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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 44: Northern Blues (Part 27)

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  1. [2013-07-10 13:24:44] <Kkat> 3Stable-Tec Facility
  2. [2013-07-10 13:24:53] <Kkat> 3Beyond the research maze, a set of large double-doors marked then end of the area where employees could generally go... almost.  While "Authorized Ponies Only" was stamped on the doors, they didn't have any sort of lock.  Rather, they swung freely into a minutely more up-scale supervisor's lounge, complete with water cooler and long couches.  
  3. [2013-07-10 13:25:01] <Kkat> 3pinball machine sits in one corner next to a Sparkle~Cola machine.  A fussball table sits in the center of the room, little wooden ponies of orange and cyan facing off against each other like soldiers.
  4. [2013-07-10 13:25:10] <Kkat> 3Beyond is an open doorway with an exit sign above it.  Through the doorway is a large stairwell going both up and down.  On the left side of the stairwell are the doors to an elevator.  On the right is the large doors marked as an emergency exit.
  5. [2013-07-10 13:25:23] <Kkat> 3Bookwright "Oooh, they even have Lay-Z-Colt loungers!"
  6. [2013-07-10 13:25:38] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart frowns. "We do not like this..."
  7. [2013-07-10 13:25:45] <Kkat> 3Bookwright investigates the pinball machine. It is set to "free play". "Wow, whoever these 'authorized ponies' were, they sure knew how to not work!"
  8. [2013-07-10 13:25:51] <Kkat> 3CopyCat goes to the blue side of the fussball table and spins the wooden ponys.
  9. [2013-07-10 13:26:01] <Kkat> 3    Kid poked around. Huh. This place was pretty... Nice, actually. Too sterile for her tastes, but, well. It's nice to see a change from urban decay to urban... Not decay. She drank a bit of her canteen, then filled it back up at the water cooler before moving on up.
  10. [2013-07-10 13:26:32] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Forty-Four: Northern Blues (Part Twenty-Seven) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH01FhqMdc8
  11. [2013-07-10 13:26:39] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  12. [2013-07-10 13:30:08] * Bookwright looks around for any /hint/ of a secretarial nook.
  13. [2013-07-10 13:31:11] * Noble_Heart spent a few moments poking around the room, turning odd bits around curiously.
  14. [2013-07-10 13:31:57] === ilushia is offline.
  15. [2013-07-10 13:31:59] * CopyCat attempts to play fussball against herself.
  16. [2013-07-10 13:32:15] * Shatara pokes around the room a bit, mostly keeping an eye for any security-o-mats that might take offence to their less-than-authorized presence
  17. [2013-07-10 13:33:32] * Shatara 's predetory instinct gets distracted by the ball bouncin around the foosball table.
  18. [2013-07-10 13:34:45] * CopyCat curses. "Drat! I nearly had me that time..."
  19. [2013-07-10 13:35:21] * Noble_Heart was curious at this point. And fairly certain that this was a front of some kind. One generally did not put the highest rated security around a break room. Not even an executive break room.
  20. [2013-07-10 13:38:40] * CopyCat stops suddenly and looks up. "Would you like to play, Shatara?"
  21. [2013-07-10 13:39:44] * Kid goes ahead and attempts to wash her hooves. Yeah, they were just going to get dirty again, but hygiene is important, durnit.
  22. [2013-07-10 13:40:10] * Bookwright notices Noble_Heart's demeanor. "Yeah, I'm suspicious too. This seems too... convivial to be such a high security area."
  23. [2013-07-10 13:41:11] * Shatara squawks awkwardly. "Whuh? I...oh...the game...uh...sure?" He forces a grin.
  24. [2013-07-10 13:41:36] * Noble_Heart nods her head to Bookwright. "We agree. There is likely more here. Something which those which owned this place did not wish employees, even ones trespassing, to see." She contemplated it. "Can you attempt to locate records nearby? There may be lost clip-boards in areas yet hidden to plain sight."
  25. [2013-07-10 13:41:50] * Bookwright nods.
  26. [2013-07-10 13:43:44] <Kkat> 3There is no secretarial nook.  The only exits from the executive break room are a small closet, the stairwell, and the way from which the group entered.  
