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  1. A Proposal: The Suggestions Channel.
  3. Objective: The Suggestions channel would be used primarily as a bridge between the Staff and Players. An entirely OOC channel that staff charbits can’t turn off. The purpose is to enable discussion. Suggestions of things to make the MU better. The step-before-pitch. The point that you go to to just… Say things for the staff to hear. “This is what I want.” Sometimes it’ll be easy. Sometimes you might understand why something doesn’t already exist. Sometimes, you’ll stumble across an issue that has more involvement than you know.
  5. Different from the Consultation channel because it’s not for questions about MU commands or help DOING things on the MUSH.
  7. The staff NEEDS this kind of friendly communication. Whether it ranges from “Staff Story Time” (We had that idea a while ago, and we thought about doing this, but it wouldn’t work) or to the point where a staffer and a player work TOGETHER on a pitch… Sometimes just being able to interact is important. As it is now, the players are entirely shut out, and have nothing but the daunting, inhuman face of the INTERFACE with which to, well, interface.
  9. It’s not friendly. It’s not pleasant. It’s great for a paper trail, but it doesn’t WORK on its own.
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