  His stomach trembles even while standing in place.  His arms came to either side of his chest, barely able to position his katana before himself as the pommel of his weapon rested on the curve of his belly.  His armor was limited - sode all he wore on top, and his lower armor hidden partially under his rotund physique.  However, to Mushorai, something would appear very unnatural about this samurai - not just a problem eater, oh no.
  426. (Mushorai PM)
  427. (About to hit actual combat.  Pending one action)
  428. (Init order is Chiaki -- > Kurosawa --> Narumi --> (?? 1 ) --> Temujin --> Kitsune ---> Mushorai/Kitsu Daiten --> (?? 2) --> (?? 3) --> Jamukha. (?? 3) is currently standing in the open, the other three are currently non-accessible unless you decide to, like, burst through the fisherman's hut. Distance from Mushorai/Narumi to Chiaki for range purposes is 60ft.)
  429. (CHIAKI GO!  Kurosawa on deck, Narumi on standby)
  430. Horiuchi Temujin    8:25 PM
  431. Jumping from his horse, Temujin sprints towards the Tainted Samurai and Mushorai, readying his Zanbato as he focuses all his attention on the tainted creature, the nemesis of his school. He yells out to Mushorai.
  432. "Get away from it, Mushorai-san!"
  433. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:26 PM
  434. (Default stance for all enemies is Attack.  You do not have current information about TNtbH for enemies)
  435. Narumi    8:28 PM
  436. (Mush, you're up!)
  437. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:29 PM
  438. (I Pm'd him, his action ended. =3)
  439. Narumi    8:29 PM
  440. (Ah)
  441. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:29 PM
  442. (Reference initiative order, have actions at ready and we can blast through this.  Murderously.)
  443. Ikoma Chiaki    8:30 PM
  444. Chiaki should have been prepared for the mass that emerged, but wasn't. Still, she would shoot at it. Nock draw, release. (43, 17)
  445. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:31 PM
  446. (Mush: roll Defense/Reflexes TN 8.)
  447. (Kurosawa's action, Narumi on deck, (?? 1) on standby)
  448. Mushorai    8:32 PM
  449. (( 26. ))
  450. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:32 PM
  451. A gout of brackish fluid purges from the arrow wound of the ... samurai (?), spraying across the ground beside Mushorai.
  452. @Shinjo Kurosawa
  453. Utaku Jamukha    8:36 PM
  454. (I was expecting the enemy would take a turn then me)
  455. (But let's just skip my turn for now and say i got center stance)
  456. Shinjo Kurosawa    8:37 PM
  457. One last thing. He turned to the Lion: "Be safe." Because she was the one in trouble right now. With that said, he'd take off on his horse towards the Ronin and the mass of samurai that had appeared. He wasn't sure why the Horuichi was so worried, it was just a fat guy. His white horse would pull ahead of Temujin likely, maybe even past Mushorai, and he'd try to swing down at the fat man. ((35 to hit, 39 for damage if hit))
  458. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:38 PM
  459. (Mushorai, roll Defense/Reflexes TN 19)
  460. Mushorai    8:38 PM
  461. (( Failed. ))
  462. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:39 PM
  463. The blade struck into the fatty tissue of the rotund samurai, however it felt like the blade was simply absorbed to some degree by the mound of jiggling flesh.  A great gout of putrid fluid struck Mushorai on the arm and neck.
  465. The man appeared to hardly recoil from the massive gash in his belly.
  466. (Narumi's action!)
  467. Narumi    8:42 PM
  468. Narumi frowned as she saw the corpulent samurai exit the building, as well as her fellow samurai attacking it.... Yet she felt it slightly offensive that the OTHERS weren't coming out to play!  Smirking to herself, Narumi stepped towards the supports for the hut, and with a swipe of her sword hacked at the decrepit thing in order to cause it to fall forward onto the tainted foe!  (28 to hit with 2 raises, 20 damage)
  469. Stepping out of the way, she then called out.  "Come now Kitsu-san!  Surely you're not so cowardly as to hide behind your fellows, hmmm?  Or did poor Tokoro's fate take away your courage?"
  470. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:43 PM
  471. The hut began to creak.  It didn't fully collapse, but it was clear that the weak structure was starting to sink in the direction of Narumi's strike.