  27. [2013-07-10 13:45:27] * CopyCat grins at Shatara. "Or I could throw one of the spare balls if that's what you're interested in."
  28. [2013-07-10 13:45:31] * Bookwright focuses inwards, and his horn glows with candlelight.
  29. [2013-07-10 13:47:41] * Noble_Heart went to check the stairwell, for any sign of something above or below.
  30. [2013-07-10 13:48:22] * Shatara glares across the table at CopyCat, before fumbling a bit with the levers. "So you get the ball in the goal...?"
  31. [2013-07-10 13:49:40] <Kkat> 3Bookwright sees the floor light up below.  Directly beneath this room was a repository of records -- possibly a library.  More lights appear above and slightly away, indicating that there are things to be found upstairs as well as down.  A few minor notes light up around the room itself, including a wall-mounted mini-map and elevator floor directory...
  32. [2013-07-10 13:50:19] <Kkat> 3...and an old romance novel tucked between the cushions of one of the couches.
  33. [2013-07-10 13:51:16] * Bookwright "...Hrm. Nothing overtly hidden. There's some kind of record room below us. Some stuff upstairs, the maps..." He wanders over to the couch and pulls out a tattered book. "...and a ancient pulpy romance novel."
  34. [2013-07-10 13:51:34] * CopyCat drops the ball back in the centre and taps it towards Shatara. "That's right. You have to get it in my Blue goal, and I have to get it in your Orange goal."
  35. [2013-07-10 13:51:45] * Bookwright strolls over to the mini-map and gives it the once-over.
  36. [2013-07-10 13:53:32] * Noble_Heart pulled back to go check the map and floor directory.
  37. [2013-07-10 13:54:42] * Kid creeps over to the foosball table and watches them play. "Ain't seen one of these before." She kind of stands up and watches for a little while.
  38. [2013-07-10 13:55:55] * Shatara fiddles with the levers more, taking advantage of his wings to manipulate the outer ones, batting the ball back towards CopyCat's side.
  39. [2013-07-10 14:02:00] <Kkat> 3Apparently, based on the cover, a poor mare is trapped between having to choose between the stallion of her dreams and the mare of her dreams.    According to the mini-map, upstairs are Eecutive and Security Offices.  Downstairs is the Computer Core.
  40. [2013-07-10 14:03:05] * CopyCat plays foosball with Shatara. She returns the ball with an almost uncanny swiftness while never seeming to actually pay attention to where the ball is. Even so, Shatara leads in points quite comfortably.
  41. [2013-07-10 14:03:41] * Noble_Heart taps a hoof to the map. "We believe We shall go down." She looks to Bookwright. "Shall you be coming?" She heads towards the stairwell again, waiting to see if anyone else would join her.
  42. [2013-07-10 14:04:46] * Kid peels herself off the foosball table. "Yeah, I'll come. You two can have fun. I think this place is plenty safe with these badges on."
  43. [2013-07-10 14:05:02] * Get_Lost nodnods "yeah i'd like to take a look at that core room to, but i'm not sure we can access it with janitor pass... we'll have to cheat a bit, probably"
  44. [2013-07-10 14:05:14] * Bookwright "Uh... sure." He follows behind Noble_Heart, enjoying the view.
  45. [2013-07-10 14:07:45] * Get_Lost while trotting behind bookie and noble, the little scientist sings merrily "noble's mom has got it going on..."
  46. [2013-07-10 14:08:23] * Noble_Heart shakes her head. "We doubt that these badges will help at all." She sighs, then face-hoofs. "We cannot believe We are suggesting this. But going upstairs towards the Security Offices and Executive Offices. We may find badges there which will allow Us free access."
  47. [2013-07-10 14:09:47] <Kkat> 3Pink-E watches CopyCat and Shatara play foosball, cheering on both sides.
  48. [2013-07-10 14:09:58] * Get_Lost "well, i think that on the security offices we wil lbe able ro get in with these and when we're there we can look for something better"
  49. [2013-07-10 14:10:37] * Get_Lost "or... we could play it honest and nice, telling the maneframe we actually want to help her"
  50. [2013-07-10 14:12:15] <Kkat> 3Pink-E turns towards Noble_Heart.  "Okie dokie lokie!  Just don't get shot by the security bots.  They're not very friendly."
