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The Vanitas Ritual Begins...

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Dec 11th, 2019
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  1. *Amanda Redfox makes a few gestures with her hands, commanding the Mansion itself to respond to her whims: The tank containing the unfortunate Male slowly drained itself of the deep water-like liquid, revealing a Black-haired teenaged boy. She'd guide him with her right hand, slowly shifting herself to her left as she let the seemingly lifeless corpse take the center of the room, floating with its back turned toward the floor, eyes closed and a face gazing upon the roof.
  3. "Well, now, he is primed and ready..." She chuckled, the room changing both mood and aspect for the moment; It bore eastern-styled decorations as well as other markings-But now, everything began to change.
  5. Tall Pillars of marble sprouted from the earth, as the flooring itself grew bright; A white so pure it envied only Amanda's skin, torches replaced by multiple chandeliers-All of which seemed to be made with Silver or other pristine materials that gave off a strange, pure light. The Witch began her odd incantations, some of the furniture erasing itself as to leave but a magnificent Hall-worthy of a God.
  7. And at the center, right before Johann-The Demon Lord, was the Boy...
  9. Amanda kept her hands held toward the youth, circling around him so to stand closer to Strike-Standing opposite of Johann himself, as though she were following a very precise order... There she waited, grinning...*
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