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site 15 rules *REMAKE*

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  1. Welcome To Site 15 You Can Play Normally Here
  2. -----------------------------------------------
  3. 1. Only Play Loud Things Through The Intercom 1 Time Please.
  4. 2. Don't Do Racial Slurs Or Sexual Sounds This Includes Sexism.
  5. 3. Be Nice To Other Players And Don't Be Rude.
  6. 4. Do What A Staff Tells You Also Don't Be Rude To Staff.
  7. 5. You Can Kill Yourself 5 Times If You Don't Want Your Role. More Than 5 Times Will Be A Punishment.
  8. 6. Ntf/Ci Can Team With Scp's Others Cannot.
  9. 7. Don't Force Admins To Give You A Item This Includes Asking For Admin.
  10. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. We Hope You Have Fun Here You Can Always Join.
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