Maximus Altrusian Dragonbane (Stephen)

Jun 29th, 2014
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  1. Name: Maximus Altrusian Dragonbane
  2. (He tells everyone that's his name, but he's actually named Stephen)
  4. Class: Sorcerer
  5. Race: Human
  6. Nationality: God
  7. Origin: Born of the Primordial Genesis
  8. Diety/Religion: Himself
  10. Ability Scores:
  11. Str-18
  12. Dex-13
  13. Con-13
  14. Int-17
  15. Wis-11
  16. Cha-18
  18. Weaponry:
  19. Danathal, the King's Bane (light mace)
  20. Lady Liadran Devil's Nightmare (sling, with 50 individually named bullets)
  22. Spells Known:
  23. Cantrips: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Prestidigitation, Arcane Mark, Ghost Sound (he will never cast any of these spells, if he can get away without being discovered as a sorcerer he will use arcane mark to graffiti his name on dungeon walls)
  24. 1st: Cause Fear (unique version: Somantic: Flex Muscles, Verbal: DO YAH REALLY WANNA BITE OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW?"), Burning Hands (this spell frightens him, if forced to cast it he'll be shaken for 1 round. When asked about the spell later he boasts that he once bedded an ancient goddess of fire that watches out for him.)
  26. Description:
  27. Before you appears a giant of a man, even by human standards. He can't be less than 7 feet tall and carries himself with the confident air only a grizzled veteran could exude. His face is manly in all regards, from his chiseled jaw to his facial hair. The top of his head is devoid of hair though his bushy eyebrows and well groomed mustache are a chestnut brown. He wears a pair of leather pants and a expensive looking blouse that seems to be attempting to mimic a sailors garb. The shirt is ripped slightly in a way to just show enough muscles to let you realize this man is a power house. His every aspect exudes confidence and self assured pride, when he notices you staring he flashes a toothy grin and states "Hello! The names Maximus, I'm the greatest fighter you're ever likely to meet." At this time you notice that the mans only armament is a mace that seems to be in need of repair and a sling slung across his belt with a heavy looking pouch of ammunition. When he notices your gaze he smirks and simply replies "Wouldn't want the beasties to have TOO tough of a fight!" Nearby is an armadillo that appears to have a belt adhered to its back. That gives you a bored look, though there seems to be a bit of intelligence in its eyes.
  29. Backstory:
  30. he's completely magiphobic (he doesn't trust mages, and gets a little bit scared when he does any kind of flashy spell) he also gives all of his weapons (down to individual sling shots) extravagent names, his crude light mace is named Danathal, The Kings Bane. His sling is named Lady Liadran the Devil's Nightmare. He announces the name of every sling shot as he fires them. Every. Single. One. He also only casts spells when he has to, he doesn't give a fuck that he misses, he just assumes he's fighting the foes of legend when they are slain even if it's a mangy wolf he will announces things such as; "HA! HA! WE'VE SLAIN A MIGHTY BRACHYURUS BRING ON THE WOMEN AND PLUNDER!" he thinks EVERYTHING is epic level and he's the shit even though he probably won't contribute all that much. He despises liars but has bluff maxed "just in case" he has Craft (Woodworking) and never stops making puns about it. he also has Profession (Sailor) though he's never been on a boat, again, "just in case". He wants to eventually become so good at sleight of hand he can steal a woman's panties off of her without her even noticing, and he will kill PCs for items that grant bonuses to sleight of hand. He believes himself to be a fighter, and actively hides his skills as a sorcerer.
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