  51. [2013-07-10 14:12:39] * Noble_Heart sighed. "We figured they would not be."
  52. [2013-07-10 14:13:25] * Shatara blinks at the mention of getting shot, his distraction letting the ball plunk into his goal. "Err, maybe we should go with then..."
  53. [2013-07-10 14:13:41] * Kid is a little creeped out by the combo of Get_Lost and Bookie and how they're looking at Noble. "Let's, uh. Yeah. Let's hurry up and do that. We got badges and a whole lot of things that go boom."
  54. [2013-07-10 14:14:12] * Bookwright shakes the cobwebs loose and nods. "Right. Badges. Yes. Let's go."
  55. [2013-07-10 14:15:05] * Get_Lost giggles "you should just ask her...."
  56. [2013-07-10 14:15:37] * Noble_Heart moved into the stairwell, heading upwards. She did her best not to think about the way the others were objectifying her. Or her mother. Which was arguably the Goddess. Or possibly- Well, we definitely don't want to contemplate that.
  57. [2013-07-10 14:18:02] <Kkat> 3The stairwell travels up half a flight to a landing, then reverses for the rest of the distance.  As Noble_Heart turns the corner, she finds herself being scanned by the eye of a ceiling-mounted turret.  The turret's mechanical eye quickly flashes from green to red.
  58. [2013-07-10 14:37:27] <Kkat> 3There is a blast of magical energy as the turret opens fire on Noble_Heart faster than she can react.   ]
  59. [2013-07-10 14:38:00] <Kkat> 3Three beams of magical energy strike the alicorn in the breast.
  60. [2013-07-10 14:40:14] * Noble_Heart wasted little time as the beams cut into her flesh, her horn glowing as the glow of her shield filled the stairwell. "We did not expect such resistance so quickly!"
  61. [2013-07-10 14:40:40] * Get_Lost yells "this isn't what we meant!" then mutters "this will force the turret to re-check the security, act fast or get out of their sight"
  62. [2013-07-10 15:08:50] * CopyCat stops mid-foosballing at the sound of magic weapons fire and her eyes glow brightly. Get_Lost, Bookwright, and Shatara suddenly find everything around them moving very slowly.
  63. [2013-07-10 15:09:21] * Get_Lost yells "get me to that turret somehow! i can disable it!"
  64. [2013-07-10 15:13:37] * Shatara was already stepping towards the door at the mere mention of shooting, and with actual pewfire, is moving much more urgently.
  65. [2013-07-10 15:14:23] * Bookwright expends magic power, and Get_Lost is suddenly right up next to the turret.
  66. [2013-07-10 15:15:05] * Get_Lost takes a deep breath, checks a couple of cables, detaches a plug and presses a button on the turret side, then holds her breath
  67. [2013-07-10 15:25:43] <Kkat> 3With swift, skilled science, the Solaris earth pony disables the Stable-Tec security turret.
  68. [2013-07-10 15:27:12] * Bookwright breathes easier
  69. [2013-07-10 15:27:37] * Bookwright "Right, let's go find that security office and get ourselves certified as 'authorized'."
  70. [2013-07-10 15:27:52] * Get_Lost sounds like a plan
  71. [2013-07-10 15:28:01] * Get_Lost "sounds like a plan"
  72. [2013-07-10 15:29:00] * CopyCat stops with the 'all-shall-love-me-and-despair' look and trots past Shatara on the stairwell as if nothing had happened.
  73. [2013-07-10 15:30:01] * Shatara pokes pistol around corner and blinks.
  74. [2013-07-10 15:31:24] * Bookwright "...Right, okay, I think it's this way..." He walks on to the security office.
  75. [2013-07-10 15:31:56] * Get_Lost thinks aloud "we could pack up the whole turret and if we find a large enough powerpack we could mout it on a saddle..."
  76. [2013-07-10 15:34:27] * Shatara hmms and flutters up to the weapon, examining its mountings.
