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#PokeCA Insurgence Walkthrough

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Dec 13th, 2015
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  1. #PokeCA Walkthrough
  2. Phoenix Projects
  4. Introduction
  5. After loading the map, select ‘NEW GAME’.
  7. You will find yourself watching a news broadcast shot in Chalet Town, hosted by Professor Cedar, informing the world of Team Tempest’s latest movements.
  8. “Archbishop Mathers has been spotted at Chalet Town in central Suliqu. Witnesses claim he was leading a team of cloaked men into an abandoned lighthouse off the coast of Terraloon’s frozen beach. Archeologists believe central Suliqu has been a site for consistent investigation of ancient Pokémon, and through time, has become an area of heightened interest for many authorities.”
  9. At this point, the broadcast will be cut off by distant explosions.
  10. Woman: Professor? Are you all right?! I see them getting away, Professor! Professor!!
  12. The TV is switched off, and the title screen is initiated.
  14. Serenity Town
  15. The game commences two months later. You are woken up by the alluring smell of roasted bacon in the kitchen (and the call of your mother…). Go downstairs and you will be greeted by your mother in the kitchen, preparing you for your first journey to becoming a Pokémon master!
  16. “Good morning!”
  17. Walk towards your mother in the kitchen.
  18. “My gosh, you’re a mess! On your big day! Are you all right?”
  19. Selecting “Yes” or “No” will not change the response.
  20. “You should really forget about the incident in Chalet. It’s all the way up north, far away from us! Don’t worry about it! Why don’t you go and see for yourself?”
  21. Go up to the map on the living room wall. Interacting with it will place the Region Map in your HOTBAR. Then go back to your mother where she will bid you farewell. For now.
  22. “Why don’t you keep that map? You’re on your own now and you’re gonna need it! Oh, and take that item over here on the table! Specially delivered!”
  23. Retrieve the Pokédex on the table behind you. Your mother will now say her last few goodbyes.
  24. “I’ll make sure to keep in touch with you! You’re 15 now! Take good care of yourself!”
  25. Your mother will give you a Soda Pop and $100.
  27. Leave your house and enter the Serenity Theatre just on your right. You’ll need to grab something at the Serenity Corner Shop later, but it is currently closed. For now, enter the theatre.
  29. There is a scheduled play about the rise of ‘Shadow Pokémon’, a possible forewarning. More will be explained later, but for now, the theatre is open for free. Enter the first floor by climbing up a few side ladders to retrieve a Potion. The second floor is empty, and the NPCs here will be rumouring about the current events pertaining to what was seen on TV that day. Don’t worry too much about it, and leave the building.
  31. Upon leaving the building, you will see your friend, Kaylene, conversing with her mother, Professor Cedar.
  32. Cedar: Yes, I’ll be fine! We had an idea that it might happen.
  33. Kaylene: I saw the look on your face. I was frightened for you, Mum! You almost died!
  34. Cedar: Lyn, we all have responsibilities. When you’re older, you’ll understand, okay?
  35. Kaylene: Muuumm...
  36. Cedar: I can look after myself, Lyn. It’s time for you to do the same.
  37. Kaylene: I’ll do my best…
  38. Cedar: I know you will. You’re a smart girl.
  39. Professor Cedar will turn and see you.
  40. Cedar: Player! Oh it’s so good to see you! Oh my, you’ve grown.
  41. Kaylene: Hey! Hope you’re ready to get your butt kicked, you Neanderthal Ninny.
  42. Cedar: Lyn! Keep it down… Player, come to my lab later! I need you to run a little errand for me. See you soon!
  43. Kaylene: I’m not insensitive… Player, I’m going to the local shop. Chase me if you can!
  45. Cedar and Kaylene will disappear, and so you’ll have to visit the lab very soon. If you’re searching for more early items with which you’d like to equip to your Bag, head to the southern end of Serenity. Behind the crates next to the house, there is a Burn Heal.
  47. Head to the local corner shop, speak to the cashier and you’ll receive a very cool surprise!
  48. “Player! Wow, aren’t you looking sharp for your big day, eh?!”
  49. Selecting “I don’t quite understand…” or “I guess I’m just excited!” will not change the response.
  50. “Ah, as humble as always! Here, your pal Kaylene hasn’t arrived yet, so take this!”
  51. Rare Candy! Already!
  52. “A little odd that Kaylene hasn’t come yet. Maybe you should go and look for her.”
  53. Head outside and enter Kaylene’s house. She will be busy pondering relationships between Pokémon and weather patterns. So deep...
  54. “I knew you’d come. My mother is waiting for you in the lab.”
  55. Selecting “There’s something you’re not telling me”:
  56. “Did you know that Chalet Town was once a tropical paradise? How can something so devastating happen so quickly? My mother almost died that day… We’re gonna see each other a lot on the road soon. I can’t be alone on this. You know it… Something bad is happening. Pokémon master or not, I’m determined to figure this out. My mother is the most important thing in my life. Wouldn’t you do anything in your power to keep her safe?”
  57. Selecting “Thanks, I was just checking if she was ready to see me”:
  58. “Yeah, she’s fine. She’s such a strong person. I’ll never be as good as her in life… But you know what? I’m gonna figure this whole thing out too. I can’t be alone on this. You know it… Something bad is happening. Pokémon master or not, I’m determined to figure this out. My mother is the most important thing in my life. Wouldn’t you do anything in your power to keep her safe?”
  60. Kaylene will disappear, allowing you to finally head to the lab for the less-than-important task. Enter the lab and greet Cedar! Again!
  61. “Player! There you are! … You spoke to my daughter didn’t you? She has a tendency to exaggerate things. Please be aware of this when the two of you are on the road! Don’t worry about me! I have my beautiful Pokémon to protect me when things get rough out there! Speaking of which, do you know Mr. Timicin?”
