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  1. hp@hp-desktop:~$ sphinx --datalog /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/share/sphinx/drones/bebop2.drone::with_front_cam=false
  2. Sphinx simulator version 0.23.1
  4. starting Telemetryd to capture true data...
  5. I telemetryd: Creating daemon with rate 50 ms
  6. I libtelemetry: clear logger filter
  7. I telemetryd: Loading plugins from '/opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/bin/../lib/tlm-plugins/'
  8. I telemetryd: Loading '/opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/bin/../lib/tlm-plugins//tlm-web-gndctrl.so'
  9. I telemetryd: Loading '/opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/bin/../lib/tlm-plugins//tlm-blackbox.so'
  10. I tlmblackbox: setEnabled 1
  11. I tlmblackbox: setCompressed 1
  12. I tlmblackbox: setCompressionLevel 6
  13. I tlmblackbox: setCompressionMethod zlib
  14. I tlmblackbox: setLogDir '.'
  15. I tlmblackbox: setLogName 'log.tlmb'
  16. I tlmblackbox: setLogCount 4
  17. I tlmblackbox: setFilter *
  18. I libtelemetry: clear logger filter
  19. I tlmblackbox: setFlushPeriod 10000 ms
  20. I tlmblackbox: setMaxSize -1 bytes
  21. I tlmblackbox: rotate logs: './log.tlmb.3' -> './log.tlmb.4'
  22. I tlmblackbox: rotate logs: './log.tlmb.2' -> './log.tlmb.3'
  23. I tlmblackbox: rotate logs: './log.tlmb.1' -> './log.tlmb.2'
  24. I tlmblackbox: rotate logs: './log.tlmb' -> './log.tlmb.1'
  25. I tlmblackbox: Creating file './log.tlmb'
  26. I telemetryd: Loading '/opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/bin/../lib/tlm-plugins//tlm-gndctrl.so'
  27. I telemetryd: Entering loop
  28. grep: 341060B0508VFD-510_MRB01-1(SD card software): È una directory
  29. I telemetryd: sighandler: signo=15(Terminated)
  30. I telemetryd: Exiting loop
  31. I tlmblackbox: Closing file './log.tlmb'
  32. I telemetryd: Unloading '/opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/bin/../lib/tlm-plugins//tlm-blackbox.so'
  33. I telemetryd: Unloading '/opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/bin/../lib/tlm-plugins//tlm-gndctrl.so'
  34. E : [2018-03-30 14:21:24] [info] asio handle_accept error: asio.system:125 (Operation aborted.)
  35. E : [2018-03-30 14:21:24] [info] Error getting remote endpoint: asio.system:9 (Bad file descriptor)
  36. E : [2018-03-30 14:21:24] [info] asio async_shutdown error: asio.system:9 (Bad file descriptor)
  37. E : [2018-03-30 14:21:24] [error] handle_accept error: Underlying Transport Error
  38. E : [2018-03-30 14:21:24] [info] Stopping acceptance of new connections because the underlying transport is no longer listening.
  39. I telemetryd: Unloading '/opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/bin/../lib/tlm-plugins//tlm-web-gndctrl.so'
  40. pgrep: l'opzione richiede un argomento -- "s"
  42. Usage:
  43.  pgrep [options] <pattern>
  45. Options:
  46.  -d, --delimiter <string>  specify output delimiter
  47.  -l, --list-name           list PID and process name
  48.  -a, --list-full           list PID and full command line
  49.  -v, --inverse             negates the matching
  50.  -w, --lightweight         list all TID
  51.  -c, --count               count of matching processes
  52.  -f, --full                use full process name to match
  53.  -g, --pgroup <PGID,...>   match listed process group IDs
  54.  -G, --group <GID,...>     match real group IDs
  55.  -n, --newest              select most recently started
  56.  -o, --oldest              select least recently started
  57.  -P, --parent <PPID,...>   match only child processes of the given parent
  58.  -s, --session <SID,...>   match session IDs
  59.  -t, --terminal <tty,...>  match by controlling terminal
  60.  -u, --euid <ID,...>       match by effective IDs
  61.  -U, --uid <ID,...>        match by real IDs
  62.  -x, --exact               match exactly with the command name
  63.  -F, --pidfile <file>      read PIDs from file
  64.  -L, --logpidfile          fail if PID file is not locked
  65.  --ns <PID>                match the processes that belong to the same
  66.                            namespace as <pid>
  67.  --nslist <ns,...>         list which namespaces will be considered for
  68.                            the --ns option.
  69.                            Available namespaces: ipc, mnt, net, pid, user, uts
  71.  -h, --help     display this help and exit
  72.  -V, --version  output version information and exit
  74. For more details see pgrep(1).
  75. hp@hp-desktop:~$ Gazebo multi-robot simulator, version 7.0.1
  76. Copyright (C) 2012-2015 Open Source Robotics Foundation.
  77. Released under the Apache 2 License.
  78. http://gazebosim.org
  80. [Msg] Waiting for master.
  81. [Msg] Connected to gazebo master @
  82. [Msg] Publicized address:
  83. [Err] [SystemPaths.cc:410] File or path does not exist["/tmp/sphinx-78d2f683.world"]
  84. [Err] [Server.cc:338] Could not open file[/tmp/sphinx-78d2f683.world]
  85. [Err] [server_main.cc:41] Error while parsing command line arguments
  86. escalating to SIGKILL on client
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