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Jul 17th, 2019
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  1. SSC-SIMIAN (Cataphract, Mech, Elite)
  2. STRUCTURE: [][] | STRESS: [][]
  3. HP: 15
  4. EVA: 10
  5. E-D: 8
  6. HEAT: 6
  7. H: +1
  8. A: +1
  9. S: +0
  10. E: +0
  11. ARM: 0
  12. SPD: 8
  13. SENSE: 5
  14. SAVE: 12
  15. Size: 1
  17. Ram cannon (Heavy Melee/Heavy Cannon, +0 vs evasion with 1 Accuracy/1, Range 5, Threat 2, 5 kinetic damage): This lance-like weapon attacks twice at tier II onwards when it’s fired, choosing the same or different targets It can be fired with either profile (used as a melee or ranged weapon), but not both in the same turn.
  19. Trample (Trait): The Cataphract ignores engagement, and can pass through, but not end its turn in, the spaces of all other characters during its movement. Characters passed through take 2/3/4 kinetic damage.
  21. Impale (Full Action, Recharge 6+): The Cataphract moves up to 8 spaces in a straight line. One target of its choice that it becomes adjacent to or passes through must pass a hull save with 1 difficulty or become grappled by the Cataphract. It is then pulled with the Cataphract to the end of its movement, maintaining adjacency, and can pass through other characters while being pulled.
  23. Point-defense shield (System, Shield): The Cataphract has resistance to all damage from the closest hostile character to it (if multiple characters qualify, this system does not function).
  25. Electrified Bola (System, Quick Action, Recharge 5+): The cataphract can target a flying character in range 10 from its location. That character must pass an agility save or immediately be forced to land (it falls, but does not take damage), and become immobilized until the end of its next turn.
  27. Charge (Trait, Quick Action, Recharge 5+): The Cataphract moves its speed in a straight line, ignoring reactions and engagement, then makes a Ram Cannon attack against a target in range.
  29. - Bonus Activation - The Elite can be activated twice a round
  30. - Bonus system: The Elite should gain +1 more optional system than normal
  31. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
  33. Bombardier Tank (Vehicle, Grunt) 1/2
  34. STRUCTURE: [] | STRESS: []
  35. HP: 1
  36. EVA: 7
  37. E-D: 12
  38. HEAT: 8
  39. H: +0
  40. A: -1
  41. S: +1
  42. E: +2
  43. ARM: 0
  44. SPD: 2
  45. SENSE: 15
  46. SAVE: 11
  47. Size: 1
  49. Bombard cannon (Superheavy cannon, Ordnance, Arcing, +2 vs evasion/1 with 1 difficulty, Range 25, Blast 2, 5 explosive damage
  51. Cluster Munitions (Trait): The Bombard’s attacks deal +2 base damage to all characters caught in their area per target past the first that they catch in their blast.
  53. Earthshaker shells (Free action, Recharge 6+): As a free action, the Bombard can choose to fire an earth shaker shell when it fires its bombard cannon. In addition to its normal damage, all characters in a burst 3 area around the targeted space or character must pass a hull save or be knocked prone. Debris or broken earth in the area then creates two size 1 pieces of hard cover in free spaces of the Bombard’s choice within the area.
  55. Siege Armor (Trait): The mech has resistance to all damage that it takes from attacks that originate further away than range 5 from its space.
  57. Cluster-Seeker Bombs (Trait, Tank 1 Only): After the bombard fires its bombard cannon, 3 characters of its choice within range 5 of the primary target take 2 explosive damage, hit or miss.
  59. High-Impact shells (Trait, Tank 2 Only): Characters hit by the Bombard Cannon are knocked back 3 spaces directly away from the Bombard.
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