  472. "I'm not going to be anywhere near Ichime no Matsu-san during this!" shouted a voice.  A samurai in light armor rushed out of the building, peeling out directly towards Kurosawa.  Frantic to move away from the other samurai, seeming to know something that the others are coming to the conclusion of, his blade cuts deep into Kurosawa's thigh.  (63 to hit, because why not.  27 to wound Kurosawa.)
  473. (Temujin's action ---> Kitsune NPC ---> Mushorai/Kitsu Daiten on standby)
  474. Utaku Jamukha    8:47 PM
  475. (Me?)
  476. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:47 PM
  477. (You are last in the initiative)
  478. Narumi    8:48 PM
  479. (2 more NPCs before you)
  480. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:48 PM
  481. (Init order is Chiaki -- > Kurosawa --> Narumi --> (?? 1 ) --> Temujin --> Kitsune ---> Mushorai/Kitsu Daiten --> (?? 2) --> (?? 3) --> Jamukha)
  482. Horiuchi Temujin    8:59 PM
  483. Rushing into the fray, Temujin leaps at the bloat thrusting at him with all his weight behind the blow. It catches him on the side, slicing him open, and forcing him backwards towards the entrance of the hut. He shouts at Mushorai. "Help Shinjo-san! I have this!" (26 damage, no knockdown)
  484. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    8:59 PM
  485. The Kitsune's draw was practiced.  However, perhaps a surprise for most, the result was far more violently effective than one would expect.  Initially, her aim was at one of the horses, but when the samurai burst from the hut, she drew a bead on him.  Just as soon as the blade cut into Kurosawa, a willow leaf erupted out of the left eye socket of the Obsidian samurai.  He drops to the ground before being trampled by Kurosawa's horse.
  487. (??1 Eliminated)
  488. (Mushorai/Kitsu Daiten!)
  489. Mushorai    9:00 PM
  490. (( Is Daisuke coming out? ))
  491. Horiuchi Temujin    9:01 PM
  492. ((I think Daisuke is Blob-san))
  493. Narumi    9:01 PM
  494. (Nope, this is different dude I think.  Matsu-san)
  495. (According to our now dead friend)
  496. Horiuchi Temujin    9:02 PM
  497. ((Rip my bad))
  498. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    9:02 PM
  499. (He is now that fatboi got pushed into the hut.)
  500. (Since you act simul, can react to him trying to step out of the hut.)
  501. (Or you can murder the hut.)
  502. Mushorai    9:02 PM
  503. (( Excellent ))
  504. Narumi    9:02 PM
  505. (Murder the hut!)
  506. (Drop it on their heads!)
  507. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    9:04 PM
  508. (Oh, duh.  Sorry.  Everyone roll Lore: Shadowlands TN 20 except Mushorai.)
  509. Shinjo Kurosawa    9:05 PM
  510. ((trait?))
  511. Mushorai    9:05 PM
  512. " Oh, f-," Mushorai is extremely glad he's wearing a full face mask as the ick and ooze from the monstrous shambling mess of a man gouted out on to the ex-bandit.  He works the movement of his dodges of the spraying muck and ooze from the Popper into a spin, hurtling the bulk of the metal blade of his bisento up and around, and swinging it into the open doorway that he’s expecting Kitsu Daijobu to come running out through.  (( 35 to hit the Kitsu Daiten, 21 to damage him if that hits, FA Stance because of course. ))
  513. Utaku Jamukha    9:05 PM
  514. (Those who don't have it, don't roll it)
  515. Shinjo Kurosawa    9:06 PM
  516. (ah)
  517. Narumi    9:06 PM
  518. (Failed by 6)
  519. Horiuchi Temujin    9:07 PM
  520. (17)
  521. Narumi    9:08 PM
  522. (I gotta head to work, so my character will be NPC for now.  Catch you all later.  DON'T DIE!)
  523. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    9:12 PM
  524. (Intelligence)
  525. Ikoma Chiaki    9:14 PM
  526. (25, unskilled)
  527. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    9:15 PM
  528. The proclaimed Kitsu rushes out of the hut the moment the wobbling form of the other bloated samurai stumbles back within - enough to catch the blade of a bisento across his chest.  It seemed he had some precognition, for his blade was already leveled and driven into Mushorai's hip as he struck.  (21 damage.  IT's almost kharmic.  He pops Void, down to 8 wounds total for his light armor.  His TN is less than 35, by far.)