  77. [2013-07-10 15:34:29] * CopyCat arrives next to Get_Lost and the disabled turret. She pats the turret with her hoof. "Solaris 1, StableTec 0!"
  78. [2013-07-10 15:35:19] * Get_Lost smiles but a drop of sweat runs down her neck "don't say it aloud... usually, bragging about it starts the whole thing"
  79. [2013-07-10 15:37:10] <Kkat> 3Behind the turret is a door with a small window.  Through it, you can see a hallway with doors lining each side, wall art, and planters which haven't held living plants for centuries.  The door to the floor with the Executive Offices and Security Office is locked.
  80. [2013-07-10 15:38:09] <Kkat> 3In addition, you can spot an eyebot patrolling the hall.  This one is black with purple markings, and it doesn't look nearly as friendly as Pink-E.
  81. [2013-07-10 15:39:07] * Kid blinked and missed it.
  82. [2013-07-10 15:40:07] * CopyCat begins to share in Get's nervousness, and looks at the spritebot with apprehension. "Hey, um, everyone, could we gather together a minute please?"
  83. [2013-07-10 15:42:44] * Kid rose an eyebrow and confused, just walked up to Copycat. "What th' hell's wrong? It's jus' an eyebot. If it gives us trouble, you shoot it once and it explodes."
  84. [2013-07-10 15:42:45] * Bookwright "Er, yeah? What's wrong?"
  85. [2013-07-10 15:42:58] * Get_Lost "sure, what's the matter?"
  86. [2013-07-10 15:43:52] * Shatara glances around the others.
  87. [2013-07-10 15:45:17] * Get_Lost "i mean, besides the fact that bookie should shouw some balls and woo noble properly..."
  88. [2013-07-10 15:46:49] * Get_Lost also, starts working on the door but DOESN'T open it
  89. [2013-07-10 15:46:57] * CopyCat closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. As she exhales her horn shimmers and she strengthens the Bond she has with her friends. CC opens her eyes and smiles. "Thank you. I'm sure whatever we meet we can deal with it together."
  90. [2013-07-10 15:47:58] * Bookwright nods, a little weirded out. "O-kay."
  91. [2013-07-10 15:48:26] * Shatara shifts about and scratches his foreleg >.>
  92. [2013-07-10 15:48:33] * Get_Lost puts away the bobby pin "well yes, i like ding things together"
  93. [2013-07-10 15:51:18] <Kkat> 3Get_Lost proves herself as adept at disabling Stable-Tec locks as she is with their turrets.
  94. [2013-07-10 15:52:14] * Kid feels a little tingly. "Uh. Yeah, jus', y'no. Don't get stupid and we'll be fine." Don't fuck up. "Now, c'mon. We got shit that needs doin'. And we gotta get outta this bubble t' get this mistake of a job done." She didn't even notice Get getting that lock open until she heard the sweet click of a lock giving up the ghost. "Good job."
  95. [2013-07-10 15:52:31] * Get_Lost mutters "if i was just half as good in finding a stallion as i am in doing this nerd stuff i'd be surrounded by foals now..."
  96. [2013-07-10 15:55:01] * Kid mutters back to Get_Lost. "You don't seem t' be th' type t' like foals, anywho. Loud an' demanding buggers, them."
  97. [2013-07-10 15:55:52] * Get_Lost "if i had foals they couldn't say no to mommy giving them cool cyberparts..."
  98. [2013-07-10 15:57:10] * Bookwright gently swings open the door and makes for the security office as quick as he can.
  99. [2013-07-10 15:57:56] * Shatara ponders the moral implications of nonconsentual cybernetic upgrades.
  100. [2013-07-10 15:58:46] * Kid frowns. "Wouldn't they grow outta them at any rate? 'Sides, if your cyberparts are givin' you this much grief..."
  101. [2013-07-10 15:58:48] * CopyCat nods solemnly at Get_Lost. "Alas, Bookie has a penchant for generous plots and he cannot lie."
  102. [2013-07-10 16:00:44] * Get_Lost "we will fix that when it becomes a problem. see? this is why pony science never goes anyhere. you stop everythime you foresee a problem... if you simply skip the testing and-" stops for a moment "well, maybe i'll think a little better about it"
  103. [2013-07-10 16:23:10] * CopyCat looks around for their floating pink friend. "Hmm, is Pink-E still with us? If she doesn't think the other bot will be hostile to her she might be able to talk to it for us."
