kunori - Episode 8 Commentary (SAO II)

Sep 24th, 2014
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  3. Bandai Namco's logo's in the holo-ads, lol. And ads for games from them too.
  5. It's too late now, but The name of the tournament, "Bullet of Bullets" has a meaning like "the bullet that surpass all other bullets".
  6. It's in the same form as idioms like "The King of Kings" or "The Car of Cars".
  8. But the true reference is a game for the NES released by Namco, "King of Kings", lol. That's why it's missing the "the" at the start.
  9. Now that I took a look into it, it was apparently sold back in 1988! 26 years ago…!
  11. I wanted to make Death Gun's character name《Death Gun》and such, but I could imagine him getting a pile of spam messages from that,
  12. so I made his real name in the system different and tried hiding it as much as I could.
  14. Of course, his real name will be exposed during the BoB tournament, but there's no problem since the tournament's the climax.
  15. And it's not like those outside the tournament field could send messages in.
  17. Dyne, active (?) in episode 2, appears again! He actually broke through the prelims three times in a row, so he's quite a fighter.
  18. Sinon only participated in Dyne's squadron to gather intel for the incoming tournament.
  20. "Yamikaze… I'm betting everything on you…" The young man sure has style with his serious soliloquy!
  21. With the previous champion, XeXeeD, absent, Yamikaze must be the most popular one this time.
  23. Everyone's totally thinking Kiriko's a female player… And Dyne vanishes with a "ugh" upon spotting Sinon, lol.
  24. It will certainly be bad if word of him disconnecting to flee from that minigun got out in a place like this!
  26. Kirito going all the way, lol. Matsuoka's seriously blazing on with his Kiriko voice…!
  28. In contrast to ALO where NPC waitresses bring drinks over, GGO has them swish out from the table the moment the menu's pressed.
  29. I… guess I would prefer ALO's…!
  31. If it's circular with a diameter of 10 kilometers, it's as large as the Floating Castle Aincrad's first floor. It must be huge, then…!
  33. As Japan's biggest survival game field's about 100x300m, 10km seems too huge even if their range is based on real guns; but it is VR, so.
  35. With a sniper rifle's effective range at 1500m, it won't be much of a fight without being that big. By the way, the East Fuji Maneuver Area
  36. where the SDF conducted the《Fuji Firepower Review》today has around the same area as a circle with a diameter of 10km.
  38. Seeing Kirito panicking as he tries to stop Sinon from leaving sure reminds me of how Kikuoka tried to pull back Kirito in episode 1, lol.
  40. It's the cat ears emcee again! She's not from Zaskar, GGO's administration, but works for a Japan's 'net broadcast station,《MMO Stream》.
  41. Hence, at around this time, Asuna, Klein, and the rest are watching the broadcast from ALO too.
  43. The third Bullet of Bullets tournament begins! And everyone immediately starts shooting!
  45. The one firing on with that Vickers heavy machine gun is《Lion King Richie》. His solid playstyle gave him the cool nickname,《CampeRichie》…
  47. What Sinon deployed is the《Satellite Scan》usable once every 15 minutes.
  48. It was a map shown on a smartphone terminal in the books, but they gave it a 3D hologram in the anime! It's so cool!
  50. The "check your six" Sinon mentioned is Air Force slang for "being careful in the 6 o'clock direction (straight behind)".
  51. Though she did get back attacked herself right after saying it…
  53. The sidearm Sinon drew while turning around is a Glock 18C equipped with a long magazine.
  54. It's a handgun, but it seems capable of 30 shots at full auto. That's no handgun… it's a submachine gun…!
  56. The one in the camo suit chasing after Dyne is《Pale Rider》who Kirito suspects of being Death Gun.
  58. Pale Rider's movements are amazing as he dodges Dyne's fierce attacks…!
  59. It was great even on the storyboard, but the rush's immense when watching the actual scene. The might of animation's on full display.
  61. The shotgun Pale Rider has equipped is the《ArmaLite AR-17》, with aluminum alloy used for the parts that look like metal,
  62. and plastic for what looks like wood there, weighing no more than 2.5kg in total, apparently.
  64. Could that truly be… a Kiriko fanservice shot…
  66. The《electric stun bullet》that paralyzed Pale Rider is exclusive to large caliber rifles,
  67. and each shot costs a fortune too, so hardly any players use them in a tournament. They're typically for hunting large-sized monsters.
  69. Someone like the true Death Gun is here! The "Silent Assassin" Sinon mentioned is a nickname, its official name is the《L115A3》.
  70. It's a high power sniper rifle that holds the record for the longest range in the realm of sniping.
  72. The 8th episode ends as the Death Gun-ish person draws a Death Gun-ish gun! Thank you for following my commentary! See you next week!
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