  530. The Kitsu continues to move towards a horse, seeming to be in a rush to escape.
  531. The other samurai appears to wait inside of the hut, not wanting to charge out just yet. (Hold action - Jamukha's action1)
  533. +
  536. Mushorai    9:19 PM
  537. " Howdy, Daigo-san.   Try aiming higher," is Mushorai's welcome to the Kitsu.
  538. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    9:19 PM
  539. @Utaku Jamukha
  540. (Currently one visible enemy - Kitsu Daiten, has taken wounds from Mushorai.  The other two are currently in the hut.  Narumi attacked the hut, daring to topple the building with the two inside.)
  541. Utaku Jamukha    9:19 PM
  542. (was rolling dice)
  543. Jamukha rushes forward on Tengri and without any hesitation he tries to strike the corrupted man down (45 with 2 raises, 24 damage)
  544. Ikoma Chiaki    9:24 PM
  545. This was going to be an ugly battle but Kitsune-san's arrow was brutally on point so Chiaki nocked and fired another arrow this one hoping to bring the Kitsu down quickly. (16 is a miss, unless he's terrible)
  546. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    9:24 PM
  547. (I assume the attack is directed at the one visible person?)
  548. (Re: Jamukha)
  549. Shinjo Kurosawa    9:25 PM
  550. ((what would be the athletic roll to jump from my horse to another?))
  551. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    9:25 PM
  552. (If it's within free movement distance, I'd go with 20.  Not terribly difficult)
  553. (Outside of free movement, up to 30)
  554. The arrow whizzed by the Kitsu without impact (re: Chiaki)
  555. Shinjo Kurosawa    9:27 PM
  556. ((horse with swift free move is 25 ft. Are the horses within that?))
  557. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    9:27 PM
  558. (You are within that.)
  559. (Init: Kurosawa --> Narumi (NPC) --> Temujin --> Kitsune ---> Mushorai/Kitsu Daiten --> (?? 2) --> (?? 3) --> Jamukha)
  560. Remarkably, the bloated samurai seems to be waiting for something within the hut. "THERE ARE DOZENS... DOZENS!" he booms. (FD)
  561. Shinjo Kurosawa    9:33 PM
  562. (Ashigaru reduces damage by 1, so 26 damage. Spending a void to reduce that to 16, so top of grazed for +5 penalties) Oh Kami, in the leg, again! He grasped it with his free hand, but continued on past, hopefully galloping past the fat man running for a horse. When he was close enough he'd aim to leap from his horse onto the one the fat man was running for..! And instead of landing on it, landing hard onto the ground next to it. ((TN20+5 for penalties, rolled 21))
  563. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    9:34 PM
  564. (10 wounds.  Unreduced.  You are still standing.)
  565. Narumi brings her blade down on the hut's outer support once more.  Clearly, a life of hiding out in huts had given her keen insight on how to destroy them, for her strike now no longer is directed in a particular area - simply seeking destruction.  The hut collapses with the two samurai inside, surely not ending them, but making their actions very different.  (Both ?? 2 and ?? 3 are now considered Prone for purposes of TNtbH)
  566. (Temujin --- > Kitsune NPC ---> Mushorai/Daiten)
  567. The Kitsune knocks another arrow.  A barely-perceptable exhale.  The arrow is released into the debris of the hut, striking the hitherto unseen Obsidian samurai in the arm.  (35 to hit, 14 wounds on ??2) - the samurai grunts in displeasure.
  568. Horiuchi Temujin    9:41 PM
  569. Looking quickly from the rubble to the running man, Temujin makes a snap decision, and with a roar of frustration, chases after Kitsune Daiten. He leaps after the man, slashing at his back as he retreats towards the horse. (34 attack, 22 damage)
  570. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    9:42 PM
  571. The Obsidian Magistrate is struck across the back.  Clearly, his movements are starting to slow.  (Mushorai/Daiten)
  572. Mushorai    9:43 PM
  573. “  Tch tch tch,” Mushorai clucks as he joins Temujin in following after the fleeing Kitsu, casually hefting the heavy weight of his bisento up and back before dropping it square on the back of the fleeing Obsidian Magistrate, not wanting him to get up on his horse and away.  “ No running.  Bad for Bushido.” (( 28 to hit Daiten, 35 to damage him if that hits, FA Stance ))
  574. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    9:44 PM
  575. (RIP)
  576. The Kitsu moved to mount his horse.  As he did so, the strike from Mushorai came down and into his shoulder.  With his last burst of energy, he swung his right arm back to attempt to draw his blade across Temujin's face.  The blade strikes off of Temujin's armor - and then the Kitsu collapses over his horse.
