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  1.   ['you_paid'] = 'you paid ~g~$%s~s~ to the DMV school',
  2.   ['go_next_point'] = 'go to the next point!',
  3.   ['in_town_speed'] = 'entered town, pay attention to your speed! Speed Limit: ~y~%s~s~ km/h',
  4.   ['next_point_speed'] = 'go to the next point! Speed Limit: ~y~%s~s~ km/h',
  5.   ['stop_for_ped'] = '~r~Stop~s~ for the pedestrian ~y~crossing',
  6.   ['good_lets_cont'] = '~g~Good~s~, continue.',
  7.   ['stop_look_left'] = '~r~Stop~s~ and look ~y~left~s~. Speed Limit: ~y~%s~s~ km/h',
  8.   ['good_turn_right'] = '~g~Good~s~, turn right and follow the line',
  9.   ['watch_traffic_lightson'] = 'watch the traffic and ~y~turn on your lights~s~!',
  10.   ['stop_for_passing'] = '~r~Stop~s~ for passing vehicles!',
  11.   ['hway_time'] = 'it\'s time to drive on the highway! Speed Limit: ~y~%s~s~ km/h',
  12.   ['gratz_stay_alert'] = 'i\'m impressed, but don\'t forget to stay ~r~alert~s~ whilst driving!',
  13.   ['passed_test'] = 'you ~g~passed~s~ the test, congratulations!',
  14.   ['failed_test'] = 'you ~r~failed~s~ the test, better luck next time!',
  15.   ['theory_test'] = 'theoretical Driving Test',
  16.   ['road_test_car'] = 'driving Test',
  17.   ['road_test_bike'] = 'motorcycle Skills Test',
  18.   ['road_test_truck'] = 'truck Skills Test',
  19.   ['school_item'] = '$%s',
  20.   ['driving_school'] = 'driving School',
  21.   ['press_open_menu'] = 'press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to open the menu',
  22.   ['driving_school_blip'] = 'driving School',
  23.   ['driving_test_complete'] = 'driving test completed',
  24.   ['driving_too_fast'] = '~r~You\'re driving too fast,~s~ the current speed limit is: ~y~%s~s~ km/h!',
  25.   ['errors'] = 'mistakes: ~r~%s~s~/%s',
  26.   ['you_damaged_veh'] = 'you damaged the vehicle',
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