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  1. says:
  2.  hi pewr
  3. says:
  4.  heyas :)
  5.  doh,i forgot to answer te roll call
  6. says:
  7.  mate, i need to have the talk with you ;p
  8. says:
  9.  i'm listening
  10. says:
  11.  will kibbles ever return to the kd?
  12. says:
  13.  i doubt it,this is his last year of school tho
  14. says:
  15.  i see
  16.  m going to say that as his sitter u've done a decent job
  17.  however, so far it seems more of a duty than a passion and i think in the spirit of progress, our team needs more than war activity :(
  18.  is there any chance you can get more involved other than for war, popping in and out for hits? (and please do not say yes if it makes u even the slightest bit more uncomfortable)
  19.  if you cant, i actually have a player in mind whom i would like to take over for you.
  20. says:
  21.  i see,someone else would prolly do the KD more good,dedicating more time would be a hassle for me right now,and prolly for the near future
  22.  near as in the next month
  23. says:
  24.  i see, do u feel terribly betrayed and like im the most evil person in the world? :(
  25. says:
  26.  heh,needs of the many...
  27. says:
  28.  what do u mean? ;p
  29.  yea im just looking out for the needs of the kd..
  30. says:
  31.  lol,sta trek,the wrath of khan,spock's dying speach
  32. says:
  33.  i didnt watch that ;(
  34.  only the movie
  35.  was it in the movie?
  36.  lol my bad for not remembering
  37. says:
  38.  ahh,needs of the many outway the needs of the few,or one :)
  39. says:
  40.  would u like to play in an ally kd? :)
  41.  i could arrange a place for ya if u want
  42. says:
  43.  nah,i'll just free up time for something else :)
  44. says:
  45.  it wont be a ghetto, and u can still make ur twice a day hits ;p
  46. says:
  47.  i need to change the password,but i'm not seeing the option
  48. says:
  49.  u could abandon prov to monarch later not now
  50.  u sure u dont wanna play utopia anymore?
  51. says:
  52.  or did you want me to switch KD's,i've just never been fond of orcs
  53. says:
  54.  u shldve said sth earlier there was alot of time once after changes came out but u were no where to be found?
  55.  so i just put u in whatever was leftover ;(
  56.  or did u say sth but i accidentally missed it? ;(
  57. says:
  58.  uhmm,i did say,elf sage,but you asked me to be an orc,i switched during the start-up
  59.  you wanted someone to be available for PF's :)
  60. says:
  61.  ! ah yes
  62.  even if u had gone elf i wouldve rolled with it ;p
  63.  actually i recalled that u were seldom on irc last age so i assumed even being an elf it wouldnt be so useful for the kd since we wont be able to find u on irc for pfs when needed ;(
  64. says:
  65.  it's no prob,what made me bad this age was having to be offline alot during that first war,could'nt recover
  66.  i still did enough to recover everything but 125 acres,but i wasn't 100%,or even 75% for the last one
  67. says:
  68.  tbh i think u will be a good addition to any kd, i hope u will consider playing in another tf kd
  69. says:
  70.  the same probs i got now would interfere with any other KD,i'd still have the RL issues
  71. says:
  72.  i see..
  73.  the RL wants what the RL wants ;p
  74.  but hey, i do hope when ur RL frees up on a consistent daily schedule and u wish to get back into the game, u know where to find me ;p
  75. says:
  76.  heheh,yup,i was just thinking that :)
  77. says:
  78.  :) ure a good man
  79. says:
  80.  found where i can change the password
  81. says:
  82.  ahh okies
  83.  let me know the un/pw when u're done?
  84.  i would prefer u abandon the prov to me than me giving ur login details away
  85.  so at least the transfer is legal
  86. says:
  87.  i can do that,it would be preferable as some of kibbles personal info is still on it
  88. says:
  89.  sure thing
  90.  u dont just use msn for uto right? u use it for other stuff too, so i'll cya around often?
  91. says:
  92.  kk,how soon would you have control?
  93. says:
  94.  i wont be able to control it
  95.  if u abandon ur prov to monarch, it just means i can transfer ownership to another player
  96.  lets make things simple, u can abandon it to me now
  97. says:
  98.  so the info gets converted to that persons?
  99. says:
  100.  but pls ensure ur prov is on +ve food n gcs?
  101.  not really, its like each player has his own set of login yes? so when u abandon ur prov, the prov gets detached from the player and i can transfer the prov to another player with his own set of login
  102. says:
  103.  thats what i meant,cool
  104.  i lose a bit of food hourly,which i make up with FL every few days if needed
  105.  gold is positive tho
  106.  i've enjoyed myself here,you guys are a awesome crew
  107.  i'll wait til the tick and put a lil more into food sci,that should take care of the negative food
  108.  i seldom log on messenger,i use it for another game sometimes when i have to coordinate with other players
  109. says:
  110.  :) i appreciate ur kind words despite getting fried by me, u are too nice
  111.  now i know i may be making a huge mistake ;p
  112.  but as i said, lets keep in touch!
  113. says:
  114.  being nice lets me look good while i set up for the kill and lessens the likelyhood of being blamed :)
  115. says:
  116.  if the new guy turns out worse for the team, i may come grovelling to you ;p
  117.  LOL
  118.  true gamer indeed
  119.  for how long more will u be on msn?
  120. Pewrkaos says:
  121.  heheheh,i'm only mean to those who refuse to be polite
  122.  i can keep it running the rest of the night
  123. says:
  124.  ok if i can get hold of the guy who will be taking over from you i will let u know when to abandon
  125.  in any case, abandon the prov to monarch before u logoff for sleep
  126. Pewrkaos says:
  127.  yupp,i can do that
  128. says:
  129.  thank you sir and i hope u have a great night!
  130. Pewrkaos says:
  131.  yup,i just opened  a fifth of whiskey,and thinking of watching a movie,see ya in a bit,you have a great night also :)
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