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Nov 15th, 2011
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  1. 1:43 PM - joke: whats
  2. 1:43 PM - mix^ enigma: check it out
  3. 1:44 PM - joke: ok
  4. 1:44 PM - joke: im not in the video tho
  5. 1:44 PM - joke: so its boring
  6. 1:44 PM - mix^ enigma: haha
  7. 1:45 PM - joke: so when can i join mix
  8. 1:46 PM - joke: i tried making a team with carnage but he was like "you are not good enough and i dont have time to get you up to speed" and then he went and joined area51
  9. 1:46 PM - joke: after saying he wasnt gonna join a team thats below him
  10. 1:46 PM - joke: he joined area51
  11. 1:47 PM - mix^ enigma: desperate times
  12. 1:48 PM - joke: you know i bet if i was on carns team instead of that soup guy or that other guy we would be either rank 1 or 2
  13. 1:49 PM - joke: i got sick good at soldier im not soo good at mge with the jumping and that but w/e i dont practice mge
  14. 1:59 PM - joke: who are your soldiers
  15. 1:59 PM - mix^ enigma: tlr and relic
  16. 1:59 PM - joke: relic pocket?
  17. 1:59 PM - mix^ enigma: roam
  18. 1:59 PM - joke: fuck
  19. 2:00 PM - joke: he had an awful performance in that last game
  20. 2:00 PM - mix^ enigma: lol
  21. 2:00 PM - joke: can i teach him
  22. 2:00 PM - mix^ enigma: if you want
  23. 2:00 PM - joke: yea i want i want to play but if i cant play then i might aswell be some help
  24. 2:00 PM - joke: cause im the only person who can top off quantic
  25. 2:00 PM - joke: i really believe that not even joking
  26. 2:01 PM - mix^ enigma: as what class?
  27. 2:01 PM - joke: whatever class if i have it refined then i am the best right now all my practice has come from going into pubs solo and clearing them
  28. 2:01 PM - joke: theres no more pubs left
  29. 2:02 PM - joke: im rusty
  30. 2:03 PM - joke: my soldiers untested but ive done alot of practice to develop it alongside the gunboats
  31. 2:03 PM - joke: my demo is ofcourse on par with banny always has been
  32. 2:03 PM - joke: my scouts hit or miss
  33. 2:04 PM - joke: i need a good computer
  34. 2:04 PM - joke: i can afford to buy one now if i wanted though my dad won the lottery
  35. 2:05 PM - mix^ enigma: wat
  36. 2:05 PM - joke: yea
  37. 2:05 PM - joke: he wantss to take me and my brother down to colombia or something meet family or have some big family reunion in italy
  38. 2:05 PM - mix^ enigma: nice
  39. 2:05 PM - mix^ enigma: you're set for life then
  40. 2:05 PM - joke: na
  41. 2:05 PM - joke: he won not me
  42. 2:05 PM - joke: i get 20,000 though
  43. 2:06 PM - mix^ enigma: nothing to laugh at
  44. 2:06 PM - mix^ enigma: :)
  45. 2:06 PM - joke: so when can i join the team
  46. 2:06 PM - mix^ enigma: what team
  47. 2:06 PM - joke: your team
  48. 2:06 PM - mix^ enigma: .. we already have 6
  49. 2:06 PM - joke: yea and you want me to teach relic right
  50. 2:07 PM - joke: so i must be shown some respect before i can do that allowing me to join the team would be a good sign
  51. 2:07 PM - joke: ive had to deal with alot of flak from invite players and chobos
  52. 2:09 PM - joke: im not asking to play immediately im too rusty for that i probably could but wouldnt be as helpful i need experience under my belt with you guys but if you want me to teach relic than i should be allowed to join
  53. 2:10 PM - joke: did arizona really rage? he was losing to you before i even joined and thats practically the same thing
  54. 2:11 PM - mix^ enigma: rofl
  55. 2:11 PM - mix^ enigma: yeah he gets mad
  56. 2:11 PM - joke: i didnt even know i had 20 points
  57. 2:11 PM - joke: i got em pretty goood tho
  58. 2:15 PM - joke: i tried talking with uh seagull after i destroyed him in a pub and he was saying i was a troll i was just asking him if i could join his team
  59. 2:16 PM - joke: so uh im gonna go make some ramen im starving if you want to continue thinking im some chobo then its your loss but maybe you can see quality i dont know
  61. 2:56 PM - joke: ok im watching relic
  62. 3:04 PM - joke: maybe relic is just too used to the pocket role if i taught him then he would probably improve but it would just be a chobo teaching a pro if i was on the team then it would be a pro helping out another pro no disrespect
  63. 3:05 PM - joke: not trying to step on anyones toes but i know how good i am and i know how capable i am
  64. 3:10 PM - joke: yea im watching this game and if everything is this chaotic vs quantic then you guys are going to have to climb alot to win that game
  65. 3:11 PM - joke: like at mid
  66. 3:12 PM - joke: i mean ww wrapped around and picked off relic and then they were able to force your uber where you didnt want
  67. 3:12 PM - joke: and relic the entire time was just sorta in the zone going back and forth between hallway and door
  68. 3:30 PM - joke: omg you guys lost mid when it was tied at 4
  69. 3:30 PM - joke: didnt you guys win this
  70. 3:32 PM - joke: dantel almost stole that game wow they used up uber way too early orelse that might've been a roll
  71. 3:32 PM - joke: and then.. momentum
  72. 3:32 PM - joke: lmao seagull
  73. 3:32 PM - joke: what a loser
  74. 3:33 PM - joke: walking into sticks
  75. 3:35 PM - joke: what would be the best soldier combo between me seagull and ww
  76. 3:38 PM - joke: that was a good game bit sloppy on both sides but a good game however i dont think either team stand a chance against quantic
  77. 3:39 PM - joke: -yz50 even
  78. 3:40 PM - joke: not trying to berate or talk shit just trying to be honest because honestly i want to play in invite, i should be in invite..