  578. The two "samurai" move out of the clutter of the hut (un-prone for ??2 and ??3).  Both start to move in opposite directions - ??2 towards a horse and the samurai next to him.  He moves to mount his horse.  The bloated samurai, instead, starts to wobble his way slowly away from the hut. (Jamukha's action.  Fattieguy is within free movement distance.)
  579. Utaku Jamukha    9:52 PM
  580. Jamukha chases the bloated Samurai and does a passing strike at his back(41 to hit, 17 damage)
  581. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    9:54 PM
  582. (Jamukha, roll Defense/Reflexes TN 8)
  583. (Reactions!  Chiaki's action if no reactions.)
  584. Ikoma Chiaki    9:55 PM
  585. The Kitsu was done for the moment, so Chiaki sent another arrow on its way to the wobbling mass of an ex-samurai. "Try to spare one!" (27 if hit 22 damage)
  586. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:02 PM
  587. The arrow pierces the wobbling samurai.  Despite the significant wounds he has taken from all of the strikes against him, he only seems to be hobbled at this point - he remains aloft.
  588. Utaku Jamukha    10:02 PM
  589. (18)
  590. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:03 PM
  591. (Kuro's action, Narumi (NPC) after ---> Temujin on standby.  2 samurai still standing, one very obviously wounded and bloated, one rather normal looking.  Both with katana.)
  592. Shinjo Kurosawa    10:03 PM
  593. The Unicorn staggered on his good leg, letting out a cry of pain but instantly shutting up from two things. One was, that was not the way of the samurai. But the real reason was, something in his mind was telling he could do it, he was strong enough. His katana shook in his hands, trembling with the noxious cocktail of fear, adrenaline, and pain. The man attempting to mount his horse was dead; his leg so badly hurt he wasn't sure he could believe in himself. Maybe if he had his horse, who was running but making its way back after running along riderless. But he was just a man on the ground. He brought up his katana defensively and went into a full defense stance, not knowing who was going to attack him from where, but one thing was known. Shinjo Kurosawa did not flee..! ((31 defense, 23+15 while he panicks to no one mind tricks that no one will see because no one else shall read this..!))
  594. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:08 PM
  595. Narumi rushed over the rubble that she had created and brought her blade down along the bloated samurai's back.  The bloated creature wobbled for a moment and began to turn - however he continued to spin following the assault and he dropped to the earth on his belly.  Upon doing so, he vomited a great gout of blackness from his lips and seemed, at least somewhat, to be less 'bloated' after the end of this.  He was, at least, still breathing, but only just.
  596. (Temujin)
  597. Horiuchi Temujin    10:09 PM
  598. "No one escapes, you bastard!" Yells Temujin as he practically tackles the man headed for his horse, leaving them both wide open to attack.
  599. ((Successful grapple. Wreck shop Mushorai.))
  600. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:11 PM
  601. An arrow flies just under Temujin's arm as it comes down to wrap up the fleeing samurai.  The arrow, stuck out from the Obsidian samurai's side, had the haft broken as Temujin grapples him up.
  603. (Mush's action, 1 grappleprone enemy remains, 1 blobular guy is Out)
  604. (Combat is over!  Mush posting.)
  605. Mushorai    10:14 PM
  606. “ Even gave you the chance to surrender,“ Mushorai observes as he swaggers over to the servant of Fu Leng that Temujin holds still.  The bisento goes up, and comes down… really rather close to Temujin’s face, actually, but that’s probably just the masterful skill of the ronin at work as it deals a horrible wound to the enemy. (( 53 to hit the last enemy, 39 to damage him, FA ))
  607. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:17 PM
  608. The 'battlefield' was quite disturbing, to say the least. As one looked closer, writhing strings that appear as lengths of rice grains move about the bile-filled fluid that coats large portions of the area around the hut. The blobular samurai was clearly out of the combat at this point, leaving nobody to respond. The other three were quite dead - little to remain from the actions of your fellow samurai. The hut, despite being collapsed, appeared otherwise accessible once one moved debris, were they willing to risk moving or touching any item that the one tainted samurai clearly had touched.