  62. Selecting “Yes”:
  63. “Great! He has a little gift for you! But he wouldn't tell me what it is… So rather than delivering this to him myself, I thought I’d let you do it! Come back to me when you’ve delivered it. I think it’s about time you choose your very first Pokémon to get you started on your journey! Lyn will be waiting too!”
  64. Selecting “No”:
  65. “He’s a good friend of your mother! He lives just on the western side of Serenity, next to the Route 16 exit. He has a little gift for you! But he wouldn't tell me what it is… Come back to me when you’ve delivered it! I think it’s about time you choose your very first Pokémon to get you started on your journey! Lyn will be waiting too!”
  67. Cedar will give you a Parcel which you must deliver to Mr. Timicin. Exit the lab. Mr. Timicin’s house is somewhat to the left of the lab. Mr. Timicin will greet you once you arrive.
  68. “Oh hey there! Isn’t this a pleasant surprise? You should really be on your way. I don’t want to have to keep you waiting any longer!”
  69. After delivering the Parcel, Mr. Timicin will give you something extremely valuable. Seems like he has some faith in you!
  70. “Oh, and I have something for you! Don’t lose it!”
  71. A Waiver! This will allow you to access many additional regions in the confusing guards that you’re someone incredibly important! Kinda.
  73. Upon receiving the Waiver, there will be a knock on the door. Uh oh.
  74. “Sorry, Player. Excuse me for a moment. Actually… You should probably head off to Mezzo now. I’m sure Cedar has informed you of the strange events that have transpired recently...”
  75. Timicin will leave for a moment.
  76. “...”
  78. Off to Mezzo, I guess! Leave the house and head towards the Route 17 exit. Cedar will be there speaking to a guard.
  79. “Player, you really shouldn’t be here. It’s too dangerous for you!”
  80. Use your Waiver. That will show them! Somehow!
  81. “What? Where’d you get that? … Timmy… Well, I wouldn’t mind an extra set of hands! A man stole the entire registry list for the Suliqu region inhabitants! It is imperative that we get it back!”
  82. Cedar will head down Route 17. Within the tunnel is a Potion hidden behind the ledge. Continue down the Route until you see the criminal duo, Jason and Melissa - two Team Tempest punks. Prepare for some backstory!
  83. Melissa: Uh, who the heck is this dude over here?
  84. Cedar: Nice to see you again, Melissa.
  85. Jason: Please, as if we wanted to see your ugly face again!
  86. Cedar: Jason? You turned too?
  87. Jason: I’m helping Mathers do what’s right! His work will change our lives forever!
  88. Melissa: Tell me! Who are you, scrub? Cedar’s new lab rat?!
  89. Cedar: If you yap on my student again, I’ll shut your mouths for you! Player, I’ve seen you battle before. Please, take this. It’s okay, I’m here to help!
  90. PYRAIZ! Your first Pokémon, although will only temporarily be in your team if you choose. But now, it’s time to battle!
  91. Cedar: Melissa, if it’s a battle you want, then you have one.
  92. Melissa: Bring it on!
  93. She uses a LV5 JOULEBO. Shouldn’t be too tough of a fight. Take her down as quickly as possible. Jason, who uses 2 LV3 + 1 LV4 JOULEBO, might be a little harder. Even with a levelled up PYRAIZ, those Sand-Attacks can be brutal. Cedar will heal your PYRAIZ to full health after each battle.
  94. Cedar: That was very impressive..! Hold on just a sec. I have something for that cute little bugger.
  95. Jason: Enough messing around! This is where the show stops for the both of you!
  97. Upon defeating Melissa and Jason, the punks will run off.
  98. Melissa: Next time, Jason, LISTEN to me!
  99. Jason: I know…
  100. Melissa: Go make your own team!
  101. Cedar: Just be quiet! You two have no idea what you might unleash by taking that list!
  102. Melissa: Oh that list? We don’t have it any more.
  103. Jason: You’ll have to catch us first if you want it!
  105. Cedar will prevent you from continuing up the Route, and invite you to finally choose your starter! AFTER a battle!
  106. Cedar: Don’t go after them… That Mathers figure sounds dangerous. Those two have always stirred up trouble. There’s more to it than it seems. But, for now, I think it’s time for you to finally get started on your journey! I see you have the Pokédex I delivered to your Mum. Perhaps you’d like to have a quick battle with me? I’d like to see how well my Pyraiz has bonded with you! Good luck!
  108. Cedar should be fairly easy to defeat with your new fiery friend. She uses a LV7 HIVANI, one of her favourite Pokémon. And it’s also a Bug-type. She also uses one of the starters - a LV5 LAVIEM, which might pose a problem with that environmentally boosted Attack. Just don’t use that Ember! After winning, proceed to the Lab!
  109. Hm, a few adjustments here and there and it looks like you’ve got an interesting journey ahead of you! Just please be careful when you run into those two. I know my daughter will probably do the same… Player, your father would be so proud. Anyway, please come over to the Lab. It’s time you choose your first Pokémon!
  110. As you follow Cedar back to her lab and, you’ll notice a flare of fireworks and a mirage of what appears to be ARCEUS. A cutscene will ensue where you’ll be shown a glimpse of the Atramen Distortion Shrine, with your Mum, just outside, solemnly staring at the Portal.
  111. You: This feels so...lucid...
  112. You: I’ve seen this before. It binds the dead from the living… But why is it open?
  113. You: Mum..? What are you doing here?
  114. The demo ends with a roar as Mum turns around.
  115. Mum: Please keep in touch… Okay?
  117. <FIN>
  121. FULL MAP TBC...
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