  104. [2013-07-10 16:25:28] <Kkat> 3Bookwright dashes in and is immediately spotted by the black and purple sprite-bot.  
  105. [2013-07-10 16:26:13] * CopyCat shrugs. "Or Bookwright could do that I guess."
  106. [2013-07-10 16:28:21] <Kkat> 3The spritebot swings around.  "Unauthorized intrusion!  Activating non-lethal countermeasures.  Stop and be subdued!"  A bolt of lightning fires from a protrusion on the spritebot's undercarriage.
  107. [2013-07-10 16:30:03] <Kkat> 3Pink-E quickly bobs,  "Oh, oh, oh... I don't like him.  He's a meanie!"
  108. [2013-07-10 16:33:42] * Bookwright grunts and makes a break back for the door he just went through. "Whuff! That's got a hell of a kick!"
  109. [2013-07-10 16:35:32] * Bookwright pants and slumps against the wall, safe from the robot's sting. "Right. Don't shoot at it yet. It said something about nonlethal countermeasures, and I don't want to upgrade that to lethal ones if I can avoid it."
  110. [2013-07-10 16:39:19] * Kid just gives Bookwright a wide-eyed stare of disapproval. "What the hell are we supposed to do, then, call it /names/?"
  111. [2013-07-10 16:40:16] * Bookwright is still breathing hard. "Well, I suppose we could use lethal force on it. We'd just have to destroy it in one shot."
  112. [2013-07-10 16:40:40] * Bookwright waves a hoof at PINK-E. "Or we could ask the little robot here to help. It might have an idea."
  113. [2013-07-10 16:46:28] * Bookwright wonders. Shouting through the doorway, "Robot! Identify yourself!"
  114. [2013-07-10 16:47:16] * CopyCat smiles at Pink-E. "So, do you think he'll let us through if we ask nicely? Oh! I could tell him I'm a princess."
  115. [2013-07-10 16:47:44] * Kid puts a new magazine in her shotgun, the one with the zebra-enchanted slugs. "I got a notion if /that/ don't work." She grumbled, racking the charging handle and diving for cover.
  116. [2013-07-10 16:52:29] <Kkat> 3Pink-E considers.  "Saying your a princess couldn't hurt.  Princesses are always special!"
  117. [2013-07-10 16:56:59] * Kid sighs, trying to mentally imagine where the spritebot is. "Do it before I lose th' mark, CopyCat."
  118. [2013-07-10 16:57:15] * CopyCat grinned. Encouraging her was a bad idea... she steps out of the doorway, but has the presence of mind to Shield herself first. "We are Princess Luna, second of the Celestial Sisters, and We order you to halt your assault. Our tour will not be interrupted."
  119. [2013-07-10 17:10:10] * Bookwright is halfway through genuflecting before he realizes what's going on.
  120. [2013-07-10 17:12:02] <Kkat> 3"This unit is a Hush-class Stable-Tec security patroller.  Intruders do not have clearance.  Stop and be subdued."  The spritebot turns towards CopyCat.  "Under Stricture 46-b, Canterlot dignitaries are to be escorted by a Stable-Tec executive at all times.  Return to your assigned executive.  You have six seconds to clear the area."
  121. [2013-07-10 17:12:30] <Kkat> 3The spritebot seems willing to hold its fire for "Luna" to comply.
  122. [2013-07-10 17:17:16] * CopyCat turns to her friends. Unfortunately none of them seem like they could pass for StableTec Executives... so she has one last idea before getting shot at. "We are being escourted by Pink-class Stable-Tec security patroller Pink-E. Stand down and we will not consider this an act of treason."
  123. [2013-07-10 17:18:06] * Shatara draws his pistol's hammer, giving CopyCat a bit more time, despite anxiety...
  124. [2013-07-10 17:18:15] <Kkat> 3Pink-E's response is "Wait... What!?"