  609. Horiuchi Temujin    10:20 PM
  610. Temujin throws the corpse he now held to the ground, before giving an awknowledging nod to Mushorai. He straightens up and walks over to Kurosawa briskly.
  611. "Shinjo-san, are you alright?"
  612. Shinjo Kurosawa    10:21 PM
  613. It was... over? The samurai stopped gritting his teeth together and relaxed his defensive stance, whistling for his horse and sheathing his sword after whipping off any gore that may have stayed on it. He looked up at the Unicorn, and gingerly stepped forward to test his leg. Pain shot straight through to his skull, but he didn't fall. He nodded in answer, but his face clearly showed he was not being sincere.
  614. Ikoma Chiaki    10:22 PM
  615. Chiaki suppresses a sigh before moving to the tent. "Let's see if we can find any clues"
  616. Mushorai    10:22 PM
  617. Mu returns the nod with an up and down of his eyebrows, and goes to the remains of the hut as well, and using his bisento as a sort of lever starts clearing the debris that the tainted servants of the Corpse King had been hiding within on their arrival.
  618. Utaku Jamukha    10:24 PM
  619. Jamukha rides to the Kitsune after the battle ended. "Kitsune-San, with your permission i will go back to the castle to report the current situation. What do you say?"(Need to go to bed, it's... early)
  620. Ikoma Chiaki    10:25 PM
  621. ((Night!))
  622. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:25 PM
  623. A bit of sifting, and then there would be the depression -a sack, opened, with a clump of rice missing from the bag.  It had looked that they had taken the rice from the hidden supply - perhaps coming across knowledge of the drop site?  But, it does not explain the circumstances before you all.  That would come when you decided what to do with the tainted samurai.
  625. The Kitsune nods to the Utaku.  "Tell them our drop site near Sakana Mura is compromised, as well as what else you know."
  626. (A decision to make: what to do with the unconscious tainted samurai?  Because this scene is wrapping up. =3)
  627. Ikoma Chiaki    10:27 PM
  628. ((Chiaki's in favour of burning them))
  629. Mushorai    10:27 PM
  630. " Could wake him up.  Get him to talk, maybe," Mu says of the unconscious Popper.
  631. Shinjo Kurosawa    10:27 PM
  632. ((fatso still isn't dead?))
  633. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:28 PM
  634. (Nope.  Just Out.)
  635. Horiuchi Temujin    10:29 PM
  636. Temujin nods back to Kurosawa and strides over to his saddle to retrieve his pack. Picking out his medical kit, he heads back over to Kurosawa, gesturing for him to take a seat so he could be treated. Without looking over, he speaks to the group.
  637. "Someone behead that damn thing."
  638. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:29 PM
  639. (He only took 112 wounds or did he.  Why would he be dead?)
  640. Ikoma Chiaki    10:30 PM
  641. Looking around, Chiaki notices the Shinjo's injuries. "I'd rather just burn him. Do we have a medical kit anywhere?"
  642. Utaku Jamukha    10:30 PM
  643. Jamukha rides away... (Good times folks, goodnight!)
  644. Mushorai    10:32 PM
  645. " The Horiuchi is on it."  Mushorai strokes his beard.  " We're out here to get intel.  And the dead don't say a lot. "
  646. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:33 PM
  647. "It will be dead no matter what before night begins," the Kitsune says.  She was not looking at the hut, but instead back at the lake.  "The lake has been talking ..." she says in an 'offhand', purely informational manner.
  648. Shinjo Kurosawa    10:34 PM
  649. The younger man gingerly lowered himself to the ground in front of Temujin. His head was swirling with thoughts, his mind a rushing garbled mess. He gripped the grass tightly, trying to not show his weakness as his mind insisted he was showing. He bit down on his lip hard, squeezing his eyes shut and shaking his head. Maybe he hit the ground too hard for his own good, but he just needed to get fixed up and he'd be fine again. He had been stabbed like this before; extra strength would not be needed. He only hoped Temujin was great at healing.
  650. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:35 PM
  651. (Going to be leaving in a few, will resolve this if you intend to keep the thing alive to interrogate.  Otherwise, majority is going to rule on this one.)
