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2016 Thanksgiving Update

GordonBeard Nov 27th, 2016 (edited) 69 Never
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Cafe TF2 Server Update

Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from the Cafe, you read, written in what appears to be around three inches of dust that have collected on the server.

Recently, the Steam group Friends of FAP lost their servers, and were on the lookout for a new home. Our servers were quite similar in how they operated (Vanilla, Alltalk, Friendly) and so Cafe seemed like a good spot for them to land.

Because of this new server admins have been added to the TF2 server, as well as the changes below:

Config Changes

  • Timelimit: 25 > 30 minutes
  • Switched to brand new CELT voice codec
  • decalfrequency: 10 > 0
  • sv_minrate: 30000 > 50000
  • sv_maxrate: 12000 > 150000


The mapcycle hasn't been touched or updated in a very long time, and so this was a good chance to refresh what was on rotation and nomination. Most of the new maps we added are for the nominate list, but at this point we have a lot of maps to choose from on the Cafe Fast Download.

  • Mapcycle updated:
  • Nominate list updated:
  • Maps new to Cafe: pl_waste, pl_badwater_rainy_nowater, koth_tomb_b3 dom_cliffhanger_b11, ctf_turbine_pro_rc2, cp_toy_fort_fap_x, cp_marinewerder_beta2, cp_treehouse_b4, cp_labor, cp_furnace_rc, cp_edifice_b4, cp_frost_b6, cp_croissant_final, cp_desertfortress, cp_antiquity_rc1, pl_vesper_b4, pl_outback_rc4, pl_terran_b4b, pl_morrigan_alley_b3, pl_mill_b5, pl_metropolis_b5, pl_badwater_snowy, pl_badwater_pro_v9, sd_congo_a4, koth_railbridge_rc2, koth_twinfalls, koth_arctic_b3, koth_flood, ctf_slate_b2, ctf_premuda_a7, pl_cashworks_final1, pl_badwaterpro_v8, koth_junks_a4, koth_ashville_rc1


Cleaning house around here, some nicer quality-of-life things for nomination, including a !nomsearch command.

  • Removed:

    • SourceIRC: Might come back in some way (will investigate a Discord/TF2/srcds linkup), as might votemute/gag if it's determined those are needed with the new admins around.
    • Mapchooser Extended: Been replaced by NativeVotes mapchooser, which should work about the same.
    • Votemute/Votegag: This would often bug and mute some innocent random person, not sure why.
  • Added:
    • NativeVotes: All our voting will be done with TF2's native voting menu, breaks less things, inturrupts less things, etc.
    • 'Fun' Votes: Cafe has never had 'fun', so now we might?
    • Nomination Search: Type !nomsearch <pattern> to get a list of maps to vote for. Examples: !nomsearch pl_ !nomsearch viaduc


Before Cafe had a handful of admins, but now that we play less regularly, we cannot guarantee an admin will be online. Because of this we've taken on a fair number of Mods.

Cafe Admins: Do whatever they want. Not to be trusted.

doc, func_door

Admins: RCON / Password lock server / Exec config files / Change most cvars

hibikir, CleverDan, Izzy, Jagerbomber, Sirfy, BitPurity

Mods: Kick / Ban / Votes / Maps

Munchlax, Incognito Mosquito, Raceboat Racer X, kendall, Lackey, Rich140, Tim, Ninjachu, That Bastard!, Topgun (TG), Afro Thunder, Xavier, SpikeySarge, CallMeFishmael, Cookieman, fm103, Hooked, Nuclear Cheese, Umavonsexy, Shmi, VANCe, UltimateCookie


  • Democratic crisis averted: the mapvote will now come up 2 minutes before we change the map, instead of 3 minutes after.
  • Drive by mutes: Random passer-bys will no longer be muted permanently. Sorry random passer-people.
  • Extra extra: Cafe advertisements no longer mention the IRC, instead name drop the Discord.

Fun Facts

While sorting through the Cafe configs, I ran into a few fun facts:

  • The Cafe of Broken Dreams currently has 1,343 chumps on our banlist. Only one of these were because of a bad map.
  • The Cafe currently has 455 maps in our fast download. This includes such prefixes as dom_, grid_, futbol_, oj_, pumpkin_, and tictactoe_
  • The last time we added a new map was in 2014, with koth_ramjam_b8b.
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