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  1. [Video games cause autism]: New research claims games may lead to more symptoms of autism
  3. When it comes to the social ramifications of video games, autism researchers have largely overlooked the impact a young person faces on society as a whole.
  5. The findings, published in the Journal of Emotion and Social Psychology, found that young people who play video games are at higher risk for depression and anxiety disorders, as well as being more likely to have trouble with social skills and communication.
  7. To understand the full implications of this research, we spoke to Dr. Mark Seagal, the co-author and the lead researcher of the study.
  9. What is it about games that may lead to autism?
  11. When we look at the social aspects in our society, we realize that the gaming experience can have a profound effect on the individuals, and that is certainly important to consider.
  13. Some studies even indicate a correlation between gaming behavior and later problems with autism spectrum disorders and neurodiversity.
  15. What are some games for mental health?
  17. One of the games we're interested in is "Call of Duty," released in 2008. The game offers the player and a group-of allied allies the ability to make decisions and execute specific actions that will result in victory.
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