  652. Mushorai    10:35 PM
  653. (( No one other than me wanted to get info out of it, so it's going to be dying. ))
  654. Mushorai shrugs as no one seems to get behind getting intel out of the Popper, and standing so as to minimize his presence within the blast zone, he lifts up the bisento once last time today and brings it down aimed at the soon-to-be-corpse's neck.
  655. Horiuchi Temujin    10:37 PM
  656. Luckily for Kurosawa, Temujin was great at healing. With great speed and finesse, he cleaned, sutured, and bandaged the Shinjo's wounds, even digging out some numbing herbs from the kit to ease his pain. In a flash, the man was fully treated, and his wounds would feel non-existent. (Heal for 34)
  657. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:38 PM
  658. The blade easily works into the unconscious 'samurai's' neck.  Putrid blackness mixed with gouts of dark red blood flow from the neck wound as the 'samurai' shudders and then, very clearly, expires.
  659. (Yeah, sure, okay.)
  663. +
  666. Horiuchi Temujin    10:39 PM
  667. ((Temujin MD, reporting in))
  668. Ikoma Chiaki    10:40 PM
  669. Chiaki makes a quick examination of the Kitsu. Trying to learn what she can about their training.
  670. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:41 PM
  671. The Kitsu had a Matsu Berserker School mon. It appeared that his training was rather uneclectic, gauging purely off of his facial features, but his combat experience certainly seemed lacking, as if he did not fully train in the school to completion. Or missed the point. Or started to suck. [Synopsis: Rice one month out from the village appeared untainted at Drop site 1. Drop site 2 had a lighter amount of rice than expected. Didn't go to 3. Drop site 4 had missing rice, eaten by a samurai that was apparently tainted, an obsidian magistrate, and some flunkies. Someone will, in theory, want to report information either to the other group, or bring it back for a full report once the other group does their thing tomorrow]
  672. (Edit for Chiaki.)
  673. Shinjo Kurosawa    10:44 PM
  674. The gaping hole in his thigh was dressed and cleaned. The herbs and bandages did their stuff, and before he knew it it felt like he was just as ready to go as when they started. As the pain faded, so did the negative thoughts and doubts. A shuddery breath to bring himself back to earth, but he pulled himself up after Temujin senzu beaned him back to life from being hurt. He bowed deeply to Temujin, deep as he could. "Thank you, cousin." His voice trembled slightly, he was still shook but at least the nightmare was over. He stepped hard onto the ground to test his newly healed leg. He idly wondered if he'd be this strong if he'd taken a different path.
  675. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:45 PM
  676. (Defcon out!  SCENE COMPLETE!  Can decide if one of you wants to pass along the info to the other group in a scouting report, somehow.  The, uh, talking portion didn't exactly come to fruition because they all died.)
  677. (So, congrats!  Talking is boring, anyways!)
  678. Ikoma Chiaki    10:45 PM
  679. (Can we get it to the other group?)
  680. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:46 PM
  681. (It would have to be on some sort of horse-based scouting run or a birdie.)
  682. (But, yes.  You all are meant to feed info to the other group somehow.)
  683. (Talk more tomorrow.  Forcing myself to sleep now.  ThanksbyeILUAll)
  684. Ikoma Chiaki    10:47 PM
  685. ((Night!))
  686. Shinjo Kurosawa    10:47 PM
  687. ((night Defcon FRO <3))
  688. Ikoma Chiaki    10:48 PM
  689. ((Thanks for the scene!))
  690. 🌪Defcon FRO🌪    10:48 PM
  691. ([Thundercloud]Defcon FRO[Thundercloud]^)
  692. Horiuchi Temujin    10:49 PM
  693. Temujin returns the bow to Kurosawa.
  694. "You are most welcome, cousin. Your charge was truly worthy of the Unicorn."
  695. Ikoma Chiaki    10:51 PM
  696. Chiaki would take get out her writing equipment and set about writing a quick report to the other Scouting party. For Uni-pony delivery
  697. Shinjo Kurosawa    10:51 PM
  698. He tilted his head to the side. "I wanted to ask; why did you rush for the ronin on foot? What did you know?" Even now he was still ignorant, looking around towards the remains of fatso-kun. What had he hit with his strongest hit so far, yet remained standing?