  80. 3:53 PM - joke: oh ya do
  81. 3:54 PM - joke: quantics been shitting on everyone else the past few seasons
  82. 3:55 PM - joke: and they arent even using yz50
  83. 3:56 PM - joke: i seriously think that if i was on your team we'd be unstoppable
  84. 3:56 PM - joke: carnage would probably shoot himself if you let me join
  85. 4:07 PM - joke: you guys should try me out or something i could play soldier
  87. 5:44 PM - joke: please dont see me as some random chobo asking ok im a veteran my grandfather was a pow for fuck sake
  88. 5:44 PM - joke: i mean a veteran in the game
  90. 4:31 PM - joke: you know why i want to kill myself man its because of people like you carnage and everyone in power who tell me no when i want to do something im not harming anyone all i want to fucking do is whatever it is i want to do at the time wether it be play tf2 at an invite level or fucking skateboard professionally i can neither get the support or the fucking help of anyone and its fucking killing me it kills me that people are such fucking douchebags about everything ive worked my ass off to qualify to participate at that level so why cant i simply fucking play at that level i dont have to bullshit with some people who are probably just going to screw me over
  92. 4:33 PM - joke: and i will follow through with it if i get fed up enough with the god damn bullshit ive never hurt myself intentionally but god damn im so fucking sick of people humanity is fucking shit and at this point i hope all humans fucking die i dont give a shit if im in the same boat i hope our species is wiped off of this fucking planet because we dont deserve it nobody has any fucking sympathy or respect for one another
  93. 4:33 PM - joke: its all a fucking god damn joke
  95. 4:37 PM - joke: you want to say im unstable, delusional and all of the above but maybe you should take a look at yourself for some problems we all have our fucking problems and you dont know mine because you dont know me, delusional no im pretty fucking straight i know my place and i wouldnt be trying to play in invite if i didnt think i were able to, unstable no im not a god damn animal i know how to fucking act and if i want to act like a douchebag because people are being assholes to me than ill do that but it doesnt mean that im always a douchebag
  96. 4:39 PM - joke: you know you guys give me 1 fucking tryout ONE scrim and i was nervous as shit my computer chugs along as is its not the greatest system it can barely run tf2 at 30 frames and sometimes it freezes up and shit but im still a great fucking player considering and i was playing scout which takes time to adjust in a 6v6 format with your team and if your nervous can be alot more difficult to play than any of the other classes and i can play any damn class i want to play soldier i like soldier or fuck demo even im up there with banny if i were in the mix a few seasons ago i'd prob be better than banny right now
  97. 4:42 PM - joke: you know banny gets praised as a player pushing the limits of what a class can do and meanwhile im here evolving the way a roaming soldier is played and pushing the limits to what a roaming soldier is capable of and do i get any credit or noteriety no im in the god damn shadows left to play in pubs fucking alone and depressed
  99. 6:05 PM - joke: hey is that a deal?
  100. 6:05 PM - mix^ enigma: ?
  101. 6:06 PM - joke: in the offseason give me a tryout like 2-3 games, if you feel that im not worth it then you can talk all the shit you want and ill quit tf2 forever
  102. 6:06 PM - mix^ enigma: we have our roster already
  103. 6:06 PM - mix^ enigma: ..
  104. 6:06 PM - joke: offseason i said
  105. 6:06 PM - joke: after
  106. 6:06 PM - mix^ enigma: why would it change
  107. 6:06 PM - joke: why would what change your roster?
  108. 6:06 PM - joke: rosters change every season
  109. 6:06 PM - mix^ enigma: cool
  110. 6:06 PM - mix^ enigma: we have no plans
  111. 6:07 PM - joke: so what your saying is i should just give up
  112. 6:07 PM - mix^ enigma: sure
  113. 6:08 PM - joke: well your no help
  114. 6:08 PM - mix^ enigma: try emg
  115. 6:08 PM - joke: i did like 2 seasons ago
  116. 6:08 PM - joke: im just gonna buy a shotgun
  117. 6:08 PM - joke: i dont see the point
  118. 6:08 PM - mix^ enigma: ok
  119. 6:09 PM - joke: your alot of help man
  120. 6:09 PM - joke: thanks
  121. 6:12 PM - joke: you want me to kill anyone before i kill myself? i can take out vhalin for sure
  122. 6:12 PM - mix^ enigma: no thanks
  123. 6:13 PM - joke: okay well
  124. 6:13 PM - joke: goodfuckingluck with your life
  125. 6:13 PM - joke: bye now
  126. 6:13 PM - mix^ enigma: take a step back and realize that tf2 is just a game
  127. 6:13 PM - mix^ enigma: bye
  128. 6:13 PM - joke: no its what i like to do
  129. 6:14 PM - joke: sometimes little/simple things carry alot more significance than other things and it varies from person to person
  130. 6:14 PM - joke: you tell a person no and you're crushing their soul
  131. 6:15 PM - joke: you'll never understand..
  132. joke is now Offline.
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