  125. [2013-07-10 17:19:25] <Kkat> 3The patroller responds, "Pink-E is not a Stable-Tec security patroller.  Pink-E is a... nuisance!"
  126. [2013-07-10 17:19:39] <Kkat> 3"HEY!" complains Pink-E.
  127. [2013-07-10 17:21:57] * CopyCat glares regally. "In which case We have a grave complaint to make of a Stable-Tec product. Take us to your manager at once."
  128. [2013-07-10 17:22:32] <Kkat> 3Pink-E, apparently not grasping the deception, protests loudly.
  129. [2013-07-10 17:23:32] * Bookwright is trying not to laugh.
  130. [2013-07-10 17:27:03] <Kkat> 3The patroller declairs, "This unit does not leave it's assigned detail.  Return to your escort.  Your escort should be a member of management.  You have one second to clear the area."
  131. [2013-07-10 17:28:51] * Kid takes that as a cue to open fire. She winks her "bad" eye, aims, and then fires the slug at the stupid robot.
  132. [2013-07-10 17:33:27] * CopyCat shakes her head. "Then you will be decommissioned for treason. Guards..."
  133. [2013-07-10 17:53:44] * Bookwright draws his weapon and aims it at the 'stupid robot'.
  134. [2013-07-10 17:58:38] * Shatara brings his weapon around the corner and slips into SATS. POPOPOPOPOPOP.
  135. [2013-07-10 17:59:38] * Bookwright joins in on the "shoot the wee likkle robot" party.
  136. [2013-07-10 18:00:27] <Kkat> 3"Lethal force hostility encountered.   Security alert.  Converge on this location."
  137. [2013-07-10 18:05:49] <Kkat> 3Pink-E growls.  "Stop being a meanie!" and fires several beams of pink light at the patroller, joining in with the rain of fire from Bookwright and Shatara.
  138. [2013-07-10 18:24:45] * Kid huffs, a feeling of dread coming in another wave, hooves getting shaky with the shock of an overactive adrenal system. "GET OUT OF THE HALLWAY!" She shouted, grabbing two bottles of radish-y death.
  139. [2013-07-10 18:26:21] * Bookwright 's eyes widen. He hides behind the wall.
  140. [2013-07-10 18:26:40] * CopyCat tries to get back through the doorway... but she (and her shield) doesn't fit! Panicking just a little, she tries to run farther down the hallway to avoid what's coming...
  141. [2013-07-10 18:26:59] * Shatara ducks back around the corner.
  142. [2013-07-10 18:37:03] <Kkat> 3The black spritebot responds to the new level of threat.  A purplish shield, reminiscent of a miniture alicorn shield, flickers into being around it.  At the same time, CopyCat and Bookwright hear the elevator on the floor below activate.  Shatara hears this as well, and also catches the faint sound of  spider bots, probably those from the research maze.
  143. [2013-07-10 18:37:58] * Bookwright "... The elevator! Kid, the elevator!"
  144. [2013-07-10 18:38:10] * CopyCat takes a peek at Kid's idea. "Security! Solaris agents are trying to steal Stable-Tec secrets and make an attempt on Our life!"
  145. [2013-07-10 18:39:27] * Bookwright curses and reloads Pew Pew.
  146. [2013-07-10 18:45:04] * Kid blinks. Really? We're going with that stupid plan? Alright!
  147. [2013-07-10 18:46:39] <Kkat> 3Pink-E manages a bleep of disbelief.  "You guys know you're not Solaris, right?"
  148. [2013-07-10 18:47:11] <Kkat> 3Pink-E adds, "And that I'm not a security bot?  And she isn't Luna?"
  149. [2013-07-10 18:50:58] * Kid just stares at Pink-E. Oncoming fire be damned. Is she at /all/ familiar with the concept of a bluff?
  150. [2013-07-10 18:51:15] <Kkat> 3-- End of Session ---
  151. [2013-07-10 18:51:58] * CopyCat plays the damsel in distress role like she was born to it. She holds her hoof to her forehead and swoons. "Oh no, those mean Solaris are here to carry Us away and lock us in a tower... or tie Us up in front of a train... or feed Us to a hungry dragon! Please help Us, oh big strong security bots!"
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