  699. Horiuchi Temujin    10:58 PM
  700. Temujin reached up for a moment to scratch his stubble, thinking on his answer. After a few moments, he replies.
  701. "Know? Nothing like that I suppose. It was fear, maybe? I knew that thing bore the taint, and I am no Utaku, I cannot control my mount against monsters. Because I could not afford to attack without my all, I trusted my feet to carry me."
  702. "Though it probably had more to do with my last charge on horseback. I am not eager to repeat such an experience."
  703. Shinjo Kurosawa    11:05 PM
  704. The Unicorn bowed his head regretfully. By now he had surely heard of Temujin's execution events and what had brought it about. "I did not realize it was tainted. I rushed at it like a fool, and was blindsided." Maybe flying in horsefirst was not a good idea. He cleared his throat, unsure how to bring this part up. "White Hare was a great horse, Temujin-sama. She was one of the best I had seen, and I regret her passing." Yeah angst time.
  705. ((sorry I nearly tripped leaving the parking lot))
  706. ((I wonder what the :lion_face: is typing))
  707. ((I saw that))
  708. Ikoma Chiaki    11:08 PM
  709. ((Did you copy it?))
  710. Shinjo Kurosawa    11:08 PM
  711. ((no, I did not , sorry))
  712. Horiuchi Temujin    11:15 PM
  713. Temujin's On falters for a moment at Kurosawa's words, but he quickly recovers and nods respectfully back to him.
  714. "I appreciate your kind words. She fulfilled her duty to the last, we should all be so lucky."
  715. A silence begins to hang for a few moments as Temujin continues on, slightly awkwardly.
  716. "You do not need to be so hard on yourself. Foolish acts can change fate, after all."
  717. Ikoma Chiaki    11:18 PM
  718. __ Mina-sama, We traveled on the road for three nights. On the first day the ponies ate as expected, one the second we found ourselves a bit short on supplies but otherwise fine. When we finally got to our destination we discovered a rot had taken all our supplies and it was a horrible struggle against it, but we made it. Those going on to the next village may wish to be wary of this rot. Chi __ The letter was well written by what seemed like a praticed hand.
  719. Shinjo Kurosawa    11:23 PM
  720. The younger unicorn would aim to place a hand on Temujin's shoulder, trying to be reassuring despite being an awkward mutt of a samurai. "We will celebrate her life when we return with some great sake, Temujin, and celebrate all her great deeds, I promise." He would gaze stoically up at the larger man, trying to not show his own sadness at the loss of his cousins horse. Unless he didn't feel up to it, the Unicorn would not press hard about the drinking. Grieving people needed space, at times. And while this was finally an opportunity, he would leave mention of the party in a letter instead. It was a long, hard, scary and saddening day today.
  721. ((I will need to drive home soon; did you want me to deliver that message?))
  722. Ikoma Chiaki    11:30 PM
  723. Chiaki would the close it up and hand it towards the remaining Unicorn. "Could one of you ensure the other group investigating things get this letter?"
  724. Shinjo Kurosawa    11:33 PM
  725. The white haired man would pull away and bow, before taking the scroll from the Lion's hand. "I can, Chiaki-sama." A small smile cross his lips. "I am glad you are unharmed today." He would gently place the scroll into his pack and averting his gaze from her.
  726. Horiuchi Temujin    11:33 PM
  727. Temujin would set about clearing the camp, and dealing with the bodies.
  728. ((Thanks for the scene guys! Very fun!))
  729. ((Goodnight!))
  730. Shinjo Kurosawa    11:34 PM
  731. ((no problem bro, goodnight!))
  732. Shinjo Kurosawa    11:42 PM
  733. Another whistle for his horse, but Shiro nudged him, as the horse was already behind him. The Unicorn deftly swung into position atop his noble steed, bowing at the group as they played clean up / did what needed to be done. "Take care now. I will see you back home soon eh?" A short, light laugh, you'd almost not realize that he had been so afraid and near death earlier. With the message secured, Shiro would rear up once, the Unicorn looking nearly as majestic as he did at the first of the mission. Just more bandaged around his left leg now, before riding off in the direction of where the message needed to go. Surely armed with a map or directions (surely there was some way to guide him, right?) to the destination of the next team..!
  734. ((swear to God I better not get swept up in the mission tomorrow with no void points n shit)
  735. ((see ya later guys))
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